Irony in Two Acts!

Alex turned to Eiryk as the first act of the opera apparently ended. He wouldn't know; he didn't speak German. Judging by the fact that all the yowling had ceased and the lights had come up and people were stretching and milling about, yeah. He guessed it was intermission.

He'd remarked upon the irony of this particular opera more than once to Eiryk. The opera was "Der Vampyr," based on a play based on a book (or something... Alex had read the program a few times while the caterwauling was in full swing, trying to eke something educational out of this experience). It was about... a vampire. Really. A vampire. Not terribly realistic in his opinion, not that he could judge, knowing let's see... one whole vampire.

He stood and twisted back and forth. His right knee hurt, probably from sitting in that chair for over an hour, which was not meant for someone his height. Too bad his suit prevented him from doing any decent yoga to work out the kinks.

Turning to Eiryk he muttered under his breath,
"This was entertainment? How did you survive without killing yourself?"

Alex Aristos 12 years ago
Alex was a little distracted by Eiryk's antagonizing the crowd. He kept an eye out for signs of further unrest, thinking it might be bad if Eiryk managed to trip and fall on someone now. There would be a riot.

Suddenly two dozen pairs of teenage eyes were on him as he was pegged as being the ideal vampire. Alex felt his eyes widen about three sizes and then he forced them to narrow.

"I'm a horrible vampire, are you kidding?" he said testily to the black lace-wearing girl. "I hate opera. I can't sing. I faint at the sight of blood. And I'm a pacifist."

He crossed his arms over his chest and tried to backpedal but there were people behind him making it impossible. So he remained where he was, trying to look irritable and half afraid he was coming off as more emo and brooding, which would hardly help his case.
Eiryk 12 years ago
No, absolutely not. Eiryk drew himself up and stared down the bit of fluff making eyes at -his- boyfriend. Not letting go of Pak's arm he claimed Alex's as well.

"And he's mine. Go find your own."

He might have thrown a bit more suggestion into that than he'd intended to, but he was only protecting Alex. It was also only directed to the one girl, who did scamper off. It didn't do anything for the rest of the crowd.

Eiryk didn't think Alex would be a horrible vampire, but he'd never even talked to Alex along those lines. Hadn't even thought about brining it up. It bothered him that these little punks would be unknowingly shoving that in Alex's face. If they didn't behave he'd go in for a serious PDA to stake his claim to Alex and then start suggesting other more intelligent things for them to be doing. It was that or find an ax.

Muttering under his breath about trends and mindless zombies and no respect, he kept Alex close and moved them through the crowd to the lead. He couldn't help but smile, if Morrgain and Ysabel knew him they apparently had a vampire playing a vampire. Smiling broadly, Eiryk was happy to meet the man he didn't often hang around after the performance so this was a bit of a treat for him.

"I've tried the sparkling thing. Over rated in my opinion. But a pleasure to meet you Mr. Clairmont an excellent performance. Shame about the type casting the crowd seems to be insisting on. But at least the director had enough vision to let you keep your shirt on and not add any werewolves."

Of course, he also now wondered how one added a sub plot, in German, about the vampire competing for the virgin with a werewolf. It was taking great effort not to laugh at the idea of some 'romantic' duets.
Pakpao 12 years ago
Pak had guessed Ysabel was a vampire, the clothes did give it away and Eiryk had leaned over at one point during the second act and whispered 'Anantya' to her. So at least she knew. Poor Alex, once again out numbered by vampires. Maybe he should hang out with Aishe, she must know something of how that felt.

Catching Eiryk 'suggesting' people leave Alex alone she elbowed him, and not softly or discreetly. Apparently he was the possessive type. After politely suggesting, in her native language of course, that the whiny little thing who complained about the vampire's performance go to hell instead.

Her best guess was the vampire really was a vampire and she tried not to laugh at that. Everyone needed a hobby, or a job and part of her wished she had the guts to try something like this, or the talent.

She offered the vampire her hand and complimented his performance, before distractedly glaring at another teen jostling her. Pak tried to stand up straighter and look more imposing. It almost worked.

Finding herself next to Ysabel she rolled her eyes and muttered.

"I didn't realize velvet and lace were required. I should check the dress code on these things more carefully."
Morrigan Kinsey 12 years ago
Morrigan watched as Henry stood and took Ysabel's hand, bowing over it. The little vermin who was still close by 'awwwed' and put a hand to her chest. Apparently having manners was an acceptable replacement to hair product and....sparkling?

She watched as Alex claimed he would make a terrible vampire. Henry chuckled and said.
"But can you brood invitingly? Its an art really. Too much and you just look mean and unapproachable and too little is just not convincing. If you can add a little internally tortured to the mix you'll be a sensation."

Henry nodded to the blonde. "Yes, I appreciate the lack snarling animals on the stage." Brushing at the costume he was wearing, he said. "Fur is so hard to get off velvet."

Morrigan looked at Eiryk and frowned slightly, mouthing the word as a question. "Sparkling?" Gesturing towards the overhead lighting, she looked at him for confirmation of her deduction. "I would have to agree that it is over rated." She turned to Henry. "You are not allowed to sparkle." The man gave her a small grin and a accepting nod.

The crowd of miscreants seemed to have gone on to arguing amongst themselves about some aspect of vampire lore and physiology. Henry was no longer the center of attention and most of the crowd was filtering out.
"I am afraid we must be leaving you, My Dear. Take care and do come back to us in one piece."

She looked to Eiryk.
"Lead on."

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Ysabel 12 years ago
Ysabel blushed prettily when henry bowed over her hand, the reaction instantaneous and ingrained from hundreds of years of courtly manners. Otherwise she remained quiet, watching the crowd move on to other details of vampire pop culture to pick at.

At Pakpao's statement she turned her nose up with a little mischievous smile and sniffed haughtily.
"If only they had learned to do it with a modicum of taste. I don't recall wearing enormous boots and striped stockings with any of my gowns."

She regarded the other woman solemnly.
"I think you look splendid. Far more appropriate than these children. They might be able to learn over time, if it doesn't run out on them first."

She accompanied Pak from the lobby after bidding Henry a good evening, glad that their intervention had, perhaps, saved a friend some awkwardness.

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Alex Aristos 12 years ago
Alex could think of nothing he detested more than being singled out so when Eiryk took his arm he gladly tried his best to hide his taller frame behind his boyfriend. Wincing at Henry he said, "I'm just fine with anonymity. You can have all of the sensation."

He glared at the few people still staring at him until they turned away. Only then did he relax marginally. Having made his statement on the matter he did what came naturally to him in crowds like these, and fell silent. He followed the conversation closely but wouldn't add anything unless he felt largely compelled to do so.

It was polite to wish Henry a good evening however, so he did that as they left, wishing the talented singer as much dramatic sensation as he could possibly handle.

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Eiryk 12 years ago
Eiryk nodded cheerfully at the idea of sparkling. He'd explain over coffee. It really was almost embarrassing, who ever thought of this idea should be shot. Or possibly sprayed with glitter and tied to a ceiling in a skating rink. This was something he might leave to Pak, she had good ideas for revenge most of the time.

"I do hear the rule is not to work with animals or children."

He laughed and wished he had more arms to offer people but he did lead them all out of the opera house and to the coffee house with slow service, but amazing coffee. All in all it had been a pleasant evening, although maybe he wouldn't subject Alex to opera again. Well maybe one of the comedies. He'd wait a season or two first though.

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Pakpao 12 years ago
This sparkling thing was going to ruin being a vampire for years. She wondered exactly how one would go about removing the whole thing from the world's cultural memory. How hard exactly would it be to hack in and delete things or maybe they kept movies on film still. She didn't know.

She said a polite goodnight to the opera vampire and let Eiryk lead her out as she grinned at Ysabel.

"It is the socks I don't get. They always make me think of the Wicked Witch of the West."

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