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Red of The Pipers by *Rozbeans on deviantART

Vivienne Sena 10 years ago
=D Thanks guys!
Miya 10 years ago
roz all your art drew me back <3 you are a fantastic promoter of your game. And it is all gorgeous.
Camille Sotoria 10 years ago
=D Thanks, dear! Hope you're coming back!
Simon Huntington 10 years ago

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The surviving Jameson brothers. left to right: Victor, Brig, Shayle

(Youngest) David - not pictured - Up until his death, was his oldest brother's LT in the Alpha's Pipers.

(3rd born) Victor - 'The Seeker' His responsibilities are to seek out extended Jameson family members, bringing them into the fold as potential Pipers.

(2nd born) Shayle - Supervises the incoming family members and teaches the new Pipers family lore and responsibilities as Pipers. Raised the current Sergeant Charlie Hammond from the age of 9 after his parents death.

(Oldest) Brig - Commander of the Alpha's Pipers, second in command to only his father, the family elder, Duncan. Raised David's only son, his nephew, Lothias from the age of 10.

Just a test render for the hell of it - default lights (faster to render since I'm not sure my computer could handle rendering all three at once)
Vivienne Sena 10 years ago
So I got a new computer. YEAH! But it jacked up all my .daz files so I have to rebuild ALL my characters. NO! I am beyond disappointed.
Pakpao 10 years ago
OMG that is terrible!
Rowan Murphy 10 years ago
Augh, that sucks!!!

*sobs and clings to Cris*

You have to promise Cris will be as hot as ever!! Hotter!!!

Vivienne Sena 10 years ago
It's the skin detail that's a bitch to get right =/ Damn it. I'm annoyed as hell about losing EVERYONE.
Pakpao 10 years ago
I don't think annoyed is the word I would use. You have my permission to rant and rave and throw things.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
I can't believe you lost ALL that work. I'm so sorry.
Vivienne Sena 10 years ago
Finished rebuilding LT, working JT. I got priorities, YO! Some morphs were custom though - like Duncan, Brig, and Marthinus. /rubs eyes Going to go cry in the shower now =/
Christian Bern 10 years ago
The originals? Or will they just not copy over right?
Vivienne Sena 10 years ago
The .daz files are jacked because the paths don't line up or something or other. It's a common problem, not like poser where you can just copy over those files. It's a pisser. Plus I went from 32 to 64, not sure that makes a big difference, but blergh. It's just weeks of obsessing gone =/
Delilah 10 years ago
Bleh =( You get to cry in and out of the shower with this one.

Do you still have the stuff on the old computer? Can you just leave it there to work with?
Vivienne Sena 10 years ago
Daz is uninstalled on the old computer already - not knowing I should have kept the content files =/ Plus the whole point of upgrading was so my render time wouldn't be 15+ hours long. On this new one nothing takes more than 1hr - 2 if it's complicated and the same scene on the old computer would take at least 20+hrs. Not worth going back to. Figure this way I can make the skins look better, the older ones at least.
Jin 10 years ago
Well at least there is a silver lining in there somewhere. That sucks though. I remember moving poser from one machine to another and all the destination files getting jacked up but, as I recall, Vex helped me sort it out. So there was only momentary panic.

*gets roz a large coffee with extra energy shots, a comfy chair, some music and some chocolate.* And maybe a pool boy with a fan, for good measure.
Vivienne Sena 10 years ago
Working on Charlie and Duncan now. Wish I could say that was literal, however it is not =/
Vivienne Sena 10 years ago

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Brig and Viv 2011 by *Rozbeans on deviantART
Vivienne Sena 10 years ago
It occurred to me that I never did a solo of Red.

Reese Deardon by *Rozbeans on deviantART
Eiryk 10 years ago
Both very pretty! I do love you you get Red's hair really red without going over the top.