People Watching

With her laptop stowed safely in its backpack, Veronica stepped lightly down the sidewalk of the busy street. She'd been in Nachton for a couple months now, but she still wasn't used to the almost constant flood of people that walked up and down the Strip.

The sun was bright and warm and Veronica had the day off work. But of course, there really was no such thing as a 'day off' when you're an architect. Which is most of the reason she had her laptop with her today. Otherwise she would have loved to leave the damn thing back in the apartment.

As she stepped in front of the door to an Indian restaurant whose name she had no dreams of pronouncing, her stomach rumbled loudly. How did she get to be so hungry? She just ate - she fished out her cell phone - six hours ago?! How the hell did it get to be so late in the afternoon? Well, it didn't matter now. There was no way her stomach was going to let her go without sampling this wonderful aroma. There were a few empty tables outside on the sidewalk, so Veronica requested one from the host. He was cute - obviously not Indian himself - and she could feel his eyes on her as she sat down.

Veronica was wearing a small pink tank-top that left little of her chest to the imagination. The bottom of the small shirt came several inches from touching the waistband of her jean shorts. They rode low on her hips and were cut very high on her legs, leaving miles of sun-kissed thigh open for appraisal. She wore a pair of cheap flip-flops and her long crimson hair was braided into one long pony-tail.

"Thank you," she said with a polite smile after he took her drink order. She found what she wanted a moment after he left. Putting the menu down on the other side of the table, she pulled her laptop out and booted it up. She crossed a leg over the other, exposing even more of her flawless thigh to whoever wanted to look, and began going over some design documents while she waited for someone to come and take her order.

Rachyl 18 years ago
[Meegan] laughed a bit and placed her hand on Rachyl's arm. "I'm sorry I get carried away some times."

Rachyl looked down at the hand on her arm, horror almost bubbling up inside her. The last time someone'd done that to her, they ended up in the hospital...

Forcing herself to breathe easy, she cleared her mind of all negative thoughts and let herself relax. She looked back up at Meegan, and saw the woman's sincere smile. Her chest warmed and she took a slow, deep breath.

"That's eerily uncanny, and amazingly correct."
Meegan 18 years ago
Meegan felt Rachyl's pulse jump under her fingers, and her smile warms just a bit more.

"I'm sorry, my lawyers are very thorough. And I seem to have a photographic memory, when I choose to. It's just that the picture on your file you had your hair down and were in a t-shirt."

Meegan squeezed her arm, then let her fingers trail down the slippery silk of her sleeve to rest lightly on the back of Rachyl's hand.

((actions done with permission))
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl nodded slowly, a tingle moving up her arm from Meegan's touch.

"Y-yes, well..." She looked down, and waved her free hand at herself, dismissively. "One doesn't arrive at a job interview lunch meeting dressed in a t-shirt that says 'I'd do Ron AND Hermione - when they're legal' let alone denim shorts or sandals."

She continued pushing the memory of that previous experience to the back of her mind.

"Besides, I wasn't expecting to need to be photographed for the ... acquisition ... after all, if I had, I might have worn one of your designs." Winking, she giggled lightly, feeling the remaining tension melt away.
Meegan 18 years ago
Meegan laughed brightly at the t-shirt's saying.

"True enough. You weren't photographed, it was a photo pulled of the 'net."

Meegan began to trace idle circles on Rachyl's hand.

"I just had an interesting thought. Can you type?"
Rachyl 18 years ago
"I just had an interesting thought. Can you type?" Meegan asked her, as Rachyl wracked her brain.

"Wait a minute, the only time I wore that shirt was to get my driver's license, and I was completely joking about which shirt it was... Yeah, that's scary." She rolled her head as a shiver went up her spine, knocking the curl into her face again. Blowing a puff of air at it in frustration, she responded to Meegan's question.

"Yes, I can type, over a hundred words a minute. I'm familiar with Windows, Mac, most word processors, though the one time I used a mid-forties or fifties style typewriter I about threw the thing out the window, horrid thing kept jamming so much."
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Stepping out of the stall, Veronica caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her nipples were still very prominent beneath her tight shirt, the fabric stretch taut over her full breasts. She wanted to pinch the turgid nipples, to relieve some of the pressure she felt deep in her belly, but she knew it would only make it worse. A lot worse.

So instead, she straightened herself, making sure she maintained maximum cleavage. She'd left her apartment this morning with little more in mind than strolling the Strip and grabbing some lunch. And now, here she was, accompanied by a long-lost friend who turns out to be a famous fashion designer and a sexy woman in a suit that looks uncannily like herself.

She took a deep breath and prettied her hair before leaving the restroom. As soon as she was through the door, she could feel eyes swinging around to look at her. She caught the gaze of fairly cute guy and gave him a wink as she glided past.

The warm air enveloped her as she came back outside and slipped back into her chair.
"Sorry about that," she said, taking a moment to reaquaint herself with the sight of the two beautiful women she found herself with. The smile on her face was warm and bright as the sun.
Meegan 18 years ago
Meegan turned her gaze to Veronica and smiled. "Welcome back. I was just about to tell Rachyl here, that my assistan flaked out and ran away, and I need a new one. She says she can type, so I was going to ask if she wanted to give it a shot."

She returned her attention back to Rachyl, the question hanging in her eyes.
Rachyl 18 years ago
Shellshocked at the sudden job offer, Rachyl's mouth gets the better of her brain. "Run away? With the two of you? Okay, sounds good, but I just want you to know, I'm not driving."

She cleared her throat and said, "Seriously though, I'd be extremely grateful, and would do my best."
Meegan 18 years ago
"Good. Come by my office on Monday at ten."

Meegan grinned, and sipped from her water.

((OOC I'm goine unti Sunday evening. I've given Rachyl and Veronica permission to move and talk for me if they need to. See ya'll later.))
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl beamed, looking back and forth between the two women.
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
"Why run away when we could just hide out at my apartment?" Veronica grinned at Rachyl. She leaned forward, displaying as much cleavage as possible, and licked her lips slowly as she stared into those gorgeous green eyes. If Rachyl's fingers were fast enough to type a hundred words a minute, what would they feel like on her flesh?

Underneath the table, Veronica's long, smooth legs crossed and her bare toes caressed Meegan's foot again. Just that little contact sent a bolt of heat straight up her leg to her crotch. God these girls were turning her on! Veronica hadn't slept with a woman since she got to Nachton, and the arousing proximity she found herself in now was nearly overwhelming.
Rachyl 18 years ago
"Why run away when we could just hide out at my apartment?" Veronica grinned at Rachyl. Her beaming grin dropped from the woman's delicious brown eyes to her ample chest, then bounced back to Meegan's face.

"Can we eat first? She asked petulantly, with a grin. "I'm kind of hungry... and where's my ice tea?"
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Veronica's smile broadened, and a mischievous sparkle glinted in her eyes. "Actually, eating is exactly what I had in mind." Leaning back, Veronica eyed Rachyl over the rim of her glass. Although the conservative suit didn't show much, Veronica could definitely Rachyl was hiding some probably very delicious curves.

Veronica sucked in air suddenly as a drop of condensation fell onto her bare belly and pooled in her navel. She pulled in her stomach reflexively, causing her chest to rise. She giggled, a little embarassed, and leaned forward again. Her eyes swung over to Meegan.

"Need an architect, too?" Veronica asked with a grin.
Rachyl 18 years ago
Leaning back, Veronica eyed Rachyl over the rim of her glass.

Rachyl felt her eyes widen as a foot softly slid across her stockinged
calf, then disappeared. When she looked at Veronica, the woman sucked
in air when she dropped condensation from the outside of her glass, to
her belly.

"Need an architect, too?"

Chuckling, Rachyl licked her lips as she noticed Meegan's eyes swell
with the pendulous motion of Veronica's bosom, and said quietly,

"I'd imagine it wouldn't be need, so much as..." She let her voice
trail off as the waiter arrived with a large tray and three glasses.
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Veronica chuckled with Meegan as the waiter set down their refills.

"How's our lunch coming along?" she asked him with a disarming smile. Combined with the view down her cavernous cleavage, it left the waiter at a loss for words.

"Uh... it should be up soon, ma'am."

"Good," Veronica said as she turned back to her friends. She sipped the fresh iced tea and looked to Rachyl.

"Aren't you hot in that suit, hun?"
Rachyl 18 years ago
"Uh... it should be up soon, ma'am." As the waiter turned away, Rachyl quipped, "If I didn't know better, it's up already..."

She met Veronica's gaze with a wink.

"Aren't you hot in that suit, hun?"

"Only slightly," Rachyl replied. She reached up with her free hand and unbuttoned three more buttons, leaving five open but still not affording "a view." "It's silk, so it's actually rather cool, and we're still close enough to the door that I get an occasional chill breeze."

She turned to the table next to them, allowing Meegan to still hold her right hand, and grabbed the glass sugar jar. Upending it over her tea, she waited a good five or six seconds as the crystals poured into the dark liquid. She set the sugar down, picked up a spoon and lightly stirred it, pushing the cubes down into the bottom and swishing it around with light clinks.
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Veronica giggled as she watched Rachyl slip three buttons through their holes. More smooth flesh came into view, but still she teased. Veronica glanced over at Meegan, whose eyes were also stealing glances at Rachyl's chest, then back at the other red-head. She had a sudden and strong urge to reach over and just rip the goddamn shirt open....

"Well from here, you look incredibly hot. Especially with that jacket on." Veronica took another sip of the deliciously cold iced tea with a ghost of a smirk on her lips. She met Meegan's glance and shared a mischievous wink. She'd leave it up to Rachyl to take the ambiguous comment as she would.
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl simply smiled.

Turning to Veronica, she commented,
"I almost want to ask you what firm you're with, but I imagine that it really doesn't matter, because the chiefs are not very often indicative of the braves, in Dilbertville."
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
"Yeah, I'm pretty unique in my field," Veronica commented with a grin. "I work with KLA Architects, over on North Washington. We do mostly institutional design; hospitals, schools, things like that. It's not bad," she went on, quickly getting swept up by the thing she enjoyed so much. "But it's too uptight for me. One of these days, I'd like to grab a drafter and strike out on my own. Do some residential design, maybe. Something more artistic anyway." Almost blushing, Veronica made herself stop.

"I'm sorry. I tend to ramble." Her eyes regarded Rachyl warmly. "What about you? Have you been in Nachton long?"
Rachyl 18 years ago
"I'm sorry. I tend to ramble." Rachyl smiled as Veronica looked at her warmly.

"There's nothing wrong with rambling," she noted, and she caught Meegan's nod of agreement out of the corner of her eye. "It can be one of the best ways to learn about someone..."

She pursed her lips for a minute, calculating.

"Just over three weeks. I got here early the Saturday before Memorial Day."