Ger Kogji Party - Lanai

Now that you have entered the party and been greeted at the door, please feel free to step out onto the lanai. This is essentially a huge glass walled room where the pool, spa, koi pond and many seating arrangements are. There is a bar set up near the seating with a very helpful bartender named Frank making just about anything you could ask for. There is a tropical band playing in one of the larger open areas near the limbo pole.

The area is lush with plants, lit with tiny lights creeping up the support beams and in the water features. The pool houses several floating blooms at the moment so swimming would be frowned upon. There are two security guards dressed to match Dave manning the door off the lanai. Both are tall, muscular and vampire. Pestering either of them, Gestal or Stephan, seems like a daunting task. Thank you.

((This thread is for the party guests that wish to make their ways out into the warm porch to enjoy the sights, sounds and scents.))

Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander ignored the burly guards as he entered the Lanai.

He looked around the warm glass room. Impressive, Alexander mused to himself, the band was an interesting diversion, but the limbo pole would be avoided at all costs.

The bar on the other hand was entirely welcome and Alexander strode towards the area and pulled up a seat.

"My good man. A tall glass of Lemon, Lime and Bitters with a double shot of Vodka if you don't mind."
Aishe 17 years ago
Aishe smiled with relief at Kem as he escorted both her and Ana in the direction of the tropical sounds. His voice in her head was gentle, and she wondered if it had taken him years of practice to reach that point, or if it came naturally.

[I'm all right,] she reassured him. Ana brushed against her as she sat, and she could see the burst of aura colors as the young woman began to speak. Aishe couldn't 'translate' them all yet, but there was quite the rainbow around her friend.

Kem asked Ana a question and Aishe, her hand in his, could see soft blue spirals. Those she knew as a good color, nothing wrong, everything fine. Slightly surprising; she'd expected more discomfort from Kem, particularly in this setting, but she certainly wasn't going to complain of the lack.

As Ana responded, Aishe couldn't help but laugh at Kem's expression as the feisty little librarian brought up (quite deliberately, Aishe assumed) one of the two books she'd shown Aishe when they'd met; one of the two Aishe knew had been scribed a very long time ago by Kem himself. He quirked an eyebrow at her, and then his brows furrowed together over his sunblocked nose, and then he turned to Aishe with a shrug.

"Don't look here," Aishe said without being asked. "I just wanted to research. They are some pretty old books."

And she certainly was assuming her friend now knew about vampires... but she wasn't going to mention it unless Ana did. She and Fallon seemed to have grown very close, but that didn't mean Ana was in the know. Aishe felt her head whirl a bit. Fallon, and then her... was Ana due to be the next one among them? That would be... interesting.
Ambrose 17 years ago
That was a relief, getting out of that crush of people and dropping off his gift let Ambrose in a much better mood. There was music, drinks and twins involved now he could relax.

He was very aware that Belle hadn’t let go of his arm for more than a few seconds and was quite pleased by that. Not that he didn’t trust her but in any crowd he liked to keep track of her and his other arm was Dayle’s for as long as she wanted it. Although it wouldn’t surprise him if she sought out other company. He took a second to adjust his hat to a more arrogant angle and escorted them to the Lanai.

Aishe he knew, sort of and offered her a smile and a nod, maybe if she hadn’t been engaged in conversation he would have said something. Alex on the other hand, well even Ambrose wasn’t so rude as to ignore him.

“Either of you two ladies want something to drink?”

He turned to Belle with a rather defiant but also playful expression.

“No I will not be doing the limbo, your own your own.”

At that he very clearly leered, it didn’t sound like a bad idea to him at all.
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Popping quickly into the room, Dawn surveyed the scene. A very inviting pool with floating flowers, and her wearing her swimsuit...after dinner, perhaps. Well, after liquor at least. Oo...koi pond. After a LOT of liquor, if she was unlucky. A band playing something she didn't know. Kinda nice background music, though. Danceable, in a rhythmic swaying way, she guessed. A possibility. A limbo pole? That was a guarantee. Two bouncers that would be getting wet at some point this evening...check. A very white guy wearing very not white clothes. Eeenteresting, but he made it work. Maybe he was a crossdresser. Comfortable in a skirt, anyway. Ooo! A chica wearing coconuts with Chiquita Bananas' primary shareholder. They might be amusing. Now...what's this? Manbrose and the doublemint twins! Ysabel and Lebasy! Well, until she learned her name. There HAD to be a story there! She knew the gunslinger was a dirty bastard.

Oh, and the bar. Priorities are, after all, priorities. Bracing her hands on the counter, matching the barman's stance, she greeted him in her newscaster English.

"Greetings my good man. My name is Dawn. I expect you'll be seeing me frequently this evening, and if you exercise as little restraint as I plan, you'll perhaps be seeing a lot of me as well. I require both alcohol and caffeine, in a mixture that you are free to be creative with. Give me more of whichever you consider to be more tasty. I look forward to your work of art. If it sucks, I'll give it back. Be aware!"

Making a mock lion face at the man she turned back to Amberelle. Now it was time for name that person's drink! Leaning over the counter back toward the confused bartender, she put her hand up in a theatrical stage whisper pose.

"Okokokok. So...I'm guessin' bananarama wanna daquiri. Coconut tits'll be'a caucasian. Jungleboy, gin an'tonic. The harem'aster'll be having either beer'r whiskey, but you should be a sport t'th'twins an'give'm somethin with pineapple instead. If I'm kin keep th'caffeine an'liquor separate an I won't give'm back. If we split the difference, um...same deal. Sorry man, I'm not sure you're up t'th'challenge...but after I've th'shark you're about t'make me ya may'ave earned m'trust."

Sliding back down away from the bar, she turned to Amberelle.

"So...what's yer poison? I'm havin' shark."
Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander hid his smile behind his glass as he watched the little episode between the lively woman in the swimsuit known as Dawn and the flustered bartender. He was tempted to laugh when she broke out into an amusing tirade about who would be drinking what but instead sipped away at the bitter sweet drink in the glass.

Alexander slid around on his chair so his back was facing the bar and he was able to pick out the characters that Dawn had so colourfully described. Ambrose the Harem Master. Alexander snickered at the thought of that. But of course. Coconut tits, well yes that was one way of describing the woman and her companion.

Taking another sip from his glass, Alexander glanced back down the bar at Dawn, and yes there was the blonde haired woman with the red hibiscus flower in her hair. Alexander raised his glass and smiled in acknowledgement.

Returning to his glass, Alexander sighed softly and took a long sip. Things here were definitely different than London.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Trailing after Dawn, Amberelle stood just behind and to the side of the smaller woman. She glanced around the room, making notes about the various potential activities. A wicked part of her couldn't wait to show off at the limbo pole. As agile as she was it would be quite entertaining to see who all could compete!

Amby's brows knit together as she concentrated on decyphering Dawn's colorful descriptions and picked each person out, measuring them against her label and finding that the girl had quite a talent for on the spot thinking. "But really how hard is coconut tits?" That one had her stifling giggles, especially when it finally came to her where she remembered the pretty girl wearing said shells from. Marking down a note to herself to visit with Aishe later, she almost missed the small gesture from the dark and quite dashing, especially for a man in a "skirt", gentleman from the foyer. Again she smiled in return, this time a little more coquettishly with lowering lashes and a bit of a blush to her cheeks. Society flirting was an art, and one she was well versed in.

Quirking an eyebrow at her clanmate, she briefly wondered what would be in a drink called shark. Probably a lot of things she had no desire to try from what rambling instructions she had overheard before, the blonde decided. Gracing the bartender with a dazzling smile, she first asked what kinds of wine they were serving. Frank ran down the list and she nodded, pleased. Several good choices. Deciding on a nice fruity white to start, she ordered and watched the bartender busy himself with pouring her glass.

Lookind down at Dawn, she made ceetain her tone was quiet but not impossible for anyone standing nearby to overhear.
Somehow I think we should all be drinking things with little umbrellas.. I feel the urge to order things like 'sex on the beach'. But then again I've already gotten lei'd once tonight haven't I? Her golden topaz eyes sparkled with mirth and she couldn't help but chuckle at her own joke.
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Catching the brief interplay between the skirted man and Ambygirl, Dawn grinned wickedly.

"I'm thinkin'ts'a bit col'fer sex onna beach...and jus'cuz ya been lei'd once inna night dun mean ya gotta stop there! 'Specially wit'th'look Senor Skirtypants's givin' ya. I'm thinkin' y'bess git ova there'n greetim'r'll go an'start tellin'im all SORTSA untrue things aboutya! Go'n girl, git! He's all kindsa yours, sign, seal'n deliver'd!"

Half hoping Amberelle would stall so she would have an opportunity to embarrass her, Dawn reigned herself in. Now, now. No reason to make Amby's life MORE difficult than necessary so early in the evening. There'd be plenty of time for that later. Taking her shark and slugging it, she saluted with the glass to her forehead the bartender. He'd added extra pepper sauce, so the dual burn was especially potent.

"Woo! Good one, Frankie! I'll have to chase that one with a Pink Melon Rainbow Starburst. Then I'll leave you alone for a few minutes!"

Turning back to Amberelle, she grinned. Doing a fair impression of the Southerner's own brand of accent, she stated

"Now, y'all git your pretty little buns ovah to that sweet young man befoah you go an make him all sad, y'heah?"

She'd overdone it a bit - more Southern, less swamp, but practice would make perfect. Wiggling her eyebrows at her clanmate, she turned away as she made a slight shooing gesture with her hands.
Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander watched as Dawn downed the 'lethal' dose of alcohol without a second's hesitation and order the poor barman to mix up another potent drink. Impressive. Alexander wondered how she would handle flaming drinks. Quite a few vampires had an aversion to them, and rightly so.

Why, there was one Clan member in London who was notorious for playing with fire, and flaming mixtures of alcohol were right up his alley. There was one memorable occassion when the Vapour Trail he inhaled had actually burnt out the inside of his throat and set his hair alight. They called him 'Wicker Man' after that incident.

Alexander washed away his laughter with the last of his drink.

Alexander motioned the bartender over.

"Send a 'Caribbean Smoked Torch' to the lady in the swimsuit and a 'White Peach' for her fine companion. With my compliments."

"And I'll have another round please."
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
When the bartender set down the flaming rum in front of her, she frowned at it. This wasn't a starburst. When he dumped the mixed contents into the smoldering glass, she blinked in surprise at the plume of smelly smoke that shot up out of the glass. Looking at Frank, trying to figure out what his game was, she saw him put a drink in front of Amberelle as well. When he said, "Compliments of the gentleman down the way," indicating Amberelle's flirting partner, Dawn leaned in to Amberelle.

"You best git over ther'n thank'im f'r both'a'us."

Toasting the man down the bar, she lofted the drink and took a good slug. She didn't chug since she didn't know what all was in it. Best to play it safe and divide it in thirds. It tasted like mostly rum and was actually kind of pleasant. Deciding to sip the rest, she smiled.

"Mmm. Tasty. Wanna sip 'fore ya head over? Since you're headin' over?"

When her layered drink arrived, Dawn knew she'd be set for a few minutes, at least. Plenty of time for Amberelle to get some serious flirt on if she wanted.
Shay 17 years ago
Pulling on his hand slightly, Shay moved between several people, excusing herself along the way to the bar.

"Amberelle!" She exclaimed, though not too intrusively. Seeing her new friend alongside the bar was surprising to Shay, but not unpleasantly so. In fact she had intended on calling the woman but hadn't had a chance. So seeing Amberelle now gave Shay the opportunity to say hi, as well as to introduce the man she'd spoken of over coffee.

Before she got close enough to properly greet her friend she leaned into Alexi and explained.

"That is Amberelle, the woman I met while out shoe shopping and had coffee with. Remember me telling you? She's Anantya..." Shay then immediately wondered if Amberelle was only one representative of that clan here tonight, like Alexi was for Tacharan, or if Cyrus and Fallon and many of the people she didn't know here were also of the Anantya clan. Again the information didn't matter, but Shay couldn't help her inquisitive mind from wondering.

When she and Alexi were finally standing close enough to Amberelle to speak without shouting, Shay made introductions.

"Amberelle, it's so good to see you!" And mindful of the woman's drink, Shay gave her a quick hug. Stepping back to the side a little she put room between herself and the woman so Alexi could fill it.

"This is Mathias...the 'special' man I spoke of?" Posing her introduction as a question, Shay wanted to make sure Amberelle remembered, though at the length Shay talked about Alexi, she couldn't see how anyone who met her couldn't help but remember.

"Mathias, this is Amberelle DeEspionne, the woman responsible for the shoes I brought home recently." Shay was teasing of course, but just providing a little more information about their meeting for reference.

Listening to Alexi and Amberelle, Shay's eyes glanced over the very 'colorful' and scantily clad young woman next to her blond friend, who seemed to be drinking a rather smoking concoction.
Montana 17 years ago
(( To Aishe and Kem, near the Band: ))

Kem's reaction gave her most of the answer that she wanted, but ... Aishe had been incommunicado for some months and she needed to confirm...

"While I may not have the breadth of experience you have seen, Kem, I think an actual discussion at some point with you may prove to be fun and enlightening. But I must say," Ana mentioned under her breath, "That one thing I think I'd miss the most would be sunlight."

Clearing her throat, she continued in a more normal tone of voice, "You two make a cute couple. I'm glad you're finally... together." With the last word she looked at Aishe and quirked an eyebrow in an almost questioning expression, while gently brushing back the hair behind her left ear and idly scratched at her neck.
Dayle 17 years ago
Dayle hung onto Ambrose's arm. As long as he was offering it, she wouldn't turn it down. If she did leave though, she hoped he wouldn't mind; same as she hoped he wouldn't mind - or even that her sister wouldn't mind - if she came back to partake of it. 'Though I do need to give them some couple-mingling time,' she told herself. "I wouldn't mind something light to start, maybe a Guinness if they have it, or a dry martini. Or something thematically tropical, perhaps. Yes, I think tropical..."

She glanced around the Lanai, a closed-lip smile on her face. She saw a cute little bespectacled woman sitting near the band with an exotic lady and her safari photographer escort... And a handful of people she recognized as other Tacharan... "You know," she said across Ambrose to Ysabel, "if he -did- want to limbo, you could use your oomph to help keep him upright. But that would be cheating."
Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander wasn't surprised. Dawn was unphased by the flaming concoction and would have made 'Wicker Man' proud. Her blonde haired companion hadn't touched her drink so far, but the arrival of other party guests to their corner didn't give her much time to consider it.

He didn't recognized either of the two women and the man who arrived in Dawn's little corner of the bar and began chatting away to the pair like old friends. And Alexander had been remiss. He should have greeted Ambrose the moment he saw him enter the Lanai. Casting a wistful glance at Dawn and her companion, Alexander finished his drink, tipped the bar tender and headed over to Ambrose and his twin escorts.

There would be plenty of time tonight to introduce himself to Dawn and her charming companion.
Mathias 17 years ago
Letting Shay take the lead,Mathias followed closely behind, weaving through the increasing crowd. As they approached the bar, Shay stopped - seeming to recognize a blond woman standing one corner,talking to a smaller woman

Instinctively wrapping his arms around Shay as they stood there, he raised an eyebrow at her description of Ambrielle. Both Shay's nonchalant mention of clan and seemingly Ambrielle's ease at mentioning such things struck Mathias as odd. Last Mathias had checked, Anantya were still a secretive lot amongst the secretive...but perhaps this Ambrielle had trusted Shay, or Shay's naturally inquisitive nature and the information Mathias had shared with her provided the answers.

"Truly interesting friends you have,beloved.." He whispered, softly kissing the soft spot behind her ear.

"The honor and pleasure are mine-I suppose I have you to thank for our decreasing closet space?" bowing slightly as Shay introduced him, smiling at Ambrielle.

His mind considering the possibilities Shay's reference opened. Clan was one of the few things Cyrus and he had not discussed - but as far as he knew he wasn't one of Mathias' people (He did recognize Dayle? he thought that was her name,although her companions weren't known to him.). He supposed Cyrus could be Evenhet,but he just did not strike Mathias as one of them. And Ambrielle's presence (He had no reason to doubt Shay's veracity) made the chances of Cyrus being anything other than Anantya very slim. An intriguing possibility indeed,Mathias thought.
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Dawn cocked her head at the woman who'd spoiled Dawn's matchmaking plans for Amberelle. She would have been more upset, but the directness and implied rudeness was refreshing. Deciding it'd be more fun to like her than toss her in the pool, Dawn smiled. When the conversation wasn't immediately enthralling, she glanced around. Yes, indeed. The mingling phase of the evening had formally begun, when people exchanged honest pleasantries with known parties, as the rude woman had, exchanged small witticisms as her man had, and feigned interest in the conversations of others, as she had. As long as she found at least one interesting stranger she'd be ok. She hated lying to people - it was too much work. But it was expected in "polite" company.

See, she had learned something since coming to Nachton.
Kem`Raaisu 17 years ago
Aishe had told Kem all about her friends, but she hadn't conveyed to him Ana's knowledge of vampires.

[I didn't exactly know,] was her unconcerned response when he asked her. [I've been out of touch for some time. Things do change, you know.]

Nor did he miss the little scratch of the neck and Aishe's answering smile. He chose to ignore the interchange, or as well as he could anyhow, since he could feel his face growing slightly red. Maybe he should... let them catch up. Or something. And find the beer.

Rising smoothly, he simply asked, "May I get you a drink, Ana?" Old habits died hard; he already knew what Aishe wanted.

One iced tea for Ana, and he had his order. "I'll be right back, and we can discuss a time and place for whatever your curiosity is, although I'm not sure how much fun it'll be," Kem said. "I'm pretty sure I'd have made one hell of a boring history professor."

Before he could get any redder, Kem headed off in the direction of the bar, doing his best to ignore Aishe's gentle teasing in his head.
Montana 17 years ago
"So sweet of you to ask, Kem, thank you!"

With her order in mind, Ana watched Kem leave his seat, imagining his sudden redness and heat as a campfire flame. "So tell me!" she nearly exclaimed as she grabbed Aishe's hands in her own, "When did you two finally get connected? Granted it's been a few months since we spoke about it, but you had mentioned him... And it only took two months of ancillary research to discover the names were the same. You must be ecstatic! You practically glow with affection when you look at him. I think I've only seen that three other times... When Fallon talks about Cyrus being one of them. Then again my own roster of friends has only doubled since we last spoke so... Dish, girl!" Ana took a moment to whisper, "As far as other questions down the non-relationship 'where in blazes have you been' we can save for a more private time."

"But seriously!" she exclaimed again, her voice getting raspy. "I'm so happy for you two! He looks like he's beside himself with not knowing what to do - he and I are alike in that fashion, I suppose - but the vibe I get from the two of you when you touch is like... well magic." Ana arched a brow and pursed her lips solidly to allow Aishe the chance to get a word in edgewise.
Ysabel 17 years ago
Ysabel nodded to Ambrose, who was familiar enough by now to know her usual drink; something light and sweet like a zinfandel would do just fine. Dayle's comment about limbo didn't go unheard, but she was too busy scanning the crowd and didn't take it for the joke it was.

"I don't think I could lift him," she said with a finger tapping against her lower lip. "But I don't really think he'd go for it anyway."

Belatedly she realized the quip had been in jest, and she shot Dayle a rueful glance and used said 'oomph' to tug at a strand of Dayle's hair. "Wench."

Glancing around, she caught sight of Amberelle and Dawn at the bar with a man she didn't know. As they approached the bar themselves, Ysabel gave the two ladies a small wave, not wanting to interrupt their conversation. Still holding onto Ambrose's arm Ysabel hopped onto one of the tall stools and tapped her feet against it lightly while they waited to be served.

"It'll be interesting to watch," she said with a little grin at the waiting limbo pole. Ysabel herself had never done it, nor had she even seen it done, but she did consider herself fairly up-to-date on any activity one might find at a party.

Normally she'd have been mingling all over by now, but tonight she was content to cling to Ambrose. In a few minutes, perhaps, she would introduce Dayle to the Anantya here she knew. For the moment there were still people coming in; Ysabel had to be impressed with the scope of the party. There was a part of her that wanted very much to offer her assistance to Fallon, should it be necessary, but to do so might seem to imply that she had no faith in her clanmate and in truth, everything was lovely and perfectly well-organized.
Aishe 17 years ago
Watching her self-conscious vampire flee for the relative safety of the bar for the next few minutes, Aishe turned to Ana with a laugh. "That was evil," she said. "He's still shell-shocked, I think."

She watched Kem's banana-clad back as he made his way to the bar and disappeared into the growing crowd, but not being able to see him, she realized, made no difference. The bond between them may as well have been a tangible thing, for she continued to watch and she knew as he reached the bar that he had turned back to look for her as well.

"I suppose there might be a little bit of a glow," she admitted softly. Then her smile widened. "And I have to say, I'm impressed with your research."

They didn't have much time to cover that particular topic though, for Aishe had spotted Fallon heading in their direction, and she didn't want to get too far ahead of things. She didn't mind having a bit of a goofy smile... she was ecstatic, after all, as Ana had suggested.
Alex West 17 years ago
Why go to the mountain, when the mountain would come to you? Alexander thought as he saw Ambrose and his two charming escorts make their way towards the bar and take their places.

Alexander executed a quick turn on his right heel, once more facing the bar. It had been a while since he'd done any drill, and thick sandals weren't exactly suited for it. Still the Fijian Military seemed to manage alright.

Stepping over towards Ambrose, Alexander nodded in acknowledgement of his Clan mate and smiled politely.

"An honour to see you, Ambrose. You look well tonight. Would you be so generous as to introduce me to your charming companions?"