Getting Started - What is this place?


For those of you that are familiar with our message board, we welcome you back into the fold! You have already noticed that things are a little different, now that we're moved completely away from the original platform. Bio Creation is different, the account switch - all the amendities that were afforded to you are still here, just a little bit different and much better!

You'll see that now you have MASTER ACCOUNTS. Mine is this one, Rozzle Hizzle, but you knew me as Ellis, Simon, Carol, Hammerthynn, Brig, Vivienne, and various Pipers. Your admins are the same, but you are always welcomed to reach out to me via this site. If you have questions about restarting, please let us know. There will be an easy to find post for bugs and questions.

Huge thank you to Kat/Vex for updating and migrating the site, as well as bringing it back to its initial glory!