Wolves on the Water ((attn: Brig, Drew and friends))

Kai sat in a deck chair, her feet tucked to her bottom, her knees pressed against her chest, her hands wrapped around a steming mug of apple cinnamon tea. She'd spent the night on the boat, alone completely and blessedly alone. It had been some time since she'd be alone. Oh, she'd been by herself, but there were always people nearby. There was no one here and it was a silence she relished for its rareness. Friday after work, she'd met the board maker and had tested the new board on the waves off the beaches in the Park. It was a smooth ride and she'd spent several hours on it, before sunset brought her in off the water. The board was now secured in a surfboard rack on the port side of the boat and she was hoping there were some good waves that afternoon.

She'd talked with Drew Thursday morning and they'd ironed out details, and then she'd emailed Brig, letting them know that all the equipment they would need was provided unless anyone wanted to surf, then they had to provide their own board. The caretakers of the island were expecting them at three so that the couple could take a much needed day and night of shore leave. So Drew and his friends were supposed to show up around one. She'd told Brig to come anytime Saturday morning, but to be there by one. He'd not given her any indication of his arrival, only that he'd be there in time.

She had given herself the luxury of sleeping in until after the sun had risen, then swam the distance between the boat and boat house for an hour, showered and was sitting in a pair of shorts and a light green camisole, sipping tea as she awaited the arrival of the captain, first mate, cook and steward that were all employed by the Aquarium to man this vessel whenever it was needed. And Brig she was waiting for Brig.

She was nothing if not completely honest with herself, and while she was looking forward to meeting more pack mates and making new friends, she admitted that she was more looking forward to spending more than half an hour with Brig. The why of it still hadn't fleshed itself out in her mind and she rather enjoyed the mystery of that as well.

Reign 13 years ago
Reign exchanged a few polite words with the captain and first mate. She privately thought Drew was going to have some issues getting his sea legs. He was used to a very land locked existence. At least she had taken a few cruises in her day and unfamiliar with smaller boats and things about this size out on Lake Michigan. Of course thinking of the cruises made her think of Bas which made her feel a bit bad about the whole break up and a bit lonely. Maybe she'd made a mistake not sharing a room with Drew

She covered that with a snort at the enthusiasm all the men seemed to be expressing in food. Sure a bite wouldn't go a stray, but she still shook her head.

"Is it a guy thing or a wolf thing, this attacking the food?"Â?
Kai 13 years ago
"Mostly a guy thing, I think. Don't get me wrong I love to eat but I don't feel the need to attack it."

Kai laughed softly and followed every one down to the main deck. "I don't know Drew, I've never been to the island" And around to the fore of the boat, where Trevor had set up a long low table with a pretty blue cloth, and a very large buffet. She'd told him to pretend he was cooking for twenty, but she didn't think he would produce this much food.

Trevor came out of the galley as the boys tucked into the buffet. When Kai thought young chef, he was not what came to mind. He as almost as tall as Brig, but wider. He'd told her he played football in school, but only because his dad expected it. The kitchen was where his passion lay, and she had to admit he had a grace there that belied his size. His olive skin, and dark hair told of his samoan heritage, and his friendly way told of his gentle mother.

She greeted him warmly and introduced him around. As he was greeting the others, a much smaller man of average height, with bright blonde hair, blue blue eyes, and skin as tan as Kai's, came out of the galley as well.
"Hey Brett. Everyone this is Brett, he's the steward aboard the Aqua Aquarius. If you need anything feel free to ask. He's also going to serve as our bartender, so be nice to him or he might spit in your drink."

she laughed at her little joke and he asked if he could get her anything. She asked for water, and then went to join Brig. She touched her hand to the swell of his bicep, before picking up a plate and delightfully filling it from the raw portion of the buffet. Trevor had followed her instructions well, a third of the food raw and the rest cooked anyway he pleased.

As they started lunch, the Captain, First Mate and dock crew set sail.
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig stood off to the side and watched the ship's crew bring in the buffet. 'Oooooh,' he said happily as they brought in tons of protein and delicious finger foods, plus raw food for those inclined. He wrinkled his nose at that, but he always found it curious that he thoroughly enjoyed it as a wolf, just not as a human. As everyone crowded the tables, he leaned back against the rails as the engines began to rumble.

Turning toward the wind, he let the warm breeze carrying smells from the water and the city, mingling together in that undeniable Nachton scent. Closing his eyes, he felt Kai return to his side, feeling her slight touch and catching her scent in the air. The engines soft rumble roared as the boat pulled out of its dock and with it went his stomach.

Blowing air out of his mouth, he grumbled as his stomach's hunger pains turned into a quiet revolt.
Reign 13 years ago
Reign chuckled a bit at Kai's comment.

"Yeah, I used to have six fingers on my right hand but I got between my brothers and Thanksgiving dinner once."

Reign stood back off to the side, she didn't quite understand why Drew had even invited her. Probably thought she needed to meet people or something. Whatever. More to the point she'd learned, even with her human family that you didn't just jump in the front of the pack, not unless you intended to back things up. And reign wasn't in a backing up kind of mood.

She would have gone to speak to Kai, thank her for the use of the boat and everything, but well she'd ambled over to talk to Brig. Maybe she would be intruding, maybe she would, she couldn't tell. She compromised by venturing,

"This is an impressive spread. I'm surprised a university would spring for it."Â?

In her experience universities were always scraping for funding. Unless it involved football. But such was the bias of a liberal arts graduate with no interest in sports.
Drew 13 years ago
Drew wasn't nearly so shy about his food and followed Kai's example finding plenty of raw goodness. He hadn't even realized he'd been hungry up until right now.

"You know I didn't even think of it, I should have brought some of my beer."Â?

He tried to remember if he had any ready to go and wound up shaking his head.

"Nope the next batch isn't ready it. Well next time I guess."Â?

After that it was hard to talk polity as his mouth was full. Happy, but fully.
Kai 13 years ago
Kai finished filling her plate, and went to rest against the railing next to Brig, letting her hip touch his.

She gave her attention to Reign and shrugged a bit.
"They don't usually, but I think they still feel bad for the bait and switch they pulled so we get a nice catered weekend, with I might add a completely open, fully stocked bar."

Kai never drank, but she didn't begrudge it in others, and knew most young people enjoyed it as part of their off time. She wasn't about to take that from them, just because she didn't like it.

She lightly nudged Brig, and spoke softly.
"Are you alright?"
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig opened his eyes and peered down at the human, Reign. He didn't know much about her, just necessary facts as an Illamar and a friend of the Alpha - beyond that he had to admit to skimming the rest of her file. It wasn't because he held onto the old tradition of humans being beneath one of them - hell, he had married four humans, but with the boat rocking on the water, and his stomach preparing an upward exit, he was being as polite as possible. Kai answered her question about the food and then nudged him softly.

Pointing at his stomach he grimaced. He wasn't that sea sick (yet) but he was starting to feel his age around Drew and the other pack members. You could only pretend to be forty going on twenty one for so long.

'Just trying to hang on to my breakfast here.'
Reign 13 years ago
"Absolutely nothing wrong with exploring guilt."Â?

Reign agreed cheerfully before Wil cornered her and started grilling her about the university that her father taught at and she'd just graduated from. She was happy enough to have something to focus on. Other than that she just wanted a few drinks and a deck chair. She'd stuck a book in her bag and unless something more interesting came up she would be just as happy to disappear into it.

Drew she knew would be able to keep himself and the other two boys entertained. He'd already expressed some interest in trying some fishing and she had no doubt he'd be happy to play in the water too. It should be a good trip.
Kai 13 years ago
"Oh, Brig. I am sorry."

She leaned her head against his arm for a moment. She'd never been seasick and so couldn't sympathize, but empathy she had in spades. Her own tummy new food was near and growled at her.

Glancing up at Brig, and noting his closed eyes, she popped a lettuce wrap thingy in her mouth. She was surprised to find it full of citrus flavored tuna, and very nearly expressed her delight in the form of the little moan that usually accompanied good food, but managed to suppress it in difference to his plight.

"Do you want to go back below deck, the rocking is a little less noticeable down there. I've also heard ginger tea helps too. I can get Brett or Trevor to make you some, if you'd like."
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig wrapped an arm around Kai's shoulders, his hand paying close attention to the softness of her them.

'Mind over matter, babe,' he said with a deep sigh. 'I'll be fine.'

He refused to throw up. Brig kept telling himself that as he took deep breaths in through his nose and out of of his mouth. After a few moments, his stomach seemed to settle, returning to its earlier hungry status. The sea wasn't so bad, and he wholeheartedly agreed with his cousin and nephew about it being rather erotic - being in the water with an affable and willing female - he looked forward to some swimming once they got to the island.

Pulling away from Kai, he approached the buffet table slowly and happily rubbed his tummy which was now agreeing with him. Picking up a plate, he piled it high with cooked protein and grabbed two beers, opening them with his bare hand. Walking back to Kai, he handed her one and drank half of his in one gulp.

'So what all are we doing on the island?'
Kai 13 years ago
"Ah, I see"

Kai took the bottle from him, looked at it for a moment and sighed. She'd give it to him when he finished the one he had, there was absolutely no sense in making a fuss about it. She tucked the bottle between two of the fingers holding her plate, so that it dangled below it, and popped another of the lettuce wrap thingies in her mouth, only this time she let the moan have its way. It was a lovely bit of culinary genius.

"There's a speed boat that lives there, and we can use it to ski, plus the fishing of the eastern side of the island is amazing, so I'm told."

Another bit of Trevor's genius went into her mouth and she showed her appreciation for it as well. "I also thought we could snorkel or just swim. The caretaker is supposed to have a bonfire built for us on the western beach"

Kai shrugged, and ate something else from her plate. "I kind of figured we'd all just do whatever suited our fancies."
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig finished his beer and looked at Kai's.

'You're not going to drink that, are you.'

It wasn't question but a happy declaration as he gently took the second bottle from her fingers and began drinking that one. It would be his fifth beer, but at his size, he wasn't even feeling a buzz yet, so he consumed her bottle with as much enthusiasm as the last four.

'So, tell me about your job. Tell me about you. Where are you from? What do you like? Ever been married? Have any kids? Tell me everything.'

He smiled at her as he squinted against the morning sun. They hadn't really talked, not a lot anyway, and he wanted to know more about her before the inevitable happened down below. Call him old fashion, but Brig liked knowing a girl before...whatever happens, happens.

Not wanting to assume anything, he'd take this trip one step at a time. Kai was a lovely girl, very shy but adventurous, but he wasn't going to be a dick about the thing between them and nailing her the first chance he got.

'Quid pro quo. You tell me something of yourself, I'll share...then I might let you have your way with me tonight.' Eating something rolled up in bacon and meat, he grinned at her as he chewed.
Kai 13 years ago
Kai willingly relinquished the beer with a soft laugh. It was easy to laugh with Brig and she liked that about him.

His questions didn't surprise her, she wanted to ask them of him as well.

"That works for me. Let's see.We'll start with the uncomplicated ones. I've never been married, no children and I'm from Tasmania."

She finished the food on her plate, and set it on a low table nearby. Turning, she rested her elbows on the rail and looked out over the water. They had moved far enough out that the land was no longer in her peripheral vision. "My job is... so odd. I'm a marine biologist and I've spent the last twelve years on various research vessels off the Great Barrier Reef.

I was offered a job as a researcher for the NUA, but when I got here, they asked me to take over as the general manager of the Aquarium. I've spent the last two weeks fixing the mess the last person made, and I think I'm at a point where I can get down to the serious business of marine life."

Turning back around, she once more rested her elbows on the railing. "As for what I like, well I like to think I'm a simple girl. I like to read, and technology makes me giddy, and of course I like the water. Any combination of the three will make me happy as a pup with a new smell."
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
'Ok.' Brig rolled up his eyes and squinted into the sky as he thought deeply. 'I was born in Scotland but raised in Russia along with the Beta. Our families have been close for generations - wherever the Hammerthynns are, the Jamesons follow. We even share inherited memories. The Beta is my first cousin and best friend.

'I'm the Commander of the Pipers. You've met my boys - the LT is my nephew from my youngest brother, Charlie, Red...they're cousins of the Hammerthynns and Jamesons alike. Been leading them almost all my life. LT will step up into my position when I'm too old to be doing the job. Not anytime soon, though.' Brig gave her a youthful wink.

'I absolutely love my Iphone. I'm one hundred and ten years old, and...I've been married four times.' He winced at that and took a long pull at his beer, finishing it.

'I've no children though. None of the marriages were serious enough for that. LT is the closest thing to a son that I have.'

Brig mimicked her position on the rail and let his body casually lean against hers. 'Ok, my turn for more questions. Uh...do you ever plan to marry? Looking forward to children?'
Kai 13 years ago
Kai blinked at him several times. A hundred and ten? Wow, she sometimes forgot how long lived their people were, though she shouldn't. Her own mother was nearing a hundred, her father even older though no one had ever told by how much.

She rested her weight into him, and sighed softly.
"Maybe one day I'll get married, when life isn't so tumultuous. I think that if I stay in Nachton long enough that I'll stop thinking as a transient and start looking toward the future. As for children... no I do not I wish to go through such hardship. Selfish of me I know, but in my nearly thirty one years I have witnessed, and participated in the birth ceremony for sixteen mothers. I do not ever want to experience such pain.

My mother says, you forget it as soon as the little squalling thing is in your hands and you are offering thanks to the moon. I don't know that I believe her. My sister agrees, as she's already had a child, but then she was always just a little odd."

Kai chuckled lightly. "My father says it is my duty to the pack to be fruitful and multiply. I think my duty to the pack lies elsewhere."

She shrugged a bit. "Hmm, that was probably more information than you wanted."

She watched Wil and Jared wrestle over a chair for a moment, laughing lightly at them. They made her feel a little older than she really was, but then she almost always had been. "Can I play with your phone? I was thinking about getting one when I finally get around to buying a personal phone. I love my iPod Touch, so the phone seems like a nice little step up."
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig pulled out his iphone from one of his pockets and unlocked it for her. While she played with it, he moved back over to the buffet table and secured another beer and more food. Walking back, he stood in front of her as the boat rushed out to sea.

'I have sisters and they say the same thing. My brother, David, LT's father...he enjoyed being a father for the short time that he was.' Brig grew quiet and took a long pull on his beer as he looked around, watching the younger wolves play. Reign had wandered off to do her own thing. Brig watched the blond for a moment before returning his attention back to Kai.

'It has that face-to-face option. The Beta is rather disgusted with it.' Breaking himself out of his sad reverie, he grinned at the thought of his cousin's dislike for personal electronics.

'Hammer and I have made it this far without children, but we still have time to have heaps.'
Kai 13 years ago
Kai made a delighted little sound as she took the phone from him. She began to pick apps at random and play with them. When he returned, she glanced up at him with a smile.

The sadness in his voice made her look up for a moment.
"I'm sorry about your brother."

She couldn't say much else, she'd lost family members, a cousin to a stupid motorcycle accident, a grandmother to age, an aunt to childbirth, but that aunt had not been gifted, instead choosing to live as human among wolves, and knew it was never easy no matter what amount of time had passed.

She smiled at him, she'd not yet met the beta, but if he was anything like her father, technology made him cranky and he refused to use the webcam she'd given him.
"Neat, that would make talking with Mom easier. She likes the webcam, but getting me in front of it is more difficult as I am rarely sitting long enough to get it up and running and then have a conversation long enough to make a difference."

She tilted her head to the side, and studied him for a moment. "My aunt says that time will temper me, and I will change my mind. I'm young yet and haven't found a mate that makes me want to give him flesh from my flesh."

A soft chuckle left her as she handed him back his phone. "My family is very poetical."

Kai peered at his plate and managed not to wrinkle her nose. Excusing herself, she refilled her own plate with the lovely yummy things Trevor had made for her and Drew. She returned to her spot on the rail, as she popped something she didn't recognized that had been rolled up and skewered, into her mouth.

"So, do you have any hobbies, well besides running before dawn and getting seasick?"
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig smiled softly at her condolences for his long gone brother. He was embarrassed that he brought it up, but relieved when she redirected it elsewhere.

'LT has a thing about sitting in front of his computer during downtime. Although now he's dating someone on the outside and it's pretty rare we see him around the Den unless it's work related. We're happy for him.' He thought a moment and then gently took the phone back. 'Look at this, this is great.'

Scrolling through his pictures, he found one of Hammer giving his ever angry yet perplexed expression glaring back at him. He showed her the picture giggling to himself.

'Don't tell him I showed you this,' he said laughing out loud now. 'Hammer is a great guy. We've grown up together, suffered through adolescences before our gifting, and scared the living shit out of the humans when we finally were.' Pausing, he remembered the fond memories of being young with his cousin. 'Yeah, I don't know what I'd do without him.'

Kai took her turn and asked about hobbies, teasing him about his seasickness.

'Oh ha ha,' he said leaning back on the rail and standing close to her. 'Uh...let's see. I enjoy going to the movies, boxing with Hammer and the boys. I'm very sociable and enjoy just meeting new people. Heading out into the city, the museum,' he shrugged. 'I enjoy anything and everything, really. Lately I've been a little busy with work, though. This is the first chance I've had to get out and flex my 'meetin' people' muscles, so to speak.'

He pushed his food around his plate, picking at this, consuming that. Slowly he reached out and took her hand, lacing his fingers with hers and quietly added, while still looking at her hand, 'I also like meeting beautiful women...like you.'
Kai 13 years ago
She giggled at the very put out man on Brig's phone. She had no doubt that when she finally met the beta, she'd have to suppress laughter.

As he talked, she consumed the food on her plate and debated about getting more when he took her hand. She decided she was full, and set the plate down again. It was easy to turn her body into his and smiled up at him, laughter behind her words.
"Ah, so you make it a habit of meeting pretty girls, and taking random boat trips with them?"

He was fun to tease and she was enjoying the opportunity to practice those long unused skills on someone she didn't have to hide anything from.
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
'Every single weekend. You're lucky, I was just barely able to pencil you in.' Brig looked up into her face and grinned as he leaned in and kissed her cheek gently. Wrapping his arm around her, he then kissed the hair next to her temple.

'So when are we getting to this island?'