Flying (Open - attn Dana)

Amir had taken the time to change out of his dirtied clothing into something far more suitable to a night on the town. Hardly one to overdress, he'd ended up in jeans, a dark blue tee, and a button-down shirt over it. His muddied sneakers had been replaced with a different pair of casual shoes, sort of a cross between sneakers and dockers. Fairly nonspecific in his taste in clothing, he generally stuck to whatever was trendy in stores for college-aged guys.

Now, suitably attired, they were hurling down the roads through Nachton at break-neck speed. Amir hadn't had a particular destination in mind, but he stuck to the longer, straighter roads on the outskirts of the city and avoided the stops and starts of downtown. Dana had wanted to ride, and it was much more easily done when they were able to open up a little.

The winding roads brought him unintentionally to the Waterfront, which he guessed was as good a place as any for a start to the night. There was almost always something happening in the amphitheatre, or if Dana had it in mind to go sailing they could take a boat out. Not to mention the paths and walkways all through the culture center.

Tonight the lights were bright and there was plenty of activity. It sounded like some kind of concert was going on, and people were everywhere. He brought the bike to a halt out of the way, in a darker corner of the otherwise well-lit parking area, and slid off the bike, offering his hand to his passenger.

They could ride some more later, especially in the very early morning when the roads outside Nachton were quiet and nearly deserted.

Dana 14 years ago
When shopping after her first outing with Amir, Dana had told Cadence that she would need something suitable for riding a motor bike. After showering, drying her hair and swiping lips and eyes with a small bit of color, she dressed in a pair of low slung black jeans, sturdy ankle boots, and a sapphire racer-back tank top.

After securing her hair with a brightly jeweled clip, she met Amir and they were off. Flying. The freedom she felt pressed against his back as he sped around the outskirts of Nachton, was like nothing she had ever felt before. It was miraculous and she wanted it to never end, but, like all things, it did with the promise of more later.

They finished their ride at the Waterfront. It was a busy and crowded space and she felt herself involuntarily shrink against Amir's side. There were so very many people, it made her nervous.

Her eyes scanned the area, looking for something that would take them out of the main flow of people, but still prove interesting and fun. She saw two people speeding around on the water on what she thought were called jet skis, that looked like fun, but it was rather far away.

"Perhaps we can wander through the center here and make our way to the water. Maybe we can find something that catches our attention on the way."

The last was lilted up at the end, asking what Amir thought of her little plan.
Amir 14 years ago
As they moved toward the crowd of people, Amir noticed Dana clinging closer. He looked down at her, his brow furrowed. She actually did look - well, timid. How unbecoming. Especially for one so gifted with strength and beauty. He reached down, turned her chin so she was looking up at him, and smiled down at her.

"Walk proud Dana," he said softly. "Remember who you are."

No true-blooded Anantya should feel shy, or nervous. He liked the confident, sexy Dana much better than the shrinking one who looked nervously at the night life at the Waterfront.

His hand caressed her face for a moment, a tender gesture from one who wasn't yet a lover, but was potentially more than a friend. Amir wasn't about to coddle her but he was more than willing to support her in her journey to discover herself. Turning back toward the busy Waterfront he slid his hand into hers, leading the way.

"Sounds like a plan to me," he said. Striking out, he headed for the nearest pathway, winding in and out of the pedestrians walking along. At the first intersection they came to he stopped. "Which way looks the most interesting?"
Dana 14 years ago
Dana could do little more than blink at him. He had such confidence in her and it struck something deep within and began to resonate. She was not the person he thought she that wasn't right. She wasn't the person he thought she could be. But, she could pretend.

It was not easy to hold herself away from him, to not cling to his side as they wound their way through the throng of humanity. As they did, she thought back to their first date and the dance club. There had been a crowd there, but she had been...not hunting exactly but the mind set was similar. She'd been discovering, and so had not let the thoughts of fear and reluctance enter her mind as she let herself be among that gyrating mass.

How was this any different? Was she not also exploring and discovering this night? Was she any different tonight than that night? Yes she was, she was so much better than the person she'd been that night. She had danced in that club and ridden a motor bike, since then she'd gained employment with her clan, had gone shopping three separate times in a very crowded mall and was now doing something else she never had before.

She was, better than this fear and she would not let it undermine her relationship with and take respect from Amir. She gave a slight nod to herself, straightened her shoulders and looked down the different directions of the path.

"Left. It seems to go around the theater there in the center, but still amble toward the water."
Amir 14 years ago
Amir looked on with approval as Dana seemed to remember herself and straighten up. For whatever reason, his words seemed to have bolstered her. She was proud, and that was good. Had she always been so shy? Hadn't her Lady Erin seen the need for her to experience the world and grow into herself much sooner? Amir shook his head to himself, vexed with Dana's creator when he'd never even met her.

Dana chose their direction for him and they headed off again, once more weaving in and out of the crowd, which grew a little thicker as they neared the amphitheatre. The strains of classical music were drifting up from the center and as they approached they could see a chamber orchestra providing the nights' entertainment. The amphitheatre was pretty full so Amir stopped them at the very top and leaned against the low wall like many other passers-by were doing.

It was a good night for a show, and the music rose to them through the warm, still air. Turning to Dana, Amir asked,
"Do you know the piece?" Her interest in music was apparent, and he himself had never been much of an afficionado. he could recognize when someone was in tune or not, and his sense of rhythm was good enough, but that was where his skill ended.
Dana 14 years ago
As Dana leaned on the wall next to Amir, she let her eyes close, letting the soft strains of the music flow over her. It was not something she recognized, but it had a sweet sorrow that had her body swaying softly. "I don't, but I would very much like to."

She could play viola fairly well, and might be able to make her way through the counter melody of the song. It would be fun to try.
Amir 14 years ago
Watching Dana's obvious enjoyment of the music, Amir didn't want to pull her away from it. He put his back to the amphitheater wall and leaned on it, crossing his arms over his chest and watching her as she swayed. She made a pretty sight, and the drifting music was a lovely backdrop, even he had to admit that.

It seemed a shame to spoil her obvious pleasure with idle chatter so he simply observed her, smiling, until she was ready to open her eyes and either continue the conversation or move on.
Dana 14 years ago
Dana reached up, releasing the clip to let her hair tumble down around her shoulders. There, that was much better. She didn't particularly like having her hair up and had forgotten to take it down when she got off the bike.

The music came to a crescendo, then final flourish. As the crowd expressed their pleasure Dana opened her eyes and smiled up at Amir.

"Thank you, that was lovely."

Pushing away from the wall, Dana gave a playful tug on their still joined hands. The clip slipped into her pocket as she started them back down the path.
Amir 14 years ago
Amir pushed himself away from the low wall as the applause died down and the orchestra began a new movement. He inclined his head at Dana. "Yes, it was."

Particularly the bit where she was tossing her hair around. That had been his favorite part. His dark eyes left no doubt that he was referring to the sight rather than the music.

Allowing her to tug him along, Amir went quite willingly. Why not? He'd already told her he had nowhere better to be and nothing pressing to accomplish.

They crossed over two foot bridges, each arcing over a small stream. Off to their right Amir could see the glow of the well-lit fountain that made the cultural center such an attractive place to walk. He turned them toward it, since it seemed they could still continue on from there in whatever direction they chose.

The fountain was a marvel of architecture. Amir and Dana walked slowly up one of the higher paths, a soaring byway that brought them to the very top of the fountain, twenty feet or so above the reflective pool below. They weren't the only ones taking in the sight but it wasn't crowded either.

"Not a bad view," Amir said. "I wonder how often they have to clean up the coins though."

Below them, although it was obvious at least to him that the pool was not meant for throwing coins into, they could see several glistening in the pool. Not nearly as many as he imagined there must be on a daily basis though, so it stood to reason that someone must have to come around and clean them out.
Dana 14 years ago
Putting her hands on the railing, Dana stood on tip toe to lean over and look down into the pool. It was a pretty sight and she was glad Amir brought them this way.

His question made her chuckle.
"It is not a job I would care for."

With a soft sigh, she let her feet lower to the bridge and smiled up at Amir. He was lovely to look at, his complexion dark and smooth, with features she found exotic. She knew people and vampires came in all shapes, sizes and colors, but she had been around mostly pasty Irish men, and so found Amir a different kind of lovely.

A need to touch came to her, and she let herself give into it. She did not let the sudden shyness she felt stop her from, sliding her arm around his waist and leaning the side of her body into his.

"I wonder if they let the poor sap keep the money he collects."
Amir 14 years ago
Amir wrinkled his nose briefly. "Nor I," he said. "Cleaning up after others is not my forte."

The fountain lights were rotating slowly through the color spectrum, turning the fountain itself from a sea-green to a bright blue. The lighting causes the reflecting pool to change slowly as well, and the few coins under the water twinkled happily, heedless of onlookers' thoughts.

As Dana leaned in he automatically lifted his arm to accommodate her, settling it behind her shoulder blades. She was a very physical person, it seemed, but then so was he. He, however, tended to use fists and claws and teeth. Different upbringings, he supposed.

Amir looked away from the fountain, down the various paths. The walkways twisted and swooped around this central feature but they could proceed anywhere from here. There were activities they could pursue down any one of them, from rentals on the water to museums and shopping, to the contraption Dana had called the sky coaster, which stood a good distance from the populous areas, so as not, Amir assumed, to break the atmosphere with screams of terror and shrieks of glee.

"Where next? I have a feeling we could spend the whole night here and not do everything there is to do."

He would leave the choice, once again, to Dana. It wasn't that he had no opinion. It was more the sense that he found satisfaction in doing those things that seemed to excite her. Maybe he wasn't looking at it with an objective mind, but he didn't see his behavior as any more or less than he would do for another clanmate.

He let his hand slide up, briefly caressing Dana's fine, pale locks, and wondered briefly what Bao or Subira would have to say about that.
Dana 14 years ago
What did she want to do? Her eyes were once more drawn to the water. She watched a sleek boat speed across the space she could see. Well why couldn't they do something on the water?

"Let's see what there is to do down by the water. I didn't bring a swimsuit, but I'm sure there is something fun we can get mixed up in."

Dana grinned up at him, as her fingers tucked into the edge of his jeans pocket. It was a more comfortable place for her arm and had the added bonus of letting her touch his backside. It felt very...naughty and fun.

As they began to move down the bridge, she pointed out to the water.
"Have you ever driven one of those boats there?"
Amir 14 years ago
Amir raised his brows at Dana. He was still too mannerly to say so outright, but he didn't see why swimming should require a swim suit. However, his expression was more than adequate as his dark eyes warmed and his lips curled up into what was his habitual silky smile. It was an expression he didn't use with everyone, but Dana made it seem pretty natural. And frequent.

What his mouth shaped, however, were the words,
"I'm sure there's plenty to do down there."

Dana's hand made a short journey south; he did nothing to dissuade her. Mentally, however, he added another notch to the difficulty factor of not putting the cart before the horse. There was still a great deal to be said before they went down that road, and Amir didn't relish the mess that it could become if they weren't perfectly clear with each other beforehand.

And yet his own arm slowly moved down, his hand resting comfortably on the curve of Dana's hip just below her waist. As they walked down the bridge, comfortably snug, Amir peered at the boat in question. It was a fast little thing with a powerful motor, yet it must be quiet because even with his keen hearing he could barely make out the noise.

"No, never," he answered her, "but it can't be too difficult. Not much different from the bike, I'd imagine."

Amir had had his beginnings on larger ships than that, and while he was a competent sailor, he'd never tried out anything modern. Once the flying bug had hit him, he'd taken to the sky and stayed there. Yet he could easily operate his bike and drive a car. So how different, really, could a boat be?

"Do you want to try it? They have sailboats too. I can figure one of those out, I'm sure. I've spent... a lot of time on ships."

He wasn't sure he was really looking forward to either one; both the smaller sailboats and the speedy motor boats would take them out over far deeper waters than he enjoyed in smaller conveyances. Amir was used to doing things he disliked though. His duties to the clan far overrode anything he might find detestable on a nightly basis, and he didn't worry that his fears would get the better of him. If it pleased Dana, he would do what he could to accommodate her tonight.
Dana 14 years ago
Dana liked the smile he gave her. It implied much more than his words said. Though it seemed to her they ought to talk about those implications. She was not a believer in sharing feelings about every little thing, that seemed like such a waste of breath. She did, however, believe in stating intentions and knowing that you were reading the same page of the same book as the other person.

She felt her heart trip a little as she let her own intentions flow through her head. Is that what she truly wanted from this newest relationship? If so was she really willing to do what was necessary? She thought perhaps she was. How astounding.

His answer to her question brought her out of her reverie. He did not sound very convincing and that made her chuckle.

"We don't have to take out a boat. We could..." Her shoulders shrugged as she really could think of nothing, as she'd no real idea what was down by the water.

"Why don't we wait to decide once we're down there?"
Amir 14 years ago
Amir offered Dana a slightly sheepish grin, probably the closest thing to an apology he ever did. "Fair enough. Although now you have me curious to see if I can figure the motorboats out."

He wasn't about to hide the fact that he didn't have much love for the open sea. He could swim, he could sail, he could stay afloat and navigate. He'd spent too many years on the sea not to be able to handle it. But, Amir thought as they strolled down the walkway, he didn't have to like it. He was a strong believer in facing your fears and he tried to suit action to words at all opportunities.

At any rate the challenge had been laid out; unintentional as it may be, Amir saw his uncertainty over the operation of this potential new toy as a road block to be overcome. His eyes fairly glittered with the challenge of it as they proceeded down the paths, past one or two small restaurants, and down to the dock.

Once there they found an attendant's cabin where it appeared they could, indeed, rent boats as well as jet skis and fishing equipment. You could even pay for a parasailing session, although it looked like those ran at night by appointment only.

Amir looked at Dana.
"I'm tempted to try the jet ski... but neither one of us is dressed for it. Unless one of the shops up there sells swimwear?" He addressed the question to the young man at the rental window, who indicated that they could find such things very close by.

The night was warm, it was just the two of them there, they had until sunrise. Amir raised his eyebrows at Dana questioningly. It didn't matter what they did - he didn't actually own a pair of swim trunks, so he'd have to buy them eventually if he planned to do any of this with her in the future. The question was, did she feel like a bit of shopping?

He pulled her gently off to the side to let the people behind them approach the window. In doing so he drew her close, pitching his voice low to keep their conversation private.
"It's your choice, where we go from here."
Reign 14 years ago
Reign gave Drew a healthy shove forcing him to stumble a few steps off to the side.

“I don’t know what the hell you are thinking boy. I mean seriously its –dark- out and that’s the ocean. Did you –not- see Jaws like the rest of the world?”

He was a bit younger than she was, and he certainly looked younger and as such, Reign had gotten into the habit of calling Drew ‘boy’. And right now, the boy was being crazy. He’d picked her up after a nasty practice session with Hans and they’d had something to eat. He now apparently had some crazy idea that they should go out boating.

Reign had decided he was insane, but she was still following along.
Drew 14 years ago
Drew stumbled a bit but managed to avoid falling on his face. She was a bit stronger than he figured, he never could remember that. Maneuvers like that always made him think she’d make a heck of a wolf, but that was a subject he never broached with her.

“Yeah I saw Jaws and that’s why weren’t not getting drunk, getting naked and going swimming.”

His grin was innocent and boyish. He wiggled his eyebrows when she rewarded him with rolled eyes, but quickly side stepped what he’d come to learn could be a nasty punch to the kidneys.

Looking at the signs he saw the word ‘jet ski’ and was hooked. If anything his grin widened.

“Come on you know you want to.”

They could argue a bit, they weren’t right in front of the window and other than another couple there weren’t many people about so they weren’t really in the way.
Dana 14 years ago
Dana grinned, the jet skis had been her first inclination upon arrival and she was still very intrigued by them. She did not mind purchasing another swimsuit as she only had the one thus far.

She tilted her head to one side to grin up at Amir when he pulled her close. She was oddly undisturbed by the couple that had moved up behind them. She thought though that had she been alone, she'd have simply left the area as quickly as she could, blood burning her cheeks as she made her hasty exit.

"I think Jet Skis sound terribly fun, so we'll just have to go buy swim suits."

Her grin turned a little wicked. "I promise I won't pick anything lurid for you."

She giggled softly at the picture of him in one of those little speedos she'd seen in magazines. Tucking her hand in his, Dana started off toward the near by shops.
Amir 14 years ago
Amir waited for the usual flash of annoyance and irritation at the presumption that Dana would get to pick anything out for him. And waited. Halfway up the dock, headed for the nearest shop, it still hadn't hit. Huh.

Their trip was quick; they emerged a few short minutes later with appropriate clothing for water sports. Amir couldn't complain about Dana's choice since he had taken initiative and grabbed the first appropriately-sized and sedately-colored pair of trunks he'd found, which were a basic black with a green stripe up the side. They had apparently passed inspection. He'd also grabbed a shirt, one of those swim-shirt deals, form-fitting things with a short collar on it, also in black.

Now, heading back down to the dock, he looked down at himself, gave his attractive companion a wry smile, and said,
"Great. If I fall off, I'll probably get run over by a motorboat before anyone can find me. Remind me next time - bright red."

The couple who'd been behind them before still seemed to be debating. Amir's transformation was instantaneous and seamless, as he went from what he supposed was his quieter, more introspective, "with Dana" self, to his public "college guy" kind-of-shy-but-still-sociable demeanor.

As the couple turned toward them, Amir shot them a smile.
"Good night for it," he said, indicating the jet skis down the dock with his chin. Handing the attendant the bag that now held his and Dana's clothes, he made the appropriate purchases and let the staff hold onto their belongings.
Dana 14 years ago
Dana smiled politely at the couple as she waited for Amir to make their arrangements. Her own swimwear choice had taken a bit more time than his, but she'd finally chosen what the tag called a string bikini in a bright turquoise swirling pattern. She covered the barely there bottoms with a pair of light blue board shorts that matched one of the lighter swirls.

Her heart tripped in her chest as she waited, hoping Amir knew enough about such machines that he could give her a short lesson. she didn't actually know how to drive a motor vehicle, as she'd never needed a license. But knew the concepts and grasped the mechanics of it.
Reign 14 years ago
Not bothering to acknowledge the kid who passed them, she continued to harangue Drew.

“Yeah I want to but during the day. Does sand –sun- and surf mean nothing to you?”

The debated back and forth for a while but Reign finally allowed herself to be talked into it. There was a quick detour to get and buy some swim wear, Drew was forced to suffer some more abuse as Reign tried to find a decent swim suit; something that was near impossible and something of a nightmare. He’d finally done the smart thing and retreated so when she finally returned to the rental place he had two jet skis ready to go.

She eyed the machine speculatively. Not sure, she trusted it entirely, but it was undoubtedly more fun than a boat and at least she’d get to drive some.

“If I drown you have to tell my family.”