About Sanguine Affliction

What is Sanguine Affliction?
We are a mature, 18+ role playing forum in the Sanguine Affliction universe, where vampires roam freely through every part of the world. The entire board is based in a fictional city called Nachton. It’s a 250k+ sized metropolis located on an eastern seaboard continent, presumably the United States. Its common language is English but consists of many cultures from the entire world.

What to do first? Go through the links on the Getting Started Table of Contents and the Character Creation Table of Contents then pick your character. Do you want to be a human, vampire or a werewolf? From there you have many more choices.

Human World:

Familiars - These are vampire 'pets' and are property of said vampire. You belong to 1 particular Vampire, so if you want to be someone's familiar, talk to that person and they'll bring you in.

Normal Human - You can be just that, normal. You can interact with everyone on the board as either an oblivious Human or a Human who is fully aware of the vampire world. You can live, work and play in Nachton without ever having to be 'turned'.

Vampire World -

Nachton happens to be the center of power for vampire kind, where the leadership for each clan resides and conducts their affairs. Each clan is represented by sections you'll find just below the 'Streets of Nachton'. Clan Anantya, Clan Evenhet and Clan Tacharan.

So you're a vampire. You have 2 choices. Do you stay clanless or join up with one of the 3? You are able to read thru each clan section to see their rules, how they interact and who their leaders are. Choose wisely.

If you decide to stay clanless, be mindful that you walk the streets of Nachton alone. Being a vampire doesn't make you indestructible, it just gives you a different set of problems. There are things in the dark that will hunt out and kill clanless vampires. Words whispered like 'harvesters'. Use your wits if you choose to run alone.

Werewolf World:

The werewolves have returned after being bannished for centuries away from vampire infested civilization. The two major werewolf packs are the Vyusher R'asa and The Kadzait. The Vyusher R’asa believe that the injustices against them all these centuries should be remedied, and further contend that any and all measures should and must be taken to ensure this goal. Whereas their brothers, the Kadzait are more spiritual and tolerant of their human counterparts. They are willing to coexist peacefully and accept humans as equals. Both exiled packs have settled in Nachton to reclaim their place in society - their way of life and abilities are as different and as similiar as their Vampire opressors.

However, as a werewolf you belong to either pack, whether you accept it or not. Your existence will forever be govern by your pack's Alpha and brethren.

Next - Writing your bio

There is a template you have to follow when you create your character. Check HERE and follow it closely. Be as detailed as you like, but the more you define you character, the more fun it could be.

Once you've finished your bio, Staff will review it and contact you for approval; keep in mind that this is a process and we may ask you to clarify certain points and provide more information. Be sure to read the Announcements for any important information and Traffic Jam for OOC information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the STAFF via PM's.

This concludes your introduction to Nachton City. Have a nice day.