History of Nachton

Nachton is located on the east coast of North America within easy driving distance to New York and Washington DC so it is near the mortal seats of commerce and power without being in the center of either. The city is known for its beautiful harbor, historical buildings and for its unusual night time habits.

The elders of Anantya sought a new place for their residence and the Americas looked promising. Employing the rare use of human familiars, Anantya sent over human colonists to set up the beginnings of their glorious city. Located along major trade routes, Nachton's odd claim to fame was that its gates never closed even at night, no matter the hour a traveler could find a place to stay, taverns open, supplies able to be bought. Though an odd costum, the location and its nocturnal inhabitants, which had come over once the city had grown large enough to support them, made the city thrive.

Evenhet also saw the potential in the new world and desiring to keep an eye on the other clan, started their own city near Nachton. Eventually the growth of the two merged them into one larger city. Tacharan seeking to become a legitimate clan in its own right also moved into the area.

The oldest portions of Nachton still show the flavor of the clans that started them. The north of the city contains most of the historical buildings, to the west is a large residential area, some of which still have interesting architectural designs for various eras. The industrial section of Nachton is in the south, Duibne Industries being one of the main companies in the area. The most powerful vampires in the world are all in one place making up the heart of Nachton beat in time to their immortal rhythm and the nights come alive with their magic.

The City's Basketball team is the Nachton Night Hawks, the Bandits with the racoon as their mascot is the local baseball team. The Nomads is the football team.

*Note* These are -the- Elders of the Clans, not just the elders of this city. These are the ones the other cities ultimately report to.

For reference, Megan and Alfarinn split from Anantya with consent of the Triad and formed Evenhet at around 800AD. Tacharan was a group of vampires who left Evenhet around 1500AD made up originally of mostly vampires created by the leader of the splinter group, after his death, Ellis, his oldest child, took over the group and has been working to see them recognized as a legitimate clan ever since.