People Watching

With her laptop stowed safely in its backpack, Veronica stepped lightly down the sidewalk of the busy street. She'd been in Nachton for a couple months now, but she still wasn't used to the almost constant flood of people that walked up and down the Strip.

The sun was bright and warm and Veronica had the day off work. But of course, there really was no such thing as a 'day off' when you're an architect. Which is most of the reason she had her laptop with her today. Otherwise she would have loved to leave the damn thing back in the apartment.

As she stepped in front of the door to an Indian restaurant whose name she had no dreams of pronouncing, her stomach rumbled loudly. How did she get to be so hungry? She just ate - she fished out her cell phone - six hours ago?! How the hell did it get to be so late in the afternoon? Well, it didn't matter now. There was no way her stomach was going to let her go without sampling this wonderful aroma. There were a few empty tables outside on the sidewalk, so Veronica requested one from the host. He was cute - obviously not Indian himself - and she could feel his eyes on her as she sat down.

Veronica was wearing a small pink tank-top that left little of her chest to the imagination. The bottom of the small shirt came several inches from touching the waistband of her jean shorts. They rode low on her hips and were cut very high on her legs, leaving miles of sun-kissed thigh open for appraisal. She wore a pair of cheap flip-flops and her long crimson hair was braided into one long pony-tail.

"Thank you," she said with a polite smile after he took her drink order. She found what she wanted a moment after he left. Putting the menu down on the other side of the table, she pulled her laptop out and booted it up. She crossed a leg over the other, exposing even more of her flawless thigh to whoever wanted to look, and began going over some design documents while she waited for someone to come and take her order.

Meegan 19 years ago
Meegan stepped out of the glass doors of the spa, feeling more relaxed than she had in weeks. She had spent the day getting pampered, and was beyond hungry. She caught the wiff of several restraunts, but her insides gurmbled for Indian food, and she knew just the place.

She walked down the street, Dill walking close by the body hugging black jeans she had chosen that morning. As she walked, she re-adjusted her purse, and slid her hands down her purple gauze tank top, that showed the white lacey camisole beneath it.

She stopped in front of the Indian place and inhaled deeply, as she looked around she spotted the woman with crimson hair and laptop and grinned. She knew that hair.

"Veronica? Veronica Miller?"

She spoke as she crossed the sidewalk to the little table.
Veronica Miller 19 years ago
Veronica was surprised to hear her name being called. She instantly went through the mental checklist of her friends and ruled them all out. She hadn't really been paying attention to the voice; she couldn't have even if she'd wanted to. The street was loud with passing cars and people. But she didn't recognize the voice immediately. She tucked all this back a little in her mind as she went over the last column of data she was studying.

Lifting her eyes from the computer monitor, she had to squint against the natural brilliance of the sun. She caught sight of a cute blond girl looking directly at her. She tickled something in the back of Veronica's memory, but she couldn't pull anything forward.

"Do I know you?" Veronica asked, still squinting against the blazing sun, as the vaguely-familiar woman approached the table.

((permission given by Meegan to move her a few steps toward the table))
Meegan 19 years ago
Meegan gave a short embarrassed chuckle as she stopped infront of the table.

"I'm sorry. Meegan Masters, "She placed a hand on her chest."we met at one of Tyler's Thanksgiving party."

Meegan smiled brightly as she held out her hand to Veronica. She was excited to see a familiar face in this strange town, and she happened to enjoy the company of this particular face.

'I hope she remembers me, I will feel really stupid if she doesn't.' She gave a mental shrug. "Either way I get Indian food.'

Dill sat as his mistress spoke, looking intently at the new person.

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Veronica Miller 19 years ago
Meegan Masters... Meegan....

Veronica held a hand over her eyes to try and block out the glare of the sun as she studied the approaching woman.

Meegan.... Tyler's Thanksgiving party......

Suddenly it clicked into place and a bright smile that rivaled the sun lit up the short woman's face.

"Meegan! Holy shit, the girl with almost-weird name!" Veronica nearly lept to her feet. Oh yeah, she remembered her now. Well, remembered most of what happened at that party. Everything after 10 o'clock or so had been lost in a fog of alcohol. But the memories she did have were quite pleasant.

"How've you been?" Veronica asked, holding her arms up in invitation for a hug.

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Meegan 19 years ago
Meegan dropped Dill's leash, stepping easily into Veronica's arms, wrapping her own around the woman's back in a tight embrace.

"It's been a long time. You look great!"

Meegan's cheeks were flushed with her pleasure at feeling this particular body against her's after such a long time.
Veronica Miller 19 years ago
Grinning broadly, Veronica slipped her arms around Meegan. Her heart rate jumped when the woman's body came in contact with hers. The muddy haze hiding her memory of that long-ago night's events cleared away a bit at the touch. She still couldn't remember anything specific, but she could sense that they may not have been entirely wholesome.

Meegan was taller than Veronica, so the red-headed girl had to rise up on her tip-toes to hug her properly. Veronica pressed the full length of her body against Meegan, almost as if drawn by magnetism. She had to force herself to keep from lifting a leg and curling it around her waist.

The hug only lasted a second, maybe two, but it had definitely sparked something deep inside Veronica. She swept her eyes down Meegan's body, then back up. Oh yes, she remembered her now.

"It has," Veronica said, nibbling on her lower lip. Her eyes sparkled dangerously. "You look pretty yummy yourself," she added with a sly wink. "Come, sit down." Turning to bend a little over the table, Veronica closed her laptop and dropped the menu onto a far chair before dropping back into her own.
Meegan 19 years ago
Meegan settled herself in the chair Veronica offered, a bright smile on her face. As she pulled the chair to the table, Dill scooted beneath her, yawned loudly, then promptly fell to sleep.

"Thanks! Have you eaten here before?" Meegan dropped her purse into the chair with the menu and didn't wait for Veronica to answer.

"So what have you been doing with your life? Did you get your degree are you a famous arcitect now?" As she spoke she layed a hand on Veronica's arm, her eyes searching for the waiter.
Veronica Miller 19 years ago
Leaning slightly over her forgotten laptop, Veronica touched the hand on her arm with light fingers. She chuckled lightly at Meegan's excited tone and felt flattered that she remembered she'd studied architecture.

"Yeah, I got my degree, but I'm not famous yet." She winked at the pretty girl from Tyler's party and crossed her legs beneath the table. Veronica's toes accidently brushed a shin, and she had to quickly stifle the rush of excitement. "What about you? You were studying fashion design or some such, weren't you?"

The waiter came back then with Veronica's drink. Taking a sip of the iced tea, Veronica told him to take Meegan's order, but include it on her bill.
Meegan 19 years ago
"Water, lots of ice, with lemon." She returned her attention back to Veronica, and gave her a slow smile. "I finished school, and started up my own label. So far it's going well."

Meegan crossed her legs beneath the table, letting her elegant Italian leather sandle slide from her foot as she moved. When her leg settled, she let her toes rest against Veronica's. She managed to keep the shiver up her spine from showing.
Veronica Miller 19 years ago
"Your own line?" Veronica asked, impressed. She was relieved that her voice didn't betray the surge of excitement the touch of Meegan's bare toes caused. She began to wonder how pissed off her stomach would be if she just left and took Meegan back to her apartment right now.

Veronica leaned forward a little bit, causing her breasts to settle on top of her laptop.
"What's it called?" she asked, completely oblivious to the people around them watching the two women touching each other with much more familiarity than newly reunited friends might exhibit. Not that she would have cared anyway. Veronica's eyes sparkled with excitement as she wondered at the odds of meeting this woman again, especially in such a big city.

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Meegan 19 years ago
Meegan's eyes went almost automaticly to the newly veiw of Veronica's clevage. She cleared her throat as she forced her eyes back to Veronica's.

"Oh, Gothic-ah."
Veronica Miller 19 years ago
Veronica grinned to herself as she watched Meegan's eyes drop to her chest. She loved it when people oggled her chest. When their eyes met again, Veronica's were wide with surprise. She bounced a little bit with excitement.

"Are you serious?! I love your bodices! I have three of them in my closet, and I can't find enough places to where them!"
Meegan 19 years ago
"You have to have places to where them." Meegan chuckled lightly. The waiter arrived to take their order.

"Mind if I order for us?"

Veronica nodded for her to go ahead. Meegan turned to the waiter and spoke to him in Hindi. She she was finished, he bowed to her. She nodded her head in returned then turned back to Veronica.

"What brought you to Nachton?"

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Rachyl 19 years ago
Burgundy hair coifed in a tight bun behind her head, Rachyl entered the restaurant and stood before the host's podium, pausing for attention.

She was smartly dressed in a steel blue business suit, neatly buttoned plain white blouse, a skirt that dropped just below her knees, matching low pointed heels topped with nude stockings. A gentle hint of bronze eye shadow glittered when she blinked. A dark leather portfolio hung from her shoulder, and a small black leather purse jutted from her underarm. She cleared her throat to get the host's attention after a few moments.

In a low, clear but smoky voice, she asked,
"Excuse me, I believe you should have me down for a lunch meeting. My name is Rachyl Walker. Has my dining companion arrived yet?"
Veronica Miller 19 years ago
"I'm working for KLA Architects over on North Washington Street," Veronica explained with a smile. "I wanted to get a job closer to home, but I couldn't pass up the offer." Veronica winked and took a long sip of tea, taking a moment to browse Meegan's goods again. She uncrossed her legs beneath the table, then crossed the other leg over, this time deliberately caressing Meegan's foot with hers.

"Do you ever talk to Tyler any more?" Tyler was cute, she remembered. And a dervish in the sack. They'd had a fling for a while after the party, but their lives drifted apart. Veronica hadn't heard from him in a couple years. If Meegan knew where to find him... She licked her lips at the possibilities.
Meegan 19 years ago
A tiny shiver went down Meegan's spine at Veronica's touch. 'I wonder if we'll get through this meal.' She smiled and let her mind drift back to the question.

"Not in years." Meegan sipped from her water and thought for a moment. "But my Aunt says, his mom says he's doing well, something about coaching a swim team."
Veronica Miller 19 years ago
Veronica's eyes were pulled off Meegan when she caught sight of a woman - who looked quite a bit like herself, strangely enough - stepped into the restaurant. It was the suit that caught her eye. Veronica liked a woman in a sharp suit. Men too, for that matter.

Veronica swung her eyes back to Meegan.
"Tyler? A swim coach?" She leaned back in her chair, laughing. "Why can't I picture that?"
Meegan 19 years ago
"That's what Aunt Jill said." Meegan's eyes sparkled as she grinned. "I could be wrong, she may have meant a different Tyler. Though I only know the one."

She let her eyes follow where Veronica's had gone and spotted the woman. She looked vaguely familiar, but Meegan couldn't place why.
Rachyl 19 years ago
She watched as the host flipped back and forth through the reservation book, stalling, stumbling over words, names, times. Rachyl became slightly upset, and placed her finger in the book, preventing yet another page's turning.

"So are you trying to tell me, by not saying anything, that no, there's no one waiting here for me, there's no reservation with my name attached, and that you're wasting my time by simply not saying 'No ma'am, there's no listing with your name?'" Calmly spoken, her voice nevertheless had an edge to it.
Veronica Miller 19 years ago
Still chuckling, Veronica rose from her chair. "Excuse me, hun. I need to powder my nose. Watch my laptop, please?" Without waiting for an answer, Veronica picked up her backpack and started toward the door of the restaurant.

The cool air inside made her skin pebble as she stepped through the door. She glanced down and - sure enough, her nipples were standing tall and proud. But the question was, how long have they been like that?

Veronica lifted her eyes just in time to avoid running smack into the back of the woman in the suit she'd seen go in the restaurant. She wasn't able to avoid her completely, however. Veronica's breast grazed the woman's arm as she tried to spin around her. It sent a small spark through her already aroused body.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry," Veronica said quickly to the woman in the blue suit. "Are you alright?"