Morrigan came out of the Manor and headed towards the Cathedral. There were things she needed to look up in the catacombs about some musty old ruling that two vampires had decided to bicker about again.

She sighed; the night was so young. It was a shame to waste it down in the dark underground thumbing through old tomes.

Breathing in the crisp cool air, she looked out on the pristine white of the new fallen snow. It was so beautiful and peaceful and now she doubly dreaded the idea of going back to work.

A streak of mischief possessed her and she reached down and packed a nice neat snowball. Picking an unlucky clan mate, Morrigan lobbed it straight for their head.

Bulls eye! After all these centuries a good spear throwing arm still had its uses. She grinned and then blended into the background in order to watch what happened next.

((ooc: Yes, she's using her ability, blending))

Claire 13 years ago
The snow was beautiful and Claire sighed happily as she made her way from the Cathedral back to the Manor. She had hoped to go see Alex and take him up on his offer of yoga lessons but the timing seemed to have been poor for both of them.

She should call him though and see how he was doing with all his trouble. Claire was busy pondering her new friend that was down on his luck; she -should- have been paying more attention to her surroundings.

A snowball hit her square on the head. Turning around, She looked for the culprit. One appeared more guilty than the others. Taking up a handful of snow, Claire made a hasty projectile and then threw it.

Using her telekinesis to make sure that it hit its mark. She smirked at the recipient with satisfaction. That would teach them to hit a lady.
Mara 13 years ago
Mara didn't enjoy the snow but it was a beautiful night. She wasn't always at Heolfor but on this occasion she had needed a few things from her room here and had wandered outside to walk a little bit.

Bundled up, she bent to pick up some snow in her mittened hands. A little bit gleefully she packed it together; it was just wet enough to make a decent compact snowball. She tossed it up once and caught it, tempted to bat at it.

As her snowball flew up she was caught off guard by a direct hit sideways. Right in the face. Gah. She wiped at her eyes, gasping at the cold. Just about then the snowball she'd tossed also came down on her head. Mara yoweled her displeasure.

Still trying to wipe snow out of her face from the double, partially self-inflicted assault, Mara bent and scraped together one more snowball. She shook her head and spun around. She spotted a pretty unlikely target, actually. No way he had thrown the first snowball.

But... heeeeee.

Mara grinned gleefully and let her snowball fly with as much accuracy as possible. Little brothers were not allowed to get out of snowball fights.
Bao 13 years ago
Bao huffed a bit, irritated with one of the juniors at his firm. They'd put this together all wrong and it was -not- in his schedule to sort it out. Well the young man was just going to have to fix it or leave. One of the two. He was irritated enough not to even notice the snow. What he was pleased with was this new pair of gloves. They were excellent, his hands were quite warm and dry, his hands wouldn't chap, even if they could.

Something cold and wet hit him in the face. Bao was stunned. He spluttered and half stumbled a step or two. This was what happened when you didn't pay attention to things. Wiping the snow from his eyes he found the guilty party. Only Mara would do something like that.

Knowing there was nothing on his schedule with a surprisingly mischievous gleam in his eye Bao stooped to pick up some snow and made his own snowball, a big one at that. The odds of actually hitting Mara were slim and none, but he was going to try.

Doing his best to anticipate her movements Bao drew back and threw his. It -would- have been dead on if Mara had stayed in one place.
Jin 13 years ago
"Mara! You are a hard person to find."

Jin said as he trotted towards her. She was covered in snow but did not look as unpleased by the situation as he expected. The yeowl he had heard led him to believe she was unhappy or at least surprised.

He wondered whether she had just come from a snowball fight or had just picked an unlucky moment to walk under one of the pine trees heavily laden with snow.

As she ducked to the side, he had his answer. Wiping the snow off himself, Jin picked his glasses off the ground and put them back on.

"A friend of yours?"

Jin asked her as he scooped up some snow. He aimed it back at the man who had hit him.
Mara 13 years ago
Mara registered the voice behind her as she ducked Bao's incoming missile. Straightening and turning, she saw Jin retrieve his glasses and brush away the snow. Whoops.

With a guilty little smile she trotted up to him and helpfully brushed the remaining snow away. Then she scooped up some more snow and turned her now-evil smile upon Bao.

"You could say so. He's family," she said mischievously. "Jin, meet Bao. Bao, Jin's snowball."

She had meant for two snowballs to fly at Bao at the same time, but as she brought her arm back a clinging clump of snow managed to slip past her scarf, down her neck, and slide down her spine. She snapped her arm randomly down and away with one more disbelieving cry, her own snowball flying off randomly toward someone probably perfectly innocent.

Gasping, she realized what Jin had said earlier.
"Wait, you were looking for me?"

Sensing retaliation from one or more quarters she bent and hastily packed another snowball.

((ooc: assuming Mara's snowball might be flying back at Claire but who knows.. plenty of clean vampires out there so far tonight!))
Claire 13 years ago
Claire watched the other woman then take another snowball and toss it at some other man. His own projectile came back towards the woman only to bring a new person into the fray.

She moved towards the other individual the woman threw at, while watching her snowball attacker for any further strikes.

"It appears we have a common enemy. Shall we form an alliance?"

The next snowball was coming for her and she let it pass right through. Rolling up a new one, Claire lobbed it again in the other woman's direction.
Bao 13 years ago
This was apparently war. But it was at least civilized as Mara introduced the man he'd accidentally hit with his first snowball.

"A pleasure to meet you sir."Â?

He answered before dropping his briefcase and rolled. While he'd avoided the snow ball he'd wound up with even more white powder on him than if he'd just gotten hit. But, it was the principle of the thing.

He came up from his diving roll already making another snowball. As he was packing it he couldn't help but chuckle as another woman let a projectile pass through her. He couldn't decide if that was cheating or not, but it was cleaver.

"I think for the time being that may be quite beneficial. Bao Hoang."Â?

After throwing his snowball, this time aiming for Jin, he offered her his hand before starting to pack more snow. He might have been caught off guard once, it would not happen again.
Jin 13 years ago
He laughed and replied

"Well, Rupert said you have a place here but you're rarely in it. I was told to check at Shades in town but not to 'get my hopes up'."

Jin watched his snowball fly past as the man he had aimed for dropped and rolled out of the way.

"Good form!"

Giving, the newly introduced, Bao, a nod in greeting, he replied.

"Jin Han"

He saw the woman move to join Mara's kin. Jin wondered what relation they were to each other but figured a snowball fight was not the best place for delving into family ties. The woman let Mara's projectile pass right through her and he smiled. Another Ethereal, it would be tough to hit her as long as she was paying attention.

Jin waited until she turned to reply to Bao and then tossed the next snowball at her.
Mara 13 years ago
Mara wasn't sure how she had become public enemy #1, but she easily dodged out of the way of the woman's thrown missile.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she replied to Jin as she ducked and scurried to make several more snowballs. She offered one up to him before standing with two, herself. "Yes. To both."

Mara aimed and fired a snowball off at Bao's hands when he bent to form another one. Her second snowball went as well, also aimed at her younger sibling but slightly higher up.

"I didn't mean to be difficult," she explained. It was tough to be more specific while engaged in a snowball war though.

Mara crouched down into the snow once more and, watching their opponents carefully, began to stockpile snowballs for their immediate future needs.
Claire 13 years ago
Claire picked up her skirts and settled them around her as she began to make the next snowball.

She smiled at her new ally and introduced herself.

"Enchanté, Monsieur. Claire Tremaine."

She turned back in time to see a snowball flying towards her head, ducking a bit to the side, Claire focused on it with her telekinesis just enough to slow it down in order to catch it. She then returned it to its owner, the white haired man.

"I am not sure this battle is going to yield much results in a traditional sense."

Cupping together another ball, she lobbed that one at the man as well.
Bao 13 years ago
Bao bowed in acknowledgment of Jin's introduction. Of course his manners did cost him when he took both of Mara's snowballs, one in the shoulder and one on the chin.

The first problem that Bao saw was that Mara was stock piling. It didn't surprise him but it would be an issue. On the plus side, his ally had some rather impressive abilities.

"I'm not certain engagements such as these have results per say."Â?

He tossed Claire the snowball he'd just finished and started another, and another beyond that.

"That said. I do plan to win."Â?

Collecting both of his snowballs eh charged Mara hurling one snowball at her head and continuing to run at her waiting until it would be very unlikely he'd miss to throw the other. He wanted to drive her away from her developing collection. Those were resources he intended to claim.
Jin 13 years ago
"You haven't been terribly difficult."

He smiled at her and shrugged.

"Besides who doesn't like a little treasure hunt now and then?"

Jin frowned slightly when his snowball was caught and then returned. He ducked the incoming projectile on the last leg of its round trip path. Scooping up one of Mara's newly made snowballs he threw that at the woman who was already throwing another round missile at him.

He dodged somewhat, taking Claire's second snowball on the shoulder. Their position was being attacked by a determined vampire armed with several weapons. It would be bad form to take Bao's legs out from under him. This was a snowball fight not a martial arts tournament.

Though it was a snowball fight between vampires. He wondered what the rules were in those. Where was an Order of the Rose to let you know these things?

Jin scooped up both armfuls of snow and dumped them on the head of the besieging foe.

"No guts, no glory, is it?"
Mara 13 years ago
"Treasure hunt?" Mara laughed brightly, her breath making little clouds in the air in front of her mouth. "Flatterer. Very well, I've been caught."

She offered Jin a little curtsey, and as she did she scooped up most of her stockpiled snowballs. Rising again she pelted them at Bao one at a time, until he was too close. She threw the remaining three at him as he closed the space between them and then gave a little yelp of laughter as smashed his last snowball into her neck.

And then Jin dumped a pile of snow on Bao's head.

In Bao's defense he did do his best to take out Mara with him, but she hopped aside, her boots more than adequate to provide footing in the slippery snow.

"I believe I'm supposed to grant a wish or something like that," she said to Jin, scanning for Bao's opponent while giving her brother time to regain his feet. Snowball fights were only good so long as you had opponents to hurl at, after all!
Bao 13 years ago
He should have kept his briefcase to use as a shield. Bao's charge didn't slow even as Mara pelted him with snowballs. Although, perhaps this tactic was not terribly sound as all of a sudden most of his reason for making this charge was gone.

Things might have gone better if Jin hadn't dumped a great deal of snow on him. Bao was caught very off guard and suddenly his feet went out from under him and the next thing he knew was he was sliding around on the ground. He tried to grab Mara's legs but missed.

"Death before dishonor?"Â?

Bao said as he scrambled to his feet snatching the few snowballs that were left and running for some semblance of cover.

In quick succession he lobbed one at Jin and one at Mara before making a strategic retreat.
Claire 13 years ago
Her new ally was charging the line. Claire thought that was very brave but also very...wet. It would only be a matter of time before the other two retaliated. Perhaps she could keep one of them busy.

Making a series of tight packed projectiles, Claire considered her targets. Bao blocked her view of the woman so that left her the man.

Picking up two snowballs in hand, Claire lifted another two with her ability. She fired all four in quick succession at the white haired man who was busy scooping up snow.

"A vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire!"

((OOC: She said To win without risk, is to triumph without glory~Corneille))
Jin 13 years ago
As he came up with his load of snow, Jin saw several projectiles coming at him all at once.

Uh oh.

He rocked to the side to let one fly through, took another in the chest, squatted to miss a third and ended up with the last one on the back of his shoulder. At least his glasses remained on his face this time.

The load of snow seemed to unseat their charging assailant and Mara side stepped the attempt to take her down as well.

Smiling at his ally, he pointed to some nearby trees. He took her by the hand and headed for cover, watching over his shoulder as they ran. Once behind a large oak, Jin knelt down to begin making new weapons.

"A wish? Wonderful!"

Jin pretended to think very hard.

"Vast riches? Amazing powers?" He turned to Mara and smiled. "How about a dinner date?"
Mara 13 years ago
Mara couldn't help but chuckle at Bao, taking his hastily-lobbed snowball on the arm. She busied herself making another couple of snowballs. Meanwhile Bao's teammate unleashed fury upon poor Jin, who bravely stood up... er, bore up... under the assault.

When Jin grabbed her hand and pointed she nodded and ran with him, head down, the few snowballs she had ready in the crook of her arm. Before ducking behind the tree she fired two off in quick succession at Claire and then joined Jin in making a few more, extending her senses to try and detect the movements of their opponents.

"I said one wish, not three," she said with a grin. "So vast riches it is."

She popped her head out from behind the tree, threw one more snowball, not particularly worried about aim, and then went back to making ammunition, a mischievous smile upon her lips.
Mai 13 years ago
Mai walked beside Amir from the dojo. It had been a nice work out and she was in a pleasant mood. The rest of the evening was open for whatever needed to be done.

Ahead there seemed to be combat of some sort. A snowball fight. She watched Jin get pelted by several snowballs from a fellow Nightsman. He took Mara by the hand a fled behind a tree.

Hmmph, tactically sound but unimaginative.

Appraising the people involved. Mai smiled slowly and turned to her companion.

"I believe our Order is not represented in this most honorable combat exercise."

She cocked her head sideways, watching the scene.

"It would be good to remind them why -we- fight the battles."

Bending down Mai made several snowballs, nice and neat. She then turned to her companion.

"Throw me."

Her eyes gleamed with the fierce excitement of a battle about to be joined. Turning into a little white stoat, Mai tucked herself into a ball and waited.
Amir 13 years ago
Amir saw something of the snowball fight from where he and Mai were. It was hard to say who Jin and Mara were fighting, but he clearly made out his eldest vampire and the man who held her by the hand. By the hand! Mara hated that kind of thing. Must have been some Halloween party.

"No, it most certainly is not," he replied to Mai.

He looked over at her and nodded with a slow smile. Bending down, he also formed several neat, compact snowballs, placing them carefully next to Mai's. And then she made her request and his brows flew up.

She shifted forms and he began to laugh softly. Well why not? He'd already determined that you can, apparently, ask the Elder to ride bitch. Lobbing her in projectile form was only one small step closer to damnation. It certainly wasn't going to hurt her at all.

With a gleam in his eyes that matched Mai's, Amir gently picked up the stoat and settled her comfortably into his hand. Was there actually a way to put spin on a stoat?

The only two targets for him were Jin and Mara, and it was hardly a competition. He wasn't about to pelt Mara with a Hunt-Elderball. He narrowed his eyes, grinned wickedly, and muttered,
"Here goes" to give Mai some warning. Cocking his arm he took aim and heaved the little white fluffy ball at Jin as hard as he could - definitely harder than was strictly necessary.

He wasn't done there though... what use was the element of surprise if you didn't back it up? He crouched and grabbed several snowballs while Mai was flying through the air. He whipped one at Jin to follow up Mai's sneak attack and then lobbed the other two at Mara.

Everything was in the air; all that remained was to not stand around in the open. So he gathered the remaining snowballs and moved sideways, behind a bank of bushes, sheltered by a tree trunk, while he planned his next move and looked for the opposition... the other opposition.
Bao 13 years ago
Bao laughed as his ally chose to be rather philosophical.

"Yes but I doubt glory is this wet."Â?

He said wryly as she brushed some snow off his coat and pants. It didn't matter if Jin and Mara had escaped into the trees. They had to come out some time and he certainly wasn't going in after them. Instead he made up quite a few projectiles as quickly as possible.

Initially he threw them into the tree tops, trying to get the branches to dump the snow laden on them onto Jin and Mara. But he saw a number of snowballs he couldn't immediately identify the source of fly toward Jin.

That could only mean they'd been joined in the fight and he had no proof this was an alliance. It was probably a third faction. Although, there was something to be said for 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. Not willing to rest on that logic and cursing cheerfully Bao found limited cover behind a drift that had built up and started his own little stockpile.