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Red of The Pipers by *Rozbeans on deviantART

Pakpao 10 years ago
You've been feeling artistic latley! She's very cool. New character or random inspiration?
The Pipers 10 years ago
Possibly a new character, but not for here. She -might- be Viv's kadzait half sister who shares the same father but has a Kadzait mother.
Pakpao 10 years ago
Interesting twist. She did put me almost in mind of Viv when I saw her
Simon Huntington 10 years ago

Duncan Jameson by *Rozbeans on deviantART

Simon Huntington 10 years ago

Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Wow. I hope I look that good when I'm that old!! Hawt!
Simon Huntington 10 years ago
That's as old as my skills could get him without him having hair growing out of his ears. That's probably more like Brig, but I'm trying to do a younger version that doesn't look much younger lol.
Therese 10 years ago
no no... the hair in the ears would deffinatly detract... damned that's hot. Just... yeah... wow
Jin 10 years ago
Ear hair...sexy.

No, he definitely looks much better this way. I like it. He looks older, more weathered. That's pretty damned seductive.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Love it! Love the sneer.
Bao 10 years ago
Scary. In that good kind of way but... well you get it...
Brig Jameson 10 years ago

JT Paulson by *Rozbeans on deviantART

Drew 10 years ago
Very nice

Probably shouldn't have posted that as Drew but... very nice
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
He's lickable! I want one! =)

Yes, posted with Tavi out of spite. *Smiles sweetly at Drew*
Aishe 10 years ago
I clicked on him because he's gorgeous and I wanted to see the bigger version, and my pc downloaded a virus.


That's the second time in the last couple weeks DA has made my pc sick.

But he's hawt!
Brig Jameson 10 years ago
Doh, what? I'm sorry, bunny =/
Lily 10 years ago
Oh he's gorgeous!


And all mine!!!
Brig Jameson 10 years ago
Peepaw is smexy!!