Roleplaying Rules

General RP Rules for SA

1. You can have ONLY two threads in the IC sections. One in the CITY and one in your CLAN section.

2. You CANNOT move or harm another person's character without permission. You MUST gain permission to use another person's character before posting your reply. Do this via PM or IM and post it in the thread.

Smiling down at Megan, Alfarinn stepped out of the limo and turned to offer her his hand in order to help her out. A bullet narrowly missed Alfarinn's ear, another making a hole in his shirt. Ok, now he was mad, this was a Versace, Damn it! One of his favorites! He pushed Megan back into the limo and clamored quickly inside, shutting the door behind him and reaching for a weapon. He'd apologize for rudely shoving her when projectiles were no longer flying.

((OOC: Permission granted to shove Megan ))

3. Similar to the previous one, Do not react for another person's character in your thread without permission. The character belongs to another person and they might have chosen to react differently than you see their character behaving even if the reaction seems obvious.


Not Good

Alfarinn walked up behind Megan and touched her lightly on the shoulder. He watched with a satisfied smirk as she jumped in surprise.


Alfarinn walked up behind Megan, who seemed lost in thought. Gently touching her shoulder, he said.

"You ok?"

-This example lets Megan decide whether or not she knew he was coming. Granted people don't like characters who are never surprised but it is their duty to make their character believable, not yours.

4. You may not use OOC (Out of Character) knowledge. This is information that you know that your character would not. This includes information in threads other than ones your character was present in and were not informed of. This also includes thoughts of another player that does not include their spoken word.

Examples: Information in a person's bio that they have not made known in game.
A thread in the city that they participated in that your character was not a part of.

Alfarinn watched the human approach him with the cross extended out in front of him. He could hear the man's muffled latin and urgent pleas for protection. Perhaps he should pretend to be afraid, he needed information from this mortal and if the man thought he was safe then he might let the knowledge Alfarinn needed slip.

In this scene the human character would not know Alfarinn's thoughts and should not play as if he did.

5. Don't join threads marked as private unless your are invited. If an open thread has been going on a while and seems involved it is polite to PM someone and ask if you can join the scene in progress.

6. Request your thread be locked when you are done with it.

You can either change the title- A gunfight (lock please) or if you were not the original poster of the thread then you can place an ooc message at the end of their last post.

((OOC: We're done, please lock))

This stops people from thinking that the thread is still active.

7. OOC leaving a message when your character leaves a thread.

There are times when your character might go to leave, such as in an argument but you want someone to be able to say something that might draw them back. Sometimes it just might not be clear that your character has left. In order to make it easy to tell when a character has left the thread leave a message.

((OOC: Mai has left))