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Red of The Pipers by *Rozbeans on deviantART

Vaughn Emiliano 9 years ago
Looks great! Men in kilts tend to be quite sexy. Is this a finished render or are you still playing with bits of it and such?
Pakpao 9 years ago
I will admit to rather liking it did you get a new toy and just had to try it out
Ellis Duban 9 years ago
Vaughn Emiliano;61398
Looks great! Men in kilts tend to be quite sexy. Is this a finished render or are you still playing with bits of it and such?

I've got another render going - Charlie without the ill fitting chest piece. Changed LT a little and I have to postwork some collision issues. Just going to update the DA pic with the new one when I'm done - I've just been working/rendering with this damn scene so long, I wanted to feel like I accomplished something hehe.
Ellis Duban 9 years ago
Actually when LT marries Carol - this is what the Piper groomsmen will be wearing, but with the shirt that goes with it. /purr
Pakpao 9 years ago
LOL! Accomplishment achieved. It will be a sexy wedding, I look forward to the finished peice.
Ellis Duban 9 years ago

JT 2012 by *Rozbeans on deviantART


Oh, excuse me. hehe
Pakpao 9 years ago
There is some something about the hood that is ... Delicious
Christian Bern 9 years ago
Mike, does the hood mean that JT can be evil, more sith-y or is that just bitchy?

So we are all playing Star Wars and are running through one of the group missions. Cris and Rowan are getting their evil on but Mike is being all Miss Nice Sith. Then she gets a hood and suddenly we have a different attitude all together. According to Mike, it is easier to be evil in a hood.

I like the chest pieces. I am happy you are bringing Charlie in line and making him wear his clothes properly. What is genesis? Better? More alterable?
Ellis Duban 9 years ago

There's the final updated with all the collision fixed and, I think, a smexier LT and Charlie.

Genesis is DazStudio's new model - it's a universal body that starts off with a base that can easily be male or female instead of having to purchase different models. Still have to buy all the morphs, but with those morphs comes the adjustments for V4/M4/S4/TheGirl/Freak, etc. Also all the clothes from before, even the really old shit, will fit Genesis. You can also put m4 clothes on v4, and etc. Really universal, but Poser hasn't picked it up yet - they came out with their own bitch and I'm not down with updating it.

The nice thing with Genesis is when you scale the model, the clothes automatically scale with it - that's how I made JT bigger without his clothes going to shit, although there are some bugs they're working out still.

In any case, transferring morphs to genesis can be difficult. Stupidly enough - it takes some serious rigging (beyond my pay grade) to transfer daz morphs to genesis - like Charlie. He's a custom .dsa morph so his model is still M4. The other guys are genesis because their morphs were .ps2/poser morphs and there's a program now that will transfer them fairly easily. But that's why originally Charlie's chest piece was too big, that outfit is Genesis so it didn't want to conform properly.
Kiyoshi Salinas 9 years ago
They look awesome Roz! Hard to pick who's the hottest! I'll take one of each please!
Christian Bern 9 years ago
That is really cool. It sounds really versatile too. Will be much better when they fix the bugs but as soon as the smart people with lots of free time and programming know how start working out the kinks then it will be even better. I like that you can mix and match the clothes. Sounds like you could also pull back out some oldies but goodies from several years ago. Would be almost like a new wardrobe!

The guys do look hot! It is hard not to love sexy men in kilts. There is probably something wrong with any woman who doesn't (aside from those that don't care for sexy men.)
Rowan Murphy 9 years ago
I like the background colors. They're pretty.
Caitlinn Conrad 8 years ago

Atlas Holden by *Rozbeans on deviantART

Meet Atlas.
Aishe 8 years ago
/fans face... woooo, Atlas Holden the damn world up on those big-ass shoulders.

I wouldn't want to piss him off.
Pakpao 8 years ago
LOL he kind of scares me more than your others. Don't get me wrong he's well done and I like him but you got the intimidation factor down.
Caitlinn Conrad 8 years ago
He's a sweet guy though! 7ft tall, like 400lbs, but so polite!
Pakpao 8 years ago
Intimidating outside, cuddly inside? How can you not like that?!
Caitlinn Conrad 8 years ago
All the Pipers are polite. It's in their job descriptions lol
Xeph 8 years ago
Just what exactly are we putting in the water at the Den? I would like to request the next Piper be about 5'4", nerdy, covered in zits, snarky to the point of rudeness, really bad at any kind of combat, terrible with chicks, and with a club foot. We will call him the anti-Piper and wonder how he can stand himself. :P

All the hotness is giving us average 6'7" guys a complex.