People Watching

With her laptop stowed safely in its backpack, Veronica stepped lightly down the sidewalk of the busy street. She'd been in Nachton for a couple months now, but she still wasn't used to the almost constant flood of people that walked up and down the Strip.

The sun was bright and warm and Veronica had the day off work. But of course, there really was no such thing as a 'day off' when you're an architect. Which is most of the reason she had her laptop with her today. Otherwise she would have loved to leave the damn thing back in the apartment.

As she stepped in front of the door to an Indian restaurant whose name she had no dreams of pronouncing, her stomach rumbled loudly. How did she get to be so hungry? She just ate - she fished out her cell phone - six hours ago?! How the hell did it get to be so late in the afternoon? Well, it didn't matter now. There was no way her stomach was going to let her go without sampling this wonderful aroma. There were a few empty tables outside on the sidewalk, so Veronica requested one from the host. He was cute - obviously not Indian himself - and she could feel his eyes on her as she sat down.

Veronica was wearing a small pink tank-top that left little of her chest to the imagination. The bottom of the small shirt came several inches from touching the waistband of her jean shorts. They rode low on her hips and were cut very high on her legs, leaving miles of sun-kissed thigh open for appraisal. She wore a pair of cheap flip-flops and her long crimson hair was braided into one long pony-tail.

"Thank you," she said with a polite smile after he took her drink order. She found what she wanted a moment after he left. Putting the menu down on the other side of the table, she pulled her laptop out and booted it up. She crossed a leg over the other, exposing even more of her flawless thigh to whoever wanted to look, and began going over some design documents while she waited for someone to come and take her order.

Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Before Veronica had a chance to reply, the waiter returned with their food. Smiling, she leaned back to allow him room to maneuver. When the man's elbow brushed against the outer curve of her breast, Veronica looked up at him. It may have been unintentional, but the slight blush and nervous way he was chewing his lip gave him away.

Trying to hide a smirk, Veronica watched the waiter retreat into the restaurant. When he was gone, she gestured to her chest as her eyes passed between Meegan and Rachyl, sparkling with mischief.
"You guys wanna touch my tits, too?"
Rachyl 18 years ago
"You guys wanna touch my tits, too?"

Rachyl arched a well-defined eyebrow, lip upturned in a half-smirk. "You already introduced one of them to my arm when you nearly bowled me over on your way into the ladies' room."

She turned her attention to Meegan, before the blond could respond to Veronica, and requested gently, "I will need my hand back to eat, dear; I'm right handed... Most of the time."
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
"You already introduced one of them to my arm when you nearly bowled me over on your way into the ladies' room."

"Well, I'll have to introduce you to the other one then," Veronica replied with a grin before nearly diving into her meal. She was ravenous. She had to force herself to take her time; she didn't want these two women to think her a pig when she normally wasn't. What was that saying? Hunger is the finest sauce, or something like that. Well whatever it was, she knew exactly what it meant. She'd eaten here a couple times before, but today the food was sweet ambrosia to her rumbling belly.
Rachyl 18 years ago
Seeing Veronica dig into the plate of steaming food before them, she also picked up her fork and began neatly shovelling loads into her mouth.
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
The three girls must have been hungry; the meal passed in relative silence, broken only by a few occasional comments on how savory, spicy, and generally delicious the food was.

((Permission granted. Since I have to leave in about an hour, and we're at a good breaking point, we're going to stop here and pick it back up when Meegan returns.))
Meegan 18 years ago
Meegan finally put her fork down and took a sip of her water. She wiped her hands on her napkin and tossed it on her plate. She smiled at the other two women, then burped before her hand could cover her mouth.

"Oh, excuse me! I think I may have eaten enough to last at least two days."

She chuckled and leaned forward to put her elbows on the table, pushing her plate away as she did.

"What would you girls say to coming over to my place? I just bought some new wine I want to try and I made a chocolate coconut torte yesterday."

She looked at each of them, with an eyebrow raised. The thought of these two red-heads in her condo, made her shiver and a soft tug to begin between her legs. It had been way too long since she'd had friend sex.
Oh, she'd had a few casual dates that ended in sex, but with a woman, and a friend at that, it had been longer than she cared to remember.
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl giggled slightly as Meegan burped. She reached for her own napkin, setting down her fork, but a breeze caused her to drop it on the ground. As she leaned over to pick it up, she saw the lovely little dog lying, sleeping, beneath the blond's chair. That same annoying curl of hair fell into her face.

As she reached for the cloth bundle, vaguely wondering how the dog wasn't interrupted by Meegan's feet, she accidentally got a good look at the other two womens' legs. Shapely, almost luminescent with tan and lotions, visible even under the barely lit table, they were touching beneath the tablecover, both feet bare.

Veronica's legs were uncrossed just enough to catch whatever breeze might be forthcoming, and as the top of her foot moved against the back of Meegan's calf, Rachyl's attention nearly disappeared into that dark, inviting place.
With her left hand on the table, she surreptitiously unbuttoned two more buttons of her blouse with her right, realizing that both the curry of the dish, the heat of the afternoon, and the proximity of these women had heated her significantly.
She picked up the errant napkin, her head raising just back above the table as Meegan asked,
"What would you girls say to coming over to my place? I just bought some new wine I want to try and I made a chocolate coconut torte yesterday."

She thoughtfully dabbed at her lips and chin with the napkin, and placed it beside her plate.

Only a handful of thoughts ran through her head... she had only just met these women... Both were amazingly attractive, and from the looks they'd given her over the course of the short (yet amazing) meal, she knew they found her to be, as well... She hadn't been with a woman in several years, since she first started interning with her mother... In fact hadn't had sex with another person since... Again, practice allowed her to bury that. If anything did happen, she'd just have to set some ground rules.

"I would love to, but I don't want to impose on you any more than I already have...," she half-heartedly demurred.
"And Veronica was right... I am feeling a bit warm... Must be the curry and the near-direct sunlight now," she mentioned, catching a dribble of sweat from her brow with her forefinger, and brushed it off to the right, carrying with it the stray curl. She felt one falling from her throat down her chest... but she ignored it.

(( permission given ))
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Wine, chocolate, and two beautiful women. What more could a girl want? Well, Veronica could think of one thing, but she pushed it away for now.

Finishing the last bite of the delicious meal, Veronica watched as Rachyl came back up from fetching her napkin. 'Enjoy the view?' she wanted to ask her, but only smiled when she noticed a couple more buttons had slipped through the holes of her blouse.

"Sounds like fun to me," Veronica said, swinging her smiling eyes back to Meegan. "I could go for a little dessert."
Meegan 18 years ago
Meegan decided to simply ignore Rachyl's attempt to demure and signaled the waiter for the check.

"Do either of you have a car? If not, we'll have to cozy up in the back of a taxi."

Meegan chuckled and pulled her wallet from her purse.
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
"I don't even own a car," Veronica said as she stood and lifted her arms over her head to stretch. "And I already paid the bill," she added, bending down to pick up her backpack. She slipped her arms into the straps as she watched her companions with a smirk.
Meegan 18 years ago
Meegan shrugged, pulling several bills from her wallet and put them on the table. She leaned over, dumped out the water from the little bowl and stuck it into her bag. As she straightened she made a clicking noise with her tongue and teeth. Dill yawned and stretched, then crawled out from under her chair. As she stood she lifted an eyebrow at Rachyl.
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl forced herself not to ogle as Veronica stood and stretched, the tiny pink top nearly over-biased by the sudden swelling of her chest.

She glanced at the pile of bills on the table Meegan left for tip, realized the woman probably tipped far too much for their waiter's lack of visibility, and was quietly thankful that the meal had already been taken care of. The women had paid for her meal, and given her good conversation and a job!... the least she could do would be to join them. The worry of money pushed the immediate teasing out of her mind as she bent to pick up her portfolio and purse.

"Don't feel bad," she said to Veronica. "I hate driving."

Standing, she looked again at the laden table. "I can't believe we finished that gimungous bowl of food." Turning to face the two women, a thought occurred to her. "And since you two took care of the meal-related stuff, I'll cover the cab ride," she said with a "no, you can't talk me out of it" mock-glare.
Meegan 18 years ago
Meegan slipped her toes into her sandles and stood. She crouched to gather her purse, bag, and Dill's leash. She double checked th table to make sure nothing was forgotten.

She gestured for Veronica and Rachyl to go ahead of her and they made their way to the street edge. Meegan lifted her fingers to her mouth and gave a sharp whistle. Dill barked, as he always did when she made that noise.

A yellow cab pulled up to the curb and the three women piled into the back seat. Rachyl, Veronica, then Meegan, Dill climbed in and lay down on Meegan's feet.. Meean leaned forward to give the cabbie directions to her condo, then sat back to enjoy the next fifteen minutes.

((Permission given. Meegan, Veronica and Rachyl out. Please lock))