A new year

The moon shone brightly in the cloud dotted sky. It was light due to the fullness of the moon and brightness of the stars even in the deepest night. Tiny clouds of steam coalesced in front of his mouth with every exhale. Mosi had left his cabin several hours ago to prepare for his first run of the new year. Before him was a pile of offerings situated on a flat rock in the clearing. His gift to the earth was simple; a leather pouch containing water, a small freshly killed hare and a large uncut opal. He had to forgo his normal new year gift of a seedling planted with the gifts as it was the wrong time of year in Nachton for planting anything. Vowing to do so at the earliest possibility, Mosi prepared himself for the run.

Traditional designs were painted on his face in a paste made from bark and flowers. The color was not quite what he would normally use but again, things were different here. Kneeling before the stone in only his loincloth was chilling. Still he withheld his shivers and gave the offerings to the earth. First the water poured from the pouch to his hand and then onto the ground, in his native tongue he chanted the words of giving.

"Mother, your water sustains us always and thus we return it to you rightfully. Your beauty returned to you as is your domain of the earth over us. Your bounty gratefully consumed and returned to you. Blessed are these offerings for they come from you to your servant and back to your embrace."

With quick movements he quickly sipped the water that remained cupped in his palm before digging a hole in the moist earth and placing the semiprecious stone inside it. Without ceremony he repacked the dirt and then shifted. His wolf was adept at slipping out of the leather scraps about his waist before biting the still warm rabbit. He took only one bite before sitting back to howl his words of giving. Typically the rest of his kumpania would be doing the same but here his voice rang lonely. The earth's bounty was returned to the earth, missing some fur and flesh but still a shining example of a gift.

Blood singing in his veins he raced through the night, exploring his R'asa's territory and learning more about the strange new land he lived in now.

((Open for others celebrating the full moon if desired.))

Bastian 17 years ago
He could see she was hesitant, but he wasn't sure why, yet he remained still as she approached the kill.

Bastian was periodically overcome with the need to kill and feed, but for the most part resisted it, preferring to eat as little meat as possible. Unfortunately his body needed the protein, and he had found doing without did nothing but make him ill. With that knowledge he had found a way to make sure he ate the required meats, usually before his body reminded him.

On occasions though, when caught up in work, or other things, as he'd been with Reign lately, he would forget. As a result, in times like this it became very difficult for him to hold back, and wait. Panting, and unmindful of the drool that dropped from his muzzle, Bastian wanted desperately to fill his mouth with the soft flesh of the deer.

Nodding to the female, Bastian tried to impress upon her to eat. However, something in his belly twisted, and he ambled up to the deer, ignoring her now. Clamping his sharp teeth over the muscle above his previous bite, he tore into the meat, and bit off several mouthfuls. HOlding the raw meat beneath one paw, he ripped off each bite until there was nothing left. Needing more sustenance, Bastian repeated that pattern two more times before walking away, to lie down and watch his packmates. There was a small hole still, in his hunger, that he would not fill with the deer meat. Later, when he returned home, he'd have salad, or pasta. For now he'd done what he had to, and it would appease his needs for several days.
Mosi 17 years ago
They had hunted well together despite this being their first attempt. The little sheila kept the deer moving forward while watching behind them, the brother helped distract while Mosi made the kill. Perhaps they could try again next month and work on changing the dynamics just so each knew how to perform the other roles. While he had no doubt about Sebastian, the littler female may be needing the help in the killing role. Though he could be entirely mistaken.

Knowing he had snapped the neck and bitten through most of the jugular, Mosi kept his jaws clamped on to keep the loss to a minimum for now. He rolled his eyes at both pack mates in hopes they would partake soon. It was not possible for him to wave a hand and ask them to join so he simply wagged his tail and swallowed the warm blood that dribbled from the wound his teeth blocked from bleeding out.

When both finally took a bite he released his grip and licked blood off his mussel. Picking the shoulder nearest him for dinner he dug in with gusto. In Nachton this seemed to be a rare and treasured delicacy. To be honest it was at home as well but more easily accessible on R'asa land. In a few minutes he had gobbled up a large portion of warm red flesh and moved aside to leave the corpse to the others. Since there was three-fourths left he let out his home howl that welcomed more to the feast before sitting back and cleaning himself up.
Diane 17 years ago
Her muscles relaxed when Bastian nodded and then proceeded to eat himself. She did not know how these other two males would act when it was feeding time. If there was a pecking order or not, she had been cautious to avoid repremand but now it seemed ok to enjoy their kill.

The steam from the does body heat was quickly dissapating and she savored what was still warm between her teeth. The human inside her repulsed at the raw taste but she wasnt in the lead here. The wolf,... the wolf was in control and shoved the fleeting thoughts of disgust to the side as it finished the thick thigh muscle.

She stood and shook her fur to wake herself up. She was sleepy now that her belly was full. Their was still blood on her snout and she burried it in a snow pile to wash most of it off. Mosi was also cleaning himself, his dark fur just as splattered as hers, but it was Bastian who drew her attention. He laid calmly watching them fuss over themselves. He was a curious fellow that was for sure. Reserved for a wolf. She wondered if he was the same as a human. It gave her some comfort knowing he was a Nothos like herself, she felt less...freakish with him there. In a way she feared Mosi because of his knowledge and background. Though she really didn't know much about either them. For all she knew, it was Bastian she had to look out for.
Bastian 17 years ago
Seeing his new pals were a lot hungrier than he had been, Bastian decided to visit a nearby creek, while they continued to feed. He'd seen the little stream while running after the deer, and though the snow along it's banks was fairly thick, the clear, clean water could still be accessed easy enough.

Tentatively moving along the snow, he located a spot where there didn't seem much chance of his falling in, and began drinking. The water was too cold to get a lot of, but he managed to quench the thirst that usually accompanied his meal times. Maybe it was because he no longer ate a lot of meat, but now it always seemed somewhat salty to Bastian, so he had gotten in the habit of consuming a lot of water.

When he finished, he again 'sneezed' off the remaining water from his nose and muzzle, and looked back to the felled deer. Feeling somewhat fat after eating, he didn't run back to where the others were, but sauntered leisurely.

When Mosi howled, Bastian joined in, no longer concerned if others were near by. There was still a lot of meat on the kill, and anyone who happened upon the trio now would surely be distracted by the feast before them. Not that Bastian expected anyone other than from their pack, but with the exception of the two with him now, he still didn't really know anyone else. And he'd never been the type to trust blindly.

Turning, Bastian stood in the moonlight, and let it bathe across him. It made him a quite visible target, but at the moment he forced himself to just enjoy what was left of the night. It would end soon enough. It was good for him, to be getting more comfortable with his wolf life, and with help from Mosi, and this female, he had hope that comfort would grow.

He now faced into the wind, and could smell others not too far off. Looking at Mosi, Bastian made a swooping movement with his huge head, and neck, and wondered if the other male had made the scent as well. The little female seemed finished with her meal, and Bastian danced around a little to try and see if they were ready to move on now, or if they both wanted to wait and see who might join them for dinner.

Whatever was decided, Bastian knew he'd have to start thinking about getting home soon. Though he was a lot more at home in his wolf hide these days, that was still limited to the night. There was just something too strange for him yet, to turn in the daylight. Unless it was absolutely necessary, anyway.
Diane 17 years ago
Her bones began to ache and throb and she knew what would be happening soon. It was the little precursor that she had learned to recognize before her body would change. It was always more painful exploding into an entirely different form than reverting back to human body, but it still hurt like a motherfucker either way.

She was nowhere near learning how to master the change but she had gained milestones with just the ability to recognize when it was starting. She could hold the change off for a couple of extra moments if needed but it was exausting and even more painful then letting it happen.

Dawn must not be too far off. The last thing she wanted to do was change back in front of these two. While the wolf held no inhibitions, the human did. She had already seen Mosi in his loin cloth but that was good enough for her. Specially since she barely knew either of them, nakedness was not an option. Another twinge of pain shivered through her and she jumped up immediatly, letting a small yelp escape. If wolves could blush, her face would have been afire.

Sweet show them how your weak, dumbass.Thats how you get crushed. Dont you watch enough discovery channel to know how packs work?

Her human thoughts and thinking were shinning through brilliantly now. She swivled her head towards Mosi and let out a low howl and lowered her head. It was her way of issuing her goodbye. Bastian was nearbye and as she went to pay him the same respects she felt razors slice into her skin. Her fur was trying to pull back.


With every ounce of willpower she could muster to tried to fight out the impending change. With a quick yip at Bastian she took off like lightening back towards their home. She didn't think she'd make it in time, but at least she could gain some distance and not be completly exposed in front of the two males. If she had to she could wait for them to pass and sneak in after them. It was going to be a really fucking cold ending tonight.
Mosi 17 years ago
Simply being amongst pack mates made Mosi happy. Knowing they had eaten their fill of their kill made him quite content and hoped the meal was enjoyed by others, which from the sounds would arrive shortly. For Mosi, the night was late and he needed to get back to the cabin he used when here soon. There was a class to attend tomorrow and he would not miss it. There was also the minor end tidbits of tradition and ceremony that accompanied a successful hunt and kill.

He was standing and readying himself to begin the run home when the little sheila acted weird. Not like his cousin who would unfortunately vomit up any raw meat she consumed, this was different. Cocking his head at her he watched closely. The launch into full run was not completely unexpected but he hoped she did not injure or distress herself further with it. Launching into a run after her, Mosi felt his protectiveness kick into high gear so he stayed close by, hoping to keep her safe or even just to give her comfort.

Shadowing her every step he whined slightly. The sister was making it very difficult for Mosi to decide what was wrong.
Bastian 17 years ago
He watched the little female with concern, but understood what was happening. He'd been through the experience enough to see the change was coming on her. What he didn't understand was her reaction. However, if she were new to this life, that would be a good explanation.

At the sound of her pain, Bastian was ready to follow after her, and make sure she reached her destination without harm. Yet before he could take a step, Mosi was on the female's heels. Though he would retain a concern for the female for days, or weeks, or however long the time passed before he was to see her again, he didn't feel the need to accompany the male. One protector was sufficient, and Bastian didn't doubt for a second that Mosi was the more capable of the two. The male pack mate seemed to have a lot more knowledge of the wolf life than Bastian would ever obtain.

When the two were out of view, Bastian retreated home, along the same path he'd taken to reach the meadow. His gait increased the farther along he got, until he was running full out. Taking to the barn, where a door was left ajar for his return, he entered, and swiftly changed back to his human form. He'd set up a shower in the large part of the kennel, to use for this type of situation specifically, and once he had his human skin back he used it thoroughly. He had bought a special brush to use for these showers, along with an extremely mild body soap. In the past he had developed a tendency to go a bit overboard when bathing after a hunt, often feeling he hadn't truly gotten clean. So to compensate, while he practiced a lighter, and softer hand in the process, he found tools to help. Now he had skin left on his hide when he was done, which couldn't always have been said in the past.

Carrying his clothes, while he wrapped himself in a thick terry robe, Bastian returned to the house. The clothes he put into the washer, and his body he carried upstairs to his room, where he didn't even bother to pull back the coverlet on his bed. Flopping down in an almost immediate slumber, he let the weariness of the hunt, and change drag him into sleep. Later he could analyze, and recall specifics of the evening that he'd found interesting.

For now he had no choice in the matter. Limiting his change to one night a month did put a little more strain on his body, and as he'd proven over time, sleep was the only sure way to restoration.

(Bastian out)
Diane 17 years ago
She heard the whine from behind her and it pulled her out of her concentration. Her eye rolled to the side to catch a glimps of Mosi running just beside her.

Another wave of pain slammed through her body causing her trip up a step. She found it difficult to concentrate on holding form while paying attention to where Mosi was.

She barked at him and picked up speed but he matched her with almost no effort. Of course he wasn't fighting with his own biology at the moment like she was.

There was no chance she was going to lose him. His whines showed concern for her and she didn't know how to convey otherwise back to him. With her previous concentration lost and unreatainable there was nothing left to do but find somewhere to hide. Ahead of them was a brush filled area just outside of the trees. With a powerful leap she heaved her body into the bushes just as she felt the change taking over. She let out a howl of pain that ripped into a scream as her right shoulder hit the cold frozen ground. She felt it dislocate but she layed still and tried to breathe through it. There was a dent in the cold bushes fromwhere she crashed through, but for the most part she was covered from sight.

Now all she could do was wait and hope that it wouldn't be long before she could get up and find a way to escape into the Hospitals back entrance where she had originaly left a big fuzzy robe for when she returned.

'Run puppy run.' She urged silently.

Dia cussed at herself under her breath for not paying attention sooner to the time. She could have avoided this mess by being in at a decent hour. Now she definatly sounded like her mother. She had been caught up in the fun and the hunt and the closeness of the pack mates. Reality set in and she began to shiver. Naked in the snow, perfect. What in the world was wrong with her?

She almost wished she was in wolf form again. Then her mind wouldnt be racing full of thoughts and scoldings. Slowly she raised her good arm so that her hand poked through the brush.

I'm ok! Everything's ok! She stammered.
Mosi 17 years ago
It was not long into the run back that Mosi realized their brother had left another way. That was ok with him but leaving a sick or in pain pack mate was simply not in his own nature. Often his sister or cousin had compared him to a diligent mother but when they needed his care or attention neither had mocked him. Still he did not understand what was wrong with the little sheila so he followed along, protective instincts in high gear.

The sudden crash and scent had him scrambling to halt. If wolves could frown, he was definitely doing so now. Why had she flung herself onto the ground to shift, he wondered. The scream distressed him enough into investigating, with his tail down but brushing from side to side. His keen ears picked up the quiet cursing as he peeked in between the bushes.

He ignored the hand and blatant lie as he noted the shivers from the cold. Apparently the nothos could not hold her form any longer which was not a problem he had experienced since the first year after his gifting. But still it was cold, dark and the walk back would be hard on his sister.

Insinuating himself into the cave of bushes she had created, Mosi whined a bit and licked her face. He knew she could hug him for warmth on the way back. Though he was unsure why she had leapt into the bushes except perhaps she did not want to have him see her unable to hold form. But that was like asking a child to hunt down a lion alone, no one expected those new to the gift to be perfect in form. As his culture had no nudity stigma the thought that she could be embarrassed about being naked never crossed his mind.

((No permission to lick, please let me know if I need to change it.))
Diane 17 years ago
She heard the rustling and felt the warm lick on her cheek. She squished her face up.


Mortified wasn't the word for what she was feeling. This was just great. Stubborn dog. What was she going to do now? It was usless to stay in the bushes, he was in there with her. Her shoulder was still dislocated and there was no way she could just hang out here, naked. She'd go from pale to blue in a heartbeat. She closed her eyes in embarassment and sighed.

Ok then, can you help me up? I'll just pull myself up off of you allright? I'm having a problem with my arm it seems.

Apparently, Mosi had no problem with nudity. Maybe he was one of the proud types. Then again it could have been because he was raised that way. With people shifting back and forth in front of each other as a regular occurance. How crazy would that have been to see all the time? A fascinating childhood indeed. Either way, she still wasn't used to parading around nude in front of anyone. Fortunatly the snapping cold wind drowned out most of the nervousness about the situation. It was more of a survival act than anything else.

Ya, that's how she would look at it. It made it easier and her more willing to get up if she thought like that. She placed her hand on his back and waited.

(its ok! Permission for licking and such =D )
Mosi 17 years ago
Mosi was unsure how her arm was injured as he did not smell blood, but that could still be a number of things wrong. As he was no healer he simply woofed once in agreement to help her with a nod of his furry head. Paws braced to accept her full weight should she need it, he stood still.

Based on the distance they had run, they were not far from the pack but Mosi was not sure how far out they were. Rather than risk it, he kept to his canine form and offered her the warmth his body generated along with the soft brush of fluffy fur. He doubted that he was large enough for her to hug while walking or ride upon but he was unsure how he could help cold and shivering like she was.

(Permission to use Mosi as leverage, warmth and transportation home!)
Diane 17 years ago
Shifting and scooting she rolled to her back in the twigs until she could move her good arm out from under her. Shewrapped it over Mosi's back and with her feet she shoved hard while at the same time she pulled herself up. She felt him brace himself when he must of realized that she was using him to stand.

After some struggling she finally managed to get to her knees, it was an easy pull to stand up from there. Twigs and branches snapping under her giving way to tiny cuts and bruises. She looked down at the hulking beast.

Thank you.

She shivered again as the nights cold air swirled around them. How she wished for her fur to spring forth and protect her. Unfortunatly that wasnt an option. She thought for a moment on what to do. Her arm began to throb and she finally decided the best way was just to bolt for the door. She could try and croutch down along side of him but that would take forever and be hard to walk anyways. The longer they took the colder she'd get. Frostbite wasnt an option.

I'm gonna run for it, you run ahead of me and I'll step through your tracks.

She hoped he understood her. WIth him out front she could hopefully avoid snow drifts or unespected ice patches that would send her sprawling out. Nakedness aside she pointed towards their home.

Let's go.

She took off running only a moment after Mosi did. They had one goal in mind and she hoped her skin was pale enough for her to blend in and not be noticed out naked in the night.

'Please everyone be asleep.' She thought to herself.

(sorry for the delay things got hectic fast!)
Mosi 17 years ago
Mosi wished he was larger in wolf form. Perhaps then she could have simply held onto him like a small pony. Shaking his furry head at that thought he braced himself as she shifted about and used him to stand. Her words were easy to decipher but it took him a moment to contemplate how to do that best. With a quick nod and quiet woof, he lead the way.

They must have made a funny pair; a wolf pouncing four feet close together before bouncing away and a pale naked woman. His keen nose picked out the most direct path back to civilization. Since the cabins were closest he was taking her there first. Because he disliked the cold, the cabin was kept pretty warm even if it had an electric heating system. Based on the origins of the place it did not surprise him in the least that they had not let residents play with fire.

At the outskirts of the clearing Mosi shifted back into his human skin with little fanfare. He did not want the sheila to try to make it to the main building when he could provide her with warmth and a blanket in mere moments. The poor sister looked almost blue with cold and he offered her a lift.

"It's just a bit farther, let me carry you."
Diane 17 years ago
Her stomach twisted into the worlds biggest knot as Mosi shifted back to his natural human form. If she hadn't been so cold she'd have been scarlett red with embarasment.

Oh fricken great. The wolf was bad enough but she still could pretend, now there he was just as naked and offering to carry her. There was no pretending now. If one thing she was, it was stubborn and she shook her head no to him.

I can make it.

He didn't take her to the main house and at first she wasnt sure where they were meant to go but then she saw the little cabin and noticed just how much closer it was. She had planned on going much farther so there was no reason she couldnt make to this closer place.

She let him lead her to the cabin, her good arm now folded across her chest holding onto the unhindged arm plus covering what little skin she could for warmth. SHe hoped to at least get out of the cold wind and take a few moments to rewarm before trucking it back to the main house.
Mosi 17 years ago
Stubborn sheila. She reminded him of his sister, so he smiled and took off running the short distance to the cabin. Opening the unlocked door for her as warmth billowed out into the night air, Mosi held it open for his pack mate.

"Please come in."

He waited for her to enter before doing so himself and shutting the door behind him. The room was a toasty 80 degrees or so claimed the little dial thingy. Moving quickly he pulled two blankets from the foot of his bed. Since he had the simple one room cabin it was easy enough to do and he was back near the sister with two steps. Offering one to her, opened to wrap around her cold form he smiled and arched his brows.

"Will you take a blanket at least?"

There was but one seating area suitable for a guest, a small loveseat along the same wall as the door. His worktable was in the corner oposite the bed and that pretty much summed up his place aside from the trunk that served as coffee table and storage. Notably absent was the kitchen and bathroom, but that had never bothered Mosi. He was only in residence a few weekends a month and could find food in the main building or cook it outside himself on the fire pit.

The warmth from the room was already infusing his chilled feet with sharp tingles but he ignored it because the little sister had been exposed for much longer than he had. For now he was concerned about her feet and toes, not his own.
Diane 17 years ago
She nodded and let him wrap the blanket around her. Immediatly she shivered to shake the chill from her body.

Thank you very much.

She looked around the tiny cabin in awe. It was so...functional. SHe would have had that thing packed with useless items so full it would be hard to walk. As she slowly began to dethaw the pain in her limp shoulder grew with speed. She was going to have to throw that baby back in the socket soon and she wasnt looking forward to it. Her good arm now clasping the blanket she stepped to the loveseat and sat down, pulling her knees to her chest and feet under the blanket. They burned and felt like shattering glass but that was a good sign.

She couldn't of been happier to feel the pain in her toes. She kept her eyes adverted as she thanked Mosi again.

So, ya. I'm not all that great at the change and mor times than not it catches me by surprise. I was hoping to make it home in time. I wont be in your hair for long, I promise. Once i get the feeling back all the way i'll be out.
Mosi 17 years ago
Listening to the little sheila go one almost broke his heart, did she not realize they were family. The R'asa might be big but since they lived in the same area to him, that made her kumpania. Shaking his head he wrapped the other blanket around himself as he realized his dress, or lack thereof, seemed to bother her. Opening the trunk he pulled out his warmest wool sweater and set it aside before pulling out some warm flannel pants. With quick deft movements he pulled the later on while somewhat covered by the blanket draped over his shoulders.

He claimed a seat on the sturdy wood trunk in front of his guest.
"Being new to the change will do that to you. I recall my sister having the same trouble for the first four years. It is no bother at all and you are welcome here, endra."

Mosi knew that whatever was wrong with her shoulder was probably outside his realm of assistance but those cold toes was something he could help with.

"While we need to take you inside to have that shoulder looked at, I can at least help with your undoubtedly frozen toes. May I?"

Holding out his hands he hoped she would trust him enough to place her very cold feet in his hands. His own toes tingled at the temperature change but were nothing compared to what hers must feel like.
Diane 17 years ago
She lifted her solid frozen leg up and set her foot in his open hands.

Ok. My shoulders just dislocated, I can throw it back in, i've done it before. I'm just waitin to warm up a little more so the muscles aren't so rigid and stiff. It's no biggie.

Dia spoke and kind of shrugged. It was weird having her foot in his hands. She felt awkward and tried to dissapate that awkwardness by talking. She was interested in the fact that she wasnt the only one who had problems with the change.

Your sister had problems with it? Howd she finally get it straight. I have about a one minute window warning nowadays. WHich is better than it used to be. Then again if im distracted it's even less.
Mosi 17 years ago
The frozen appendage was light in his hands. Looking down, Mosi knew enough to not rub the skin too much but was unsure if she would let him continue with his plan. Shrugging slightly and tucking the blanket about his shoulders more he gently pulled her foot closer towards him before placing the bottom against his bare stomach. The shock of such a connection made holding back shivers difficult but he did so by wrapping the blanket around them both. Mosi kept a firm hand on her ankle, to keep her in place in case she tried to pull back, before answering the question.

"My sister and I were gifted at twelve, we are fraternal twins as humans say. We used to call it litter mates as our own private joke. After the first few turnings I had adapted quite well but she had troubles."

His stomach was swiftly chilling but he knew that the heat was transferring to the little sheila's foot and that was all that mattered. Still, he felt goosebumps rise up on his legs and wrapped them up tighter in the blanket. Well really he wrapped himself and her foot up in the blanket and wished she would give him the second one so that he would not have to do this twice.

"Mayran, my sister, took over a year to adapt to the change. Some evenings she would shift without even trying or knowing she would, others she could not manage at all even when assisted by me. I believe that the underlying reason was psychological. She simply had not embraced the wolf side of herself yet and was fighting with it. But I am not sure if it was something with the actual change or being a wolf."

One hand emerged from the cocoon of warmth that was slowly increasing from the lowered temperatures she had brought to it and was held out for her other foot. Thinking of his sister made him homesick slightly, but happy to share that portion of his life with a pack mate he did not even think of stopping the story.

"As a young boy I could think of nothing better than being stronger, faster, keener senses and four legged. I think Mayran had other visions of what to her, would improve life. I think the deciding factor in her mastery of the change came when she was involved in a scuffle. Her skills helped her and a cousin survive an encounter with a snake. After that she seemed to awaken to the perks and accepted her wolf side."

The skin covering his abdominal muscles felt tight, like any moment it would shatter like broken ice but he did not let up on holding her foot against him. He knew that his body could generate heat and was already warming up but it was difficult to remain still. Knowing that she was probably feeling the same painful tingles kept him at it though, while his outstretched hand awaited her other foot.
Diane 17 years ago
His other hand was outward and accepting of her remaining foot. She could feel the warmth from his body heat making its way into her own body. It created a new painful sensation that almost made her jerk away more than once, but she remained still as could be. Knowing it was for the best.

As she listen to his story she thought she could hear a glimps of fond memories in his voice. She smiled inbetween the almost audible chatters of her teeth. He had a family, that he was close with. She wondered if they lived around here as well. The coldness running amok through her body had slowed down her ability to recall memories and she couldnt quite remember if he had mentioned his family at the campfire introductions.

Where is your sister now? Does she live around here too? I left what little family I had back in michigan. Extended family at least, I didnt really have the nuclear family left alive. My sons my only family. I hope I can get with it, with this changing. I've been trying very hard, I guess, like your sister, I have problems 'embracing' it. It doesnt feel natural.

The words came out before she had a moment to really think about them. She was speaking to someone who was born into this world. Why wouldn't it be natural to him?

I'm sorry..I..I didnt mean to offend you. It's just, i'm just not used to it is all. I'm sure i will get there.