A home delivered meal (attn: Julian)

He had no food in his kitchen. None, not even a carrot, left over take out or ramen noodes. Because his cupboard was literally bare, Evgeni had gone downstairs to the service desk and asked for some delivery menus from some local places. He would let Julian choose from what he wanted when he arrived. The menues were laid out on an end table near the cordless phone that was shaped to look like an old rotary phone. You even had to slid the circular disk around to dial. The inner workings were different but he preferred the feel of the larger ear piece when it was cradled against his shoulder. Evgeni figured they could order something and have it delivered.

Or they could go out and get something. He could nurse a drink while Julian ate.

His friend was getting better but he probably wasn't up a night of dancing or clubbing. They could go out to dinner, head to the harbor and enjoy the beach but he was hoping for some uncomplicated alone time.

Soft music, the Nachton Orchestra, played in the background. He stopped by the table and fitted another piece of the current puzzle in progress into the slowly emerging forest scene with its complicated mix of greens in a hundred different shades.

He had cleaned up. The pillows were back in the corners of the sofa and love seat, the quilts folded and laid neatly over the backs of the furniture. The golden lighting of the lamps was low but not dim, making the open living room seem warm and more intimate than it would in harsher light. The heavy drapes on the large windows were pushed back and the windows were opened to let in the night air that stirred the gauzy inner curtains in the occasional breeze.

His violin was propped up near the stand in the corner and one of the kitchen chairs had been brought over as a seat. He had played earlier in the evening and left the instrument out in case Julian wanted to join him. His mind went back to the knowledge that Tavi also played and he wondered what it might be like to play with the two of them. Was she as talented as Julian? It seemed unlikely but he doubted that either of them would hold that against her. The two of them together could make a lesser player shine instead of feeling like the weakest link, of that he was certain.

Evgeni flitted restless around the apartment, moving things, cleaning things until he was sure that he had moved the same picture forward and backward on its little easel three times, adjusting the angle with each pass around the room. He finally tossed his dusting rag into a bin with the dirty clothes and sat back down at the puzzle, trying to achieve the inner zen and wandering focus that was necessary to find the right shapes and colours to fit into a space.

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Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Julian was excited about his night with Evgeni. It had been a good day; he'd slept soundly the previous night, free of nightmares for the most part, feeling pretty refreshed when he'd woken mid-morning. He'd straightened up his studio and done some very light housework. Read a book. Took a nap; those were still fairly frequent. He was still using painkillers to control the frequent headaches but today he'd tried to forego the stronger prescription ones in favor of Tylenol and it had gone pretty well. His head hurt, but not in any way that was a huge distraction. Early next week he had an appointment to get it looked at and maybe have the stitches pulled.

All of that was just junk wandering through his head as he made his way to Evgeni's. Really he was nervous and anticipatory for what was basically his first date alone with another guy. Good nerves. Good anticipation. He was looking forward to it. He wasn't sure what Evgeni might have planned but Julian trusted him and even if there was no plan, they didn't need one. It would be enough to spend time together.

When Julian reached Evgeni's place he looked down at himself once more, checking to make sure he looked all right. He had on a pair of soft, well-worn and faded jeans that hit his thighs and ass in all the right spots. He wasn't muscular but neither was he overweight; Julian could make a pair of jeans look good on occasion. Over the jeans he wore a solid-colored pale blue tee and over that, a black button-down short-sleeved shirt. None of the buttons were done up currently. He'd meant to but fumbling at hem with the cast on his right wrist had been a pain tonight for some reason so he'd let it go. He didn't wear any jewelry but he did have a bracelet on each wrist, a simple circlet of soft braided black leather. His shoes were simple black leather as well. It wasn't fancy, but he thought it looked good. As usual his dirty blond curls were clean and loose, tumbling down over his head in a carefree manner. He tucked a lock behind his ear.

He thought he looked fine, so he knocked on the door and waited for Evgeni to answer. When he did, Julian didn't hesitate. He stepped into the doorway, right up to Evgeni, and hugged him, wrapping his arms around his neck.

"Zhenya," he said softly, a smile on his lips. Julian turned his head into Evgeni's neck and kissed it. He wasn't going to stand on ceremony; he'd been looking forward to seeing Evgeni all day.
Evgeni 9 years ago
He knew there was going to be a knock on the door before he heard it. Not because his hearing was that good; it wasn't, not as far into the apartment as he had been with music playing. It was Julian. He could feel his emotions change subtly as he got closer, becoming stronger. It was almost like an emotional orgasm not nearly so strong but it was a feeling of anticipation that grew and grew until something you've been waiting for is right there in front of you and you can almost have it. That was the feeling of their combined emotions as Julian made his way up to the apartment.

It was a pleasure close to pain that one moment before the door opened and he could set his eyes on Julian. He had wanted to see him all day. And knowing he was here it had become an almost physical need. That Julian had looked forward to the day made it all the sweeter and all the harder to concentrate. He would admit that these feelings had been part of why he had restlessly cleaned his apartment until there was no spec of dust left anywhere. He could have had some food delivered but he was hopelessly out of practice ordering such things and so he fussed with the details he could manage.

The feeling of Julian pressed up against him was perfection. Evgeni sighed softly and wrapped his arms around his lover, holding him close. His eyes fluttered shut at the feel of Julian's lips on his neck.
"Good evening, Sunshine." He sighed the words softly.

Releasing Julian with only one hand, he swung the door closed. He didn't want to move just yet but he didn't share...at least not with strangers.

After a moment, he spoke.
"Welcome to my home. Is close to work." He waved a hand. "Sometimes I am not staying here. I like being with people." It was why he had chosen an apartment complex because there was people always so close upstairs, downstairs, next door. Evgeni felt the fear of being alone well up a little inside him at the confession but he pushed it impatiently away.

"I was thinking perhaps you might want to dine in?" He cast a little sideways look at Julian. "I am not interested in food but I might find something here to nibble on."
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
And all was right with the universe. Evgeni wrapped his arms around him and Julian sighed in that perfectly secure, loving, warm embrace. Evgeni called him by the nickname he'd chosen and it amused Julian. If he was sunshine, then Evgeni was starlight. Cool, calm, comforting, ever-present. Julian smiled, wrapped in the twilight of Evgeni's arms.

The door closed and they were alone at last. Julian gave the apartment a cursory glance. He knew it would be perfect with Evgeni in it. It was nice, though, and he briefly wondered if he could afford to live around here. Being in his studio now was a constant reminder of how badly he needed more space.

He felt Evgeni's little twinge of fear when he spoke and drew away enough to kiss Evgeni soundly on the lips.
"You're never going to be alone again," he said, an impish smile on his lips. "Not with two of us stomping around in your brain all day and all night."

He knew how Evgeni felt - at least, he sympathized enough. Their experiences weren't completely similar in the sense that Julian was not a several hundred year old vampire. However, he felt the same sort of pang of fear at the idea of being isolated and alone, afraid no one could find him. He still hadn't tried to block out Evgeni. Julian wasn't sure he ever would... or could.

The grin didn't fade at he suggestion of nibbling, either. In fact, in a rare moment of spontaneous playfulness, Julian wrapped his arms around Evgeni's neck then jumped up, locking his legs around Evgeni's hips. Not something he would have ever seen himself doing but they were in private and this was Evgeni.

Thus positioned, Julian looked into Evgeni's eyes then touched the tips of their noses together
. "I'm hungry," he said, "but you could have an appetizer before your main course."

Evgeni hadn't bitten him since that first time and Julian wanted it so badly. It was better than drugs, better than alcohol. And best of all, it wasn't addictive... it was just the sheer euphoria of being wanted and needed, the pleasure Evgeni and Jan could bring with such a simple little thing that was good for them all. As much as Julian took umbrage at Val for having stolen this from him, he wanted to freely give to his friends.

Releasing one arm, Julian brushed his curls away from his neck and tilted his head temptingly. There was no reason for Evgeni to hesitate. They weren't in public, he hadn't bitten Julian in a while, and if he was thirsty, it was Julian's desire to give to him. He knew Evgeni could feel that. No barriers between them; nothing to hide. Julian's offer couldn't have been more heartfelt. A donation of blood now and perhaps one more after dinner was his pleasure. Figuratively and literally.
Evgeni 9 years ago
Evgeni's eyes widened a little at Julian's quick kiss but he smiled at the words spoken and the impish grin on his companion's face. "Perhaps not. I had forgotten how secure that could make me feel." The memory of Sophia and the terrible bond with her made him shiver but he pushed through that feeling, stretching out through his connections with Julian and Jan and finding only concern and love. It was healing, little by little, the damage she had done. He looked at Julian in relief. "Thankfully you tend to sleep around the time we do." Evgeni grinned back at the violinist with his later than normal schedule. "That means I can wander around in your dreams as well as Jan's." It would likely help them both. He wanted to offer his bed to Julian any time he truly needed to sleep; he knew what it was like to be physically exhausted and unable to find relief.

They had moved on to dinner and he had half way explained that he didn't eat. The suggestion of finding someone to eat was met with...enthusiasm.

Evgeni reached for Julian out of instinct, the way you would catch a ball that was thrown in your direction without really thinking. His hands cupped Julian's ass and held him up with easy strength. He laughed at his friend's playfulness and his ability to surprise him even with the bond between them. Grinning his hands kneaded the muscle he felt beneath the soft blue jeans.

"A little taste." He murmured softly. "I am wanting to enjoy you thoroughly when I bite you this time." Last time Julian had been far more injured and he hadn't been able to give more than a small amount of blood. This time he could make sure that they both got every bit of pleasure possible out of the experience.

"You know is going to make me horny, yes?" Not that he wasn't already getting there with Julian riding him like he was. "Such torture." He tsked but grinned. He loved that the need and want would have to be patient while Julian ate dinner. Waiting sometimes made it all the sweeter. Besides he wouldn't be the only one feeling it.

He walked them over to the sofa and settled down in the seat with Julian still on top of him. Evgeni removed his hands from his friend's ass and slid them up his back. He brought Julian to him slowly, watching him with blood red eyes until the moment when Julian was close enough that leaning forward would bring him where he needed to go. His gaze then went to Julian's neck and his lips soon followed. Evgeni paused and let the warmth of that skin rise up to touch his mouth, he rubbed his lips gently over it, caressing it gently. Then he wrapped his mouth around it and slowly bit down.

That first draw of blood was so sweet that it made him moan softly against Julian's neck. He clutched his lover more tightly to him and pulled against the wound, once hard and quick. It was difficult to pull away but he did. It caused him to gasp and close his eyes for a moment while he fought with himself not to take another sip. His breathing was hard and quick in his chest and he was rock hard and ready with Julian seated so enticingly on his lap. He curled his hips upward and rubbed himself in a slow roll against Julian's ass while he bent back down to Julian's neck and carefully licked the wound he had made. Jan had taught him that lovely roll; it had been used on him often. Jan was much better at it; his body was fluid in a way that was totally unnatural. But he wasn't trying to be perfect; he was just letting Julian know how effected he was.

"Let us get you something to eat." He murmured in a voice that didn't sound much like his own. " Because suddenly I think I am starving."

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Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Julian smiled at Evgeni; beamed at him, really. "I love you wandering around in my dreams. I love Jan in my dreams. This is the first time in years I haven't been afraid to sleep. I don't even see Andy..."

He bit the words off on a surprising little choke, but his smile remained. Even before his captivity Julian was a terrible sleeper, plagued by nightmares of his dead sister. He had never told Evgeni about those, never needed to. He didn't see her now that he had constant companionship. And that meant he was actually sleeping when Evgeni was present in his dreams. Real sleep. Waking up rested, relaxed, something he hadn't experienced in a while. He was grateful for it, absurdly happy about it. Andrea would never have wanted him to suffer because of her, any more than he would have wanted her to if their fates had been reversed.

He was caught in strong arms and held; Evgeni was smiling and Julian loved his smile, pointed fangs, red eyes and all. He nodded happily at Evgeni's acquiescence to a taste of what was to come, clinging like a koala bear and glad they weren't in public - where he probably would have been just as likely to do something embarrassingly demonstrative. He couldn't help it. He lost himself around his lovers. All three of them made him behave in ways he didn't think he was capable of.

"You're not horny now? Damn. I'm losing my touch." Julian tightened his legs, pressed himself against Evgeni. Called out the lie; he could feel Evgeni's desire as easily as he felt his own. It practically made him purr.

"If you weren't so sweet you could have me now and to hell with my own appetite," Julian pointed out, "but you had to suggest I eat first, which only proves that nice guys finish last."

He grinned as Evgeni walked them backward and sank onto the couch. No more words were immediately forthcoming and Julian didn't need them. Evgeni's hands, his face, his feelings, made everything obvious. Words would have just been in the way. He tilted his neck, rocking his hips in Evgeni's lap, clutching his partner's shoulders and waiting for the bite.

He gasped softly when he felt Evgeni's teeth pierce him. He dug his fingers into Evgeni's shoulders, moaning. The tight grasp in return and the quick, demanding pull against his neck dragged another moan from him.
"Zhenya... oh, yeah," Julian breathed, eyelids fluttering closed as he enjoyed the euphoria that zipped through his veins.

All too soon Evgeni pulled away. Just two little sips and he released Julian. Pure torture, like he said, for them both. Evgeni's tongue found his neck at the same time as he rolled his hips, pushing his erection against Julian. Julian responding by rubbing against Evgeni, arching his back and meeting him to push against him in return. It felt delicious.

He opened his eyes and looked down at Evgeni when he spoke.
"Okay," he said, breathless. "If you still insist on feeding the poor wounded human first..."

Julian slid backwards off Evgeni's lap and, perhaps channeling Jan, slithered to his knees in front of Evgeni. Hands braced on Evgeni's knees he pushed them apart slightly and leaned forward, mouthing Evgeni's cock through the black pants and breathing out to envelop him in heat. Then he pulled away, biting the fabric of the pants and tugging a little before releasing Evgeni entirely and standing, holding his hands out for Evgeni to take.

"I don't care what dinner is. Who delivers the fastest?"

He knew he was eying Evgeni like a cat does a mouse. Evgeni might be starving but so was Julian - in his own way. If dinner had to be consumed before other hungers were fed, so be it. Evgeni could feed him sawdust for all he was paying attention to it right now.

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Evgeni 9 years ago
Julian had tasted far too good and felt so wonderful in his arms. He wasn't sure how he was going to do to keep himself occupied and on his better ( because best was entirely out of the question) behavior while Julian ate his dinner.

His companion was definitely making it more difficult to stop. Evgeni sighed softly and closed his eyes when Julian questioned his letting the poor wounded human eat first.
"Is only good manners...” He murmured in a slightly pained voice. Julian made him very aware both physically and through the bond of just how eager he was for him to eat as well. Evgeni ran his hands up and down along Julian's thighs and fought not to pull him closer again.

When Julian backed away from him, Evgeni wondered for a second if his battle of willpower was so very obvious but his partner slid down onto the floor and parted his legs. He watched Julian with fascination as his friend moved closer. This man had never dated other men before... At times like this it was very hard to believe.

He gasped as Julian's mouth closed around him. The jeans made the sensation not nearly satisfying enough. Julian was so close; he could feel the pressure of his lips, feel the heat of his breath but he was trapped behind thick fabric. He moaned softly, unable to stop himself from pressing forward, trying unconsciously for more contact.
"Very unsporting, Julian.” Evgeni gave him a shaky smile. Perhaps he would return the favor later.

Taking Julian's hands, he came easily to his feet. Evgeni gestured over to the table with the menus.
"I am not knowing. I do not eat very often.” Unless forced. He pushed the thought away and moved to the table, wracking his brain for any helpful information. "Neighbors are liking this place and this one.” He pointed to a pizza place and a sub sandwich place. "I am thinking the sub place is faster. They are also closer.” To get to work he passed the place and it was just a block away.

"Is your choice. Perhaps you should order plenty...” He grinned. "You might be hungry again later.” Evgeni spread his hands in an innocent gesture as if he was just offering practical advice. No innuendo here.

He went and sat down next to the phone, and tugged Julian down onto the seat next to him.
"Tell me who we are calling and what you are wanting. I will order and give address.”
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
"I never claimed to play fair," Julian said with a little grin at his lover. He felt a bit of relief, that his motions had been received they way he'd intended; for the most part he felt confident in his ability to arouse both Evgeni and Jan but there was still that tiny bit of doubt that he'd go for 'sexy' and end up with 'idiotic' or something worse. Going by Evgeni's reaction, he'd definitely done 'sexy.' That, or Evgeni had some strange turn-ons.

They moved to the table with the menus together and Julian listened to Evgeni's advice - what he could give, anyway. Julian quickly decided upon the sub shop, based on its proximity, and tapped the menu decisively.
"Sub it is, then."

His appetite was still slightly hit or miss, depending on how his head felt. Oh he'd been eating fine; he wasn't in any danger of anything, just every now and then his head told him to lay off food for a little while while a wave of dizziness or a headache passed. A sub would keep just fine in the fridge if that happened, and would be plenty big enough for him to have some later. He pointed to one of the foot long subs, something easy, ham and cheese on whole wheat, with plenty of veggies.

Evgeni tugged Julian down beside him and Julian went obediently - until Evgeni picked up the phone. Then he turned, slid over onto Evgeni's lap, and straddled him in his chair much the same way as they'd been on the couch. Then he slid his hands up beneath Evgeni's shirt, lowered his mouth to the beautiful pale skin of his neck, and made the ordering process as inhumanly difficult as possible.

"Told you I don't play fair," he murmured as he gently licked, sucked, and bit Evgeni's neck. His hands brushed happily over Evgeni's sides and chest, thumbs rolling over the flat nipples. He rocked his hips very gently, careful not to crush Evgeni beneath him.

"Definitely very hungry now," he whispered, with a significant glance down between them.

Julian didn't know if this was what Evgeni had intended for their date but he loved it anyway. Maybe later they'd curl up and watch a movie together, play a game, talk softly. He wanted all those things and it didn't look as if they'd be going out, which suited Julian and his healing head just fine. A week or two from now he would enjoy that for sure. But this time alone together, hopefully with each of his partners in turn as well as any combination of the three, time spent healing physically and emotionally, was something he wasn't going to take for granted or take lightly.

With those thoughts in mind he slowed to a halt and let Evgeni complete the order, wrapping his arms around Evgeni's neck and pressing close, his lips still moving against his neck but a tiny bit less suggestively, just enjoying holding him. He still had to mind the cast on his right wrist but he was getting pretty good at maneuvering it so it didn't snag in anyone's hair or get caught on clothing. He rested his head on Evgeni's shoulder and smiled as he gently nibbled his neck. Such a feeling of safety, of love, warmth, acceptance. Who knew he'd have craved those things a few months ago? But he did, and they were fulfilled every night. Julian didn't know if it would always be like this but for the moment his lovers, all of them, had come through on such an incredible level. He'd never felt so well-supported.

He hadn't told his parents anything that had happened to him and he didn't intend to; nor did he plan to seek help. Julian remembered the way it felt after his sister had died, the feeling of being unmoored in his own head, desperate to find relief from anxiety, guilt, and self-recrimination. That odd feeling didn't visit him now. He didn't need professional help to get over being held captive and tormented. He was on the receiving end of unconditional love and understanding. Every time he thought the memories and the fear would overwhelm him Tavi, Jan, and Evgeni lifted him up, out of himself, took him apart and put him back together stronger. Someday he would return the favor, although he hoped he never needed to.
Evgeni 9 years ago
Evgeni had the glossy little paper menu in one hand, the phone piece cradled against his shoulder and was turned toward the side table so he could dial the number, he had just finished when Julian moved. He reached up and grabbed the phone with his free hand and faced forward again, his lap full of lover once more.

Julian had claimed that he didn't play fair and this was the beginning of trouble. He could feel it. Hands slid under his shirt and he let out a long shuddering sigh while the phone rang a second time. Julian's lips touched his neck on the third ring.

A voice spoke, Evgeni shut his eyes and tried to concentrate.
"Y...yes, I would like..." Julian to not stop doing this. Yes, definitely, more of this. The woman asked him something.

"Say again please." His accent was thicker, maybe it was Julian's attentions but really a part of him figured she would forgive his scattered attention if she thought he simply didn't understand well. Phone number. That is what she had asked for. Evgeni let the menu drop then reached around and grabbed Julian's ass, giving it a good squeeze while he tried to remember his home phone number.

"I would like a foot long...sub." The last word was choked out as Julian brushed fingers across his nipples while still nibbling on his neck. "Ham and cheese, lots of vegetables. Vegetables." He repeated annunciating all the syllables. "Yes, those. No, I am not knowing." She seemed confused about why he didn't know what kind of cheese he wanted. "Cheddar. Da, sounds good." The woman had spoken to him slower and a little louder as if not speaking English as a first language had made him deaf. She told him in a voice you would use on a three year old what his cheese choices were. "Wheat!" Evgeni barked the word quickly, answering her next question just as Julian rocked against him. He slid his hand over the mouthpiece of the phone and gave a long shuddering sigh.

Giving the full address was pure torture because now she repeated every piece of it as though she didn't trust him to know where he lived, or maybe she didn't understand him. The woman then slowly and clearly explained that it would take 25 to 20 minutes to get his order but he knew that it was likely going to be around 15. He suspected that the answer was the one she told everyone. He wasn't thinking a whole lot about it anyway.

Evgeni fumbled the phone back into the cradle and then wrapped his arms around Julian. His very naughty lover had settled down to lean against him, seeming more content to enjoy being held for the moment. His retaliation would wait, for now he pressed Julian against his chest and rubbed long soothing strokes over his back.
"You are trouble maker." He murmured softly and pressed a kiss to Julian's temple. "I seem to attract those."
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Julian was amused at the way the phone call went. He could hear the person on the other end and he laughed a little at the situation, feeling sympathetic toward Evgeni but not enough so to feel repentant.

"Man, we have to order out more often," he murmured into Evgeni's neck as his lover hung the phone up. "Work on your people skills."

He wriggled against Evgeni a little when his arms came up to embrace Julian. This was a new side of him. Julian was never opposed to cuddling but he supposed he'd never really been part of a relationship in which that happened a lot. He'd dated girls in high school, of course, and had plenty of illicit make-out sessions on his parents' downstairs couch, and he'd gone on dates in college but who was he kidding, college had been almost entirely about sex. Then somewhere in there he'd grown up enough to want to focus on his career so after college he hadn't had anything serious. He dated around, slept with a few women here and there, and that was it.

This was his first real relationship. Apparently, he didn't go small.

He was termed a troublemaker and he nodded into Evgeni's neck.
"But I'm your troublemaker. Keeps you young."

He smiled and sat up enough to look at Evgeni, arms still loosely linked around his neck. Julian rocked his hips suggestively, not wanting Evgeni's interest to flag.

"So I get you to myself all night, huh? And all day too?" He raised his eyebrows suggestively. For his vampire friends, daytime was the equivalent of a sleepover. Julian wanted to lie next to Evgeni again. He wanted to wrap himself up around him, or vice versa, and hold him and be held. After the mind-blowing sex of course.

He slid his hands down behind Evgeni's neck, caressing gently. He wanted to rub the muscles there but the arm in a cast wouldn't let him press that hard without hurting, and a one-sided massage sucked. So instead he just brushed his fingertips along Evgeni's neck and shoulders slowly, up and back.

"Want to sit somewhere besides this chair? Although we fit well on it. Or give me the grand tour?"

Julian was interested in Evgeni's space. He wanted to see this about each of his lovers, where they lived, what they surrounded themselves with.
"Does Jan live here too?"

Julian had never asked if they lived together; he always saw them together but he'd never made any assumptions. This apartment was lovely from what he'd seen already, but it looked like an Evgeni place to him.
Evgeni 9 years ago
"Yes, I am feeling so spry” He smiled into Julian's hair. "is like I am hundred and fifty again.” Evgeni squeezed his companion a little tighter and became more serious. "I do like that you are my trouble maker.” He said softly, reaching up to brush his fingers through Julian's soft curls.

His boyfriend sat back and looked at him, asking about how long he was allowed to have him alone.
"All night and, yes, all day also if you like.” Evgeni smiled. "I would very much like. If you are wondering.”

He sighed softly at the small gentle touch of Julian's hands. They were not teasing him now and still he loved this touch just as much. Perhaps more. Julian loved him first for something other than sex and everyone wanted to know that. The fact that Julian could also love having sex with him was more than he had hoped for when he had offered the bond between them.

"A tour might be a good idea.” He slid to the edge of the sofa and cupped his hands under Julian's ass. Evgeni stood up for them both and then slowly let go so that Julian could stand up on his own, leaning against his chest. "Otherwise we might be too distracted to get the door when food comes?” His words tilted upward at the end, making the statement a question and matching the amused raised eyebrows he favored Julian with.

"Unfortunately, there is not much to see.” He gestured around at the large room that was a combination of the living room, kitchen and dining room.

Shaking his head, he answered Julian's question.
"No, Jan lives with the clan. Sometimes he visits and sometimes I stay with him and sometimes we do other things.” He shrugged. It had bothered him before because he hadn't been sure that he mattered more than the 'other things' to Jan. He thought he had but they hadn't spoke of it. Both of them had been worried they would lose the other if they admitted that they cared more than a 'friend with benefits' should. The bond between Jan had quickly cleared all that up and now he was far less worried that Jan wouldn't come back to him.

"This is living room.” He gestured around to the leather sofas and the large television. The area was squared off by the pieces of furniture so that it had the feel of a definite 'room' without the walls. Evgeni walked a little further to the chair and music stand beside the window. "The music room...is not very big.” Or at least the part dedicated only to music wasn't very big.

"The kitchen. I do not use it much.” He shrugged. It looked nice and stayed very clean because he didn't cook. There was a puzzle on the 'kitchen' table because he didn't eat either.

He took Julian's hand and took him back to the doorway just behind the kitchen.
"Laundry room.” He gestured to the washer and dryer to the left of the tiny hall way. "And bathroom.” Evgeni walked into the long bathroom. He used it for the bathtub and thankfully that was a decent size.

Both of them couldn't fit side by side in the bathroom without being nearly on top of one another. He didn't have a problem with that but it made maneuvering back around difficult without holding onto Julian and turning them a half circle so that he could lead them back out again.

Walking back to the living room, he led them to the narrow wrought iron spiral staircase. Evgeni led the way and then moved off the little landing to gesture at the one room in the loft area.
"Tada, is bedroom.” There were no windows up here but the front wall went only halfway up and the rest was open to the floor below. There wasn't enough sunlight even on the brightest summer day to get to him up here from the windows down below, especially with the bed back against the far wall. Still he had heavy curtains installed on a sliding rod that went along the front of the room. If nothing else then they kept out the light. He rarely slid them closed. He liked the watching the sunlight dance along the walls beyond his bedroom. It somehow made him feel a part of the world beyond. Closing the drapes made him feel closed off from everyone else. This night might be an exception to that usual rule.

"What do you think?”

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Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Julian chuckled softly at the way he was so easily picked up and then released. Granted, he wasn't a large man but neither was he tiny. He'd never been handled as easily as Evgeni and Jan did. It might have been embarrassing in a different situation, but with the two of them it was tough to feel that way. He set his feet down and pressed against Evgeni for a second or two before being shown around.

The apartment was small, he supposed, but it was bigger than Julian's studio and had an open floor plan that made it seem a lot bigger than it was. The kitchen and bathroom sort of drove home the point that it wasn't a terribly huge area but it was nicely arranged. And decorated. Thoughtfully. Julian was a little jealous there. He didn't have any idea how to decorate a space this tastefully, in spite of watching plenty of HGTV.

When they ascended the spiral stairs to the loft Julian slid his arms around Evgeni's waist again. The four-poster bed was crying out to him, looking absolutely sumptuous. If he stayed, Julian imagined they would be tangled up in that bed together. If he stayed... hilarious. Of course he was staying, since Evgeni wanted him to. No question.

"Maybe we shouldn't have finished with the bedroom," he suggested with a little smile.

Because now here they were, and there was that big comfortable bed, and he couldn't stop himself from rubbing up against Evgeni again, or from sliding his hands back underneath his boyfriend's shirt, or from standing on his toes a little to press his lips to Evgeni's neck again.

"Your home is beautiful," he murmured sincerely. What he was thinking was very different, though, and it came out in a soft request between them that Julian hadn't really meant to send.

[Please kiss me.]

Yes, he knew they would be interrupted shortly but being here in Evgeni's apartment was doing crazy things to him. He felt aroused, safe, loved. He didn't think Evgeni brought just anyone here. He could almost see Jan's phantom here and there and that made him feel good, not jealous or left out at all. He looked forward to all three of them sharing this space at some point, having an enjoyable night there, but for now being here alone with Evgeni was absolute perfection. He felt special.
Evgeni 9 years ago
"I was just thinking that myself.” Evgeni chuckled at looked at Julian. He tried not to let his gaze wander to the big convenient bed within walking distance. The whole point of the tour had been to -not- get distracted before the food came.

He turned back toward the staircase thinking that he should set out the money so that it was handy but before he could return down the stairs, Julian reached for him. Evgeni couldn't withstand the temptation to touch his partner when that partner was touching him with the entire length of his body.

Julian's hands burrowed beneath his vest once more. He sighed softly in both pleasure and torment. The bed, so close, the clothes so easily removed, Julian so tempting looking up at him.

"Thank you. Is home.” He brushed his lips gently against Julian's temple. "It could be your home too, if you wish.” Evgeni murmured softly. "Whenever you like, as long as you like.” He would love both Julian and Jan to stay. Perhaps they could discuss moving in together some time soon. Until then his house was open to both of them and maybe even Tavi too.

The little command that was sent to him was so sweet that he couldn't help but smile. Of course he complied with the kiss that Julian asked for; that was one request that he would have difficulty turning down. He leaned in and touched his lips lightly to his companion's. Gentle and sweet, at first. He caught Julian's bottom lip between his own and sucked it softly then he pulled his lover more tightly against him, pressing his mouth just as firmly against Julian's. He lingered there, exploring, demanding entrance, caressing with his lips and tongue, his hands found their way beneath Julian's shirt and began pushing it upward.

The wallet and the food was all but forgotten.

He began guiding Julian backward toward the bed, kissing him again and again until the backs of his companion's legs pressed against the foot of the bed. Evgeni pressed Julian down onto it and then climbed onto his partner's lap. He tilted them both over on the bed and began nibbling and tasting Julian's neck and shoulder, his hands rubbing up and down over Julian's chest.

"So irresistible...” Evgeni murmured softly and rubbed his hard length against Julian's own. "Impossible not to want you...”
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Julian didn't think Evgeni would miss the spike of pleasure that he felt upon receiving an open-ended invitation to stay here. Oh, he liked the idea of that. Living with someone, someone who would know when to expect him home, know if and when he went missing, but best of all living with Evgeni and Jan. Having them around all the time. He couldn't think of them, though, without thinking of Tavi. Would it really be fair to her to accept such an invitation?

Deep thoughts. Way too deep for tonight. Julian shoved them away, aided greatly by Evgeni's response to his plea for a kiss. And what a kiss. Julian sighed softly into that first gentle touch to his lower lip, then moaned a little louder as he was pulled tight and backed up toward the inviting bed even as his shirt was shoved away. He did everything he could to aid this process along, and within moments he was on his back with Evgeni above him, pressing against him.

Julian gasped and reached around Evgeni's waist to pull him close, arching up to him and just letting his body orchestrate his motions. Briefly he wondered if there was anyone on the planet getting laid as often as he was this week, and decided probably not. This was an incredibly good thing, in his opinion. The idle thought passed and Evgeni flooded his senses. The feeling of his own desire mingled with Evgeni's reduced him to little moans and sighs and he reached down between them, desperate to shed some clothing, to feel Evgeni's smooth skin against his.

"Impossible not to love you," he whispered back to Evgeni. When his hands were free he lifted them, dove them into Evgeni's hair, and kissed him again. Then he lowered them to tug at Evgeni's pants.

"God, Zhenya," he said, already short of breath. "Want you so badly."

He didn't care about his food. He just wanted Evgeni. In the back of his head he wondered how many minutes remained to them before they were interrupted and if they could possibly move that fast. Maybe they should renew their resolve and behave for ten more minutes? Then he recalled with startling clarity the feel of Evgeni thrusting inside of him, coming; the heat that flooded him, claiming him as Evgeni's.

All rational thought fled and Julian grabbed at Evgeni's clothing, frantic to get rid of it.
"Need you. Inside me. Now. Please."
Evgeni 9 years ago
Evgeni looked down at Julian with blood red eyes, staggered by the profession of love. He could feel what Julian was feeling and his partner wasn't lying. It was soon or it seemed to him that it was soon. Perhaps the bond had helped push that along, knowing someone so intimately tended to bring out strong feelings for them...love or hate. And they had been friends before that, good friends. Perhaps it wasn't as soon as he thought only the physical desire had changed.

And there was plenty of that. He moaned softly into Julian's neck, lust and need nearly overwhelming him. The both of them together were dangerous. God, were they dangerous. It was probably just as well they hadn't tried to go anywhere. With feelings like this, echoed back to him from Julian...and from Jan? He would have tossed Julian down on a table somewhere in a restaurant. Or maybe they would have managed to find a supply room or a dark alley. Still their date would have abruptly become sex, somewhere public.

He kissed his way down Julian's bare chest, teeth scraping lightly over a nipple before he pushed himself back off the bed so that his mouth could trail lower. Julian's emotions changed, drifting just a bit and then coming back with a vengeance so hard that it staggered him.

Evgeni suddenly saw a different bed beneath his hands...not his hands, Julian's hands. Felt someone thrusting inside him, felt claimed by it, loved by it. Julian had sent him the memory because he was thinking about it so clearly, savoring the details. Evgeni was overwhelmed by the flashback and by how much Julian enjoyed it. By what it had meant to him and how much he wanted it again.

Hands reached down his back and were tugging insistently on the vest. Julian made it very clear what he needed and wanted. Those words sent such heat through his body that he couldn't think past the pleasure of it. He pressed his face to Julian's torso and breathed in his lover's warm scent.
"Yes, I want that too. Very much, yes."

He sent his memory of it back to Julian while he tried to unbutton the vest with shaking fingers. After a moment he simply tugged at the front and pulled, letting the buttons fly in several directions.

Julian kneeling in front him, pushing eagerly back into him. He had been scared that Julian would regret the deed after the fact and he remembered that again now. But he also remembered that he wanted to make that first time special, as wonderful as possible. If they never did it again he didn't want Julian to remember any pain. He remembered again how he had gone so slow, his cock aching with the need to thrust into that tight opening. And then he remembered it later again as they found a rhythm and he rode Julian, holding his hips tightly. He had buried himself fully inside his lover and still Julian had pressed eagerly for more. He had felt love and wonder then at Julian's adaptability and strength and it washed over him again, making him feel humble and at the same time feeling him with possessive pride. This was his boyfriend and he was amazing.

Yes, there was no way he wouldn't want to experience that again. Or something similar. He unbuttoned Julian's pants and pushed his mouth inside seeking the hardness that he felt through the jeans. [I want to see you this time. I want to watch you come, Julian.]

He dropped further down to the floor and pulled off Julian's shoes then he moved back up and began tugging and maneuvering his lover's pants. Occasionally he would place a kiss on a bare hip or leg, unable to stop touching Julian for even the length of time it took to divest him of clothing.

Evgeni climbed back onto the bed. He straddled Julian on his hands and knees, with one hand he lowered himself down to claim another kiss. His other hand was unbuttoning his jeans. In the middle of ravishing Julian's lips the doorbell rang. Evgeni groaned and looked down at Julian with a pained expression.
"A part of me wants to simply ignore but I think it would be faster to answer." He brushed his fingers lightly over Julian's swollen thoroughly kissed mouth and then pulled away.

"Do not go anywhere." He called over his shoulder. Evgeni went down part of the stairs and then swung himself over the railing and down to the floor below. He buttoned his pants back up as he hurried the rest of the way toward the door. His vest hung loose around his bare chest but that was hardly a concern of the delivery guy's.

Or delivery girl. He opened the door to a college aged blond who had purple streaks in her hair. Her eyes went wide at the sight of him and Evgeni wondered just how disheveled he looked. The girl's glance went to his damaged vest and then upward to his hair then she looked at him and smiled, proffering the sandwich without saying a word.

He pulled out the money and handed her a nice tip. She looked at the cash in her hand counting it quickly in her head. The girl then gave him a big smile and turned to go. Before she left she said. "Enjoy your evening!"

Evgeni shook his head and closed the door. He then hurried with all the inhuman speed he had back up the stairs to Julian.

The sight that greeted him at the top of the stairs stole his breath away. His heart stopped and then started trying to beat its way out his chest. The sub fell from numb fingers.

Julian had found the lube and he was using it to prepare himself. Evgeni's eyes were drawn down the length of his lover's naked body to the hand that was pushing coated fingers in and out of his own opening. Julian's legs were opened wide, his head was back and his eyes were closed, the other hand, the one with the cast, was stroking his erection with his fingertips.

He said something in Russian that even he hadn't really caught.
"Julian..." Evgeni bent to retrieve the sandwich, his eyes still riveted on the scene before him. "you are...beautiful." His lover was sexy, handsome and many other things but the erotic vision before him could only be described as beautiful.

Laying the sub on the nightstand, he gave Julian a shaky laugh.
"Dinner in bed...after. I am afraid my resolve to be gentleman is not strong enough to resist you naked and looking so...edible." Even while he spoke he was pushing his own jeans down into a puddle on the floor. He shrugged the vest off his shoulders and climbed back up onto the bed next to Julian. His eyes devouring Julian just as the rest of him longed to do.
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Shit. Holy shit. What the shit. Julian lost his ability to maintain a coherent thought as mutual desire sparked a chain reaction that built on itself and rose, and rose, until he was shaking with need before he even had his clothes off. He needed Evgeni inside of him, ten minutes ago. He wanted that fullness, the sensation of Evgeni pushing inside him, almost too much but perfect in every way. He needed Evgeni like he imagined an addict needed a hit, and the urge was only rising as Evgeni felt it and returned it. It magnified, it amplified.

He pulled at Evgeni's vest and Evgeni, after agreeing with him, simply ripped it open. Julian groaned at the sight and pushed himself up from the bed to let Evgeni remove his jeans. The next sending sent a throb of lust through his entire body. He damn near came. Julian let his head fall back gingerly on the bed while Evgeni knelt, testing it. The wound was mostly closed even if still a bit tender, but the bed was very soft. He didn't think lying on his back would be a problem.

[Yeah,] he sent back. [We're doing that. I want to be able to hold you this time. Wrap my arms around you. And my legs.]

Evgeni straddled him once more, practically pouncing on his mouth, and Julian met him all the way, trying not to interfere with the hand that was unbuttoning Evgeni's pants but wanting them off so fucking badly. And then the damn doorbell rang.

"Seriously? No way that was twenty minutes," Julian groused. But Evgeni was right, and he pried his hands open to let Evgeni go.

He certainly wasn't going to go anywhere. In fact, he rolled over and snooped in Evgeni's nightstand until he found what he was looking for. He pulled out the tube of lube, opened it, and put some on his fingers. Then, angling himself toward the door he spread his legs, took a deep breath, and touched himself gently.

This wasn't something he was used to doing at all. Like, ever. So he bit his lip a little bit, hoping it wasn't stupid. Hoping he didn't look silly. He wanted Evgeni to enjoy it. With a soft whimper he slipped his finger inside of himself, tensing until he imagined Evgeni's cock taking its place. That was a much nicer image, so he clung to it, relaxing back onto the bed and uttering a long sigh. With the hand that was still in a cast he brushed his fingers over his own hard shaft. It felt good, so he continued.

It couldn't have been more than a few seconds when he heard Evgeni returning. He heard something thump softly and he blushed, knowing Evgeni was watching him, but kept his eyes closed. He didn't understand the Russian but he got the gist of it when Evgeni elaborated in English again, and it made him blush harder. He didn't stop what he was doing, didn't open his eyes. He knew Evgeni was close but he wanted to keep teasing him if he liked it.

He heard the rustle of clothing, felt the bed shift as Evgeni joined him.Now he opened his eyes and turned his head to Evgeni, a smile on his lips. It faded as he pushed his finger inside and he bit off a little moan.

"Damn it, Zhenya. I need you now. How many times can you come inside me?"

He was dying of desire. He wanted Evgeni now, and then he wanted him again. And possibly after that. Then maybe he'd have dinner. And then Evgeni.

If this was what came of date night with either or both of his boyfriends, Julian was screwed. A lot. And that sounded like a lot of fun. Right now, though, he had one thing on his mind and that was loving Evgeni. He reached out, wrapped his arm around Evgeni's neck.

"Love you," he murmured. "Can you say it, too? I just want to hear it... just once."

He knew Evgeni loved him, he could feel it. It was very plain. But to hear it whispered, or moaned, or whatever it was... Julian really wanted it.
Evgeni 9 years ago
Evgeni raised his eyebrows at Julian's question. It was a good one to ask or more accurately he liked where this conversation was going. He smiled. "Before I pass out? Have never tried to find out. We can test, if you like.” He laid a hand on Julian's chest. "I am thinking you are definitely sleeping over because when I am done your legs won't work well enough to get you down the stairs.” It was a unique way to make sure that he had company for bed time but he liked it.

Julian wrapped his arms around him and Evgeni slid over so that he was on top of his lover. He was asked to express his love.
"I can say that, yes. In several languages.” He smiled and told Julian how much he loved him...in Russian, Latin, French and then English. "I love you, Julian, very much. More each day.” He and Jan had avoided saying anything of the sort to each other. It was refreshing to be able to express his feelings without worry.

He leaned down and kissed Julian tenderly this time.
"I will tell you any time you like.” He tended to forget sometimes when someone was bonded to him because they knew how he felt but there was something about being told that was special. He would do his best to tell Julian and Jan more often.

"And right now I am loving the thought of burying myself inside you.” He raised himself up over Julian and looked down between their bodies. "Seeing you...doing that...” Evgeni shook his head. He had no words for how incredibly erotic that had been. He would remember it fondly forever. On nights alone he was sure that it would feature prominently in his fantasies. He slipped his own finger inside Julian's opening, finding it relaxed enough for the first one to slid in with ease. He added another and pushed them in and out in assertive probing strokes. Evgeni was careful to leave the rest of Julian alone for the moment because neither of them were going to last long as it was. That was very clear through the bond. This was going to be a short, passion filled round of sex.

Pulling his fingers out, he guided himself into place and looked up at his partner. He watched Julian, keeping his eyes locked on his lover's as he pushed himself slowly inside him until he was buried to the hilt. Evgeni stayed there a long moment, letting Julian adjust to the size difference before he moved. He lowered himself down to his elbows and rocked his hips back, pulling slowly out and then thrusting back in.

[Hard and fast or slow and sweet?] He knew which one he was wanting but he wanted to give Julian a choice. It was his body that was being entered and that experience was still a new one for him. Being fucked royally, as Jan jokingly referred to it might not be something Julian was up for just yet.
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
"Yes," Julian said, a little hiss escaping his lips. Then he laughed a little. "Yeah. We're going to test it. I'm fine with not being able to move."

In fact that sounded pretty appealing, being so thoroughly fucked that he couldn't get out of bed. By Evgeni. Yes. That was perfect.

His request to hear that affirmation of love from Evgeni was granted, in many different ways. Julian closed his eyes, smiling, and pressed his lips to Evgeni's neck, then his mouth when Evgeni kissed him back.
"Once is enough," he murmured, "I can feel it any time I like, can't I."

He had continued to move his hand while they talked briefly, and now he moaned at Evgeni's touch, and at his next words. Desire, which hadn't cooled at all really, spiked even harder. He got himself out of the way and let Evgeni's long, slender fingers take over. He arched his back and pushed his hips against that perfect invasion, inviting more, still surprised at how good it felt and how much he liked it. It was a different feeling than having his cock stroked; this was deeper, more profound somehow. He felt it on another level.

Thank God it didn't take Evgeni long to move over him, position himself, and push inside. Julian groaned, long and low, as his daydream of feeling that full, erotic sensation came true. He wrapped his legs around Evgeni, pulling him deep, ignoring the initial burn that came with the stretch, knowing it would vanish. It did, leaving him panting for more. The second slow thrust made him cry out softly, holding Evgeni's shoulders and making a little breathless noise that barely sounded like him.

When he heard Evgeni's voice in his head he writhed against him. [Fuck me, Zhenya,] he pleaded. [Hard. Now. God, please. We'll go slow again... after. I want to feel you come. And then I want you to stay there, and kiss me until we're ready again.]

Julian made himself as clear as possible. He hadn't been joking about finding out how many times Evgeni could come, and how many times Julian could take him. He might be too sore to continue before Evgeni wore himself out and if that was the case then damn it, there were other options.

Right now he used his legs around Evgeni's waist to pull himself closer and to pull Evgeni closer.
"Need you," he gasped. "Zhenya. Want you so badly. Don't hold back."

They'd waited too long; Julian had wanted this since the other night at the park. He'd built the fantasy up in his head and now it was real, he was living it, and he was going to enjoy the hell out of it.
Evgeni 9 years ago
"Is not enough." He murmured softly in response to Julian saying that he only needed to hear 'I love you' once. He would save the argument, if it was one, for later. He doubted Julian would complain if he was occasionally reminded out loud that he was loved.

Julian was so willing that he was again amazed at how easily his, until recently straight friend, was taking the change to being intimate with men. Of course Julian had always been comfortable around anyone and never seemed to have a problem with the idea of being gay, he just said he wasn't. And he still wasn't. Both Jan and Evgeni understood that. They were both 'equal opportunity lovers' as Jan would say or something like that and Julian obviously was also. Perhaps Julian even liked women better than men as whole; if that was the case then Evgeni felt incredibly lucky.

Right this moment he felt even more fortunate.

His question about how Julian wanted things to go was answered very clearly. Evgeni blinked down at his partner and then nodded. [I was hoping you would say that.] He could do hard fast sex and then be ready for some more.

He leaned over Julian, adjusting his position with his lover's legs wrapped around his hips. Evgeni thrust a few more times, in and out in deep penetrating strokes. Slowly pulling out and then quickly thrusting back in. Then he began a rhythm that would take them both over the edge fairly quickly. [I feel the same. I can't help it. I want you so badly.] When had he started feeling this way about Julian? Evgeni felt certain it was before the bonding, not after.

It was a thought for later. Now he looked down into his lover's eyes and then took in those tousled curls spread out just a little on the bedspread. They gave Julian a little halo of golden hair. He looked so sexy, comfortable in his own skin but wanting and a little lust crazed. He looked like he had been tumbled already with his hair in its usual artful disarray. He was irresistible, a mix of innocence and sin.

[Next time slow...] But not now. Evgeni gave Julian what he had asked for. His movements hard and quick. Each thrust pounding into his lover with the fleshy slap of skin on skin. He watched Julian with each stroke, in the beginning to make sure that it wasn't too much and then because he couldn't take his eyes off him. Soon all his focus was on the increasing rhythm, the feel of Julian around him, the union of their hips, the sights and sounds of his partner and the feel of desire through the bond that was building like a thunderstorm that was about to crash down on them both.

He was already close to coming and they had barely begun. Evgeni reached between their bodies and wrapped his hand around Julian's erection. His touch was firm and insistent, matching the rhythm of his hips. Both practically demanding Julian to come for him. He wanted to see that, feel it before he was lost to his own pleasure.

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Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Evgeni's words were so soothing to Julian's soul. To love and be loved in return, in this way, was a new experience for him. Closing in on thirty years old, he had wondered if there was something wrong with him or if he was just one of those people destined to never be in a long-term relationship. And now here he was, with three people who seemed to want just that, and who might be willing to share him. Maybe this was why he'd never had... any of it. Because he was waiting for this? He loved it. He didn't want it to stop. He wanted it, needed to it all work out somehow.

Evgeni's response to his plea, or demand, was agreeable, and Julian let his fingers dig into Evgeni's shoulders as his lover pushed into him again and again. Julian gasped with each thrust, lifted his hips so Evgeni could drive deeply in, and Evgeni didn't hold back. Julian couldn't respond to the promise of slow loving for the next time; he just gave a short nod, already being carried away with the sensation rising from deep inside of him.

He moaned softly as Evgeni picked up the pace. So soon, he could feel the telltale heat in his belly, the tightness in his groin with each almost-overwhelming pulse as Evgeni came down hard on him. He could feel Evgeni's desire rising right along with his own, a tidal wave dragging them under, and neither one of them was going to resist. They headed straight for it.

By the time Evgeni's hand slid over Julian's cock he was more than ready. He tried to keep his eyes open, to watch Evgeni, but at the barest touch, the first stroke, he came. His nails had to be cutting little half-moons into Evgeni's shoulders but Julian couldn't control it. He hoped the walls weren't as thin as his studio, because as his orgasm ripped through him he screamed Evgeni's name, his body going rigid, trapping Evgeni's cock inside of him while wave after wave of incredible, nearly-painful bliss tore him open and wrung him out.

"Oh God," he gasped, shuddering with each successive wave. "Zhenya. Love you."

The aftershocks kept coming, and Julian pulled Evgeni close with shaking hands, wanting to make sure Evgeni stayed put, stayed inside of him. He wasn't ready to become his own separate person yet. Not just yet.
Evgeni 9 years ago
"Yessss....like that!” Evgeni hissed, his eyes lowering to half mast in an overload of sensation as Julian dug his nails into back. He loved the feel of it, that little bit of pain making the pleasure all the more real. It was perfect. He loved that Julian had marked him, however briefly, and he wished that the little wounds would stay on his skin but they wouldn't. They would disappear all too quickly for his liking.

Julian was beautiful, amazing. Evgeni loved his sounds, the expression of pure bliss on his face, his name on Julian's lips. Every part of Julian's pleasure added to his own. He couldn't hold out against the vision of his lover's climax and certainly not against the feel of Julian's body pulsing with pleasure around him. He thrust once, twice more, as deep as he could go and then clung to Julian as he came, shuddering as his own orgasm taking control of his body.

His lover was pulling him close when he once more could think for himself. Evgeni slowly eased his hand from around Julian's spent member.
"I love you too.” He smiled softly and stretched himself toward the nightstand again. This time he pulled out a packet of wipes. If Julian was serious about them staying right here then he could see about making it more comfortable. Taking two of the cloths, he eased them over Julian's chest until it was clean. He set the wipes both used and unused on the nightstand so that he could wrap both his arms around his lover.

Evgeni laid his head on Julian's chest and sighed softly. He closed his eyes for a moment in contentment. Being where he was meant that he wouldn't stay sated for very long but for the present he was happy with the feel of Julian warm and solid beneath him, very real.
"I promise I had more in mind than sex when I suggested a date.” He smiled softly. "But I am loving the sex.”

He raised himself up and leaned on his elbows so that he could look down at Julian. "And you, how are you feeling?” Yes, he could sense Julian's emotions through the bond but he wanted his partner to think the question through because that might change things. He doubted it but he wanted to be sure.

"This” Evgeni pulled a hand out from beneath Julian and reached over his shoulder and lightly brushed the half moon marks on his back. It brought a ragged sigh from him just thinking about them and feeling the nearly healed impressions with his hand. "You can do again, any time you like.” He leaned down gently nibbled against Julian's chest. "Bite me, if you wish, is okay.”

"Was this...too rough for you?” His lover was a human and a part of him had been gentle even while he was pushing himself solidly into Julian's body. Had it been Jan then he wouldn't have worried; not only could Jan's body take the abuse better but they had long ago sorted out what each other enjoyed in bed. He was still learning the things that Julian loved. He wanted to know every little quirk and kink.