Wolves on the Water ((attn: Brig, Drew and friends))

Kai sat in a deck chair, her feet tucked to her bottom, her knees pressed against her chest, her hands wrapped around a steming mug of apple cinnamon tea. She'd spent the night on the boat, alone completely and blessedly alone. It had been some time since she'd be alone. Oh, she'd been by herself, but there were always people nearby. There was no one here and it was a silence she relished for its rareness. Friday after work, she'd met the board maker and had tested the new board on the waves off the beaches in the Park. It was a smooth ride and she'd spent several hours on it, before sunset brought her in off the water. The board was now secured in a surfboard rack on the port side of the boat and she was hoping there were some good waves that afternoon.

She'd talked with Drew Thursday morning and they'd ironed out details, and then she'd emailed Brig, letting them know that all the equipment they would need was provided unless anyone wanted to surf, then they had to provide their own board. The caretakers of the island were expecting them at three so that the couple could take a much needed day and night of shore leave. So Drew and his friends were supposed to show up around one. She'd told Brig to come anytime Saturday morning, but to be there by one. He'd not given her any indication of his arrival, only that he'd be there in time.

She had given herself the luxury of sleeping in until after the sun had risen, then swam the distance between the boat and boat house for an hour, showered and was sitting in a pair of shorts and a light green camisole, sipping tea as she awaited the arrival of the captain, first mate, cook and steward that were all employed by the Aquarium to man this vessel whenever it was needed. And Brig she was waiting for Brig.

She was nothing if not completely honest with herself, and while she was looking forward to meeting more pack mates and making new friends, she admitted that she was more looking forward to spending more than half an hour with Brig. The why of it still hadn't fleshed itself out in her mind and she rather enjoyed the mystery of that as well.

Kai 13 years ago
Kai opened her mouth to answer Brig, when all manner of shouting happened. She remembered Wil and Jared and so greeted them warmly.

"All right everyone follow me."

She lead them down to the lower deck. The stairs opened onto a living room set up. The opposite wall held a large flat screen television and an entertainment unit. "That thing," she said pointing across the room. "Has a decently library of movies and games and I'm told all three consoles. I don't play video games so I didn't bother to check it out."

The room was furnished with a long low L-shaped couch, two plush arm chairs, two large bean bags, several large floor pillows and two of those gaming chairs that looked suspiciously like seats from a sports car. The entertainment center sat between two doors. "Those doors lead to the lab and equipment rooms, do me a huge favor guys and stay out of them. I like my job."

Kai grinned and pointed to the three doors on the port side wall. "Those are double rooms with single beds." Her arm swung to the opposite wall and its two doors. "The far door is a master room with a bed big enough for two and the closer door is another double room."

She smiled again. "You guys feel free to fight over the master room, each room has its own head and shower, so there won't need to be any sharing if you all pick your own room."

Turning, she stepped out of the way and touched Brig's arm, and gestured to the door next to the stairs. "I thought you might want to um, stay with me." Her cheeks turned a pretty shade of pink but she managed to keep her gaze on his.
Brig Jameson 13 years ago

Brig blinked as he considered Kai's offer. Would it be that easy, he thought to himself? Wait, was he that easy? Well, yes he was, but that wasn't the point. Kai maintained eye contact, although blushing brightly, so her seriousness was pretty obvious. He assumed she meant...well, he thought she meant...huh.

Smiling awkwardly, Brig leaned closed to Kai and whispered
, 'Wait, what?'
Kai 13 years ago
Kai lifted her head and spoke quietly, close to his ear. "I thought this all out last night. I'd like for you to stay with me."

She touched his arm, as she felt her cheeks grow hot. "You don't have to, I won't have my feelings hurt if you say no. Well, I will a little, but not enough to make me think less of you and if you think less of me for asking, that just makes me a little sad."

Her lip found its way between her teeth, as she thought a moment. "Besides I have something I need to give you and you can't have it unless you say yes."
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig bent over so Kai could reach his ear and then she whispered softly into it. Pulling back a little, he gave her his best suspicious look.

'You are a dirty girl.'

Walking by her, he nudged the door to the stateroom she pointed out and looked around. Boats were neat, but everything was so small, even for normal sized people and for someone his size, it was itty bitty. Setting the cooler down by the door, he threw his bag on the bed and then sat down on it.

'If you really want me to stay with you, be forewarned, I'm a bed hogger.' Holding his hand out, he waited for her to join him in the room.
Kai 13 years ago
"I am not!" She laughed and followed behind him hanging in the door frame for a moment, watching. She figured Drew, Reign, Wil and Jared could figure out the room thing with out her, and she'd feel odd standing there watching them decide anyway.

The room was set up with the bed under the slanted ceiling of the stairwell and a chest of drawers directly opposite. On that same wall was the door to the head, and above the dresser was a single portal window. On either side of the bed were low tables, one of them being a small refrigerator, and the other another place for storage.

"I'm small so I don't take up much room. Besides, I can always just kick you out of my way."

She crossed the small distance and slipped her hand in his, sitting down beside him. "I took the top drawer, everything fit in the one, so you can have the rest. What's in the cooler?"

Now that she had him here, she didn't actually know what to do with him, so she resorted to babbling.
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig snorted. 'No. You promised me something.'

Holding her hand, he began to massage it gently like he did up top on the deck. His hands swallowed her tiny one and he rubbed his callused thumbs over her silky soft hands. That was the great thing about women; they were so soft.

Brig ignored the fact that Kai's friends were barely twenty feet away from them, but he had no plans on attempting sex practically in public. He had class. He was incredibly turned on by Kai, but he still had respect for her.

Softly he asked,
'What did you want to give me?'
Kai 13 years ago
Oh, right. She smiled at him, turned her body to face his, then slid up on the bed, laying on her tummy to pull something out from under her pillow. Pushing up, she turned and sat next to him again with a little bounce.

"Here, you go."

She offered him a neatly fold red t-shirt. "I, ah, slept in it on those nights when having the windows open was just a little too chilly for bare skin. Other wise, it was safely under my pillow waiting for today."
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Kai turned over and stretched out onto the bed giving Brig a decent view of her tan legs and all the fun curves above when she pulled out the red t-shirt he had loaned her. He took it and laid the folded shirt in his hands.

Teasing, he said, 'So, you wore this to bed, but otherwise you sleep nude?' He brought the t-shirt up to his face and inhaled deeply, taking in her sweet scent. She hadn't washed it, per his request. Grinning, he laid it down in his lap and then leaned back onto the bed, resting his weight on his elbow.

Reaching with his free hand, he cupped Kai's face and pulled her down to the bed with him. He paused for a moment, looking deep into her beautiful blue eyes.

'Thanks, Kai,' he said before closing the gap and kissing her softly.
Reign 13 years ago
Reign followed along with everyone below deck, the boat was impressive and even though she wasn't a huge video game fan, but she was a bit of a movie buff. Especially if every one else ran off in four footed mode she could hang out with a flick.

Drew raised an eyebrow at her, asking if she wanted to share a room. Reign responded with a near invisible shake of her head. She wouldn't have minded a bit of stress relief but she wasn't going to flaunt that right now. Although she suspected Wil and Jared had probably guessed.

With the indifference of some one who'd spent a lot of time in hotel rooms she let the boys bicker a bit about rooms and then grabbed one they didn't seem to be part of the dispute. Figuring the whole point of being on a boat was being out in the sun Reign was happy enough to drop her stuff and head back up on deck to get some sun.
Drew 13 years ago
Well that was a bit of a bummer, but Drew didn't dwell on it. He had a good idea why she'd turned him down and couldn't fault her.

Instead he cheerfully bickered with the other guys each trying to pick the best room but all of them steering clear of the master, figuring that since Kai had arranged for the boat she'd take the big room, even if she had sort of said they could have it. They ducked in and out of a few rooms before each settling on one.

Drew needled Wil a bit as he wistfully eyed the lab. Drew wasn't quite sure what the other guy was studying but he knew it was some kind of science. With any luck he wouldn't hijack Kai while they were out here. It was supposed to be fun, not work.

Not seeing Kai, or Brig, or even Reign Drew just shrugged. They were all adults and perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. Punching Jared in the arm they both found the video games, Jared was looking for something Drew hadn't beaten, or better yet even seen. Drew had an unnatural affinity for games.
Kai 13 years ago
"Well, yeah. Don't you?"

She went willingly to him, laying her body along his, resting her weight on her elbow. "For what?"

But he was kissing her. Kai gave herself over to it, melting against him. She was actually rather thrilled to be kissing someone. And even more thrilled that he shared her nature so she didn't have to hide anything, or do the worst and lie to him. She could be open, honest, herself. It was refreshing.

With a soft sigh she pulled away.
"I should go let the captain know were ready to go." Her voice was soft and breathy again.
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig let her go without protest. Maybe he had done too much, too soon.

'Probably a good idea.'

He left her question about his sleeping habits unanswered and sat up on the bed. Pinching his lips, he gently wiped at them. His eyes fell on his cooler and remembered her question.

Pointing at it, he answered,
'Oh you said to bring your own food. Just cooked stuff for me - sandwich meat and stuff.' Stuff being two six packs of dark ale that would last him all of one hour, but he figured he'd save that for later.
Kai 13 years ago
She stopped on her way to the little bathroom, and tilted her head at him. "Um, oh gosh. We have a cook on board that has been chopping and prepping like a mad man for the last two days."

She guessed, he'd misunderstood when they were talking about it at dinner Wednesday. "The powers that be are still sucking up to me a bit, trying to make up for the pile they dumped on my head, so the weekend is totally provided by them."

Laughing she went to the bathroom door and ducked inside a few moments later she emerged tying a bright turquoise cloth around her hips, covering the lower half of her swim suit.

"Just don't let Spike see that cooler, he might actually cry."
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
'Uh oh,' he said as Kai stepped into the bathroom. Looking back at his cooler, he lifted the lid and pulled out a beer. Twisting the cap off, he drank the cold beer quickly as he poked around the cooler for something else to munch on. There really wasn't that much in there - just a few dozen proteins for sandwiches or just snacking since he figured he could cook whatever raw food they might serve. He'd keep the cooler in the stateroom so not to insult the cook.

'God forbid,' he mumbled as he put the empty beer bottle back in the cooler and pulled another out.

A minute, and another beer, later - Kai stepped out of the bathroom in her bikini. He was just finishing his third beer when he got a good look at her.

It wasn't as if he hadn't already seen her naked, but just seeing the unmentionable parts barely covered made his eyes nearly pop out of his head. She made a comment about the cook as he barely managed to put the empty bottle back into the cooler without dropping it on the floor.

'Grown men crying. Shameful.'

Covering the cooler again, he stood and held his hand out to her. 'You look absolutely delicious. Ready to head up?'
Kai 13 years ago
Snickering softly, she tucked her hand in his. She'd tell him about the little fridge later, his stuff was fine in the cooler for now.

They stepped out into the common room to find Drew, Wil, and Jared fighting it out in some bloody video game. She laughed and nudged the back of Drew's head.
"C'mon boys, let's go meet the Skipper so we can get this hunk of bolts moving."

With a tug on Brig's hand, and not waiting to make sure they followed, they would or not, if they felt like it, and the boat would set sail whether they met the captain first or not, she headed above deck.

Up on the main deck they found Reign soaking in the sun.
"Want to meet the captain before we sail?"

She asked, slightly bothered by disturbing the girl's peace.
Drew 13 years ago
The nudge to his head threw Drew's focus and Jared took advantage of that to kill him. This, of course, lead to a brief friendly scuffle.

"That was cheating Kai."Â?

But he bounced to his feet the other guys fell into step with them.

"You really call him a skipper? For real?"Â?

That just cracked him up, although he kept most of the humor to himself not certain anyone else would appreciate it. Either way he was all for getting this ship underway and he could play games any day of the week.
Reign 13 years ago
Reign was still in her jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes. She wasn't sure there was an agenda at all but if there was that was a versatile outfit. Besides, it was comfortable. Comfortable enough she was half nodding in the sun. That she would blame totally on the Boy, waking her up at an inhuman hour the day before and a long drive in the day before that.

"Absolutely. No point in being on a boat if you don't go any where."Â?

And it appeared that was boat etiquette. You didn't meet the pilot of a 737, but they did at least introduce themselves on the PA. And it never hurt to put at least a name to the person you were trusting to keep you afloat whether it be in the sky or the water.
Kai 13 years ago
Kai rolled her eyes at Drew. "Yes, really."

She gave Brig's hand a squeeze and moved to climb the ladder that lead up to the bridge. "Permission to enter the bridge, Captain."

"Granted, Miss Kai." Came the lightly accented reply. She finished the climb and stepped on the bridge, moving to the far side so that every one could join her.

The captain, was Kai's ideal of a ship's captain, medium height, rotund, salt and pepper hair and beard, dressed in crisply pressed whites and captain's hat.
"Captain, this is Brig, Reign, Drew, Wil and Jared. Our guests for this trip. Guys, this is Captain Tom Flay."

She then motioned to the young woman standing next to him. "This is Nessa West, First Mate." She was taller than the captain, dark complected, with her black hair braided and the braids in a ponytail behind her head. She wore the standard NUA uniform of kaki shorts, and blue polo with the NUA logo on her left breast and her name, rank and department on her right.

When everyone had shaken hands and said hello, Kai gave the captain a nod.

"Feel free to set sail at your pleasure Skipper."

He smiled at her. "Thank you Miss Kai. The weather looks perfect for your trip. There might be some rain in the middle of the night, from the tropical storm still deep in the Atlantic. It should take us a little over two hours to reach the island, as we are leaving a bit early and I don't have to push the speed."

"Sounds great!"

Kai turned to the others. "You guys hungry? Trevor said lunch would be ready by now."
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig climbed up to the bridge of the Aqua Aquarius and politely shook hands with the Captain and First Mate. The ship itself was impressive and he felt fairly comfortable with the trip ahead of them, short though it would be. As the captain explained the sea conditions, Brig took a moment to look at the instruments and displays.

In a pinch he could sail and in fact had done so before. Most newer ships practically sailed themselves, but as he slowly turned, his eyes flickered from one display panel to another, leading back to the captain. He could probably handle it fine, besides, the Pipers would be able to find them if something happened quicker than the coast guard anyway.

With a smile, he turned back to Kai and rubbed his tummy dramatically.
'I am starved! Let's eat!'
Drew 13 years ago
Drew and the fellas were polite enough when introduced, their spirits weren't even dampened by possible rain. Storms could make for some interesting waves.

"Now that is right up my alley."Â?

Wil declared, Jared nodding in agreement and the two of them started down from the bridge obviously in search of the galley. Drew managed to remember his manners a bit better and stuck with Reign. She could be a bit shy with new folks and he didn't want her to feel abandon. After all he'd invited her.

"I can't say I disagree with that. What's cooking?"Â?

At least Kai had had the sense to ask about dietary issues so everyone should be covered. He was just curious what you fixed on a boat. It seemed like you should have something all tropical but this was the east coast so maybe that wasn't appropriate.

Waiting until they were clear of the crew and the bridge he ventured another question.

"Any chance of some hunting on this island?"Â?

Drew was never adverse to bringing down some game and it was even more fun in a pack.