A home delivered meal (attn: Julian)

He had no food in his kitchen. None, not even a carrot, left over take out or ramen noodes. Because his cupboard was literally bare, Evgeni had gone downstairs to the service desk and asked for some delivery menus from some local places. He would let Julian choose from what he wanted when he arrived. The menues were laid out on an end table near the cordless phone that was shaped to look like an old rotary phone. You even had to slid the circular disk around to dial. The inner workings were different but he preferred the feel of the larger ear piece when it was cradled against his shoulder. Evgeni figured they could order something and have it delivered.

Or they could go out and get something. He could nurse a drink while Julian ate.

His friend was getting better but he probably wasn't up a night of dancing or clubbing. They could go out to dinner, head to the harbor and enjoy the beach but he was hoping for some uncomplicated alone time.

Soft music, the Nachton Orchestra, played in the background. He stopped by the table and fitted another piece of the current puzzle in progress into the slowly emerging forest scene with its complicated mix of greens in a hundred different shades.

He had cleaned up. The pillows were back in the corners of the sofa and love seat, the quilts folded and laid neatly over the backs of the furniture. The golden lighting of the lamps was low but not dim, making the open living room seem warm and more intimate than it would in harsher light. The heavy drapes on the large windows were pushed back and the windows were opened to let in the night air that stirred the gauzy inner curtains in the occasional breeze.

His violin was propped up near the stand in the corner and one of the kitchen chairs had been brought over as a seat. He had played earlier in the evening and left the instrument out in case Julian wanted to join him. His mind went back to the knowledge that Tavi also played and he wondered what it might be like to play with the two of them. Was she as talented as Julian? It seemed unlikely but he doubted that either of them would hold that against her. The two of them together could make a lesser player shine instead of feeling like the weakest link, of that he was certain.

Evgeni flitted restless around the apartment, moving things, cleaning things until he was sure that he had moved the same picture forward and backward on its little easel three times, adjusting the angle with each pass around the room. He finally tossed his dusting rag into a bin with the dirty clothes and sat back down at the puzzle, trying to achieve the inner zen and wandering focus that was necessary to find the right shapes and colours to fit into a space.

((OOC: He is wearing a double breasted vest closed with no shirt underneath and a pair of slim fitting blank pants. He is currently wandering around barefoot because he enjoys curling up on the leather couch with his feet tucked under him so he is often barefoot in his apartment.))

Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Evgeni gave Julian the confirmation he sought, and that was all he needed. Without breaking the contact of his mouth to Evgeni's velvet-wrapped hardness Julian gently pushed back so Evgeni could lean against the wall or simply sit on the back of the tub. Once they were settled he spread his hands over Evgeni's hips once again, holding him steady, and then took him into his mouth as far as he could in one smooth motion.

This was what he wanted now. All the anxiety he felt could channel itself toward a far far better purpose. Julian knew he had plenty of practicing to do to make up for his inexperience in this area but if Evgeni and Jan were willing test subjects then Julian was game. He could only go off the things he enjoyed himself, but seeing as how he knew exactly what those were, he thought that had given him a pretty good starting point.

With very little build-up he slid his mouth over Evgeni's cock again, taking him in as far as he could. He didn't intend for this to take long; he wanted to feel Evgeni come beneath his hands, wanted to taste each hot, rich surge. He spent a minute or so going slowly, his tongue working against Evgeni's erection, lapping softly each time he swallowed it. He went deep, knowing he could go farther with practice. Soft licks on the down stroke, suck firmly on the up. His good hand cradled the root of Evgeni's cock, fingers wrapping around it to stroke it in time with the motion of his head.

Knowing Evgeni would be careful with him, Julian encouraged his lover to thrust. Evgeni wouldn't give him more than he could take. He knew that, without a doubt. Still, though, he couldn't resist the urge to push another button. Evgeni had enjoyed seeing him before; maybe a little dirty talk would help too.

[Fuck my mouth, Evgeni,] he sent, having no trouble with it since Evgeni's presence was filling every pore of his body right now. [I want to feel you come. Want to taste you. Want to hear you screaming my name.]

He didn't know if he was that good, but eventually he would be. Someday he would learn all of Evgeni's little quirks, all of Jan's, all of Tavi's if he was lucky. He'd know what made them shiver with delight, what made them moan, shout, sob with pleasure.

[You feel so good. I can feel your pulse in your cock. If I weren't so sore I'd ride you again like before but I like this too. As long as you're inside me.]

He didn't pause at all in his actions. He sped up slightly, took Evgeni's cock further down his throat until he couldn't breathe around it and had to move his hand out of the way. He felt a little hint of elation, having done that much. He made himself relax, and on the next down stroke he felt the silky curls of Evgeni's nest of blond hair tickle his nose.

[Oh, yes.] That one had been unconscious. One more stroke and Julian had Evgeni's cock in this throat, pressing against him. [Right there. Again.]

He reared back and then took Evgeni in again. Yes, this was what he wanted. Harder, faster, repeating this delicious action until Evgeni came. He slid his hands up Evgeni's sides but soon returned them to his hips, pulling his partner in. There would be no break in this activity. He had Evgeni where he wanted him and Julian wasn't going to stop.

[Come for me, Zhenya. Make yourself part of me, too.]

Could there be a more perfect exchange? Julian didn't think so. This was a part of his partner that he could have, again and again. This made him feel strong, doing this for Evgeni. Capable. Not about to fall into tatters. Only one thing mattered now, and that was Evgeni's inevitable climax. It was all Julian desired.
Evgeni 9 years ago
Evgeni was steered backward toward the wall. He held on to the corner that was cut away to make room for the seat and the tiled side wall. Perhaps he should have sat down but somehow he thought this might be easier on Julian, instead of having to hunch down over him in the tub. As his lover's mouth slid down over him, Evgeni had time to think that maybe standing hadn't been a good idea.

Soon he was gripping the wall for dear life as Julian worked him with his tongue and mouth. His eyes fluttered closed and his body swayed a little with each of his partner's long firm strokes.

It was hard not to move or push for more with the sensations that Julian was evoking. He gasped sharply as he felt his lover take so much of him in. Evgeni moaned and held on to the cool water slicked tiles until his knuckles were white.

The sending caused his eyes to fly open and he looked down at his partner.
"God, Julian!" Those words combined with his lover's mouth taking him in had nearly been enough to send him over the edge. He shuddered and looked down into his partner's blue green eyes. There serious expression hit him with another wave of desire that rocked him to his core.

Carefully he did as Julian, requested?, demanded? Evgeni rocked his hips back and thrust gently forward, moaning not so quietly with each stroke.

[The way you speak...] He sent as Julian continued to talk to him. It added something personal. They were not strangers fucking for fun in a bathroom stall. He loved it. Evgeni thought Jan and Julian alone might be interesting and it was a shame he couldn't be there, just to watch and listen. Jan had a voice that could be pure sex and he knew how to use it,shocking, coaxing, loving. Julian's words did the same to him. He would not last long with either of them. [I love this. Hearing you tell me what you want. How you feel. Is so good.]

He pried his hand away from the side wall and tangled it in Julian's curls. Not to push his lover down but to simply touch Julian as he worked magic on him.

His lover's sending asking him for more of the same was too much. Julian got his wish but not much more than that. Evgeni thrust again and again, part of his mind still careful, but his movements not as smooth, his body shaking with need. One last thrust and he filled Julian with a piece of himself.
His climax took him. Evgeni arched backward, his hips still thrust forward, his eyes closed. His lover's name was on his lips.
"Julian...perfect." He murmured as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through him.

After what seemed like a small eternity of bliss, he slumped back against the wall, sliding down onto the seat. It was cold. He didn't care. Evgeni looked over at Julian.
"That was amazing, Sunshine." He reached for Julian. "It is nice to know there is part of me in you. Is a shame it is not so nourishing."

"Speaking of which. We are getting out of this bath and you are going to eat." Evgeni waved a hand at the towels. "You first, my legs will work better in a second."
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Oh yeah. Dirty talk, definitely a button for Evgeni. Julian felt a little blossom of pleasure in his chest in having found something that obviously turned Evgeni on. Every little thing he learned was pleasant. He really hoped he never stopped learning.

He practically purred against the shaft in his mouth; this was so much more fun every time he did it. Why hadn't he tried this before? It didn't matter. He was enjoying the hell out of it now. Evgeni was moving gently, and like Julian had known, his partner gentle with him even though it was clear he was very strongly affected.

God, the heat factor just ratcheted up again with Evgeni's sending to him. [I'll always tell you how I feel, Zhenya. Right now, I feel fucking horny as hell. I love sucking on you. This is incredible.]

Evgeni's hand felt good, buried in his hair. Julian wanted to tell Evgeni to pull his hair a little, tug him closer, but he really did have as much as he could handle as it was, taking his partner deep down his throat for the first amazing time ever. He just enjoyed the sensation, as much as he enjoyed the way Evgeni's movements became less coordinated, less smooth.

And then Julian heard his name on Evgeni's lips. The movements stilled and he felt Evgeni's balls squeeze just before the first hot rush hit him. He panicked for a moment, just the tiniest brief second, because he couldn't breathe. He swallowed reflexively and, realizing that that was exactly what he'd meant to do, did it again and again. Pleasure overcame any panic (which had been just he barest second) and he clutched at Evgeni's hips, pushing his mouth further down to take him deep as his lover spent himself.

Evgeni sat; maybe more of a controlled fall, and when he reached for Julian Julian rose immediately and went to him. He kissed Evgeni tenderly, hoping he wouldn't mind being able to taste himself on Julian's lips, and smiled at the next words.

"I am pretty hungry now," he said. Funny, he'd been so upset before he didn't think he had any appetite at all. Anxiety attacks did that to him. Well... now he knew. Panic attack? Give Evgeni a blowjob. He wondered what Evgeni would think about this new coping method and whether doing it to Jan would have the same effect. Perhaps giving Jan a blowjob was better for things like pre-performance jitters? What was Tavi a cure for?

God, he really had to be a little punchy if his train of thought had take this sudden turn into Loopy-Town. Food and drink were a very good idea. Julian carefully stepped out of the tub and grabbed a towel. He wrapped it around his waist and reached for the other one, settling it tenderly around Evgeni's shoulders and rubbing to help dry his boyfriend off.

Bending to press a kiss to Evgeni's temple Julian smiled.
"Thank you," he said. "I really liked that. I want to do it again. You were... god. Amazing. Fucking hot."

He brushed his hand through Evgeni's hair and then straightened up, offering it to him.
"Legs working? Because I'm not going until you come with me."

Yeah, he felt better, but the underlying vulnerability was still there. Julian wasn't actually going to leave the room without Evgeni. Probably not for the rest of the night. Alone wasn't happening now. Or tomorrow. Or tomorrow night. He could go on.
Evgeni 9 years ago
Julian came to him and Evgeni wrapped his arms around his boyfriend. He returned the kiss and held Julian close. It was good to hear that Julian was hungry; that meant he was feeling better.

He smiled at Julian when his lover thanked him for the blow job he had just given. That was, he was pretty certain, not how it normally went.
"I was standing there trying not to fall and moaning a lot. I am certain you were doing all the 'fucking hot' stuff. I should be thanking you." He kissed Julian tenderly. "Thank you."

He was asked if he was ready to get up. Honestly he wasn't certain but the bench was cold and the bed sounded so much more comfortable. "We will see. You will catch me if I fall?" Evgeni smiled at Julian. He would do his best not to collapse so that Julian wouldn't have to try to save him with a cast on one arm.

Standing wasn't as difficult as he feared but his legs were definitely wobbly. Hot water and another orgasm after several before that had taken their toll on his body. He supposed he was lucky his limbs worked at all. Evgeni used a hand on the wall as support and carefully moved to the front of the tub. Leaning down, he released the drain.

"Will you blow out the candles?" He stepped out of the tub and sat on the edge long enough to dry his legs. Then he stood again and wrapped the towel around his waist.

Placing his hands on Julian's shoulders, he said.
"I am ready to go now."

Before they headed up the stairs, he stopped in the kitchen. There was drink his fridge, mostly placed there by Jan. "We have alcohol, water, or..." He looked into the lighted box. "Orange juice, lemonade and Sierra Mist...whatever that is."
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Julian laughed a little bit at Evgeni's description of his participation in recent events. He shook his head, deciding the point wasn't worth arguing and he would privately continue to remember it as fucking hot anyway, and returned Evgeni's kiss. "Any time," he said sincerely, meaning it.

He held his arms out to Evgeni and nodded, not entirely sure he could actually catch Evgeni if he fell but more than willing to do so if he could. It turned out to not be necessary, which really was for the better. He extinguished the little candle flames as Evgeni asked, feeling a little sad to see them die. They had contributed to the mood and Julian had enjoyed the flickering lights.

Evgeni declared himself ready to go and together they headed out into the little kitchen. Julian shook his head at the offerings from the fridge.
"Water is perfect," he said. Honestly, he'd been surprised Evgeni had even mentioned the alcohol and there had been a definite temptation there but he remembered his promise to his partners to lay off it for a while, and he honestly did want to do so for himself. He wasn't going to cut himself off completely; he didn't have a drinking problem. But he was definitely going to scale back and drink a whole lot more responsibly.

While they were downstairs he retrieved his backpack from where it had fallen by the door; he had brought something to sleep in (even if he hadn't really thought he might wear it) as well as clothing for the next day and his toiletries, which, honestly, probably took up more space than the clothing. Some things were never going to change. Julian would never leave home without his styling products and various grooming necessities, and his own were essential. Borrowing someone's else's just wasn't the same.

Backpack slung over his shoulder and glass of water in hand he went with Evgeni up the spiral staircase back into the cozy loft bedroom. He looked around it again, viewing it this time through the eyes of a potential tenant, still not entirely trusting that Evgeni wanted him to be here, living here. He let his backpack fall next to the bed and unwrapped his almost-forgotten sub, using the paper as a place mat to keep any bits from falling on the bed or the floor. Julian was a neat eater and a reasonably clean keeper; he didn't worry about things in that regard.

The first bite of the ham and cheese sub was delicious. He surprised himself by taking another big bite and had to stop himself from scarfing the entire thing at once, which would no doubt give him a stomach ache. Between bites he glanced at Evgeni.

"So... uh." He looked down, his face growing red. "You, um, don't have a guest room."

He had assumed that was where he would stay but there wasn't another room here. Just this one. With the luxurious bed, the beautiful open layout, and of course, one already sexy-as-hell resident.
Evgeni 9 years ago
Evgeni was relieved with Julian's choice. He had mentioned everything in the fridge but there had been some choices that he would have preferred Julian not make. Getting a glass down, he filled it with some ice and then some filtered water.

Julian had gone to the door and gotten a backpack that Evgeni hadn't really noticed either. It was a good thing Julian was not out to kill him, unless it was death by excess sex, because he totally hadn't been paying attention to his surroundings when Julian arrived. To be fair, he could hardly be faulted; a hot guy had jumped into his arms.

He climbed up onto the bed next to Julian. He laid on his side with his feet toward the headboard and his head near his boyfriend's legs so that he could look at Julian face to face instead of having to turn his head every time he wanted to glance at his lover.

The sandwich was disappearing rapidly. Evgeni took that as a very good sign. He smiled and waited patiently, finding the whole eating process interesting from an outsider's standpoint. Of course he could be watching Julian swallow and thinking of other things that had recently gone down that same throat. That tended to make the whole consuming of things more appealing.

Julian noted there was no guest bedroom. He looked around his own bedroom and then back at Julian, shaking his head.
"No, there is not." Evgeni looked at him calmly. "Is that problem?" He certainly hoped not. He hadn't been entertaining thoughts of Julian sleeping anywhere else but in the same bed. He had mentioned wanted to curl himself around Julian and fall asleep with him. But if not having a bed of his own was a deal breaker then there was a pull out bed in the sofa.

"I will admit the bed will be crowded if Jan joins us but we have managed before. We are liking each other enough I think." Evgeni smiled and waited to hear whether Julian had any doubts about staying now.
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Julian focused on his sandwich, devouring it with single-minded attention while he tried unsuccessfully to control his blushing face. His hands shook a little with nerves, maybe, anticipation. Evgeni had to know how Julian felt about this whole situation... it was pleasantly surreal, like he was being given a little piece of paradise. It was everything he wanted.

He glanced at Evgeni between bites.
"I've never, um... I've never lived with anyone before. No roommates, really, uh..."

He coughed a little, slightly embarrassed.
"I've never even had a steady relationship before. I don't want to mess it up."

He fixed his blue-green eyes on Evgeni's handsome face and said, a little more urgently.
"You have to let me know if I'm messing it up. That's the only condition."

Julian had moved out and gone to college where he'd had a dorm room of his own. Upon graduating he'd gone home again, but he didn't count living with family. Nachton was the first place he'd settled in, so he'd done some travel and stayed in hotel rooms with other orchestra members, but that was a temporary thing and didn't count either.

Even more embarrassing though was the fact that, at nearly thirty, Julian had never dated anyone seriously. His cup runneth over, apparently. He didn't lack confidence, he was just treading new ground entirely, and doing so with three other people involved. He had no baseline for comparisons and no guidelines to follow. He took his cues entirely from Evgeni, Jan, and Tavi.

"We should work out rent and all that," Julian pointed out, not even sure how it would work. He wasn't broke by any means; he wasn't a regular symphony member but a contracted soloist for however long they chose to retain him. He made a decent salary.

He surprised himself by finishing his entire sandwich. Crumpling up the wrapper he located the nearest trash can and made a deposit, then rejoined Evgeni on the bed. He hadn't changed, so he was now mostly naked except for the towel that was loosely arranged on his hips. Feeling the chill of the air conditioning he slid up next to Evgeni, facing him so they could keep talking.

"And I don't think the bed will be crowded," he murmured, touching his nose to his partner's.

Well, unless by some miracle Tavi joined them. Then yeah. Way too many bodies on the bed. He didn't even know how to broach the topic of dating Tavi. Would he bring her here? Maybe he would keep his studio, just so they had a place to get away to. In fact, that wasn't a bad idea. Keep the studio for all of them, not just himself.

"What do you think about keeping my studio? So if any of us wants to be alone, they can go there? I can have a few more keys made."

He didn't feel bad offering the studio up for general use. It wasn't a bad place to live and his neighbors were nice. It would make a perfect little getaway.
Evgeni 9 years ago
Evgeni was a little surprised to hear that Julian had never lived with anyone or been in a serious relationship before. Maybe he was still young by today's standards but he was well past the settling down stage of life, at least from Evgeni's centuries of experience. He raised his eyebrows and smiled. "When you decide to do something, you go big, yes?” No serious relationships to three was certainly an ambitious undertaking.

He sat up long enough to give Julian a kiss on the cheek.
"I promise to not let you screw up without notification of the screwing up.” Evgeni laid back down but reached out to pat Julian's leg. "Is new every relationship so every time is like first time. You will be fine. No worries.”

Shaking his head about the working out of the rent, he disagreed. "No need. If we decide to get bigger place then, yes, we can work out sharing of the rent but for now it is fine. I make money and have money. Investments are smart when you live a very long time.” And were once the ruler of a not small nation. Lack of money had never been his misfortune.

Julian got up and threw away his sandwich wrapper and then returned to the bed, which was mentioned.
"No, it will be fine. Not crowded at all.” Evgeni murmured softly, sliding his arms around Julian.

"That has some advantages.” He hugged Julian and then sat up. Evgeni pulled down the covers with one hand and then tugged one of Julian's encouraging him to join him in the rearrangement under the covers. "Jan will keep his place. It is with the Clan and free. He must visit from time to time anyway, is leader's son and all.” Jan didn't have to spend all his time there and they had been sleeping almost as equally at his place as much as he had spent in Jan's rooms among the Tacharan. "He might be willing to join us most of the time in a place of everyone's choosing.” Either this one or something they all picked together. Perhaps they should wait and see if Tavi would like to join in the picking.

Evgeni snuggled close to Julian, wrapping an arm over his lover's waist.
"For now you are agreeing to stay with me?” He leaned over and kissed Julian tenderly, lingering against his partner's soft lips before pulling back. "I will do my best to make the offer appealing.” He smiled and skimmed his hand down over Julian's hip and inward to the inside of his thigh. It rode up only slightly before he squeezed Julian's leg gently and returned his hand to his lover's hip.
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
"Yeah apparently," Julian replied to Evgeni with a slightly sheepish grin. "Go big or go home."

His plea to be informed of any major fuck-ups was not met with derision or mocking, but with a kiss, gentle reassurance, and light humor. Julian smiled, relieved.
"I'm going to hold you to that," he said.

He had half expected Evgeni to refuse payment, and Julian didn't want to do anything more than he already had to ruin the evening so he didn't mention it anymore. He understood what Evgeni was saying and he accepted that it was highly likely his two immortal friends had more money than Julian would ever see in a lifetime. It didn't mean he didn't want to contribute, though, but he would find little ways to do so. He wasn't fantastic at housework but he wasn't a slob; maybe he could make himself useful there.

Julian continued to listen as Evgeni spoke, but he was slightly distracted by the act of getting under the covers with his partner. He shed his towel onto the floor and slipped in under the comforter next to Evgeni, uttering a soft sigh of contentment. If Jan had to spend time at his Clan's residence too, at least a little of it, that meant it would probably be mostly him and Evgeni here. He hoped Jan didn't have to be away often though. It didn't sound like it, from Evgeni's words. That made Julian very happy. The three of them were tied tightly together now.

He raised his good arm and wrapped it around Evgeni's neck, returning the kiss he was given with a tiny little moan. Leaning into Evgeni's wandering hand, which didn't wander far enough in Julian's opinion, he nodded and looked into the blood-red eyes which should have been, but weren't at all, unusual or creepy.
"Yeah. I want to stay here. I don't want to be alone but I also just... don't want to be apart from you."

He meant the 'you' to include Jan as well, and he knew Evgeni would understand that. That was how it would be from now on. The three of them as a unit. Julian understood that and loved it. Hopefully he could include Tavi too. There was so much room for love, really. It came in inexhaustible supply and didn't cost anything to give.

For now he arched a little, leaning into Evgeni's gentle caress. His eyes drifted closed and he gave another sigh, this one of rekindling desire. With the arm still around Evgeni's neck he tugged him closer again, touched his mouth to his lover's, and offered a kiss just as tender, just as lingering, as the one he'd just been given.

"Driving me crazy here, Zhenya," he murmured with a little smile. Of course, it didn't take much.
Evgeni 9 years ago
He was happy, very happy again; Julian really was going to stay, not just for a couple of nights but for the foreseeable future. Maybe Julian would feel differently if Tavi wanted something else or maybe he would start to feel a need for space but for now there would be more time spent with Julian. That was wonderful.

It would be good for them both. At least he felt that it would. A part of him worried that it might be a crutch for Julian and himself, a way to hide from their problems. Maybe they would be able to work on them together.

Right now Julian was brushing up against him and offering him a sweet kiss that held the promise of something more. Evgeni smiled when his lover complained of being driven crazy.
"I haven't really started yet, Sunshine.”

Rolling them both over, Evgeni straddled Julian's waist, he collected both of his partner's arms and slid his own hands upward along them, bringing them above Julian's head. He held his lover's arms down with hands against Julian's forearms, pressing them gently against the bed. Leaning down, he captured Julian's mouth, kissing, licking and teasing in light brushes, moving in and then away. Finally he leaned back a little. "I promised to love you slow.”

"This time, I will take my time.” He leaned back down and showered Julian's neck with kisses, still holding his arms immobile. [I will love you the way you deserve to be loved.] He moved his affections down Julian's collarbone. [Though quick and dirty was nice too.]

Evgeni grazed his fangs against his lover's pulse, pressed his mouth around it and sucked it hard. [Is good you wear such high collars to work. I am thinking they will cover up all the marks I plan on leaving on you.] Not just tonight but in the future; that was what he was implying because Julian still hadn't healed enough to be headed to work for the next few days. But Evgeni planned on gifting his lover with new tokens of his affection to be covered by the fine tailored tux.

[I will sit in the audience and listen to you play and know that underneath all that starched fabric there will be evidence of my mouth on your skin, our fierce lovemaking, and no one else but your chosen few will ever see it.]

He pulled back and grinned down at Julian.
"Now what do you have to say to that?”
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Julian liked the fact that he seemed able to make Evgeni happy. He could feel that particular emotion rippling between them, waves on a pond that only got bigger and bigger the farther they traveled. Happiness crashed against him and carried him with it, and he loved it and tried to return it.

He gasped and gave a short, soft laugh of surprise when Evgeni rolled him over and straddled him. A little hum of pleasure escaped his lips when Evgeni's hands slid up his arms, and that sound turned into a moan when he was restrained and kissed teasingly. Even just those light touches sent fire through his veins and his body responded as if he hadn't spent all night taxing it already.

Another sound, something closer to a whimper, emerged from his throat at Evgeni's next words, promising to love him slowly, his partner's mouth traveling down his neck doing just that. Arms still pinned, Julian did his best to make his neck accessible to Evgeni, turning his head away to expose the long line of his vein, which was caressed with a sharp fang. That warm mouth closed on it and sucked and Julian's lips parted in another whispered gasp as the prickling pain jolted through him in the most pleasant way. [Nice? Just nice? It was mind-altering. Any way, fast, slow... you're incredible.]

His heart pounded anew against his rib cage as More such marks were promised and Julian opened his eyes, now darkened with desire, to watch Evgeni. As his lover sent to him again Julian shifted beneath Evgeni, arching up toward him and leaving no question as to the effect Evgeni had on him. He had thought they'd hang out, talk, read, play music, something - yeah, sex at some point, but holy shit. This was decadence and indulgence at their best. Julian wasn't sure when the last time was that he'd wanted it so much, either. Enough to go all night and all day. And then some. Evgeni was amazing.

When his partner leaned back and asked him a question Julian could hardly assemble a thought, much less get it past the harsh panting. He stared at Evgeni for a second, straining toward him, and then, with a loud moan, he tipped his head back, closed his eyes, and clearly surrendered to the man pinning him down so sweetly.

"Yes. Please," he finally managed to get past his lips in a tortured whisper. He hardly recognized the voice as his own; husky, pained, needy. Julian wouldn't say no to anything Evgeni wanted to do to him. Even as arousal was making him lose his own sense of restraint, he trusted Evgeni completely and made it as clear as he could in the position he was in.
Evgeni 9 years ago
Evgeni smiled down at Julian after his partner had given his response. "Yes, Please" was perfect when said by a breathless lover, arching and gasping so wonderfully beneath you.

He had never known how much he had enjoyed such vocal partners before Jan. Of course there had been those in his life who talked dirty but perhaps they weren't half so good and Jan and Julian. Perhaps he didn't care about them as much. Or maybe they hadn't been so wonderfully honest while saying such things.

From Julian it was an incredible turn on because he presented an outer image that was clean cut, cultured and just plain good. To see this other side of him and to know that not everyone was going to see that side made him love it all the more. Every dirty thought, word or deed was private and personal. That made it special.

"You are ours now, yes?" Evgeni bent down and slid backward so that he was just below Julian's hips. His lover's length pressed against his front, along side his own. He licked one nipple with a flick of his tongue and then rubbed his thumb almost roughly over it. Evgeni paused and looked up at Julian. His boyfriend had not expressly promised not to be with others. He wanted it clear. "Jan's, Tavi's and...mine."

He raised up a little more, and looked down at his lover. "I can share with them because I can love them too." Evgeni rocked his hips forward and rubbed himself against Julian's erection. "But no more than that. No strangers?" He wasn't sure if he was demanding or asking. Maybe a little of both.

Bending down he began to rain small kisses on Julian's chest.
"At least don't love them." He murmured softly. Perhaps one day Julian would choose to be like him and Jan and if that happened then he wouldn't refuse him and he couldn't limit the ways Julian could get a meal.

He took one hand off Julian's arms and reached for the nightstand drawer. Fumbling blindly, he found where they had returned the lube. Evgeni leaned back, releasing Julian's other arm.

"Now, behave so I can keep my promise." He smiled and reached down to toss his towel off the side of the bed. It had fallen loose a long time ago with all the moving he had done but they would need it later.

"So..." Evgeni poured a small bit of the lube out into his palm and slowly coated Julian's cock with it. "Do you want to watch me prepare myself for you?"
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Julian kept his eyes closed, because it seemed to heighten his awareness of Evgeni's movements and touches. He was a far cry from being a virgin, but he didn't think sex had ever meant so much, or felt so incredible, as with his current partners. Any of them had the capability to blow Julian's mind, but Evgeni was raising the bar - and setting it pretty damn high.

The next words his lover spoke cause Julian to open his eyes and lift his head, the spell broken a little bit. Surprise and a small measure of disbelief rippled between them, originating from Julian. Even Evgeni rocking like that, pressing against Julian's cock, couldn't diminish his response.

"Zhenya. No," Julian choked out. "No... strangers." The word felt repugnant; even though Julian got around a bit, he had never been a one-night stand sort of guy. "No nothing. No one but you. I was yours before I even knew it."

His breath hitched in.
"And how could I possibly love anyone else?"

That was spoken with sincerity. It wasn't just a platitude. Julian couldn't even fathom how Evgeni could even think he might love anyone else. Wasn't he full already? Weren't three people more than enough? Did Julian come across as that shallow, that he might one day just up and decide to love some anonymous future lover?

As Evgeni's lips pressed to his chest again and again Julian lowered his hands, ran his fingers through Evgeni's hair.
"I love you, Zhenya," he said softly. "You, and Jan, and Tavi. That's more than any one person has a right to. There won't be anyone else."

Julian didn't think it was too early to make that promise; maybe it was the bond between them but he could feel in his heart and soul that he was done looking. After years of wondering why all of his college friends had settled down, started families, and he hadn't, wondering what was wrong, wondering if Andy's death had broken him past the point of ever feeling this way, Julian had his answer. He had just been waiting for them. His vampires, his werewolf. And his life was so much sweeter for the wait.

The question that came next made him groan with desire, which hadn't diminished a bit even through his recent surprise.
"Can I...?" he asked hesitantly. "I like watching but... I'd like to touch you too."

He looked up at Evgeni. Either way was fine with him; Evgeni touching himself would be as much of a turn-on as Julian helping. Which ever option Evgeni chose, or allowed, Julian was a very happy man. A very happy man whose heart was straining to escape the confines of his rib cage.
Evgeni 9 years ago
Evgeni reached down for a towel and cleaned off his hand. He listened to Julian quietly while his partner spoke so earnestly. He could feel the sincerity and almost hurt disbelief at what he had asked. It made him feel bad for saying anything.

He leaned forward, his other question forgotten for a moment. Brushing a hand gently through Julian's curls, he smiled sadly.
"Is not what I meant, Julian..." Evgeni sighed softly. "I feel what you said, I know how you really feel, but like you said before. I want to hear it, out loud from you." He pressed a soft kiss to Julian's cheek and murmured softly in near his lover's ear. "There is a little bit of possessiveness sometimes, like now, the thought of sharing you with Jan and Tavi is a happy one. I like it. But of anyone else touching you, especially that...nevermind. I just wanted to hear you say it, is all. I apologize."

He kissed Julian tenderly on the lips, pulling away just enough to murmur softly.
"I love you too, Sunshine."

"Now enough of this romantic talk." Evgeni leaned back and grinned down at Julian. "Let's go back to loving you slowly and thoroughly."

Turning around so that he straddled Julian's hips in the opposite direction, he came up on his knees and lowered his cheek to Julian's leg. By feel, he opened the tube of lube and coated one finger then he passed the tube through his legs to Julian's chest.

With his arm still stretched down his body, he twisted his wrist and brought the wet finger up to his own opening. Evgeni massaged it in slow, gentle circles while he watched Julian who was partially hidden by his own body. He twisted outward a little more so that his head was against the bed sheets and he could see his lover clearly.

"I want you here." He tapped with his finger to indicate exactly where. "I want to feel you inside me. I want to ride you until you come. I want more of you in me than just your blood Julian, I want you to fill me up." He pushed his finger into his own body and thrust it in and out slowly. "Add your finger to mine. Stretch me for you."
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Evgeni took Julian's words to heart, perhaps feeling them even more than Julian himself had. He hadn't been hurt by Evgeni's questions, just surprised. He had assumed it was a failing of his own, that Evgeni didn't know how Julian felt clearly enough. But as his Zhenya explained, Julian felt understanding dawn. Possessiveness, he could get behind. And it left a coiling feeling of utter warmth inside him, that his lover was that protective. Oh yes, Julian liked that. That secure and safe feeling that only increased his desire.

He pressed his finger gently to Evgeni's lips at the apology, smiling up at him.
"Shh," he said, removing his finger as quickly as he'd placed it there. "No apologies, Zhenya. I understand now. I love it. Be possessive. Own me."

His voice had dropped into a lower, deeper, huskier register that seemed reserved for his three lovers.
"I'll say it as often as you want. Moan it in your ear. Whisper it against your cock. I belong to you, Jan, and Tavi. But tonight I'm all yours and yours alone. All yours. Never anyone else's."

He was still smiling when Evgeni leaned down to kiss him, and the smile grew into a grin that matched Evgeni's when he suggested they continue where they'd paused.
"So long as it goes both ways," he said. They would love each other.

When Evgeni turned and rearranged himself Julian gave a soft murmur of appreciation. While they'd been far from celibate in the time since they had all started this relationship, Julian had never been the one entering either of his partners. Always, he'd been on the receiving end of one or the other of them and he had surprised himself by loving the hell out of it. But he wanted to try this very badly. Wanted Evgeni like that, and it was all the more erotic to see that Evgeni wanted it too. And with his lover on top Julian didn't have to worry about hurting him or doing it wrong. Did it get any more perfect?

He had the perfect view, too, and he couldn't even tear his gaze away long enough to blink. Evgeni's ass was gorgeous, all smooth skin with that tight, inviting hole framed by pale, perfect cheeks. Julian did blink as his finger slid inside, and when Evgeni invited him to join in he realized he'd also forgotten to breathe. He did that in a short expulsion followed by a quick intake, and hastily picked up the lube.

Slicking his middle finger he turned his hand palm up so he could slide his hand on top of Evgeni's, holding it. Then he let his finger slide up alongside Evgeni's and they moved together, gently penetrating the tight ring of muscle. With his other hand Julian held Evgeni's hip, helping to stabilize him as they pierced into him in tandem.

"You're so hot, Zhenya," Julian breathed. "Do you have any idea what you're doing to me? Yes. I want all of that. I want you."

His hips pressed up of their own accord and Julian felt that delicious double-hit of desire that came from two sets of emotions. Yes, Evgeni knew exactly what he was doing to Julian, because that was the nature of the bond they shared. Julian let out a soft moan. He wasn't sure about filling Evgeni up, given the number of times he'd already come, but damn it, he was going to do his best.

When they pulled out again Julian added another finger, pushing it in slowly as well, preparing Evgeni for what was to come next. His lovers had done the same for him, patiently and gently, so this part Julian understood well. He wanted Evgeni relaxed and ready by the time he slid into him with his bare cock. And then, yes, he was going to grab on and do his best to give Evgeni the ride he wanted.
Evgeni 9 years ago
Julian's words washed over him and filled him with many things, relief, happiness, triumph, protectiveness. It was all quite complicated and he didn't want to think about it much at this particular moment. He knew later that Julian's voice would speak those words again and again in his thoughts and dreams. And that too filled him with a mixture of complex emotions.

Not the least of which was desire.

They resumed what they had started and he had done both has he had offered and Julian had requested.

Evgeni wasn't inclined to argue about being hot. He was simply happy that Julian thought that about him. His focus was on the hand beneath his own and their combined fingers sliding in and out of him. He moaned softly with the first thrust, letting his breath out in a shaky sigh as they pulled away again.

Julian added another finger and he gasped, feeling that delicious stretch that was part pain and part pleasure; it was followed by a louder moan as their combined fingers thrust further into him. They repeated the gesture, moving a little faster and then faster still as his body relaxed against the intrusion. His hips rocked with each thrust and his back arched. A part of him wanted to push against their combined hands, demanding more but there -was- more for the taking and far more pleasant things to fill himself with.

"That's enough." He moved away and turned himself around again. Evgeni reached up and grabbed a wipe, cleaning his finger and Julian's quickly and then tossing the wipe onto the nightstand.

The short time it took to clean them both left him a little more control over his desires. He smiled down at Julian and reached around behind him. Lightly, he trailed the tips of his fingers up his lover's cock.
"So hard." He murmured absently. "So much stamina...and still not completely healed..."

Evgeni raised himself up, guided Julian's erection into place and then slid slowly, agonizingly slowly, down onto him. "It is probably a good thing you have three lovers. I am thinking you might wear one of us out."
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Julian watched, fascinated, as Evgeni moved back and forth, rubbing himself on their combined fingers. He could hear his lover's noises, and they were music of their own kind. Evgeni's back arched and his whole body seemed to engage and Julian wondered for a moment if Evgeni could, and would, get himself off like this.

But Evgeni stopped suddenly, turned around, and made a quick job of cleaning their hands off before eliciting a groan from Julian as he stroked his fingers over his hard shaft. He wasn't entirely sure about his own stamina. He was exhausted; the only thing keeping him going was the fact that Evgeni seemed to know how exactly how to turn him on and he was feeling the combination of their desires, not just his own. That alone could probably make him hard even when he thought he was done.

His groan was louder still when Evgeni slid down onto him, so slowly Julian was momentarily afraid he'd come before Evgeni had even taken him all the way in. He bit his lip, rolled his eyes, and gave a weak laugh at Evgeni's words.

"Don't... take it the wrong way... when I pass out after this," he cautioned wryly, the words interrupted and punctuated by a gasp each time Evgeni lowered himself just a little more. He laughed softy, quickly, not able to spare the breath for anything more. "Don't wanna sleep through date night," he said.

It was a plea as much as a statement. Julian suspected he wasn't going to be able to avoid falling asleep when they finished, and he knew Evgeni, protective as he was, would let him sleep. But Julian didn't want to sleep the night away. He wanted to enjoy Evgeni's company awake, not just in dreams, while they had this time together. He wanted to open his violin and see if they could play together, watch a movie, talk, play a game, have more sex. He was hoping Evgeni could feel that, and that his lover would wake him after a nap.

That was later, however, and what was happening now was too good to ruin with his mild fears for the near future. The immediate future was blowing what little was left of his mind. His anxiety attack was so far in the past he could almost forget it had ever happened, and all he could see, think, feel, or hear was Evgeni.

Julian raised his hands up, arching his back, gently pushing his hips upward, and grasped Evgeni's waist carefully. With a gentle grip he held Evgeni, rocking him back and forth slowly on top of him. The motion was smooth and subtle, not a huge push; he stayed buried inside Evgeni and just enjoyed the feel, pushing just enough to make it a slow easy pulse.

He kept his eyes open, watching Evgeni. The man was gorgeous; all lithe and lean and youthful. If he hadn't stopped aging so young, Julian thought he'd have been almost unbelievably stunning. As it was, he was just breathtaking, frozen forever on the cusp of manhood, looking vibrant and very much alive regardless of the fact that he was never going to age further.

"Beautiful," he murmured, not even aware he'd said it out loud until a moment later. Then he flushed a little at the fact that Evgeni could make him lose track of himself that way, but he repeated it with more surety. "You're beautiful, Zhenya. And I'm so yours, as long as you want me."

He had told Evgeni he'd repeat those words and he wanted to make good on that promise. Regardless of who was inside who, it was once again Evgeni controlling the show, calling the shots, and Julian was absolutely fine with that. He definitely belonged to Evgeni alone in this moment, but a part of him hoped Jan wasn't blocking them out entirely, because Julian didn't think for a second that he and Evgeni were ever really 'alone' together. Jan was always there for both of them. That felt... right. So very right, even if this moment was all about himself and Evgeni.
Evgeni 9 years ago
Evgeni watched Julian through his own dark blonde lashes, his eyes half closed in pleasure. He sank so slowly down onto his lover that there was no need to sit carefully still and take a moment to adjust to the hard length inside him. The adjusting was done in the process, a glorious ache that ended in pleasure.

His body relaxed around Julian and he hummed softly, rocking his hips slowly back and forth. His lover moved beneath him, not much but enough to make himself felt in very pleasant ways.

He gave Julian one of his most regal looks, as if his companion were asking for a small country instead of asking for him to help him stay awake.
"You need your sleep, Sunshine." Evgeni smoothed his hands gently up Julian's chest. His eyes more becoming more gentle and his tone tender. "I know that more than anyone." His voice was almost a whisper, sounding a little haunted. "Sleep heals...many things." Perhaps not the terror of torture but certainly the body and, the mind without sleep, was much worse for it.

With a soft sigh, he relented. Evgeni wasn't sure if it was because he found it difficult to refuse Julian or if it was because he too wanted to make the most of the time they had alone, together.
"I will set alarm. A few hours nap at the very least."

That settled, he sighed in pleasure and enjoyed his partner's warm hands holding him steady and the subtle push of his lover's hips. Evgeni began to move in slow even circles, and then leaned forward, rising a little up on his knees, he pulled away and then slowly slid back down. He repeated the maneuver several more times.

His eyes had drifted nearly closed again but they widened when Julian spoke. Evgeni arched a thin brow and gave his lover a smile. Then he became serious.
"Forever, Julian. I want you, forever."

Perhaps it had been the earlier thought of Julian eventually becoming a vampire and needing more unconventional food that made him think that way but Evgeni didn't believe that was it. He thought in terms of eternity because he was a vampire and had been one a least long enough to get a feel for what that meant.

And lately when he pictured forever, in his wildest hopes and dreams, Julian and Jan were always in it.
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
There wasn't any better feeling in the world, Julian thought in a little daze, than sharing something like this with someone you loved, someone you accepted completely and who knew you and accepted you in return. Evgeni felt so good with him and Julian knew that was what made the difference for him. Why it was possible for him to have this relationship when other men had never appealed to him before. Because it didn't matter what they looked like on the outside. Inside, in the places that mattered, Evgeni, Jan, and Tavi understood Julian better than anyone else ever had. They wanted him to be himself. He wanted them to do the same. That was the magic.

He moaned softly at the pleasure Evgeni was imparting to him with just their gentle movements. God, it was good. When those hands glided up his chest Julian caught them in his own, opened his darkening blue-green eyes, and looked up at Evgeni to argue the point, because it was worth it.

"I'll sleep," he promised. "Later, in the morning, with you." He was sincere . He fully planned to get plenty of sleep, only he wanted to wait until Evgeni was ready for bed as well. "An hour," he negotiated, "then we can watch a movie. Play a game. Anything."

He knew Evgeni's words were true. Sleep healed, and Julian desperately still needed healing. But being here with Evgeni went a long way toward furthering that goal. He replaced his hands on Evgeni's hips and practically forgot all about the subject matter as Evgeni moved. Julian groaned softly.
"Oh god, yeah," he breathed.

Evgeni's motions were perfect; not too slow, not too fast or hard. This was just what Julian was in the mood for, and Evgeni's knowing that only turned him on more. Hard and fast would have been too much right now. This slow, almost lazy pace was going to make him come faster than anything else they could have done. Julian could already feel the tell-tale tickle of heat in his groin, and he welcomed it. There wasn't anything to draw out or make last this time. He was too exhausted for a marathon.

That said, his poor, overtaxed heart skipped more than just a beat when Evgeni answered his promise with a request of his own. Julian willed it back into a regular rhythm. Surely those words were spoken in the heat of the moment. Forever, to Evgeni, was a very different concept than forever, to Julian. When they finished here it would mean nothing, Julian thought. It would be foolish of him to read too far into it.

Only, Evgeni's feelings were loud and clear to him and they didn't feel overwhelmed by the situation. Julian closed his eyes and felt emotion well up; good, bad, everything in between. Strong emotion that had been the catalyst for his earlier panic attack. He shook his head slightly, his lips turning up just a bit. No panic attack this time. Just awe, slight disbelief. He pushed his hips up again, a little more demanding but not much.

He couldn't respond with words, not when what Evgeni had said was said in the middle of an act that tended to loosen tongues. Besides, for Julian to even consider that he'd need his head on straight. The prospect of such permanency though - it was appealing. It made him happy to hear those words. Something tugged inside of him and Julian tightened his hold on Evgeni's hips, pulled his partner down to him, thrust up again. To be loved and wanted... that was incredible.

When words finally found their way out he wished he could be more eloquent but he just didn't have the brain power at he moment. His feelings would have to speak for him.
"Love you, Zhenya."

He'd said it many times that night for many different reasons, and it had been true in each and every instance. It was no less true this time. Forever was something he would love.
Evgeni 9 years ago
"An hour and thirty minutes." was the counter proposal. Evgeni smiled and looked stubborn about it all at the same time. There was no more that needed to be said for the moment; they could sort out the time when he set the alarm. Of course if Julian passed out from pleasure and exhaustion then he would consider his final offer to be accepted with no further need for discussion.

It was a goal with dual purpose then.

Julian seemed to understand what he meant by forever. Evgeni continued moving slowly while he watched his lover's expression and felt the chain of different emotions flow through the bond between them.

"I love you, Julian." He leaned the rest of the way forward and kissed his partner tenderly.

Pulling away, he sped up his rhythm, a smile forming even as his eyes drifted closed in pleasure.
"In fact I am loving loving you too. If you did not notice." That was all the words he could say; not because he was moving fast enough to be winded, not yet, but because he was enjoying himself enough too much to focus on making very much conversation.

He reached a hand down and ran it lightly over the length of his erection, gasping softly at even that small sensation. Evgeni then took one of Julian's hands away from his hips and brought over to his cock, wrapping the fingers around it. With his own hand still over Julian's, he began to guide their movements slowly up and down his length. If he had left it alone then he would have lasted longer but if they were going to nap and then do something else afterward then they couldn't have a marathon round of sex. He had already loved Julian slower this time than they had the previous couple.

[You make me lose my patience better than anyone.] Evgeni smiled ruefully at Julian.