A new year

The moon shone brightly in the cloud dotted sky. It was light due to the fullness of the moon and brightness of the stars even in the deepest night. Tiny clouds of steam coalesced in front of his mouth with every exhale. Mosi had left his cabin several hours ago to prepare for his first run of the new year. Before him was a pile of offerings situated on a flat rock in the clearing. His gift to the earth was simple; a leather pouch containing water, a small freshly killed hare and a large uncut opal. He had to forgo his normal new year gift of a seedling planted with the gifts as it was the wrong time of year in Nachton for planting anything. Vowing to do so at the earliest possibility, Mosi prepared himself for the run.

Traditional designs were painted on his face in a paste made from bark and flowers. The color was not quite what he would normally use but again, things were different here. Kneeling before the stone in only his loincloth was chilling. Still he withheld his shivers and gave the offerings to the earth. First the water poured from the pouch to his hand and then onto the ground, in his native tongue he chanted the words of giving.

"Mother, your water sustains us always and thus we return it to you rightfully. Your beauty returned to you as is your domain of the earth over us. Your bounty gratefully consumed and returned to you. Blessed are these offerings for they come from you to your servant and back to your embrace."

With quick movements he quickly sipped the water that remained cupped in his palm before digging a hole in the moist earth and placing the semiprecious stone inside it. Without ceremony he repacked the dirt and then shifted. His wolf was adept at slipping out of the leather scraps about his waist before biting the still warm rabbit. He took only one bite before sitting back to howl his words of giving. Typically the rest of his kumpania would be doing the same but here his voice rang lonely. The earth's bounty was returned to the earth, missing some fur and flesh but still a shining example of a gift.

Blood singing in his veins he raced through the night, exploring his R'asa's territory and learning more about the strange new land he lived in now.

((Open for others celebrating the full moon if desired.))

Mosi 17 years ago
Mosi took the other foot with a stoic look. The slightly canine whine was almost inaudible as her foot connected to his abdomen. Rather than keep her locked in place his hands moved to cover the tops of her feet as he huddled over them, surrounding them with his warmth. Smiling at her he tried to look positive even though he feared she was not warming fast enough.

"I can see where it would not be natural. I hope your gifting was not damaging in any way to you."

Mosi tried to recall her discussion at the original campfire meeting but failed. All he remembered was that she was Peregrinus.

"My family and Kumpania are all in Oz. I was sent here to serve the pack and further my schooling. My sister already has two lovely daughters while I am bludger." Joking slightly at himself as he tried to smile even as he noticed her shivers. "Esperance is very nice really. Nothing like Nachton of course but Australia is nice."

Hunching over her feet while pulling the blanket tighter around him and her legs, he wished that he had left the temperature on 90 now. The room seemed to be getting warmer so very very slowly.

"We are a large group, with all the Clachans together, and have quite a few square clicks where several families live. It is rustic, but most like it that way. Those more modern of the group buy houses that border the land. When we were young we would spend the school year in a house and the off time living with our Grandparents. We were taught not only the R'asa ways but the aboriginal ways as well."

Mosi felt his body resume its standard output of heat even if his stomach was chilled on the outside. His chest and legs were getting warmer now which felt nice. Lowering her calves to the top of his thighs he tucked the blanket around them and hoped she was feeling warmer.

"So you have a son? That's great actually. Will he be raised with us as plentyn?"
Diane 17 years ago
It was a question she had been fretting about for some tiem now. She had also been to scared to ask anyone higher up because mostly she feared the answer. She frowned and looked down quickly.

I don't know how it works. He had called it Plentyn, it would be one of the terms she did not forget so easily like most of the others.

I wasn't, ...given the options to be Gifted. Rather it happened during a break in back in my home state. The guy was a loonatic and I think, now that I am what I am, that his self and mental state was to fragile to except what he was. Does that even make sense? Anyways, my son is here with me in the home. I've been too afraid to ask what will happen to him. I think in the end he's not going to have a choice, just like I didnt. It will turn into a long breed of bitter people who always look back on a lineage of servitude.

She had to keep reminding herslef to catch her tongue. She didn't want to sound overly angry. She wasn't angry with the pack really, just the way the world had worked for her.

But then again who knows, maybe growing up around here he will want to be Gifted and he'll be excited about it and then I'd be wrong with my worries. Ugh, I still can't imagen ever biting him. Will I have to do that? I need a Vyusher R'asa book for Dummies.

She could start to actually feel his hands working on her feet now and she jumped out of pain as a nerve fired up into her calf causing a slight spasm.

Ouch! God lord, remind me to never let myself be deep frozen for the future. Theres noway i want to be thawed out it it'll feel like this but all over!
Mosi 17 years ago
Mosi let her speak herself out and attended her frozen feet. At the spasm he splayed one hand across both her feet, gently kneading the flesh but not rubbing while the other traveled to her calf and gently massaged the area. Luckily his hands were feeling warmer than her skin so he hoped this was helping.

"If the child carries the virus than he should be raised like any other here. He should know of his heritage and customs but not the sick man who hurt you. Get him an Addurn'enedral and teach him this is a natural way of life." He winked at her at that last statement before continuing. "This is something you should speak to the Savia about really. She will know what to do."

There was a slight pause as he moved his hand from the back of one calf to another. He was still careful to not rub the skin, only gentle pressures and warm contact.

"Children of the R'asa are very important, each one counts. None should ever feel this is a life of servitude, they should be cherished and educated to find their place in the pack when they come of age."

A blush darkened his cheeks slightly at his passionate statement. It was how he felt on the matter though based on growing up in his kumpania.

"Did you know of us before the attack? That you carried the ability to change? become Vyusher?"
Diane 17 years ago
She shook her head.

No, I don't believe i ever had the ability to change before. The sicko did it too me. Fortunatly, he ignored my son's cries and spent all his time focusing on me. My son doesn't have the virus and i'm afraid they are going to make me give it to him. I've been avoiding talking to the Savia about it.

The pain was finally subsiding as her extremities started to feel real again. She could move her toes without the fear of them snapping off before her eyes.

I could understand if he was born into it, i think that would be different. But he wasn't and just because I'm now what I am he's going to have to do it too? I don't see how he'd be anything but resentful. I guess I could send him away. I think that would be worse.

Her voice was sad. It was time to change the subject, she really didn't want to make the wrong people mad with her concerns. The last thing she needed was for this new life to turn ugly.

Her shoulder was in full strength pain again and that meant blood was circulating properly and her nervs were in working order. When she got back to her room she'd toss it back into place along with a few shots of whiskey to help ease the pain.

I'm starting to feel better now. Much more...complete. She laughed. I mean I am happy to have appendages again. Thank you for your kind help.
Mosi 17 years ago
Mosi was the first to admit that he was not completely aware of how things happened here in Nachton. Back home in his Kumpania though, the two would have been welcomed and the boy given the choice to become Vyusher or Te'sorthene. Of course most young boys would always choose to be part wolf. Then again, they would have also given the new sister some help in dealing with the conversion. One of his peer's mothers had become a psychologist and helped members of the pack greatly with her knowledge.

"The Savia is a wonderful woman, I would trust her to respect your wishes and his feelings."

A smile crossed his face as her toes wiggled against his muscled abdomen. At least nothing appeared to have gotten frostbite, he thought as he straightened and lifted his hands from her calves. Running his fingers over her feet he felt the delicate bones under the newly warmed skin and everything seemed to be working normally and there were not black patches of dead skin. Releasing his hold on her feet he gently placed them on the floor in front of her.

"I am glad you feel better. You are very welcome, Endra."

Looking about he realized her small feet would never fit into his large shoes or boots. Removing the blanket from his shoulders he wrapped its warmth around her legs and feet. In quick movements Mosi had a sweater and his boots on before kneeling in front of her once more.

"Rather than get these feet cold again with the trip back to the house, will you allow me to carry you there? I dont think my boots will fit you but the blankets can keep you warm."
Diane 17 years ago
Carry her there? She felt strange accepting to be carried, but he was right and she didnt want to have cold feet again. She had enough pain for the night and she was getting exausted.

Um, ya, that would be ok. Sure.

She tightened up the blankets around her shoulders. Tucking corners and make sure she'd could grasp them just right to create a perfect cocoon.

All burrito wrapped up, I'm ready when ever you are. I appreciate this alot.

So far, her experiences with her packmates were good. Both in wolf form and human. Hopefully he was right and the Savia would be just as understanding and compassionate as he had been.
Mosi 17 years ago
Standing by he watched her wrap up tight and smiled. Gently he bent down and scooped her up. She was a light load and he made sure to hold her with the injured shoulder near him, so he would not jar it in opening and closing doors. Walking the few steps to his door he looked down at her with a protective look.

"Which door to the facility should I use?"

Because of the path to the hospital was singular he opened the door with the hand under her knees and pulled it closed with his foot after stepping through it. Had she not been hurt he would have jogged the distance but instead he simply walked quickly, hoping the blankets kept in the warmth of his cabin.
Diane 17 years ago
The wind was sharp and a bitter reminder of the painful freeze she had endured not to long ago. She wrapped the blankets a bit tighter.

The back door will work. I had left some belongings back there and I can shimmy to the elevator fast from there. Once again i appreciate the help this evening. You've done alot.

The next full moon she'd spend creeping around their quaters, just incase anything crazy were to happen. She didn't need another month with injured body parts.

They neared the doors faster than she thought they would and she could see inside that people were up and about. Hopefully they wouldnt be moving about in her direction. A memory popped into her head and she laughed.

This almost kinda sorta reminds me of The Lady in the Water. It's a movie, don't know if youve seen it. It was pretty. Except, we are the wolf really.

She was beginng to bable again, great. the nervousness was creeping back into her as more people and the estate loomed ahead of them.
Mosi 17 years ago
The trip was quick thanks to his long legs and ground eating stride. Shaking his head he spared a moment to look quizzically at her rather than at the path ahead of him.

"You are family, Sister. If you ever need help, simply ask, we are here for you. It has been my pleasure to be able to help a pack mate in need. That is what family is for."

He wondered briefly how her human life had been if she had all these odd ideas about how life was in her head. A frown furrowed his brow and he wished she could have had a childhood like his own, full of love, joy, family and friends.

At her laughter he listened closely to her comments. While he knew what a movie was it was not something he ever deliberately would go see. Such blatant displayed of civilization disturbed his calm natural self. Though perhaps to fit in better he should try but the effort to fit in at college was almost useless because he was already so different.

"I have not seen many movies actually but should I be looking to watch one I will remember this."

Opening the door he carefully stepped through, making sure not to lose the blanket or bash her head into the frame. There was a small alcove and he moved the few steps to it before setting her down on her feet. With light touches he made sure the blanket was snug around her still before turning to look for her things. Apparently others had the same idea as there were more than one pile near the back wall. Looking at her briefly before returning his attention to the clothing he questioned her.

"Which is yours?"
Diane 17 years ago
Not seen many movies? Did he live under a rock?! His statment was almost humorous and reminded her of another movie. Then she wondered if maybe she watched far too many movies.

I have over two hundred dvd's up stairs, it's in my collection. I'm totatlly a movie junkie. Certain directors i will buy up without a thought.

She leaned to the side to look around his shoulder at the little piles of clothing.

The pile with the white terry cloth robe and it should have some pink shorts/tshirt amongst it.

When his back was completely turned she let the blanket loosen around her shoulders as she grabbed the bad shoulder with her good arm. A quick count to three and she used all the strength she had to lift and jam the shoulder back into place. She squeaked out a grunt through clentched teeth. Slowly she rotated the freshly rehinged arm. The pain was like a bruise that you couldnt stop touching. Addicting yet uncomfortable.

Well that is better. It's the thrid time i've done that to. Dislocating body parts seems to be my specialty.

As he retrieved her belongings she thought about how she had found Mosi in the first place and felt the need to explain herself a little bit.

Oh hey, so I hope I wasn't being rude by following you earlier this evening. I was out and saw you, and i was just interested in what other pack mates did. I wasn't trying to spy or anything.
Mosi 17 years ago
Mosi knew what a DVD was, he simply had never gone out of his way to acquire one. Apparently the endra did, which was good if it made her happy. Smiling at her he listened to her directions before turning to find the pile she described. The quiet grind of bone on bone and the almost inaudible pop of ligaments and tendons shifting made him flinch in pain for her but he carefully schooled his features to polite concern before turning with her bundle of clothing in his hands.

"I believe these are yours." Watching her move the arm about he frowned slightly. "If it happens again you should probably see a doctor before it is permanently damaged."

Picking up the blanket that had been wrapped around her feet and subsequently fallen to the floor he turned his back to allow her privacy to dress. She seemed to do better that way and he wanted to make her comfortable. Absently folding the blanket he tried to ease her fears of intruding.

"It was no insult, I am honored you were interested. I know my customs are different than others who grew up with the Sarkis and Savia. We incorporate a lot of our cultural rituals into the R'asa ones. My great grandparents would be considered Australian Aborigines."

The last word was said with somewhat of an insulted tone. The people had their own names but since his tribe was Vyusher some of that heritage had been lost in the integration of the two. Realizing he was probably fretting to the wrong person he ducked his head a moment and rubbed a hand over his scalp. The half folded blanket flopped to the floor as he stopped supporting it. Luckily he kept one hand clamped to a corner so he simply began refolding it again, this time he would drape it over his arm once finished.

"You are welcome to join me another moon if you wish to learn more." He offered.
Diane 16 years ago
He turned his back and gave her privacy to dress. Quickly she hopped about with the garments listening to him speak.His voice change slightly when he spoke of his heritage and she wondered what that was about. Quickly as it had come it was gone. She rotated her arm once more as she held out the blanket that had been wrapped around her.

Amazingly it heals pretty quickly. It's the bruising that sticks around for a bit. A constant little reminder that I have very much more to learn.

His offer about joining him another time was intriquing.

I think that would be fun, only this time i promise not to hide and lurk at first. Seeing as how i didnt do a good job of it the first time.

She checked the clock on the wall and winced.

My son will be up soon, if I want to get any showering time without having to say the words 'sit down and don't eat the soap, I better go now. Thank you again Mosi for all your help and even the fun. I have learned much this evening.

She held out her hand for him to shake before she headed out of the room to get some hot water on her sore muscles.
Mosi 16 years ago
With a smile, Mosi accepted the second blanket and folded as she spoke. Having someone with him for the moon rituals would be fun, like teaching a child of the Kumpania's way.

"You always welcome. Lurking is a skill that requires years of training to master."

He hoped she would not be leaning towards stalking others as a way to learn, it left out so much insight and history behind the act. Plus it would not help her integrate with the clan at all but would simply make her more and more of an outsider looking in.

Listening to her speak of her child was interesting. It made him wish to know the boy since he missed his twin's children. Since she was feeling pressed for time he kept his mouth shut and shook her hand.

"It was a pleasure. Take care Endra."

Mosi quickly made his way back to his cabin once the sister had hurried off to her rooms. Classes today would be challenging and he needed to head to the college soon.

((Mosi out pending response))
Diane 16 years ago
As she rode the elevator to her floor she smiled. Nachton held answers and others like her. She was glad that evening she had got to see a little bit of both.

((Dia out))