A home delivered meal (attn: Julian)

He had no food in his kitchen. None, not even a carrot, left over take out or ramen noodes. Because his cupboard was literally bare, Evgeni had gone downstairs to the service desk and asked for some delivery menus from some local places. He would let Julian choose from what he wanted when he arrived. The menues were laid out on an end table near the cordless phone that was shaped to look like an old rotary phone. You even had to slid the circular disk around to dial. The inner workings were different but he preferred the feel of the larger ear piece when it was cradled against his shoulder. Evgeni figured they could order something and have it delivered.

Or they could go out and get something. He could nurse a drink while Julian ate.

His friend was getting better but he probably wasn't up a night of dancing or clubbing. They could go out to dinner, head to the harbor and enjoy the beach but he was hoping for some uncomplicated alone time.

Soft music, the Nachton Orchestra, played in the background. He stopped by the table and fitted another piece of the current puzzle in progress into the slowly emerging forest scene with its complicated mix of greens in a hundred different shades.

He had cleaned up. The pillows were back in the corners of the sofa and love seat, the quilts folded and laid neatly over the backs of the furniture. The golden lighting of the lamps was low but not dim, making the open living room seem warm and more intimate than it would in harsher light. The heavy drapes on the large windows were pushed back and the windows were opened to let in the night air that stirred the gauzy inner curtains in the occasional breeze.

His violin was propped up near the stand in the corner and one of the kitchen chairs had been brought over as a seat. He had played earlier in the evening and left the instrument out in case Julian wanted to join him. His mind went back to the knowledge that Tavi also played and he wondered what it might be like to play with the two of them. Was she as talented as Julian? It seemed unlikely but he doubted that either of them would hold that against her. The two of them together could make a lesser player shine instead of feeling like the weakest link, of that he was certain.

Evgeni flitted restless around the apartment, moving things, cleaning things until he was sure that he had moved the same picture forward and backward on its little easel three times, adjusting the angle with each pass around the room. He finally tossed his dusting rag into a bin with the dirty clothes and sat back down at the puzzle, trying to achieve the inner zen and wandering focus that was necessary to find the right shapes and colours to fit into a space.

((OOC: He is wearing a double breasted vest closed with no shirt underneath and a pair of slim fitting blank pants. He is currently wandering around barefoot because he enjoys curling up on the leather couch with his feet tucked under him so he is often barefoot in his apartment.))

Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
Arguments of naptimes and contemplation of lifespan all fled the second Evgeni picked up the pace even a little. His face was gorgeous in the dim light, lips parted slightly with that gasp of air as he brought Julian's hand down to his shaft and they took him in hand together.

Julian stroked Evgeni in rhythm with his lover's movements, unable to resist lifting his own hips as his free hand pulled Evgeni to him with every down stroke. Thank god Evgeni was guiding his hand too, or else Julian would have forgotten to do so as the warmth in his groin expanded. Pleasure shot through him, originating from his core and traveling straight to his balls. He groaned with the enjoyment of it.

Evgeni's sent words made him smile. [I would have thought Jan had the medal in that department,] he sent back, humor tickling the words for a moment before it vanished abruptly.

"Oh," Julian breathed, as his body told him in no uncertain terms that the end was closer than he'd thought.

His hand closed a little more firmly around Evgeni's cock and he stroked a little more feverishly, knowing he was about to come himself. His ears rang with it, his head swam, the room tilted precariously. This orgasm didn't hit like a freight train. Instead it rolled over him slowly; he felt it it coming from miles away and it was too huge to stop or slow down, like a wave on the ocean.

It swept him under and he went willingly, thrusting up into Evgeni with each ripple of sweet shuddering pleasure. What noises he made, what words he spoke, he didn't know. He barely registered anything as the intensity peaked and, wrung out with satisfaction, his body informed him that it was definitely done for the night. The room continued to tilt and Julian closed his eyes against that and the incessant roaring in his ears, just for a moment... he felt so... damn... good...
Evgeni 9 years ago
[No...sometimes, yes, but he is infuriating in his] Evgeni distractedly searched for the words to explain his meaning. [skill.] He finally sent with a sigh. [It is an art to him, like his music. I find the patience because...] He shrugged. Because he was as stubborn as Jan? Because he didn't want to be alone in losing control? Love making wasn't perfect, orgasms didn't always come together like they did in cinema sex but he had always felt like he had to use every ounce of willpower to keep up with his clan mate and sometimes that was intimidating.

Until very recently; being bonded was a great equalizer in some ways.

Evgeni looked down at Julian and smiled. [With you it is freedom to feel.] He loved Julian's honesty, his desire and his willingness to follow it. It was impossible to resist and he didn't want to try. The memory of their need filled first round of sex sent fire coursing through his veins.

He could feel desire filling them both up. A part of him wanted to rush through to that inevitable climax that he could feel welling up inside him but he had wanted this time to be different. Evgeni used all that willpower to continue moving at the same steady pace so that the sensations they both felt built up and up, steadily. They could have stopped, slowed down and started again or they could have moved faster, pushed harder and brought the end on in a blinding rush.

Instead it was a long steady journey to that moment on the edge and that too was different, instead of a hurtling over it as before, they teetered, felt it coming and fell into its welcoming warm embrace like long time lovers who had been in this spot many times before.

Only at the very last was there a true sense of urgency, clumsy rushed movements without rhythm and grace for the barest of moments. He felt Julian thrust into him deeply, pulling him down against him. He could feel warmth spreading inside him and see rapture on Julian's features and that had been all he needed.

He arched his back, his eyes closed as he stilled on top of Julian, frozen in place as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through him. This time, instead of being almost totally unaware of everything around him, he was vividly aware of Julian pulsing inside him, his warm body beneath him. He could hear his lover's rapid breathing, feel his chest rise and fall in front of him, see Julian's hair spilled out around the white pillow like a small halo.

When he came back almost fully to his senses, he straightened and smoothed a hand gently up his partner's side.
"Do you feel thoroughly loved, Sunshine?" Evgeni murmured softly, looking down at Julian with a crooked smile though his words were only half in jest.
Julian Stephenson 9 years ago
The image of Evgeni was burned into his retinas. Julian had had to work to keep his eyes open while they both came but it was worth it; Evgeni with his eyes closed, back arched, an expression of bliss on his face, no masks, no restraint, just pure feeling. Like he said.

Now, with his head buzzing and afterglow drowning him, Julian's eyes had closed again as he tried to breathe normally. Evgeni's voice came to him as if from very far away, a soft hum that cut through the fog in his head, and he cracked one eye open.

"Mmmhmm," was his muzzy response. His eyelid dropped closed. Exhaustion made him incapable of much more than that. He let himself float for a few minutes, trying hard not to fall asleep. "Floaty," he murmured to Evgeni, as if that explained everything.

With one hand he finally managed to grope around for the cleansing wipes Evgeni had used earlier. He found them and make quick, messy work of cleaning himself. Then he tugged gently on Evgeni to pull him closer and get him cleaned up as well.

"Want you here," he said, still barely opening his eyes. "Don't want to nap alone."

He wasn't even sure if his movements were coordinated properly. Evgeni had reduced his IQ to somewhere around oatmeal, or jell-o. He was slurring words, and he was pretty sure half of what he said was only being mumbled. Had he ever been this tired, yet satisfied? The sensation was bone-deep. Nothing, not a single atom in his body, was discontent at the moment. It felt incredible.

While he was contemplating the sensations, it briefly occurred to him that he was falling asleep. Almost too far gone to say anything else. He tried, though, and quickly realized it was a mistake as it came out a moan. First time in his life he'd been unable to even shape a word. Somehow, he didn't think that was going to disturb him enough to keep him from his nap.
Evgeni 9 years ago
Evgeni reached for his phone and began setting an alarm for one hour and thirty minutes later while Julian began wiping himself clean. The answer he had been given seemed to suggest that Julian had been loved thoroughly enough. For the moment.

His lover pulled him forward and he quickly deposited the phone back onto the nightstand so that he could balance on his elbows while the cool cloth was swiped over his chest.

"I will be right here. I promise." Evgeni murmured softly, finding his sleepy companion absolutely adorable. He couldn't resist nuzzling a stray curl aside and placing a soft kiss high up on Julian's cheekbone. "There is no where else I would rather be."

After making sure that all the wipes had made it onto the nightstand, he slid off of Julian and settled back down beside him. Evgeni reached down and pulled up the fluffy comforter over them both and then wrapped his arms around Julian. With a happy sigh, he closed his eyes.

Floaty was an accurate description for him too, and peaceful, content and happy. He was amazed that he could feel this way. He thought of Julian and Jan and Tavi out somewhere having fun and he wondered how he managed to find a place where he fit in the world and people to belong with and to and that there would be many more nights like this. Those thoughts drifted around in his head until sleep overcame him.