Irony in Two Acts!

Alex turned to Eiryk as the first act of the opera apparently ended. He wouldn't know; he didn't speak German. Judging by the fact that all the yowling had ceased and the lights had come up and people were stretching and milling about, yeah. He guessed it was intermission.

He'd remarked upon the irony of this particular opera more than once to Eiryk. The opera was "Der Vampyr," based on a play based on a book (or something... Alex had read the program a few times while the caterwauling was in full swing, trying to eke something educational out of this experience). It was about... a vampire. Really. A vampire. Not terribly realistic in his opinion, not that he could judge, knowing let's see... one whole vampire.

He stood and twisted back and forth. His right knee hurt, probably from sitting in that chair for over an hour, which was not meant for someone his height. Too bad his suit prevented him from doing any decent yoga to work out the kinks.

Turning to Eiryk he muttered under his breath,
"This was entertainment? How did you survive without killing yourself?"

Pakpao 13 years ago
This one one Pak was totally blaming on Eiryk. When she went to the opera she picked traditional, entertaining, educational, that sort of thing. But she saw why he'd picked this one. There was... well it was almost as good as watching Interview With The Vampire but lacking Antonio Bandares, but still well... funny.

"German is just not a sexy accent, not even singing."

Pak declared to who ever happened to be listening. Probably Eiryk as he was letting her hold onto his arm. It was kind of odd having a date and a half. Or would it be half of each of them and therefore one date? Either way Alex was nice enough, even if Pak was a little leery of Eiryk's boyfriend. She was a bit worried she'd slip and say something she shouldn't. Worse yet he was kind of quiet and that always made her nervous.

"You are buying the drinks."

She told the former viking. She would would have given him a little push to the bar, but she knew him too well, and she would like to see the end of the opera.
Eiryk 13 years ago
"Oh we did that too... well each other. The guys down the river really."

Eiryk answered cheerfully more than happy to perpetuate viking stereotypes. He didn't bother to keep his voice down letting the noise of the milling crowd do his work for him. Besides, his answer was vague, even if Alex's question hadn't been. That and Pak was hardly innocent, she was just playing human for Alex.

He snorted at Pak's observation.

"I beg to differ, it can be. It depends on the circumstances."

Oblivious to his friend's mild discomfort Eiryk promptly transferred Pak to Alex's arm and went to fill drink orders. Vodka martini for Alex, scotch on the rocks for Pak and just a nice red wine for himself.

Adeptly weaving his way through the crowd, for a change, he approached the bar, got their drinks and was very carefully started back. But, Eiryk did have a gift. He wasn't sure how it happened but he tripped, recovered, was jostled, stumbled, ricochet between a few other patrons of the art and wound up doing a nose dive, all three drinks went flying as he got a very close look at the carpet in the opera house.
Morrigan Kinsey 13 years ago
This particular opera might only be good as a comedy but Morrigan was happy enough to be out and doing something entertaining. The Order of the Hunt would probably be horrified if they knew she was here without protection. The Elder looked around the milling crowd for anyone who might be watching over her. She didn't see anyone so the Hunt on duty was either very good or not good enough.

Morrigan turned to her companion for the evening and asked.
"So what did you think of the opera so far?"

They were headed towards the bar, moving with the pace of the crowd. Everything was progressing in an orderly fashion until a weaving, staggering, bundle of chaos in a suit happened. Morrigan looked down at her dress and reflected that on any other day she would probably have had the good sense to wear black. Not today, in the hopes of bringing about that feeling of spring renewal she chose a long raspberry pink evening gown. It was simple, most of the design work was done in the deep pink and silver beading at the top. The rest of the dress flowed in a straight line, its loose chiffon fabric flowing gently over curves, deepening from pink to a deep burgundy at the bottom of the dress. It was now darkened in other places by a red wine and other alcohols. Morrigan reached up and swiped a finger across the liquid dripping from her cheek. Delicately placing it to her lips, she said. "It is a decent vintage at the very least."

Narrowing her eyes, she regarded the perpetrator of this mishap with cool blue eyes.

"Was it the walking or the carrying that was too difficult to manage in concert with the other?"

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Ysabel 13 years ago
Ysabel's eyes were dancing as she turned to Morrigan and smiled. "I find it amusing," she said simply. "Very well sung so far, and well blocked."

Before they could get further into their discussion there was an abrupt commotion as someone tripped and went tumbling with a clatter and a splash. Something wet hit Ysabel in the chest as the unfortunate person crashed onto the floor.

Morrigan had been splashed as well but appeared just fine. Glancing down at her soaked decolletage Ysabel ignored it for the moment and turned her attention to the man on the floor even as she heard Morrigan's irritated words.

Kneeling, she asked,
"Are you all right?" She saw the man's face as he turned to regain his feet and her eyes grew wide.

"Eiryk Jensen. You're a mess, sir."

Her lips tipped up in spite of the fact that she was wet and getting sticky in a slightly uncomfortable place. Ysabel turned and looked at Morrigan. "Peace, Morrigan," she begged softly, not wanting to use Morrigan's title in public, "it was not meant."

Ysabel looked at the mess on the floor which a staff member was already hurrying to clean. Straightening and standing, she took Eiryk's hand to help him up. "Why don't we see if the bartender has a cloth we can clean up with?" She suggested to both Eiryk and Morrigan. Proper introductions could at least wait until they had wiped themselves down.

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Eiryk 13 years ago
Damned, that one had hurt. A lot. Realizing the drinks were no longer in his hands Eiryk mentally cringed but also rubbed his nose trying to decide if it was broken or not.

He tried to figure out how much apologizing he was going to need to do and how much dry cleaning he was going to have to pick up. It was always more expensive to take a dive like that in a swank crowd. He started to his feet and a familiar voice countered the more irritated one.

He grinned at the familiar voice.

"Miss Yolgrave, not quite how I wanted to renew our acquaintance."

The more irked voice needed to be addressed though. It didn't sound like the simple charming smile sort of apology either. Reaching inside his coat pocket Eiryk found a clean dry handkerchief. It wasn't much but it was all he had, and he offered it to the irritated red head. Oh lord, he was probably doomed. He quickly went more sincere and mannerly than charming.

"It was a good year. I really do apologies ma'am. I'm not quite sure what happened. I seem to attract these sorts of mishaps some days. Of course, I'll be more than happy to take care of the damages."

But Ysabel's suggestion was the wisest he smiled warmly at her.

"I think that sounds ideal."

He was -never- going to live this one down. Never.
Morrigan Kinsey 13 years ago
Obviously it wasn't meant. The blonde would have been dinner in a heartbeat had she thought he had purposefully ruined a perfectly good dress. She turned her gaze to blink at Ysabel for the briefest of moments before returning her focus to the man on the floor.

Ysabel called him by name and bent to help him up. How noble of her. Morrigan turned to an employee who was standing beside her looking uncertain while another was bent over to begin cleaning up glass shards with a dust pan. Placing on arm on the young man's hand, she said.
"Bring me a cloth with some club soda, if you will, and some for my friend."

They moved out of the way but she was hardly difficult to find. Without heels Morrigan towered over many of the people here. She was wearing a pair of three inch silver stilettos which made her a noteworthy six foot five inches and allowed her to see over almost all of the crowd. If the little usher couldn't manage to find her then she would suggest he quickly see to his failing eyesight.

She looked at the man that her companion had named Eiryk and smiled ever so slightly. Taking, the handkerchief he offered, Morrigan dabbed the alcohol off her face and then handed the small piece of cloth to Ysabel.

"No permanent harm has been done. Mr. Jensen, is it?" Morrigan held out her hand. "Morrigan Kinsey of Anantya." To those who did not know of the clan the name could be a town, a group or a family. She did not necessarily expect him to know but she very little need to lie in either case. She was a vampire and too proud of it to be hide away lest some stray human hear a word or see a thing they might not understand.

However she did not flaunt her nature; that would be equally absurd.
Ysabel 13 years ago
Ysabel smiled at Eiryk. "Well, you didn't get to choose," she said with a soft laugh, "so at least it's a memorable renewal?"

Her natural inclination was to smooth the situation over with charm, manners, and light flirtation; it was a fallback she'd used for centuries. Morrigan seemed inclined to be lenient in this matter which was good. Ysabel had enjoyed Eiryk's company as well as Alexander's when they'd met at the Park to ride. She could consider him an acquaintance of the friendly variety.

"Thank you," she said, accepting the handkerchief from Morrigan and dabbing gently at her dress. Whatever had spilled on her was clear, at least; it wouldn't stain. If it did though, Ysabel had plenty more gowns.

Looking from Eiryk to Morrigan as they introduced themselves, Ysabel waited until they were finished and then asked,
"Is Alexander with you tonight?"

The couple had been amusing to ride with; for all his nerves, Alexander had done just fine on his first ride and Ysabel had spent a great deal of her time riding behind him to watch out for him and chatting amiably with Eiryk. Ysabel had enjoyed being with them.
Eiryk 13 years ago
"I would hate to be forgettable."

He quipped at Ysabel with a grin. Eiryk had found her to be good company and had hoped to run into her again, just not quite so literally.

Oh good, it sounded like everyone was going to get on. Which was even more of a relief when Morrigan introduced herself. Of course, this also confirmed Eiryk's guess about Ysabel as he didn't think for a second she was anyone's familiar. And while he didn't for a second doubt the manners and propriety of the Anantya he might just keep a close eye on Alex, just in case.

"Yes ma'am. Jensen. Eiryk Jensen, Evenhet. A pleasure to make your acquaintance as well."

No way in hell was he calling her 'miss' she was far to formidable to be called 'miss' where as Ysabel's appearance seemed to invite that slightly outdated mode of address.

He practically beamed when she asked about Alex, and wasn't at all surprised that Ysabel would both remember his boyfriend and ask about him.

"Yes he is. If you'd let me I'd like to buy you both a drink, to make up for the trouble. I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine Mr. Alex Aristos and one of our young ladies Ms. Pakpao Metharom. I'm sure they are wondering where I've gotten to as it is."

Pak would skin him alive for calling her a young lady but well she wasn't here just now. Besides, it would regenerate. But the drinks were a give, especially as he was going to have to replace what he'd spilled for everyone in his party.

He hoped that they way he'd mentioned each party would make it clear that Alex was a human and not part of the clan yet Pak did belong. He didn't want either of these women revealing more than she wished to.

About then he heard Pak's voice in his head. She'd seen the commotion and wondered if he was still alive. Eiryk confirmed he was and told her to suggest that she and Alex find a quiet little alcove to sit he'd be brining company.

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Morrigan Kinsey 13 years ago
Morrigan smiled at Eiryk and nodded her head. That he was Evenhet might mean that he was human, as they insisted on letting their people claim such a title, but she suspected that he was not. He had said that he attracted such happenings from time to time and she wondered if that was one of those weird occurrences that occasionally happened to their kind. If so then it was not the most unfortunate thing she had ever seen; it had probably helped him find a meal from time to time. Falling was generally rewarded with sympathy from most people...unless you managed to spill alcohol on them in the process. However he could be human and simply be prone to accident. She was sure that watching him for a while would sort out which was the truth.

"Your generosity is appreciated Mr. Jensen. I prefer to drink wine rather than wear it."

The usher returned holding out two towels and some club soda toward her and Ysabel. Morrigan took it and dabbed at the most prominent stains, noting that at least the largest portion had landed on the darker section of the dress. A few scattered drops had managed to make it to her chest and face.

There appeared to be another person elsewhere. Morrigan listened as someone named Alex was discussed. Eiryk spoke of two other people and made it helpfully clear that one of them was Evenhet and the other was not. She gave him a knowing smile and a nod; the Anantya could behave themselves in the presence of humans. He had not said whether this man was aware that he was in the company of two immortals but she gathered from the pre-introduction that he was not.

"Lead on."
Ysabel 13 years ago
Ysabel listened to Eiryk and Morrigan smooth things over, glad that no one had been hurt and only a little embarrassment had been shared on either side. She handed Eiryk's handkerchief back to him with a little grimace as she realized it was damp and continued soaking the alcohol out of her gown with the club soda-moistened towel. She wasn't particularly worried. She did, however, take a moment to turn discreetly toward the corner and wipe the stickiness from the fair skin on her chest.

"You're anything but," she laughed lightly at Eiryk, who certainly knew how to make an entrance.

When he said Alexander was there Ysabel smiled.
"I would love to say hello," she said when Morrigan also appeared to be amenable.

Together they made their way to an out-of-the-way niche in the hall after placing their orders with one of the waiters milling about in the crowd. As they reached the niche Ysabel smiled at one of the figures coming through the crowd. She didn't need to be tall herself to spot Alexander, who looked rather delicious in a nicely tailored suit although his face was very serious.

He came toward them, his brown eyes fixed upon Eiryk, trailing a smaller, golden-skinned asian woman in his wake.
Alex Aristos 13 years ago
Alex and Pak both saw some commotion near the bar from where they were. Alex groaned. He knew he should have gone with Eiryk.

"Let's go find him," he said to Pak, who in spite of having met on several occasions he still didn't really know that well. She was a very closed-off individual.

He wasn't about to wait here to find out if Eiryk was all right. Yes, yes, he knew if anything was injured it would close up. Therein lay a serious problem though. if anyone witnessed that...

...No one was going to find out about his vampire, damn it.

Regardless of whether Pak was going along, Alex was heading to where Eiryk was. He made his way down the hallway and very nearly walked past two women in gowns; one of them very outdated, when he realized Eiryk was there too. Fixing his eyes on his partner, looking for any signs of injury, Alexander dropped Pak's hand as they approached and reached out to Eiryk.

Sliding his arm around Eiryk's waist Alexander peered down at the blond closely.
"We saw what happened. Are you all right?"

He knew it was rude of him to ignore Eiryk's companions but Eiryk was his first concern. When he finally had an affirmative from Eiryk he turned to the women. Alex was surprised to see that one of them was taller than he, in her heels. That was an unusual occurrence. He suspected if she didn't have the shoes on they might be of a similiar height.

"Please excuse me," he said. "I had to make sure... oh. Hi, Ysabel."

Alex's face broke into a warm smile when he saw the petite Englishwoman they'd befriended through Marie. He took in the state of her gown, that of her companion's, and his face fell as he began to understand what had happened.

"Oh, no. Are you both okay?"

He hadn't seen every detail but hopefully Eiryk hadn't taken anyone down with him.
Eiryk 13 years ago
"Wonderful. Drinks first then introductions."

Eiryk borrowed a passing waiter and politely 'suggested' that their drink orders should me handled next. He might not have done that but he did feel that he owed something to the two ladies. They had taken a bit of abuse at his hands. After letting Morrigan and Ysabel order he placed his second ordered and started off in the general direction Pak seemed to indicate.

They were met half way by a reluctant Pak and a concerned Alex. At Alex's appearance Eiryk absently straighten his collar and tie. He was embarrassed not to have done it sooner, but Alex looked so good dressed up that Eiryk had to try a little harder.

It was odd Alex seemed to be moving a little stiffly, this was the second time he'd noticed it. Eiryk hadn't said anything yet, it didn't seem major and he didn't want to hover but he filed it away for later. Instead he laughed softly as Alex slid and arm around his waist.

"I think everyone here must have seen it. I'm fine. Promise and the waiter will bring the drinks this time."

He discreetly squeezed Alex's hand and grin at Pak as she took up a spot just on the edge of the group. He reached his other hand back and half tugged her more into the group. And did full on introductions which he concluded just in time for the drinks to arrive.

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Pakpao 13 years ago
Pak did try and persuade Alex that Eiryk was fine. But it was hard to do without explaining that she was talking to him over the air waves yet sans cell phone. Sure Eiryk trusted Alex enough to fill him in on his diet, Pak wasn't ready to make that leap yet. She probably would, hell she thought there were good odds that Alex would wind up fully inducted into the clan the way things were going. So no point jumping the gun.

Alex, however, seemed determined to jump the gun and get to Eiryk. They'd been going out long enough she'd have thought Alex would be used to Eiryk's random ... disasters. But to Alex's credit he didn't drop her arm as they made their way through the crowd. Once they did though, he only had eyes for Eiryk and she did her best to fade off to the side. Eiryk had a tendency to attract new people and she had a tendency to avoid them.

He didn't let her do that though. Well, at least she was dressed for the occasion for a change. So she went into polite and professional mode and smiled and exchanged names as Eiryk introduced every one.

"I take it Eiryk made an impression?"
Morrigan Kinsey 13 years ago
Morrigan quirked an eyebrow at the suggestion that their order be taken care of quickly and the resulting scurry by the waiter. An Evenhet not above using their abilities for making every day life a little easier. She might grow to like this one.

A tall dark man moved through the crowd with a small Asian woman in tow. The man, Alex obviously, appeared to have eyes only for the blonde. That kind of friend then. Morrigan smiled slightly before turning her attention to the woman who had just arrived. Alex finished taking stock of companion and found him in satisfactory health. He then turned his attention to the two of them. Answering the question directed towards herself and Ysabel, Morrigan said.

"All our limbs are still where they should be. They only casualties were several drinks and two evening gowns. I think we will all survive."

Returning her attention to Pakpao, she noted the woman seemed rather quiet. However that might be the result of being in the odd person out in the company of a couple very much in love. The woman did speak up after the introductions.

"Yes, that would be an apt way of putting it."
Ysabel 13 years ago
Ysabel watched with mild amusement as Alex made a bee-line for Eiryk. When he turned and greeted her she dipped him a shallow curtsy and said, "Good evening Alexander." She nodded when Morrigan spoke and added, "Yes, we're just fine thank you."

Turning to Pakpao, who seemed very quiet, Ysabel offered her the same greeting, bobbing down and back up.
"Lovely to meet you, Pakpao."

Their drinks arrived swiftly thanks to Eiryk's particular charm and persuasion and soon Ysabel was holding a glass of blush wine, which would hopefully stay in its glass this time.

Addressing Eiryk and his companions Ysabel asked
, "So, are you enjoying the show so far or did your disenchantment with it cause this exciting foray into the dangerous crowd?"
Alex Aristos 13 years ago
Alex offered Pak an apologetic smile for having dragged her all the way out here to where Eiryk was. He was sorry for her apparent discomfort but not entirely sure he had caused it. Shamefully, he would have done it again. He couldn't help it. If something was happening to Eiryk Alex had to get there.

When Ysabel asked them how they were enjoying the show Alex decided to let Pak or Eiryk field that one and concentrated on not making a 'yuck' face. He hadn't thought opera would be his thing when Eiryk had asked him to come along but he'd wanted to spend the night with his boyfriend. Maybe next time, Alex would opt to stay home and read.

He accepted his vodka martini with a word of thanks when it was offered to him and sipped at it, glad for the excuse not to express an opinion immediately. Alexander wracked his brain for diplomatic terms while he did so, just in case the topic should be addressed to him personally.
Eiryk 13 years ago
"I have yet to remove a limb." He said with a triumphant grin. "And I think the dresses can be saved. They are both lovely, I'd hate to have ruined them."

He knew a very good dry cleaner and generally sent them a lot of... er... referrals.

Eiryk was going to pinch both Alex and Pak if they didn't speak up. Lord knew Pak had enough opinions for three people once she warmed up to a new acquaintance. Alex took a little longer, but he was smart and articulate. Either he was just being shy or he really didn't like the opera.

"I've been thinking they never could have made it these days. I mean the odds of finding even one virgin bride... three would be astronomical."

It was said in a light and teasing tone, obviously not casting any kind of moral judgment on the past or present.

"I've found it entertaining, if far fetched."
Pakpao 13 years ago
Pak muttered polite 'nice to meet you's and wondered what to say next. From Ysabel's dress she guessed the young woman was part of their crowd and some how that made her think Morrgain was too. She toyed with her scotch, and noticed that Alex was hiding behind his drink too and found a little spark from that.

"We should probably warn you that he drove tonight too."

She deadpanned to Morrgain. It seemed only sporting to warn them. Although, in all fairness Eiryk's clumsiness didn't seem to extend to his driving. Thank god or he'd never get car insurance. Still she didn't let him near her car, just in case.

"It was an experiment. I'd not seen it before."

Pak explained, refraining from mentioning she'd giggled a few times during the first act.

"I'm not sure German is the best language for a soprano though."

It seemed odd to her. The language was some how... heavy. And it sounded odd in a higher registrar but who was she to judge? She just didn't really want Eiryk to have to carry the conversation alone.

"You've met Eiryk and Alex before then?"

She asked Ysabel quietly. She'd noticed that Alex had greeted Ysabel and was curious she hardly seemed like the sort of person one just ran into every day of the week.
Morrigan Kinsey 13 years ago
Morrigan laughed quietly and agreed with Eiryk's view of what troubles these vampires would have in modern times.

"It would be difficult. I agree. Unless, you were okay with your brides being around the age of ten."

She could just imagine the difficulty of enticing preteens into nefarious acts. What would that require? Barbie and clothes for dress up? Morrigan was quite happy that virgin blood was not a necessary part of her diet.

Turning to Pakpao who added that Eiryk was the one who drove, Morrigan raised her eyebrows.

"Truly?" She leaned to Ysabel and spoke quietly. "How about we get a little cup of coffee near here before heading home?" Morrigan gave the blonde a wink and smile before returning her focus to Pakpao's opinion of the opera.

"German can be soft but not the way most people sing it these days. It seems people fear you wouldn't be able to tell it was German unless you are coughing up a hairball onto the stage."

She sighed and took a sip of her wine. It really was a good vintage. Morrigan raised her glass slightly to Eiryk and nodded her head, thanking him for the drink.
Ysabel 13 years ago
Ysabel smiled at Pakpao and inclined her head in acknowledgment. "Yes, we met a few weeks ago actually. Alexander employs a good friend of mine at his store. We all bumped into each other at the Preserve when Marie and I were out riding."

She thought it interesting that they all seemed to experience various stages of amusement with the opera. Alexander hadn't voiced an opinion and Ysabel was not about to put him on the spot; she remembered his initial shyness when they'd met. He had been more talkative when they rode but here in new company he was once again very soft. Ysabel understood.

Eiryk didn't seem to mind the attention that Alex shied away from though, so Ysabel didn't feel guilty about chuckling at Morrigan's comment.
"Perhaps a large cup," she amended the Elder's suggestion. "We want him to have a good head start, don't we?"

Ysabel refrained from commenting on the language of the opera. She found the operatic German rather pleasing when sung properly and she hadn't thought the soprano was doing that badly. She didn't caress the words as well as she could have but it wasn't too terrible.