Wolves on the Water ((attn: Brig, Drew and friends))

Kai sat in a deck chair, her feet tucked to her bottom, her knees pressed against her chest, her hands wrapped around a steming mug of apple cinnamon tea. She'd spent the night on the boat, alone completely and blessedly alone. It had been some time since she'd be alone. Oh, she'd been by herself, but there were always people nearby. There was no one here and it was a silence she relished for its rareness. Friday after work, she'd met the board maker and had tested the new board on the waves off the beaches in the Park. It was a smooth ride and she'd spent several hours on it, before sunset brought her in off the water. The board was now secured in a surfboard rack on the port side of the boat and she was hoping there were some good waves that afternoon.

She'd talked with Drew Thursday morning and they'd ironed out details, and then she'd emailed Brig, letting them know that all the equipment they would need was provided unless anyone wanted to surf, then they had to provide their own board. The caretakers of the island were expecting them at three so that the couple could take a much needed day and night of shore leave. So Drew and his friends were supposed to show up around one. She'd told Brig to come anytime Saturday morning, but to be there by one. He'd not given her any indication of his arrival, only that he'd be there in time.

She had given herself the luxury of sleeping in until after the sun had risen, then swam the distance between the boat and boat house for an hour, showered and was sitting in a pair of shorts and a light green camisole, sipping tea as she awaited the arrival of the captain, first mate, cook and steward that were all employed by the Aquarium to man this vessel whenever it was needed. And Brig she was waiting for Brig.

She was nothing if not completely honest with herself, and while she was looking forward to meeting more pack mates and making new friends, she admitted that she was more looking forward to spending more than half an hour with Brig. The why of it still hadn't fleshed itself out in her mind and she rather enjoyed the mystery of that as well.

Kai 13 years ago
Her laughter turned to a gentle sigh at the tender little kisses. Kai rested against him for a moment, then looked at the slim diver's watch on her wrist.

"We've only been on the water a half hour, Brig. We've got another hour and a half give or take."

She cocked an eyebrow at him. "You don't like my boat?"

Laughing, she pushed back from him. "Care to try a little fishing? You might catch something bigger than you."
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig slumped his shoulders dramatically and whined, 'But we need to get there now!' Standing tall, he clapped his hands together and rubbed them happily.

'Oh, fishing? Let's go!'
Kai 13 years ago
Laughing, she stepped away from him. "Oi! You guys want to fish?"

A chorus of yeses in varying forms answered and she lead them all to the open deck in the aft of the boat. One of the long bench seats opened to reveal fishing gear suited for moving deep sea fishing. They took a little while to get sorted out, but soon enough she had all four men decked out with lines out over the sides of the boat.

None of them ever caught a thing, but they had a grand time trying to sabatage each other, and drank more beer than she could keep track of, while she and Reign chatted amiably. Reign was an odd duck, but Kai liked her.

The time passed quickly, and before they knew it, and with a bit of whining, they arrived at the island. Their boat pulled alongside one dock that had another boat moored to the other side. A small wickedly fast looking speed boat. Further down the shore was another dock with a small old fashioned shrimping boat. There were two people loading parcels onto said boat. They stopped, and darted down the beach to help tie off the Aqua Aquarius.

In a short time, things were explain to them, there was no running water, but there were ah...primitive facilities up behind the house. They were to stay out of said house as light sensitive experiments were being conducted, other than that they had run of the island, and the caretakers were off in their little boat.

It was a small island, one that could be walked for shore to shore in about twenty minutes. One end was cleared and had a nice sturdy house on it, the rest had been left to be taken over by mother nature. A small forest of trees grew and rustling could be heard from with in.

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Reign 13 years ago
Reign was quick enough off the boat, tossing a few things at the Boy, obliging him to carry them while he took some good natured ribbing from the other two. Reign just as quickly threw something at them to carry. She could delegate like no body's business and it kept the three of them in line.

She liked being on the water but truthfully was looking forward to some beach time. Of course she'd made friends with the bartender and wouldn't be without libations although she wasn't about to get smashed. They were also intended as a bribe for the boys who, other than Drew, had not thought that far ahead.

"Hmmm I'm an indoor kind of girl, I might not go too far from the ship."Â?

Reign commented with some irony. She was damned adaptable and not at all squeamish or faint of heart. She wouldn't have made it past the age of thirteen if she'd been delicate.

The island was nice, she could very much enjoy it here and those sentiments were echoed by the other three. She did wish, however, she'd brought the mutt. Ah well, he probably wouldn't have liked the boat.

The boys spent some few minutes ogling the speed boat, but as Drew was sticking with her, even casually sliding a hand around her waist, both the others followed even if it was a protest or two and one or two comments about being a stick in the mud. One good glare and a perfectly cheerful but well placed cutting remark got them to follow.

Soon enough they'd found a spot where she could hang out on the beach either in the sun or shade and read, Reign had brought two of her favorite books Good Omens and one of the early Dresden files, and had every intention of finishing both. The boys had no qualms about diving into the water and trying their hand at body surfing, with varying results. She'd join them later.
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig jumped over the side and landed on the dock, helping the men from down the beach tie off the boat. With a smile he held a hand out and helped the ladies off before jumping back on to grab some of their things.

He eyed the house in the clearing and then looked back along the length of the island, as far as he could see. The small forest was calling out to him. He wanted to run from one end to the other but figured he could do it in no time. A little confining, but he wasn't there to go wolf and run around like crazy. Looking back at Kai directing the crew, he felt his stomach twist and turn with excitement. Picking up their things again, he made his way up to the house to see what was waiting for them.
Kai 13 years ago
Before long, Brett and Nessa had carried over and set up a bit of a shelter near where a bonfire had been laid, Kai had staked beach blankets down under it and the whole thing was very idyllic.

Trevor announced that dinner would be at sunset and he expected them all to be back by then, before disappearing into the galley. Once every thing was set up to her satisfaction. Kai ran off to find Brig.

She found him exploring up near the neat little house, and since she was coming up from behind him, she let her feet go silent.

Creeping up behind him, she got fairly close before pouncing and landing on his back with a whoop of laughter.
"What are you doing way up here?"
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig smiled as Kai's scent wafted up to him and he caught her, hooking his arms behind her knees as she rode him piggy back.

'I am being very nosy and looking around.' Reaching with both hands, he twisted her around him and settled her legs around his waist. He tried not to flush as he felt her warmth as she now faced him. Lacing his fingers beneath her bottom, he carried her weight in front of him as he continued walking up to the house.

'This is a nice house. So we're not bunking here? Still on the boat?'

Brig didn't care either way. He rather liked the idea of falling asleep naked on a rocking boat with hopefully equally naked female laying next to him.
Kai 13 years ago
Still laughing she wrapped herself around him, and nuzzled into his neck. He had this great sort spicy scent and she filled her nose with it.

"The caretakers are research biologists and when you've got photo-sensitive experiments going, you do your best to control all outside interference."

She shrugged a bit. "I'd rather sleep on the boat, or if we feel like it the beach."

It had been a long time, just like with everything else it seemed, since she'd slept on a beach, and even longer since she'd made love on one. Pulling herself a bit closer, she pressed a soft kiss on his neck.
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
'Oh, I should turn around then.'

Turning on his heel, he started back down to the beach, but at a slow pace. She began nuzzling on his neck, making him push up his shoulders.

'Ticklish...tick...lish!' Brig began rubbing his chin on the side of Kai's face, hoping to tickle her back, but his beard hadn't quite made an appearance yet so early in the day still, so he tilted his head down and began nibbling on her shoulder.

'You're going to make me drop you,' he chuckled as he turned toward the forest instead, hoping to explore that part of the island without interrupting any crazy island of Dr. Moreau experiments and he said as much to her.

'Hopefully there's nothing I can destroy out here.'
Kai 13 years ago
Giggling, she lifted her face from his neck, with a final deep inhale of the scent she would forever associate with him.

"Hmm, now I have a weapon in my arsenal."

With a sly grin, she looked over her shoulder out at the woods. They called to the wolf in her and she wriggled in his arms a bit. "Only the ferns and other little growing things."

The crew had returned to the boat, making any choices they made in the woods free from those outside the pack. Of course it would probably be better to wait until the night, but she would be game either way, well so long as Brig could remember where their clothing was.
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Kai looked over her shoulder and he followed her gaze down to the boat. They pushed on into the forest, deeper into the dense canopy. Looking up, he was impressed with the wild, natural beauty of the island and was a little surprised he hadn't noticed it flying into Nachton. Granted that was a couple years ago now. He assumed the island itself was neutral territory, but at least he knew it was there now.

Brig looked back down at Kai and noticed the small grin nestled happily on her lips. It was quiet...they were alone... Pulling her closer, if that was even possible, he captured her lips with his and kissed her firmly. Opening his eyes a tad, he directed them to a tree and he pushed her against it, resting her weight, which was nominal at best, but more importantly he was able to deepen their kiss as he ran his fingertips down her thighs, then back up again under the wrap she had put over her bikini bottom.

The smell of the foliage mixed in with her cherry blossoms and as he felt her body respond to his, he felt his body react accordingly and he slowly ground himself against the warmness of her.
Kai 13 years ago
Kai was trilled when he broke through the tree line, and her body hummed as he pressed her against a tree.

It was clandestine and naughty, and oh wow did he feel good against her like that. He made her feel so small, but in a delicate sexy way. It shot little shivers of excitement all over her body, and she pressed against the growing evidence of his enjoyment of things.

Skin, she wanted skin. As her tongue and lips explored his, she tugged at the t-shirt and managed to get it up, far enough that their torsos touched. A soft moan escaped her, and she pressed a little bit closer.
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Kai lifted his shirt over his head and they let it drop to the ground carelessly. Reaching up, he cupped her face as his teeth found her bottom lip, tugging at it gently. The scent of her breath, her taste, and the roughness of her want mesmerized him as well as pushed him further with one Kai Brown.

Pulling back, he undid the tie of her top and almost ripped it off her, throwing it to the side as his hands came up and began caressing her soft skin, thumbs teasing her nipples. Her skin flushed a soft pink through the gold tan and he lowered his mouth, dragging his teeth down her throat, kissing in between her perfectly shaped breasts.

Wow it had been a while, he realized as he began to make love to Kai. With a grin, his teeth found her nipple and then he released one hand, expertly pulling down her bottoms, tossing it next to her top.
Kai 13 years ago
The stiff fabric off his shorts rubbed against her in a most intoxicating way, as she arched into the ministrations of his teeth. Her back pressed into the tree and the two contrived to send delicious little shivers along her skin.

With some clever maneuvering of her own, she managed to unbutton said shorts, and shimmy down the zipper. Then with a bit more guidance they were over hips hips and joining the rest of their clothes on the forest floor. She was met with another barrier of cloth, but this one didn't feel nearly as good as the first and she really just wanted them out of the way. The dark colored cotton elicited a tiny growl from her.

His teeth found her other breast and he nibbled lightly at her nipple before pulling the slightly abused flesh into his mouth and sucking deeply. This made her back arch once more, and she wasn't so worried about the still unresolved issue of his clothing.
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Stepping out of his shorts, he grabbed her by the hips and continued his assault on Kai's breasts till finally he let his mouth climb up her body and he slipped himself out of his boxer briefs. Without hesitation, Brig pulled himself out and pushed up into her wanting warmth.

Together they moaned, ignoring the fact that odds are they could be heard, and he pushed up into her roughly, grinding himself against her sex. Grabbing her thighs, he lifted them higher, deepening the penetration and pushed so hard into her he shook the tree.

Kai's arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer to her, their lips meeting again, full of tongue and desire.

'Oh...shit,' he moaned as he picked a rhythm, encouraged by her breathless gasps. Her body was petite, but firm, young but moving with experience he had not seen in someone her age in many years. Brig wanted to move faster, but he held back, savoring the burning need between them.

Breaking their kiss, he bit down on her neck, nibbling the soft skin as he whispered into her ear, telling her how good she felt and how much he wanted her.
Kai 13 years ago
Kai had only had two other were lovers, and they had been in turn rough and gentle with her, in ways that humans simply couldn't achieve. It thrilled her when they shook the tree, and it was easy to match him.She pulled into him, wanting to taste and touch, enjoying the sensations of air at her back, and flesh against her own.

She pushed into the big sturdy tree, as his word ignited something in her, angling her upper body away from him, but putting her lower half in such a way that he touched as high and deep as her had been formed. The words that left her, on what little breath she could gather, encouraged him to show her just how much he wanted, to let go, to give it all.

He did just that, driving into her, causing the flora they'd chosen as a prop for this joining, to shake and creak at the load it was asked to bear. She cried out her pleasure to him as she reached the height of passion, sensation crashing down upon her.
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Kai pushed forward, angling perfectly for him to go as deep as he wanted, further than what should be legally allowed. He grabbed her hips tightly enough to leave bruises and pulled on her as his own hips met hers.

It had been a long while since Brig had been with a female of his pack. Maybe he avoided them, maybe he liked the fragility of human females, but for the need readying itself to explode in him, he wondered why he had waited so long to bed a pack female. He certainly had not maintained any type of relationship beyond sex with a kadzait female, but he didn't partake in the fruits of them, either. Kai's perfect body reminded him not to ignore what was right in front of him.

Pulling her off the tree, he lowered her to the ground and turned her over roughly as he slipped out of his briefs completely. Grabbing her hips again, he penetrated her without even the slightest thought of taking his time and had to grab her shoulder to still the desire in him that wanted its release. He took a breath and then began to pump into her, his breathing becoming hoarse and ragged. Reaching around, his right middle finger found her warmth and began playing with her sex, forcing her inevitable outcome quicker and with ferocious speed.

'Kai...' he moaned, 'oh...jesus.'

The sweet pain pulled at his center, warning him of what was to come.
Kai 13 years ago
Her body didn't have time to relax into the aftermath of such sensation, as he was pulling her from the anchor of the tree, and lowering her body to the damp undergrowth of the forest floor.

The rough flip of her body caused whatever vestiges of sanity remaining to break and she growled, soft and deep in her chest. His re-invasion of her body turned the growl to a soft mewling sort of cry.

It did not take long for them to find a rhythm, and she felt his body tighten against hers. This sent her soaring back up to the very highest height of sensation, and together they crashed back down through the canopy, to land heaving and spent in the arms of the forest.

Kai's head hung low between her shoulders as she fought to regain some semblance of control. But Brig did not let her stay that way long, instead gathering her up to his chest and they rested in the still damp quiet of the forest until sanity returned to them both.
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig looked up into the sky trying to see past the trees above them. Smiling, and just a little out of breath, he turned and looked at Kai as she laid comfortably across his chest.

'What did I tell you? Dirty girl.' He laughed quietly and finished it with a deep breath. 'Well now that we've christened the island, what about we head back and try to be sociable with the others?'

Brig was more than happy to lay there naked on the forest floor, but the odds of someone coming across them were a little too high for him. The weekend was starting off to be memorable as well as fun and he was only too happy to stay and enjoy it with Kai.
Kai 13 years ago
A very put upon sigh was her answer to him, before she began to laugh and pushed up away from him. "Yes, but will you respect me in the morning?"

Snickering softly, she found the pile of their clothes and tug the bottom to her swimsuit from under his leg. With a couple hard snaps she got the leaves and things that had found their way in and on it and pulled them up over her hips, only to retie one of the bows.

She watched Brig get to his feet, and found she just simply had to stare. Great day in the purple morning... A low hum of satisfaction passed her lips and she managed to pull her eyes away long enough to get her clothes back on in the way they were intended.

Laughing and joking they made their way down to the beach, where Drew, will and Jared were currently engaged in the sport of male posturing known as throwing around a foot ball. With a squeeze of Brig's hand, she left him to run down the beach and in front of Jared catching the toss meant for him.

"Hey! Where'd you come from?! Ninja like skills are not permitted in football!"

Kai responded by sticking her tongue out, and moving far enough away that she could join in the game, and tossed the ball to Drew.