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Red of The Pipers by *Rozbeans on deviantART

Vivienne Sena 10 years ago
Yeah he's supposed to have thick deep red hair - I knew a guy in high school who had that crazy clown red afro. Definitely was not going for that lol.
Vivienne Sena 10 years ago

Jameson Brothers by *Rozbeans on deviantART

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Final render for them.

The surviving Jameson brothers. left to right: Victor, Brig, Shayle

(Youngest) David - not pictured - Up until his death, was his oldest brother's LT in the Alpha's Pipers.

(3rd born) Victor - 'The Seeker' His responsibilities are to seek out extended Jameson family members, bringing them into the fold as potential Pipers.

(2nd born) Shayle - Supervises the incoming family members and teaches the new Pipers family lore and responsibilities as Pipers. Raised the current Sergeant Charlie Hammond from the age of 9 after his parents death.

(Oldest) Brig - Commander of the Alpha's Pipers, second in command to only his father, the family elder, Duncan. Raised David's only son, his nephew, Lothias from the age of 10.
Vaughn Emiliano 10 years ago
They look awesome, Roz! I actually like this version much better than your old one. It seems more like a real moment that was caught in a photo.
Aishe 10 years ago
I would like to have a stuffed Shayle to hug and snuggle. That is all.
Therese 10 years ago
/nods I liked the first one but this seems more natural. They look like brothers too
Oringo Ramsey 10 years ago
Oh that first one looked horrible lol, plus that was a test render anyway. I like this one better - better morphs, similar yet different. /purr
Vivienne Sena 9 years ago
/rubs all over new sig
Christian Bern 9 years ago
Oooh, they look awesome! Very sexy! Love the lighting on Brig too.
Pakpao 9 years ago
The lighting is amazing
Vivienne Sena 9 years ago

One Love by *Rozbeans on deviantART

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Scott Kinney 9 years ago
Wow! Now THAT is sexy!

Nice work!!!
Saffia 9 years ago
that is wonderful /smiles
Delilah 9 years ago
Vivienne Sena 9 years ago
Just for fun.

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Pakpao 9 years ago
Its very pretty. I think you're having fun with that lighting
Vivienne Sena 9 years ago
I go overboard with the dramatic lighting lol
The Nakubili 9 years ago
I think they all have sigs now.
Merc 9 years ago
Aww, damn it. Gotta do the Mercs too!
Reign 9 years ago
mmmm.... hot bald men....

that is all...