A new year

The moon shone brightly in the cloud dotted sky. It was light due to the fullness of the moon and brightness of the stars even in the deepest night. Tiny clouds of steam coalesced in front of his mouth with every exhale. Mosi had left his cabin several hours ago to prepare for his first run of the new year. Before him was a pile of offerings situated on a flat rock in the clearing. His gift to the earth was simple; a leather pouch containing water, a small freshly killed hare and a large uncut opal. He had to forgo his normal new year gift of a seedling planted with the gifts as it was the wrong time of year in Nachton for planting anything. Vowing to do so at the earliest possibility, Mosi prepared himself for the run.

Traditional designs were painted on his face in a paste made from bark and flowers. The color was not quite what he would normally use but again, things were different here. Kneeling before the stone in only his loincloth was chilling. Still he withheld his shivers and gave the offerings to the earth. First the water poured from the pouch to his hand and then onto the ground, in his native tongue he chanted the words of giving.

"Mother, your water sustains us always and thus we return it to you rightfully. Your beauty returned to you as is your domain of the earth over us. Your bounty gratefully consumed and returned to you. Blessed are these offerings for they come from you to your servant and back to your embrace."

With quick movements he quickly sipped the water that remained cupped in his palm before digging a hole in the moist earth and placing the semiprecious stone inside it. Without ceremony he repacked the dirt and then shifted. His wolf was adept at slipping out of the leather scraps about his waist before biting the still warm rabbit. He took only one bite before sitting back to howl his words of giving. Typically the rest of his kumpania would be doing the same but here his voice rang lonely. The earth's bounty was returned to the earth, missing some fur and flesh but still a shining example of a gift.

Blood singing in his veins he raced through the night, exploring his R'asa's territory and learning more about the strange new land he lived in now.

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Diane 17 years ago
It was in her wolf form that she watched from the brush nearby. The fullness of the moon gleamed in her eyes and little wisps of her breath slipped from her snout. She hadn't run into many other Were's on her journey to Nachton, so most full moons were spent alone. Normally all in hiding.

The man who had introduced himself as Mosi at their first gathering shifted and soon cast a lonely howl into the nights sky. He broke into a full on run and Dia needed a moment to shake the wonderment out of her head of his ritual. She chased after him at a distance, interested in watching what else he did on the evening of their full moons.
Mosi 17 years ago
Running felt good. Leaving a trail of his scent to mingle with that of his packmates was like marking this territory as home. Though he was not presumptuous enough to do said marking anywhere aside from the walls of his cabin. This was the R'asa's land and he was just a lowly pack member. Sure at home he may be a beta in training but not here. Here he could simply be himself without thought of the future and how his actions would look to his Grandfather. It was freeing even if he did keep his actions acceptable to even the Sarkis and Savia because he wished to make not only his clachan proud but the Alpha.

The skinny sheila following him made him want to play. Running had become an adult thing to do, hunt, mark territory and strengthen bonds of the pack. But Mosi remembered the games of tag he and his sister used to play. He wondered briefly if this sister would play too.

Leaping over a log he quickly hid in the depression made by the brush on the other side. Laying in wait for her to sail over the log his thoughts were of those fun youthful nights running with family and friends.

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Bastian 17 years ago
It had been awhile since Bastian initially ventured onto pack territory, and tonight he wasn't sure why he decided to return. But he had.

Everyone he had met during that first meeting had been cordial, but being a loner was a difficult way of life to shake. His solitude had begun when he had been a small boy, long before he had ever become a werewolf, so it was natural to remain as such even after the change.

Things had changed now though, finding Reign again, and having the hope of her joining his life had given him pause to reconsider what would be the best life to live. Learning more about his wolfen heritage, and the pack, seemed much more important now. If things continued on in the way he planned, some day Bastian would want to pass down his history to his children, and that meant he had a lot of catching up to do.

He had shifted at home, and made the trek to the pack lands in shadows, until he felt he was safe. Once he had arrived it took little time to find he wasn't the only one out, taking advantage of the full moon, and the wonderful weather. It was cold, but nothing like he had experienced in other places, and the cold just served to make him want to run all that much harder, and faster.

He scented the female first. He remembered her from the campfire, but was ashamed to admit he did not recall her name. She seemed on the heels of someone else, and Bastian took little time in finding it was the one called Mosi, who was also out among the hills. Bastian assumed the howl he had just heard must have been from the male, since the timber seemed deeper and stronger than what he had heard from females in the past.

Bastian studied the pair, wanting to get a feel for what they were up to. Just because they were pack wasn't a guarantee they would welcome his intrusion. As he watched the male jump a log, ahead of the female, and then stop on the other side, Bastian got the impression they were playing a game. Sitting on his haunches, he watched to see how the female would respond.
Diane 17 years ago
She thought she had lost him as she skimmed underneath a low branch of a Douglas Fir tree so she slowed her gate and sniffed as she pranced in a circle.

His scent was still lingering and not quick to fade. She picked up her pace once again but still could not see even a glimps of her packmate. Maybe he had caught her scent and sped off to lose her.

Not wanting to miss out on perhaps catching more glimpses into his world she carried on. His world,...it was hers as well but they had such different reasons and experiences insides of it. He was born into it. Their kind had a name for it, Paterna she thought it was, she'd have to check her small black book to be sure. He was rasied this way, while she, she had been thrown in forcefuly.

He had to be close by, his scent was strong. Just past the downed tree. Maybe he was performing anotehr ritual! With a quick leap she was in the air fully exspecting to see his fur just ahead of her.

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Mosi 17 years ago
As expected the female wolf sailed over his hiding place. Mosi held back the excited yip and waited for her to touch down. Launching himself from the shadows of the fallen log he nudged her flank with his shoulder as he vocalized his playful excitement. Happy yips , daring her to chase him followed as he raced away. Though the territory was new to him he followed scents, racing from his pack-mate and hopefully playmate and into the moon brightened night.

Memories of his sister playing these games with him spurred him on, she was always a tricky one. Able to make quick bursts of speed he could not match, so he had to out think the speedy little sister. Twisting through trees and skirting around brush with ease had his tongue lolling out. This was as close to feeling like home as he had felt yet.

The strong scent of another family member nearby had him just as excited, though slightly restrained. The older pack did not always like to be included in the game nor trampled by frolicking youths. Luckily this scent was almost recognizable if Mosi followed it. His twisting had taken him around in a circle almost to where he started. Slowing down he searched for the scent and to place it in his memory. It finally clicked with the Nothos, Sebastian. More pack-mates to play with, since he was young Mosi figured he would play as well.

The playful pup in him wanted to jump and dance about but the game was still going, the sister could be creeping up on him any moment. His tail wagged happily as he scanned for signs of her nearby, hopefully she wasn't lost, but he would find her soon to make sure.
Bastian 17 years ago
He envied their spontaneity, and freedom as he watched the two run and jump and play, and even got caught up in the feelings of merriment for a few minutes. Dancing on his front paws where he sat, bouncing and snuffling, he wanted to run with them too, but still hung back.

When they had returned to the spot they started from, Bastian thought he detected recognition in the male, as Mosi appeared to be sniffing out a scent. Assuming they were both aware of his presence, Bastian began slowly walking towards the two. While he had an inner desire and need to express his own happiness with life, and was in fact a new player in the pack, Bastian had a slightly old soul, and remained slow and cautious as he sauntered towards the pair. Once he was within ten feet he plopped down, and just watched, looking for signs of recognition, or admittance. Always the gentleman, he would turn and leave at the first sign that he had interrupted anything romantic between the two before him.
Diane 17 years ago
Moments after her paws touched the cold ground she realized her mistake. She heard the playful yips from just behind her and felt a joust to her hind quater. Mosi zoomed past her still carrying on with his excited barks.

He had been hiding from her! He had known she was there the entire time and he wasn't angry. Instead he wanted to play. Her stomach knotted up in excitement as she chased after him. This playful and childlike feeling was foreign to her but at the same time it felt completely natural so she ran with it.

Mosi tore through the trees and she let out a bark in glee after him. He seemed less intimidating in wolf form than he previously had as human. She sailed through low branches without missing a beat, her lethe body easily handling the agility. A new scent that she hadnt picked up on before now filled her snout as she came apon Mosi with his tail swishing eagerly back and forth. She leaned her head and front body down and gave out a playful bark before jumping back a foot. The new scent felt familiar and warm, it was a pack mate. SHe knew if she smelled it Mosi had to of for sure. Maybe he had more tricks up his sleeve and had brought another to play with.

It was then she saw the other wolf approaching them. It was a male wolf by his size and his fur was close in color to hers. She sat and let her tongue roll out the side, tilting her head a little. She vocalized noises that other people would say was their dog "talking" as her front paws itched to dance about the two new males.
Mosi 17 years ago
The little sister had yet to tag him back when the other wolf made his entrance. Mosi bounced about lightly on his feet, pawing excitedly at the dirt with his tail waving merrily. His stance was that of a canine interested in playing. While it was not the most welcoming, he hoped the pack mate would enjoy a romp. Looking from the two he gave a quick joyful noise before dancing forward one step and leaping back several paces.

He thought for a moment that maybe the sheila did not know the game of tag, so he danced carefully near her. When he thought it safe he nudged her again and sprung away with an excited yip. He looked pointedly at Sebastian, hoping she would chase after him to tag but Mosi was prepared to evade should she come after him.

This was a fun game, with more than two it could be confusing as to who was it exactly. Thus one had to be careful who you ran with, unless you wanted to be it. More often than not, Mosi was it. Having a fast sister meant that he did what he could to keep up but also stoically held the dirty jobs to keep her happy as well.
Diane 17 years ago
Mosi nudged her again but this time instead of darting off his eyes looked towards the other red vyusher. She got the feeling he wanted her to go after their prala.

Throwing her snout to the air she howled and made for this new arrival. As she got closer his scent triggered a memory of the campfire and a face. Sebastian Romallo, a Nothos like herself. Her ears were perked up at the recognition and she prepared to knock shoulders with the newest playmate.
Bastian 17 years ago
Their play was infectious and as soon as it seemed they were happy to have him there, Bastian lept up and forward. Once standing in front of the female, he barked, then nudged along side her and made for the male. Reaching his other pack mate Bastian nudged along side him as well, and ran off and up a small outcropping of rocks. When he was overlooking the other two, he lifted his head and howled with might, paying homage to the grand full moon, before leaping from the rocks and running back to the two below.

He was pretty sure they were playing tag, and with that knowledge he again ran to the female, bumped his muzzle against her neck, and ran off, to circle, watch, and wait. Would she now go after the one called Mosi, or seek out Bastian to return the tag. Either way, he felt light and carefree, and willing to spend as much of the night playing as his pack was ready for.
Diane 17 years ago
Trickery! Bastian had tag her first as she had made her way towards him. He also managed to tag Mosi in the same motion. Not only that but in her stunned paused he had bumped her again!

As Bastian circled she scrunched back on her haunches ready to spring forward just as..he...recircled..in ..front ..of ..her. There he was! SHe leapt forward and darted after the other Red at full speed ready to tag him. She sliced past his body with barely an inch between them, their fur momentarily touching just at the ends. With a quick snap of a turn behind him she came up on his other side and pushed her muzzle into his shoulder.

Dia pranced off quater circle to Bastian with joyful yips and mini barks. They now circled Mosi and she shot a glance back over to Bastian. Was he thinking what she was thinking?
Mosi 17 years ago
Mosi was happy and content to watch his pack mates frolic and play. He even let the brother tag him as he joined the game. Since he wasn't really 'it' it did not count of course. The little sister's reaction made him want to laugh if a wolf could. Watching her spring about was fun and he knew he needed to watch out for this one.

As innocently as possible he slipped away slightly, just out of reach of her lunging form. Then he realized they were both after him. Aha! They thought to gang up on him did they. Tongue lolling out, Mosi shook his head, enjoying the feeling of his ears brushing his head. Then with a playful bark and happy yip he took off.

A twisting lunge from his precarious position near the two pack mates sent him running full tilt away from the two, his black tail wagging tauntingly as he dared them try to catch him. He was just as sly this time in his twisting path, careful to only follow his prior trail so as to confuse them should they try to scent him out.

When he came to a large clearing with no cover he stopped. Should he wait for his pursuers or take off ahead in the open for them to spot him. Playful games aside he though it would be fun to run with his playmates in the cold brisk moonlight. Howling a welcoming call he sat still to wait for them.
Bastian 17 years ago
His first pass by them had been a greeting of sorts, but it wasn't really until the second pass at the female that he was actually participating in the game, even if then it was somewhat backwards.

In the world of men, Bastian wasn't usually of the boisterous, or aggressive demeanor. He could be a businessman to reckon with, but he never needed to resort to ruthlessness. Instead he had patience, and was able to sit back and wait for things he really wanted. There had really only been one other person who could instigate in him, the need to hurry, and not wait.

But as a wolf, he found the desire to throw caution to the wind less intimidating. A freedom existed inside him as a wolf, that he would have had to work much to hard to achieve as a man, and thus rarely tried.

The return attention by the female was appreciated, as it told Bastian she welcomed him to the game. He suspected she was now ready to converge on the male, and gave her a nod in agreement. Much to Bastian's chagrin, Mosi caught on to the plan before either of the other two could fulfill their intent. Seeing what the male had chosen to do, Bastian's powerful legs took him in the same direction. He supposed all the running he had done in his life helped him as a wolf as well, and took advantage of his speed, to keep the gap between his pack mate short.

When Mosi stopped in the clearing, Bastian didn't, but rather let his momentum carry him forward. In a leap that took him from the trees and brush, through the air, Bastian collided with Mosi, and rolled several feet before coming back upon his feet to rest, and look for the female. Panting he gave Mosi a nod, and howled much as his new friend had.
Diane 17 years ago
Bastian chased after Mosi and in return she bolted after Bastian. They were faster but she would gain more strength as she flexed her wolf muscles each new moon. In all reality she was still a toddler to the whole experience.

She found them in the clearing sitting patiently. Was this a new game? Would they be after her next? She slowed to a catious approach . As she slowly padded up next to them they howled into the crisp air. She sat in the cool still grass and turned a long careful ear their way. The chase had ended and she panted softly.
Mosi 17 years ago
That the large male crashed in to him did not bother Mosi. To him it was all part of the fun game they played. Rolling about happily, he tried to avoid any dominance play. It was hard to get away from it as a wolf but really this was the time for fun not asserting one's status in the pack. If a wolf could have laughed, the black and grey canine would have.

Their more cautious sister did not join the fun but waited at the edge of the clearing. Tail wagging, Mosi tried to coax her out by leaning down on his outstretched front paws. Dancing back into the clearing he panted, tongue lolling. Hopefully that did the trick and Mosi turned around to face the large clearing.

Sitting back and warbling out a happy howl before he looked at his pack mates. Standing and nodding his furry head at the two he began to run, slowly at first, into the moonlit clearing before gaining speed. By the time he reached the other side he was running flat out and could hear the wind whipping past his ears. The other side was bordered by a small stream which he cleared easily at his speed before slowing down. A scent of game nearby had him perking up his ears and sniffing the ground carefully. While a single rabbit would not feed them all, the deer he smelled now would.
Bastian 17 years ago
Relieved to see his poor judgement in gauging the distances between where he jumped from, and ultimately landed hadn't angered his new pal, Bastian did move off a bit to give the other male some room. As he debated darting into both of the other wolves again, Bastian noticed the female was now being somewhat leery of Mosi and him.

When Mosi again took off, Bastian turned in the same direction. There was the faintest scent of prey on the breeze, and he wondered if the three of them might be feasting upon it soon. Somewhat concerned that his appearance might have broken up the playtime between the two others, Bastian loped the short distance to where the female sat, and came up behind her. Nudging his nose into her shoulder, he tried to push her in the direction of Mosi's run. Snuffling out the scent of her from his nose, he tried to tell her there was fresh meat in the air, before he bounded away again, this time continuing on.
Diane 17 years ago
With a twist of her ear she looked at Bastian quizically after he nudged her. He puffed and snorted and took off in the same direction Mosi had trotted off to.

She jumped up and followed after him and that was she smelled the scent of prey. Without words she knew what the two males were after. She'd follow two paces behind them to circle and scout as they bore down on the deer. It would do them no good to have to share or fight over their prize. It wasn't long before she saw a flicker of a white tail bounding through the brush. Her eyes narrowed, focusing in on their ongoing surroundings watching for other signs of movement. She checked the position of the two males and slowed another step.
Mosi 17 years ago
Mosi took to the hunt naturally, he had been hunting game all his life and the small differences in location and type could not throw him off. Trusting the two others to either assist or at the least watch from a safe distance if this was new to them, he stalked the doe. It was not an overly long chase or difficult as his pack mates did help. Soon they were racing alongside the fleeing deer's hooves and the large black wolf moved into position.

Mosi hoped that Sebastian would bite the back leg of the beast and cut her hamstring. That would be a good distraction to begin his assault upon the doe even if he did not need the assistance. But hunting game was more a pack building experience at this age then a lesson in tactics, he thought vaguely. Though the human part of his mind tried to chime in that these two were not pack raised but Nothos. The wolf mind did not care either way, they were his prala and endra, if they did not know how to hunt, this would teach them.

Carefully choosing his moment, Mosi sped up and raced alongside the larger animal as they ran through a small clear patch. The moment arrived, and the black snout lunged forward, strong jaws clamping onto the throat beside him. With unnatural strength the wolf slammed to a stop, yanking forcefully upon the flesh in his mouth. The snap of its neck breaking seemed quite loud in the quiet of the night.
Bastian 17 years ago
Hunting on his own was something he was decent at, but he'd never been on a hunt with others. When he hunted it was his custom to go for the throat of the prey, and make their death swift and merciful. He hunted to eat, not to torment...inflicting pain had never been a thrill for him.

Enter into the equation, two more wolves, and one who could easily be an alpha, and Bastian was somewhat torn as how to proceed.

Having wandered into the game, he willingly gave Mosi the lead, and for the most part circled the prey to make sure it didn't get away. It took several seconds to see the male apparently hunted as Bastian did, and that left Bastian with attacking another part of the deer. He doubted Mosi would have difficulty in taking the doe down, but his need to make sure the kill was quick and as painless as possible forced his hand. When Bastian sensed Mosi was moving in for the kill, he came at the deer from the other side, and effectively pushed her into Mosi's attack, clamping his strong jaws into her soft underbelly. The whole thing was over in seconds, and he was very glad to see the life leave the deer rapidly.

Sitting back on his haunches, he watched and waited for the female to join them. Out of deference to his first attack, Bastian gave the honors of first feasting to Mosi. He would also allow the female to feed, before he did. It seemed only proper, though the smell of meat, and blood arose from the carcass in steaming waves, and his mouth watered. Licking the blood from his muzzle he couldn't help but be already satisfied to an extent. He had done very little in the kill, but he hadn't ruined it either. Maybe there was more to this pack life than he had ever stopped to consider.

Maybe there was no reason for him to remain a lone wolf any longer.
Diane 17 years ago
She heard the loud resounding snap echoing in the still night. All had grown silent when the two males began their decent on the doe and with the sharp crack of bones that her keen ears picked up, Dia let out a victory howl and charged to the site of the kill.

It was her first pack like kill and even though it was just the three of them and she had stayed back to guard and set up a perimeter she felt over joyed. It was her first real encounter with teamwork as wolves. This was more like it, she thought to herself. This was why she left Michigan and followed the pull to Nachton.

By the time she arrived Mosi was already happily feasting on the carcass but Bastian was not. He sat patiently, like he waiting. Waiting for what? She tilted her head at the larger Red and slowly lowered her head down to one of the does stretched out legs, not taking her eyes off him. Gently she placed her mouth around the leg and paused, watching for his next movement.