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Everyone has favorite lines and they sometimes get repeated in IM's and OOC's but now we have a place to put them all together so we can come to one thread and chuckle over past funny moments and witty remarks.

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The Quotes!

Sorin to Morrigan after being caught with the younger more passionate Ellis in an "Evening's Entertainment"

"Oh, I don't know...they say the passion of youth makes up for the experience of bitter old age." Sorin smiled wickedly at his fellow Anantya before continuing. "But do come here and give us a kiss, Morrigan, Darling, so I can test that theory."

Ellis about Sorin and Morrigan in an "Evening's Entertainment"

This wasn't her fight but she'd watch and even fuel the flames a little. She still found the bitterness between to clans members, elders no less, odd to say the least. The hate ran deep with these two. An ending to it would be no less than catastrophic.

Ellis only wish she had some popcorn.

Talon in "Beer...and more beer"


From My, what big teeth you have!

He turned and looked at Ellis and reached out to touch her wounds. She didnt flinch, she was fuming as she looked at the vampires.

'Why didnt you dodge?' He asked, perplexed.

Ellis met his eyes, her watery green ones were unfocused with rage and bloodlust. She sneered.

'Dodging is for pussies.'

A meeting (with xerxes) - Simon and Ellis talking about her meeting with Megan.

She shrugged, 'There's no other way around it. The clear path is the straight one. She chose to walk this path with me a long time ago. Deviating will only prolong the inevitable.'

'Ok you scare me when you wax poetic.'

She giggled, 'Yeah I know, creeps me out too.'

From Slipping In, Carol to Panos:


From Paper Zoology 101 Mai:

After disposing of the broken pew, Mai left the Cathedral grounds and came back later in the evening carting a large piece of earth and grass in the wheel burrow. This piece, she carefully packed into the hole in the ground and pushed down the edges. Good enough.

It never entered her mind that the nearby golf course was going to be more than a little annoyed to come out and find a chunk of their nice green lawn missing.

Amberelle and Jan in "On the Prowl"

My name's Amberelle She held out a soft, perfectly french manicured hand. But if you're good you can call me Amby..She grinned at him playfully.

"Amberelle it is then." Jan smiled. Good was a description that rarely applied to him so he doubted he'd be calling her Amby any time soon.

Thaddeus in "Mayan Arts and Artifacts Exhibit"

A myriad of emotions, from revulsion to concern to frustration, passed through Thaddeus’s mind. A rat. Fantastic.

My Mai, you touched a rat? You want me to touch something that has touched a rat?

Thaddeus about Alfarinn in "A Dark Decent"

What in the hell is this guy’s problem? First he tries to knock me over, then he attempts to frighten a rat into me, and now he’s –talking- to it? And who the hell is Mickey?

My god. He’s completely insane. I’m trapped in the sewers with a lunatic.

Thaddeus while in Dove form in "A Dark Decent"

Good god. Am I being –petted-? That’s it. There goes the last of my dignity. Bye dignity! Nice knowing you! I’m being –petted-. And furthermore…

It wasn’t until Alfarinn abruptly snatched his hand away that Thaddeus realized exactly how pleasant that stroking had felt on his feathers. In fact, it was probably the most relaxed he had felt since he had entered the sewers. Still, Thaddeus Grey was a vampire, not some sort of –plaything-, and he puffed out his feathers to display his disapproval with this turn of events.

Alfarinn to Thaddeus, "Whatever Will We Do?"

"So here we are two people, alone in an apartment, at night, eternally in the prime of our lives... hmm He paused, hand rubbing his chin thoughtfully, eyes glinting with mischief.

"How about a nice game of chess?"

Winter to Carol, Slipping In

he walked over closer to where Carol was standing.. standing there looking up aswell..

"Maybe she lives in there.. " he interjected with a faintly amused tone in his voice

Simon to The Wolf, Cocktails and Pain with The Wolf

'Why is this ring important?' Simon watched the Wolf, his beastly mannerisms but its eyes glowed speaking of the trinket. 'You dont look like the jewelry wearing type to me, Lykaios,' he said with a snide grin.

Nova to Kyle, Getting a Tip

She was close enough to feel his breathing, and reminded herself to do the same, as she leaned forward tilting her head up to speak in his ear.

"Are you sure you want those to be your last words, Mr. Evans? You’re crazy alright.

But so am I."

Rachyl and Connie, Dinner and Dancing
"There's a marked difference between being blunt and concise, and shining someone's ego with gold-plated..."

Connie's mind filled in the words her brain had followed in the sentence Rachyl was speaking.


Kem, Requesting 411
Stumbling backwards up the stairs was fairly simple; he wasn’t feeling all that great to begin with. He raised a shaking hand to point at Nic and cried, “I knew it! You’re one of them! Back to Hell, demon! Back to the foul underworld that spat you out! Begone, vile spawn of the netherworld!”

He added a bit of gibberish in Egyptian (shamelessly copied from some of Alfarinn’s more interesting attempts to draw a laugh out of him although the man spoke the language just fine) and reached up to grab the little silver ankh pendant that hung from its leather cord around his neck. Regardless of the fact that he’d just advised Nicholae in a very obscure language to ‘always wear underwear,’ he added for effect, “The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ COMPELS you!”

Also Kem, Requesting 411

“Well that’s impressive. Look, we’re almost at your new place and then perhaps you can tell me what happened, if you like. I’ll be happy to start planning your funeral. Say, are you fond of carnations, or should I just vacuum you up when she finishes with you?”

Alfarinn 18 years ago
Feel free to put ones here that you would like to add and we'll edit it into the first post.
Claire 18 years ago
Winter, Enter the Creation Ball

The community center looked nice tonight, and if his mickey watch was correct there was supposed to be a halloween party going on here tonight.. 'is it Halloween already? ..wow.. time flies.. and it sure doesn't feel like Febuary'

He makes me laugh
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
LOL that was a good one.
Kem`Raaisu 18 years ago
Boy, apparently I'm full of little gems of humor. Who'd have guessed. :P
Panos Mehalitsenos 18 years ago
From Apartment sweet apartment
Alfie & Thad of course!

"He wondered in amusement if he was going to be able to get his limbs awake enough to return in kind but felt that it was his sacred duty this night to wash Thaddeus as well and he'd do it even if he had to hold the washcloth in his teeth."

then i pictured the teeth and washing commencment. I almost pee'd my pants
Alfarinn 18 years ago
*blushes fiercely*
Panos Mehalitsenos 18 years ago
just reading that thread i've been waiting eagerly for my boytoy to come home!
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
With Simon following behind her, as always, she circled the Evenhet and leaned in close to give him a kiss on the cheek. 'Sweetums, how are you? I haven't seen you since Club E and that frightful human who was celebrating her birthday, was it?' She ignored the company around Alfarinn, waiting graciously to be introduced, but more than likely it was because she reveled in her snotty behaviour. It really did just crack her up.

I'd like to add that I have nothing but love for that frightful human. =x I'm referring to one of our first posts when Ellis met Meegan and she posted that she thought Ellis reminded her of poop. O_o I WAS CHARMING!!!! =D
Meegan 18 years ago
Yes, Ellis charming like snakes are charming.

Nothin' but love for the psychotic evil vampire lady.
Alec Devereaux 18 years ago
Yes, Ellis charming like snakes are charming.

Nothin' but love for the psychotic evil vampire lady.

There is a typo up there. You spelled FEAR as "love" for some reason.

Oh, wait. That's me.
Mathias 18 years ago
Winter,from Clan Event - All invited and Open:
who needs stealth when you have rocket propelled grenades?
Rachyl 18 years ago
She was so going shopping. It wasn't everyday a man put that much money in a girl's lap. And if he expected a little pickle tickle from her in return he would be sorely disappointed. Well she'd deal with that some other time and she could always just pay him back if that was the way it played out. Until then a dress, panties, wax and spa treatments were in her future.

Rachyl snickers.
She said pickle tickle!
Rachyl 18 years ago
"I am not carrying your skinny ass over anything, you have to walk like the rest of us, slick."

Rachyl snickers again.
Alfarinn 18 years ago
Artemis, A room with a view of the...mall

Honestly what do you say to that in front of all these people. Not the least of which was Alfarinn ready to torment him for the next millinium. Everything he would normally say, now sounded really bad. You can hang onto my remote for awhile. You can play with it a bit longer if you like. I like it when you have the control. Choclate or Vanilla?
Phoenyx 18 years ago
Addison in "A late night fix"

Both PCs sparked and the fans cut out. "Oh wow...." Shit...that wasn't good. But at least pimply was rushing over and taking care of it. He did NOT want two angry gamer geeks after him, yelling "magic missle magic missle" and throwing tennis balls at him or something.
Alec Devereaux 18 years ago
Kyle in "Hillman Compound" (aka - Kyle's Worst Day Ever(tm))

He heard a feminie voice laughing.

'OH NICE, YOU'RE LAUGHING?' Kyle ran, his arms up over his head, zig zagging back and forth out the door and away from the building as it imploded.
Alec Devereaux 18 years ago
Simon in "Juniper Hill"

Simon pushed a lock of blonde hair away from in front of her eyes and murmured, 'Are you hungry?'

She gave him a rather saucy look.

'I meant for food.'

Carol rolled her eyes at him, but nodded.

He stood up and slipped a pair of some jeans on, but then laid back down on top of the bed behind her, his hands behind his head. 'Then go make us something to eat, woman....ow!' She was fast with a shoe.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
"Is...Ellis buried anywhere? Any arrangements for a monument?"

*chortles* Perhaps an urn of some kind...
Valentine 18 years ago
So an eternal flame would be in bad taste? (sorry... sorry... couldn't help myself *slapps wrists* bad me... bad)
Winter 18 years ago
I demand a Wax replica of Ellis be fashioned in a scary pose and be put in the domicile lobby.. and maybe one overlooking Simon's bed..