Combined FAQ

Can I be an Elder or an Alpha?
Leaders of Packs and Clans are being played by Staff at this time.

Can I be an alien or famous person? (might be the same thing in a few cases )
Short answer to both...No. Typically a historical or famous person is restricted to staff only.

Can I turn, or gift people?
You can't harm another person's character without their consent but if you have their consent then you can turn them. (Individual clans might have rules to be observed regarding making more vampires)

Can I play more than 1 toon?
There has been no limit set as of this time. Just don't make more than you can handle playing.

Can I change my powers later?
This is highly unlikely. There might be events that would allow your powers to change but otherwise pick carefully because your character is pretty much set once you've completed your bio and began to roleplay. Please read this post on bio changes for more information:

Do characters need to be from Nachton?
Nope - just live there now.

Should they have been turned in Nachton, or could they be coming here from another city where they were?
It doesn't matter where specifically they were turned, just that they reside in Nachton now. They could have traveled from another city or country.

Will there be any unique abilities, powers, mutations? Should you PM a mod or are these just not something for right at first?
Abilities and flaws are set but as far as doing something unique, yes that has to be approved by the staff.

Connections.. say you were a mob hit man before being turned/gifted. Can you still call on your former associates, if you left on good terms?
Depending on the situation, might want to ask your elder or alpha first.

Resources, retainers, henchmen.. if you want to be from a wealthy family can you carry said resources over?
Don’t see any reason to not be able to bring your money over.

Vampire Questions

Vampire Physiology
For an in depth look at Vampire Physiology, please read this thread:
Here are some of the basics of understanding our vampires

How is a vampire made?
Vampires have to be made by first draining a person and then feeding him vampire blood before final death. For more information on the process of turning, please read: Fundamentals of Turning

Does sunlight make them instantly go up in flames or could they cover up in a dark coat, hat, glasses etc... and manage a short walk to a car, another building etc.?
While Vampires do not go up in a spectacular ball of flames when they die, they will die from sunlight. Older and stronger vampires can last longer in the sun while weaker ones have very little time before they begin to smolder and burn.

Does a stake kill them or just wound them?
It doesn't kill but it hurts REALLY badly. A good stake punched through the heart would leave the vampire wounded and in severe need of blood in order to heal, most likely leaving the vampire stuck there until his clan finds him or someone finishes the job off by severing his head from his body.

Crosses? Perhaps the person has to have a true faith in it for it to work?
Nope, best have a stake handy or a nice flame thrower.

Can they see their reflection?
Yes, they're real and not a ghost.

Are they faster, stronger, etc? (Besides any character specific traits)
Vampires are slightly stronger and faster than normal humans. They also regenerate very quickly.

Do their fangs retract or are they always out?
Vampire fangs in most cases retract but there is still a hint of them able to be seen, slightly longer than a normal human set of canines, when they are emotional or about to feed the canines are out and very noticeable.

What happens to a vampire's corpse after the vampire dies?
The corpse slowly turns to ash and fades away.

Can Vampires have children?
They're undead, Jim. They can certainly enjoy themselves but they can't have kids.

Can Vampires eat and drink ‘human food’?
Our vampires will get their grub on, drink, smoke, have addictions (flaw) and have sex as well. They enjoy it all.

Vampire Culture and Behaviors
How do the vampires of SA interact and survive in a world that doesn’t look kindly on blood drinking human feeders?

Do they have to kill?
Vampires do not have to kill and in most cases do not. In some clans there are even dire consequences for doing so.

Can Vampires ‘sense’ each other?
No. They must discover if they are speaking with one of their kind by way of asking the right questions.

Are the clans blood specific.. turned by them always one of them, or are they an association of like minds / types? example : Vamp01 turned by a stuffy elder feels more comfortable with the rebellious punks.. is he welcome there or stuck with stuffy peers?

It is difficult and dangerous to leave one clan and join another and will only happen under very rare circumstances. Abilities and flaws develop in a vampire based on several factors, of which parentage is only one. If your vampire is in a clan, they will have that clan's abilities and flaws.

For more information, read this:
Clan Only Abilities and Flaws

Do we have an age range for each clan? Or is there a limit for how old any one should be (vamp years)?
There are vampires of all ages in each of the clans, however the older vampires tend to be in Anantya and Tacharan has the largest population of young vampires. Non mod characters should not be made from any time before 400AD.


Werewolf Physiology
For an in depth look at Werewolf Physiology, please read this thread:
On Werewolf Physiology

Here are some of the basics of understanding our Werewolves

How is a Werewolf made?
Werewolves are made in two steps.
The Werewolf Virus needs to be transmitted, then activated via a bite.
First they need to become infected by a Werewolf through bodily fluid transfer. (Blood transfusions, sex, being born from a werewolf, kissing that includes broken skin/biting). Second, the virus transmitted at that time needs to be activated through an actual Werewolf bite. This bite is called The Gifting. For more information on the process of Gifting, please read:
On Werewolf Gifting

Does silver harm werewolves? Will it kill them instantly or will they become ill first?
Werewolf could die instantly if they sustain enough injury with silver. A silver bullet would kill a werewolf in the same way that a regular bullet would kill a human; meaning that shooting a werewolf in the leg with a silver bullet will not kill him but shooting him in the heart would.

In essence, the virus inside the werewolf is what is allergic to silver.

Because the virus is allergic to silver, it cannot rapidly heal injuries the werewolf takes from silver. These injuries (if not sufficient to kill the werewolf) will heal in the normal time it would take a human to recover from the same trauma. These silver induced wounds leave scars and in some cases permanently maim the werewolf.

Also because the virus retreats from the silver, coming in contact with silver, even simply touching it, silver will cause a werewolf in wolf form to change back into human form. Contact with silver is like an allergic reaction; first there is burning, itching and rash and these conditions eventually worsen into inflammation, blistering and eventual heart failure.
Are they faster, stronger, etc? (Besides any character specific traits)
Werewolves are slightly stronger and faster than normal humans. This is dependent upon any Abilities the Werewolf may have, as well as the Pack they belong to, however. They also regenerate very quickly, except when injured by or in contact with silver.
Do Werewolves, in human form, exhibit any canine attributes?
Werewolves in human form may not share physical attributes with their wolf form, but occasionally you may catch a scratch behind the ear or other canine behaviors.

What happens to a Werewolf's corpse after the Werewolf dies?
The Werewolf -does- change back to human form. In a short period of time, the Virus loses its hold on the host's DNA, and the body reverts to human form. It then decomposes as a standard body would, causing odor and attracting vermin.

Can Werewolves have children?

Can Werewolves eat and drink 'human food'?
Our Werewolves definitely eat. Many Werewolves seem to have a disposition towards rarer or raw meats, but as they are still living 'humans' they need to eat as 'normal' humans do.

What about the full moon? Can I choose not to change? Do eclipses prevent the change? Can anything else instigate a Change?
We consider "the full moon" to be the day before, the day of, and the day after the date of the full moon. Werewolves must change during the full moon. This is known as "Full Moon Madness."
Some abilities may allow you to not change the day before or after, but changing on the night of the full moon is mandatory.
Eclipses do not cause the Change to occur.
Tasting blood will cause the Werewolf to change, but only at night.
Additionally, extreme circumstances (life or death) will cause a change.

Can I change whenever I want?
Not exactly. Werewolves cannot change during the daytime unless they are under extreme duress. (By this we mean something life threatening, not a work deadline or your girlfriend breaking up with you) Werewolves MUST change during the three days of the full moon, unless they have the ability to shorten this time. See Abilities.

Werewolf Culture and Behaviors
How do the werewolves of SA interact and survive in a world that doesn’t look kindly on carnivorous shapeshifting wolves?
Werewolf packs are centered around a certain degree of self sufficiency. As a culture they are, however, still adjusting to the idea of living and surviving in more heavily human populated areas.

Do they have to kill?
Werewolves do not require blood or flesh for nourishment, but fresh blood can give them certain advantages...

Can Werewolves ‘sense’ each other?
Werewolves -could- smell the wolf scent that surrounds people who either have wolves, are weres or maybe even have wolf/domestic mixes. But it’s not very reliable. So you'd probably be better off waiting around for something else to tip you off before running up the side of a building or howling at the moon.

Are the Packs blood specific? Gifted by them always one of them, or are they an association of like minds / types? Can I change Packs?

Since your werewolf is in a pack the moment they are, they will have that Pack's abilities and flaws, as well as shared memories. It is not possible in any way to move from one pack to the other.

For more information, read this: The Packs of Nachton

Do we have an age range for each Pack? Or is there a limit for how old any one should be?
Werewolves can live to 150.

Please note! Werewolves are not immortal and in fact have finite life spans.

Cross Species Questions (Human, Vampire, and Werewolf interactions)

Can I play a half breed? Half human half vampire, half vampire half werewolf, and so on?
Short answer: no. Because vampires are turned or created then you either are a vampire or you aren't. Werewolves, similarly, are Gifted; you either are a Werewolf or you aren't. You may, however, be a carrier of the Werewolf Virus.

What happens if a Werewolf transmits the Virus to a Vampire?
If the Vampire drinks Werewolf blood, he or she will experience gut wrenching cramps and a complete and immediate rejection of the blood (ie vomiting). If the Vampire were to come in contact with the Werewolf another way, after a week, the Virus will be completely expelled by the Vampire's body through the Vampire's own natural regeneration.

What Happens if a Werewolf tries to Gift a Vampire?
The Virus will not take root and will not multiply in the Vampire's body. Since the Virus requires living DNA to change, and a Vampire is no longer living, it simply dies and will be expelled from the Vampire's body.

What happens if a Vampire tries to turn a Werewolf?
The Virus will actively fight to prevent the Vampire's draining of the Werewolf, but once a majority of the Werewolf's blood has been drained, the Virus will lose its efficacy. Due to the Virus' presence in the Werewolf's body, the Turning process will not be able to be completed, and the Werewolf will just die.
Further, the Vampire will become very ill, having just ingested a Werewolf's full allotment of blood.

What happens to a human who drinks a vampire's blood?
Vampire blood causes slight regenerative effects and halts the aging process for a short time in humans. It causes feelings of euphoria. Its highly addictive, however, and coming down from it is rough. Humans become sensitive to light and increasingly violent. The first few times would seem like a bad hangover but it only gets worse with each use.

What happens to a human who drinks a Werewolf's blood?
Werewolf blood has no specific effects on humans except for one: the ingesting of Werewolf blood would count as the first step towards The Gifting.

Can a human resist once being bitten or is there some paralysis involved?
In the case of being bitten by a vampire, there is nothing special keeping a human from moving after being bitten but many would not care to move.

In the instance of being bitten by a werewolf in a non-Gifting manner, the human would likely be pinned down or incapacitated in some way. There is no paralysis and yes, you can resist all you want. It isn't likely to do you much good unless the werewolf is simply toying with you. Of course, resisting might make you more tempting as lunch...

Do vampires or werewolves leave bite marks or do we have some reason for why this goes away?
The bite marks made by a vampire are visible shortly after the person has been bitten and then fades, so someone bitten at night would wake up in the morning with nothing more than a slight bruise.

The bite marks made by a werewolf during the gifting remain as a Pack-specific mark during the new Werewolf's life. Otherwise, a non-Gifting bite by a Werewolf would look much as one from a 'normal' dog or wolf would. Raw, bloody, possibly mangled...

How does being bitten by a vampire feel?
There is an initial pain and then a sense of euphoria, physical and emotional. Possibly caused by something in the vampire's bite. This is a vampire being delicate about biting, lets face it having your throat ripped out isn't fun no matter what special pheromones might be involved.