Irony in Two Acts!

Alex turned to Eiryk as the first act of the opera apparently ended. He wouldn't know; he didn't speak German. Judging by the fact that all the yowling had ceased and the lights had come up and people were stretching and milling about, yeah. He guessed it was intermission.

He'd remarked upon the irony of this particular opera more than once to Eiryk. The opera was "Der Vampyr," based on a play based on a book (or something... Alex had read the program a few times while the caterwauling was in full swing, trying to eke something educational out of this experience). It was about... a vampire. Really. A vampire. Not terribly realistic in his opinion, not that he could judge, knowing let's see... one whole vampire.

He stood and twisted back and forth. His right knee hurt, probably from sitting in that chair for over an hour, which was not meant for someone his height. Too bad his suit prevented him from doing any decent yoga to work out the kinks.

Turning to Eiryk he muttered under his breath,
"This was entertainment? How did you survive without killing yourself?"

Alex Aristos 13 years ago
Alexander considered the idea of virgin brides in moderns times and shrugged. He didn't think they were impossible to find but his opinion was that it hardly mattered.

"I just have a hard time justifying three murders for one little year of life," he admitted. "If I'm going to commit multiple homicides I think that's worth at least a decade. Possibly more."

Considering how much of the newly-earned year would be spent on the run from angry families and authorities, Alex thought his option was a lot fairer. Not that murdering anyone was cool, but he was willing to suspend reality for the sake of the conversation.

He hugged Eiryk to him a bit as the blond took a few below-the-belt hits about his driving. As always, Eiryk took such things in good humor but Alex wasn't going to contribute to them. He envied Eiryk his ability to take well-meant knocks like that. Alex couldn't do the same. He was all right with friendly teasing, but too much of it and he started to get insecure. Eiryk just let things roll off his back. Hell, Alex had seen Eiryk instigate his own self-deprecating humor on several occasions. It never ceased to amaze Alex that he had the self-confidence to do so, but it worked for him.
Eiryk 13 years ago
"I can recommend some good places for a cup of coffee after the show and I promise they have very slow service."

Eiryk smiled at the teasing. There was no help for it when you had as much natural grace as he did you just accepted what came with it. If he got touchy every time someone called him on taking a header he'd always be pissed off.

"Ten is just a bit young for me..."

No mention that he was actually robbing the cradle as it was, he didn't have time before doing a little double take at Alex's observation.[/i]

"Well the exchange rate is a bit high... but when have you been thinking about multiple homicides and do I need to be worried?"

Not that he was terribly worried about Alex turning mad killer and trying to bump him off but he could play too.

He was pleased Pak was at least making an attempt to join in the conversation.

"Yes it was a lovely ride. Ysabel I have to thank you again."
Pakpao 13 years ago
"One too many World War II movies maybe? Stereotypes die hard I think maybe this opera demonstrates that."

The story line, the dialog and who ever had costumed the damned thing, wow. It made Anne Rice look cutting edge.

Huh. Eiryk just knew everyone didn't he? That didn't surprise her at all, although a vampire with a job in retail did. Why would Alex hire a vampire? Oh who knew it didn't matter. Pak decided not to think about it.


She asked weakly. Pak never had too much to do with horses. She'd not had the money at first and then lived mostly in cities where keeping your own horse was a luxury. They were still a little bit of a mystery to her. But it did seem right up Eiryk's alley if nothing else.

"I didn't know you rode Alex."
Morrigan Kinsey 13 years ago
Morrigan chuckled softly at the human expressing problems with the exchange rate on murder to immortality ratio. She tapped a finger to her lips thoughtfully and agreed.

"It does seem a bit steep, especially for all the trouble necessary in finding virgins." She turned to Eiryk. "Which I agree should be older than the age of ten. I enjoy my companionship a little more mature, preferably well dressed and educated. The educated is optional if he knows how to keep his mouth shut."

Morrigan's smile implied she was insincere and for the most part that was true. However a small bit of blood from some well dressed idiot was not unheard of but when she had time, Morrigan preferred a little pre-dinner conversation; the blood always seemed to taste better that way.

Returning to the earlier bit of conversation she said.
"I have to wonder is it a fixed thing? Always one year or is it slightly more per amount of blood. If you get a small virgin is she only worth eight months? If that's the case would it help to fatten her up like the witch in Hansel and Gretel first?"

She sipped her wine thoughtfully before turning to Ysabel and speaking softly, barely above a breath. "Perhaps your friends would care to join us?" It was her booth but Ysabel's friends and Morrigan wanted her clan mate to know that it was fine with her if they watched the rest of the opera with company.

The talk turned to horses and Morrigan listened quietly. She was old enough to know how to ride very well, in battle and out. The memory of leather chariot reigns tight in her grasp while her army rode into battle beside her was as vivid now as it had been then.
Ysabel 13 years ago
Ysabel laughed softly at Eiryk. "That's very kind of you to help us out," she said. "I'm sure they'll adore knowing we came to their shop with such a glowing recommendation behind them."

Morrigan extended the offer to share their booth through Ysabel, who nodded. The intermission would only last a few minutes more and it would be nice to talk to Eiryk, Alexander, and Pak after the show.

Waiting for an appropriate pause in the conversation Ysabel said,
"Morrigan and I are seated in one of the balcony booths. There's plenty of room up there, and it would be wonderful if you would all join us."

The seats in the booth had much more room around them and there was a modicum of privacy. In Ysabel's opinion it was a much better view as well, with no one's head in the way, fairly close to the stage.

Turning to answer Eiryk directly Ysabel said,
"It was my pleasure Eiryk. We should do it again soon, both Marie and I enjoyed ourselves."
Alex Aristos 13 years ago
"I should hope ten is young," Alex said wryly to Eiryk. He shook his head in a chiding manner at his boyfriend and then laughed softly. "They're not my homicides," he pointed out. "I'm just saying... it seems like too much risk for too little reward."

He shrugged his shoulders at Pak. "That was my first time," he said. "So I don't ride. But Ysabel and Marie were very patient with me and Elegy didn't seem to mind either."

Ysabel and Morrigan offered to have them sit in the booth with them for the second act of the show and Alex figured Eiryk could field that one. He wouldn't deny, however, that it would be awfully nice to sit in a chair with enough room to stretch his legs out a little.

Waiting for Eiryk and Pak to consider the offer, Alex turned to Morrigan with a smile.
"I would imagine size probably doesn't matter... it seems like quality would be more important than quantity in this case. If not, though, I'd be looking for the biggest virgins I could find."
Eiryk 13 years ago
Eiryk grinned at the tall red head. She she was an Anantya, that was certain. Nice enough so far though and besides Eiryk had nothing against his maker's family. They just hadn't suited him.

Combining Alex and Morrigan's thoughts he took a slightly different turn in his musings.

"I wonder if there is a cost of living adjustment for mass homicides and virgins? If they are harder to come by, are they worth more? Some one needs to adjust this story line for inflation."

Those were good seats. Eiryk hadn't managed to get any tonight, apparently the whole vampire craze had inspired more people to go to the opera than usual. He wasn't opposed to the upgraded. He knew Pak would like it and while it might not make the opera itself any more appealing to Alex it might be more comfortable.

"That is a very generous offer. Thank you we'd love to."

He nodded in agreement. It would be nice to go riding again. Hell he'd even been amused by Ysabel's boyfriend. He might have been slightly surly and suspicious but he did have a good heart buried in there some where.
Pakpao 13 years ago
It was macabre, but funny and certainly suitable to the venue and show. But still Pak shook her head slightly incredulous at Eiryk's idea.

"You want a cost of living increase on virgins? Is it too late to pretend I don't know you?"

Pak was very pleased by the offer of the booth. Sometimes it was hard to see the stage if some one tall sat in front of her. She nodded her agreement.

"Yes thank you very much. Some day I'm going to break down and by one for the season but I haven't reached that point yet."

She hated the idea of it going to waste. Maybe they had a time share program. She'd look into that a bit more later.

About then the house lights flashed and people started heading back into the theater. Recognizing Alex had first claim on Eiryk she wanted for one of the two men to offer his arm. She was never sure who would but they'd both been very good about it tonight.
Morrigan Kinsey 13 years ago
Morrigan laughed out right at the idea of cost of living adjustment on the virgins. Shaking her head at him, she was still smiling. " If you ever grow weary of the Towers then look me up. I appreciate someone who has such -creative- solutions to problems.

She turned her amused expression to Pakpao, "You too. Its also good to know when to cut your losses and run for the hills." Not that Morrigan was particularly known for that. She was very stubborn. It had taken many years to learn patience. Immortality brought the opportunity to learn how to make plans that had more chance of success. It took a while before she learned to favor finesse over charging in, spear raised.

The lights flickered warning everyone that the opera was about to continue. She looked around at the group.
"Its this way."
Ysabel 13 years ago
Ysabel nodded in agreement with Eiryk. "I would enjoy that. I think Ambrose would too, and I know Marie would for certain. She's enjoying her job with Alexander very much."

Seeing the taller man glance toward them Ysabel smiled at him and received soft smile in return. Marie's employer was perfect for her. In spite of his size he was fairly non-threatening, and his preferences made Marie feel much safer, even if Alexander hadn't been soft-spoken and calm.

She walked along with Morrigan as the lights signaled the imminent start of the second act. Ysabel was enjoying the opera very much and while she liked Morrigan's company, she very much liked Eiryk and Alexander. Their friend Pakpao seemed nice as well.

As they reached their box again and took their seats, Ysabel was much relieved as the lights went down. The brighter lights of the lobby had pained her and she was far more comfortable in the dark.
Alex Aristos 13 years ago
Alexander laughed at the direction the conversation had turned; he couldn't do otherwise. It was that absurd.

Eiryk accepted the ladies' offer for all three of them and Alexander felt relieved. There was much more privacy in the boxes, not to mention all that leg room. Since he'd been the one to pretty much physically drag Pak down here he offered her his arm once more. When she took it he said,
"Now it's too late," in a very solemn tone, nodding at her.

As they made it to the box and the lights dimmed Alex sat in the further back of the two rows with Eiryk, sighing happily as he stretched his legs out in front of him. It might still sound like cats in heat down there but at least he was comfortable.
Eiryk 13 years ago
Eiryk gave Morrigan a cheerful if slightly outdated little bow.

"Problem solving is a specialty of mine."

So was problem creating, but that was a conversation for another night. He grinned to himself as Alex offered Pak his arm, and grinned even more as Pak accepted. In their own odd little way Eiryk figured those two were good for each other. He'd try and get them out together more.

As they settled down in the booth Eiryk relaxed into his new seat to enjoy the show. But he took just a moment or two to tease Alex.

"You know we could make out up here and no one would be the wiser."

Not that he figured Alex would take him up on that offer. He loved Alex but he could be a bit shy, proper. Given half a chance Eiryk would drag one of his two dates off to a broom closet, well during intermission any way. He didn't want to miss the performance.
Pakpao 13 years ago
Pak nodded a modest thank you of sorts to Morrgain and took Alex's arm. There would be no small talk while watching the opera. She shook her head at Eiryk's human boyfriend as they walked.

"Could you at least try and teach him some manners?"

With the lights out and the music started again Pak sat back and pondered why every one thought that vampires used seduction to get their way. Most vampires were attractive, she had to admit that, but it didn't make them suave, smooth or irresistible. Her maker was a great demonstration of that. He had the personality of a block of wood most days.

As she read the super titles and followed the plot she pondered his offer about command. Maybe she should take him up on that. It might be good. She'd like to talk to Kem about it first though. It seemed risky. Hmmmm maybe she should talk to some one in security now that she thought about it. Some how she doubted security would appreciate having a lead programer and someone with a bit of clearance under the control of Anantya. God this could be complicated couldn't it?
Morrigan Kinsey 13 years ago
Morrigan settled down to watch the rest of the performance. She noted with amusement that faith saves the day and the vampire goes to hell after failing in his nefarious goal. The time frame of this opera was particularly unique. She mused that it was written past the age where people still believed and were frightened by vampires and a bit before the current age. Today's media saw vampires as undead rock stars with sexy bodies and glamorous lifestyles.

Morrigan looked down and smoothed the sheer dress over eternally toned legs and thought 'Well, at least they got part of it right'.

At the end of the act the players came back out for their bows. She noted with some annoyance that a group of well dressed teens were booing the actor who played the part of the vampire. Overzealous Christians perhaps? She was not entirely sure who this Edward was they kept referring to but perhaps it was a saint or priest. It really didn't matter to her but she thought the rudeness was inexcusable.

Turning to the others, she said.
"Shall we all go find this coffee house with the deplorable service?"
Ysabel 13 years ago
The opera ended in typical human fashion. Ysabel had found it entertaining, regardless of the outcome. She stood and gathered her handbag and shawl. It wasn't the first time she'd been to the opera house here in Nachton but every time she came she reminded herself to return again soon; a difficult task when one lived with an Ambrose. Well, she would have to practice batting her eyelashes. She probably had grown rusty in the past few years.

Turning to Morrigan Ysabel said,
"Yes, that sounds excellent."

They made their way slowly out of their box; the crowds were all headed in the same direction. It did seem like there was some extra traffic tonight though. As they neared the main vestibule they slowed to a crawl. Ysabel thought she heard excited voices ahead but she wasn't tall enough to see.
Alex Aristos 13 years ago
Alex tried to hide his relief at the fact that the opera was finally done. He'd read the plot summary about fifteen times during act 2, as he was able with the changing lights. Martini gone and not nearly strong enough, he'd spent the remainder of the second act tracing little circles on the palm of Eiryk's hand and being as quietly suggestive as possible.

He craned his neck as they made their way out, noting that the actors had come out to greet the audience. For the most part they were met with cheers and applause, save for the poor man who'd played the vampire. A group of teenagers was doing what teenagers did best - being obnoxious. And their attentions were currently on the actor who had portrayed the vampire, comparing him unfavorably to Edward from the Twilight series.

Useless kids. Not only were they being rude but they had bad taste. Edward was a pansy... and coming from a gay guy that was saying a lot.

The actor took it with good humor; it was another crowd member who got upset with the teenagers first, not because they were harrassing the actor but because omg Twilight was a genus series and Edward was the best character in the history of literature.

Alex rolled his eyes.
Eiryk 13 years ago
"I thought the idea of the coffee house was to avoid my driving?"

Eiryk said in typical good humor as he stumbled over the threshold of the booth. That one he could blame on Alex though. The man had been more than a little distracting through the second act. Not that Eiryk was complaining.

Personally he would have been happy to chat about the opera, he would have liked a word or two with the female lead as he thought her performance had been quite good, but the crowd was oddly restless. Hearing the words, 'Edward' and 'Twilight' he openly rolled his eyes. He couldn't think of anything less dignified than to be associated with that rubbish.

Feeling a little irked with the teenagers he spoke loudly to Pak, whose arm he'd taken, and tried to rile up the natives.

"Oh yes, Twilight is based on this opera. I read it on Wiki, the author gave them an exclusive interview just went up this morning. I guess that means that Edward will die and go to hell. Probably the girl too."

While he did over hear a lot about these books and movies, and he'd even read part of the first one, he couldn't remember the character names for beans.

His comments took at least some attention off the poor guy who played the vampire and started some mutterings and got them a few pairs of angry eyes turned on them as he was identified as the source of the comment.
Pakpao 13 years ago
Pak was game for anything. She didn't mind hanging out a bit while the crowd dispersed. Although, the didn't seem to be dispersing very well right now. It looked like the kids were... thinking about staging a riot?

She was confused. Right up until Eiryk got lippy. Oh lord what had he done. The muttering gradually took on the sound of angry bees as smart phones were whipped out and this information searched for and others seemed to be circling them like a pack of wolves. She had not planned on going to the zoo tonight and tugged on Eiryk's arm whispering.

"Jensen do not make them mad. They out number us."

And he hadn't brought his ax and she was shy a squirt gun. Pak smiled nervously at Ysabel and Morrigan hoping they had a sense of humor. Since Eiryk was talking again Pak hoped it was a really good sense of humor.

"Probably for the best might finally give Edward and that girl some emotional depth, the whole series really." He said in the same loud voice.

Pak scowled at him as Eiryk only grinned when she'd pinched his arm trying to get him to shut up.
Morrigan Kinsey 13 years ago
Morrigan walked down the stairs with the rest of the group, noticing a larger number of people still crowded in the lobby than she expected to see. The actors were out, speaking to fans, signing things and talking about the show. Normally, though, only the dedicated stayed to speak with the singers; most people were in a hurry to get home.

It was immediately apparent that there was some trouble. She was not surprised to see the rude teenagers in the middle of it. The actor playing the vampire was literally surrounded by them while they continued to harass him about not portraying vampires correctly. Morrigan's mouth quirked up slightly at that. She leaned to Ysabel and nodded her chin towards the man, who was now standing there sans most of his makeup. It was a fellow member of the Rose, Henry Clairmont.

"Rather ironic, don't you think?" Morrigan murmured so that Ysabel could hear.

Their new blonde friend said something interesting that had the angry lot of spoiled hooligans looking their way. This Edward fellow they kept yammering on about was apparently some vampire, and because of his fine example of the species, Henry was not playing the part correctly.

"He'd make a MUCH better vampire!" One of the girls pointed to Alex, smiling up at him with adoring puppy dog eyes. "He's tall, dark and handsome. Totally perfect!"

And totally human. The amusement for the evening just kept getting better.

Eiryk continued to goad the crowd, Morrigan hid a smile behind her purse. Composing herself, she gave the horde of little velvet and lace clad miscreants her most icy stare and moved through the sea of bodies toward Henry. They parted for her, perhaps sensing that she would not bat an eye at seeing their heads placed on spikes. Morrigan found that sort of thing could be conveyed quite well without a word ever being uttered.

"Henry, Dear, that was a brilliant performance. You were marvelous."

One of the girls, having either more courage or less brains, chose to intrude on her conversation.

"It was hideous! He... he... dies at the end and goes to hell! Whatever! That's lame."

For his part, the Anantya looked up at his elder and shrugged his shoulders. "Apparently its uncool to die and be condemned for the murder of innocent virgins."

Morrigan smiled at him and whispered softly, "Well it has always been true that perception of a thing holds more weight than the actual deed." She placed her fingers on either side of his chin, tilting his head towards her and gave him a sympathetic smile. "Whatever are we going to do with you, Henry, you're simply not vampire enough to for us anymore." Leaning closer, Morrigan grinned. "We might have to kick you out of the club."

"Parish the thought. I shall do my best to brood seductively, wear more hair product, and..." Henry gulped theatrically. "sparkle. If you insist upon it, Madam."

Morrigan grinned and teased. "See that you do." Turning back to her friends, ignoring the brainless little moppet still invading their personal space, she introduced them. "Everyone, I would like you to meet, my friend, Henry Clairmont."

((OOC: Mindless twit in purple. Henry in red ))
Ysabel 13 years ago
Although Morrigan was indicating the person in the crowd, Ysabel couldn't see exactly who it was until they got a little closer, which they were doing. One of the antagonists, a teenaged girl, pinpointed Alex and cried out about how perfect a vampire he'd make. Ysabel hid a smile. That might have served to divert Eiryk's diversion. She couldn't see him taking too well to it.

They finally reached a point where Ysabel could see the man in question. She went up to him just behind Morrigan, taking advantage of the split in the crowd.

"Mister Clairmont, it's been too long," she said, dropping a shallow little curtsey.

She looked on while Morrigan teased Henry just a bit, though in truth he seemed relieved to have some of the heat taken off of him. In the meantime Ysabel watched with interest the crowd's reaction to Eriyk's heckling as well as Alex, who had been suddenly singled out as tall, dark, and handsome (which, she had to agree, he certainly was) and was therefore a much better candidate for playing a vampire than any of the actual vampires standing around him. Alex did not seem pleased by that.