Morrigan came out of the Manor and headed towards the Cathedral. There were things she needed to look up in the catacombs about some musty old ruling that two vampires had decided to bicker about again.

She sighed; the night was so young. It was a shame to waste it down in the dark underground thumbing through old tomes.

Breathing in the crisp cool air, she looked out on the pristine white of the new fallen snow. It was so beautiful and peaceful and now she doubly dreaded the idea of going back to work.

A streak of mischief possessed her and she reached down and packed a nice neat snowball. Picking an unlucky clan mate, Morrigan lobbed it straight for their head.

Bulls eye! After all these centuries a good spear throwing arm still had its uses. She grinned and then blended into the background in order to watch what happened next.

((ooc: Yes, she's using her ability, blending))

Amir 13 years ago
"A pleasure," Amir said, his voice wry with the irony of making mid-battlefield introductions.

He let his lips turn up briefly in a half-smile at Bao's pun.
"In a manner of speaking, yes," he replied.

He led the way up to the manor, bending now and then to scoop up some snow and add another snowball to the stack on the trashcan lid. He made a short stop at the tree he'd passed by recently, retrieving the bundle that was Mara's mittens and feeling something else inside. He peeked in. Aha.

They went back into the Manor in a roundabout way, moving quickly down to the kitchen where he'd promised to meet Mai. Jin and Mara were there already; he raised one eyebrow at the cozy sight.

"Special delivery," he said, indicating Bao and Claire.

Holding out the mittens he removed Jin's glasses and handed them back to him, then gave Mara's belongings back to her as well.
Bao 13 years ago
Curiously Bao followed his creator back to the Manor. He didn't question Amir's directions or motives at this point. He did, however, take a cue and helped to add to the stockpile they were developing and carrying with them.

He too noticed Jin and Mara but didn't think too much of it. He was more interested in the fact that they all appeared to be allies now. Bao raised a silent questioning eyebrow at Amir. There had to be some one to take revenge on. Without thinking about it he kept a semi-defensive/protective stance to Claire.

Inhaling deeply he took in the cozy spicy smell. This was good, confusing but good. Covering his confusion he bowed to Mai.


He'd already exchanged greetings and introductions with his sister and Jin.
Claire 13 years ago
Claire followed behind the two men until the reached the Manor kitchen. They had come around the far side which took them half way around the Manor instead of entering through the front. Curious.

Everyone that she had seen involved in the snowball fight was now in the room. It seemed that whoever they were getting revenge upon, it wasn't one of these.

Placing a hand on Bao's shoulder, Claire leaned forward and whispered.

"I think we are missing something vital here."

This was doubtful a revelation to him either by this point. It seemed far to elaborate a plot to go through just to pelt the two of them with snow; Claire relaxed somewhat.

Bowing to Mai along with her companion, she asked.

"May we be let in on the details of this revenge plan?"

((OOC: Permission to touch Bao's esteemed person ))
Jin 13 years ago
Jin smiled at the image of the big vampire family and the lot of them playing games and learning each others ways. He glanced over and Mai who was cradling a mug of cider. Turning back to Mara, she said.

"There are more of us." He nodded his head to Mai. "But we are not all so close."

Not all of his siblings had the proper disposition for being sociable, even with family. He felt connected to some and others came and went. The oddities of his long lived immortal kin could take months to explain; perhaps they could swap stories with their cider.

He looked up when the others came in led by Amir. The others looked a bit wary and expectant. The woman asked to be filled in on some plan.

Jin looked over at Mai and frowned thoughtfully.
Mara 13 years ago
Mara smiled when it seemed Jin approved of her brief overview. Raising her eyebrows at Jin she indicated her interest in his own family; it seemed he too had stories to tell.

"You might think that would be the case with us," Mara said softly. Amir was not known for being cuddly like a teddy bear. She continued, "However, although we're not always as close as we could be, we're all quite loyal to one another."

I was hard to find the words to imply she had a soft spot for Bao in particular; her straightlaced younger brother didn't really seem like the type to be the object of an older 'sister's' affections. "Amir has always stayed with me, and Bao is perhaps closer than the others. To both of us."

The objects of their conversation appeared just then, Amir with his usual sly knowing smile and Bao along with Claire behind her creator. Mara smiled at Amir. "Revenge, is it?" She glanced at Claire, who she'd sort of thought had been the one to start things. Was that not the case then?

Amir looked far too smug.
"Do tell," she implored him, glancing from her creator to Mai.
Mai 13 years ago
Mai nodded to the others when they came in with Amir. She gave her fellow Huntsman a small bow for skillfully doing his part of the plan. Ignoring the question that she was asked, Mai turned to the cook.

"Lono, E 'olu'olu mai?"

The man smiled and took up the cup of cider that he had poured for himself. Nodding to her, he then brought it outside and around the corner. She could hear him shuffling in the snow, then the long inhale and pleased sound he made before taking a sip of the aromatic brew.

Looking back at the others, she noted they had brought plenty of ammunition. She explained in a whisper.

"There is one watching. We have all come inside. She will think that she is safe to reveal herself." Gesturing in the direction of the cook, Mai said. "Lono is providing the bait. We shall wait to see if it is taken."

Mai took a couple of snowballs from the pile and went back to listening carefully. Soon enough she could hear a familiar voice speaking with the cook. Lono was thankfully not overly loud, relying on Mai's enhanced perception to know that he was successful and to get ready.

He slipped back into the kitchen, and quickly poured another cup. Nodding to the others, Lono would stay just out of the way while they quietly exited before following.

Giving a glance back at the rest of them, Mai went through the door and around the corner. She waited until everyone was ready and then fired on the unsuspecting Elder of the Rose.

((OOC: She's assuming people are following in order for this to move along. Before she said in hawaiian, Lono, would you please? ))
Amir 13 years ago
Amir returned Mai's bow, and began to pass out snowballs from the trashcan lid to everyone in the room as the Elder explained the plan. While the cook acted as bait they waited, eagerly in some cases, until he returned.

When Mai let her missile fly, Amir's was not far behind. Nor was the second one, or the third, although those were lost in the sudden barrage that followed. It seemed to be a point of pride with the six of them to attempt to completely coat Morrigan with snow everywhere.

Really... everywhere.
Bao 13 years ago
Bao's eyebrows rose at the idea that some one had started this and then simply sat back and watched. It was actually amusing. He was also rather impressed the Elder of the Hunt was aware of this. However, he reasoned, one didn't get to be the Elder of the Hunt for no reason.

Once the cook was out of the way, he apparently had no desire to be between them and their target, Bao was slightly taken aback to see the Elder of the Rose. He hesitated for a brief second. But as he'd already thrown more than one snowball at his own creator, why should he stop now?

Without further hesitation he threw his own chilly projectile. Truth be told he threw more than one. If nothing else he'd just learned that if you are to start a war, don't be around when it ends.
Claire 13 years ago
Claire was less surprised to see that the Elder of the Rose had instigated this whole winter battle than perhaps any of her companions. Her Creator had spent centuries speaking to her about the plots, schemes and frustrations of the menace known as Morrigan.

She hardly felt that all of Sorin's hatred was rightfully due but the Elder of the Rose was not to be underestimated in Claire's mind, or to be entirely trusted. Claire threw her snowballs and might have been responsible for a few more. One or two extra for the trouble she had caused over the years.
Jin 13 years ago
Upon rounding the corner and seeing Morrigan, Jin smiled and shook his head. He wondered what had brought on the impulse to start this diversion from what was probably an overly busy schedule. It was good to see some of the mischief he remembered from a younger more carefree Morrigan.

He tossed snowballs with the rest, pondering whether he should lock his door tonight or better yet sleep off the estate entirely. Morrigan was very patient and very thorough when it came to revenge; he decided that if she felt the need to be even with them all then it would be best to get it over with sooner rather than later.
Morrigan Kinsey 13 years ago
Morrigan had looked around for the combatants. They had quickly taken the fight all over the estate and now she could not see where they were. After a while it would appear that the fun was over. One of the cooks came outside with a wonderful smelling cup of hot cider and that seemed like just the thing to take with her down to the catacombs.

She came out of hiding and walked over to him and asked for a cup. He smiled and went back inside for it.

There was movement coming from around the corner but Morrigan had been expecting the return of the cook. She was just realizing that the sound was wrong, that there were too many people when they were close enough to fire.

It would seem that her presence did not go completely unnoticed. Looking down at the snow, she saw her mistake, her tracks. Mai and Amir had been on the roof; at the time she had applauded that clever maneuver to reach the ones who had taken refuge behind the hedgerow.

It was hard to remain dignified after being pelted with twenty or so balls of snow. Morrigan reached up and pushed back a sodden strand of hair that had escaped the bun. Folding her arms across her chest, she favored them all with a cool disapproving gaze.

Then she burst into laughter. It had been an excellent beginning to her day.

Looking over at the cook, Morrigan said.

"Lono, I'll have that cider now."

The cook stopped chuckling long enough to push through to her side and hand her a mug. Jin had given her a smile and an amused look before turning around and walking back inside. Morrigan noticed his arm was around Mara and his head was tilted towards her speaking softly. It seemed that by mutual consent everyone followed them back inside. She came with them into the warm friendly glow of the kitchen. It was filled with the welcoming scent of apples and cinnamon and the sounds of friendship and laughter. Morrigan decided that the cold dark catacombs could wait.

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