Silly Fun

One month done...It may take a while to finish the entire year though...

Base by Wayuki

Kem`Raaisu 18 years ago
*blinks, utterly panics, and keeps shoving Nic up front*

Just keep saying to yourself... you gave me January. Scarf, hat, big coat, mittens, boots, lots of layers.....

Aishe 18 years ago
I think it's adorable. Nice, uh... ball.
Serena 18 years ago
*whistles* Sexxxxxy! You do know if Winter is December he'll still be frolicking in the snow in snowshoes, a scarf and a thong, right..? Somehow I just see that.
Shay 18 years ago
Ohhh..keep those images coming...they'll help a lot!
Fiona 18 years ago
very nice... not wanting to have Shay slap me I'll refrain from any comment about the ball.... *heeheehee*

ummm... aren't you supposed to start with January?? *smiles innocently at Kem*
Fallon 18 years ago
Yes...well, Shay does have her priorities...Kem is coming along though
Kem`Raaisu 18 years ago
*deer in headlights look*

That's really not amusing.

*glances at strategically placed beach ball*

Not amusing at all.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
*points and laughs*

Er...I'm not on the list right?
Alfarinn 18 years ago
You were. Hopefully we've nixed the lace idea.

Nice job, Mathias has gotten non commental, did he faint?
Yuu 18 years ago
Aishe 18 years ago
*rubs hands together gleefully*

Well I for one can't wait for January to roll around.
Pakpao 18 years ago
Oh be nice to Kem... Pak is starting to like him. Mind you she has some mixed feeling about July. I don't think she's good at sharing...
Shay 18 years ago
You were. Hopefully we've nixed the lace idea.

Nice job, Mathias has gotten non commental, did he faint?

List still includes both you boys...but I forgot...since its a pinup calendar there's no need for lace. hasn't seen it yet...
Kem`Raaisu 18 years ago
Ok, in all seriousness now... Winter and I kinda have it rough here. Strategically placed beach balls aside, you're putting us stark naked in the middle of the winter! How can we possibly do any justice to that?!


*looks down*

Come on!!! Give us a break here!
Shay 18 years ago
Here is Winter...

Base by BunnyStick

lol - Sorry you two...but the little bits are hidden, so no one will be any the wiser
Fiona 18 years ago

Oh, girlie... that is just too good!

(Though, somehow I think he'd prefer to be showing off in front of the tree ~ while it's on fire warming his buns!!!)
Shay 18 years ago
Poor, sad, pouty Kem.

Base by Bunnystick again.
Aishe 18 years ago
Aw. Someone needs a hug.
Fiona 18 years ago

Go for it Aishe ~ ya know you want to!!!
Alec Devereaux 18 years ago
Damn! Look at the ball on Mathias! :P

Winter is *perfect*.

Kem's ass looks cold. :P

You'll be able to recognize Alec's month because it'll be the one with someone face planting doing something perfectly safe. :/