Silly Fun

One month done...It may take a while to finish the entire year though...

Base by Wayuki

Serena 18 years ago
you'll just have to do some months with 2.. i'm sure the men wouldn;t mind seeing some girl with girl action for a month

I kinda like that idea.. maybe I'll mess around with it some after I finish SC this week
Aishe 18 years ago
Could always take the 12 top posters. You said you were sticking to the active-posting males, why not do the same for the gals?

I even made it easy!
1 - Ellis (do dead chicks count? I mean really dead not just undead)
2 - Meegan
3 - Rachyl
4 - Morrigan
5 - Mai
6 - Shay
7 - Aishe
8 - Nyra
9 - Amberelle
10 - Nova
11 - Pakpao
12 - Chryseis

I think that's the top 12 femme posters without repeats on scribes. /grins. Even I might bust out my mad skillz.

Stick figures in paint here I come!
Shay 18 years ago
yea...there are a few guys I would have liked to have included, but Mai, since I already had Alfarinn down, we had to let Jan slide. I even took Nic off cause there were others ahead of him in the posting count.

Those of you who want to do one for the my guest! lol I can't think beyond the rest of the boys for now.

Panos, and A & T are coming up next
Kem`Raaisu 18 years ago
*growls at Jan and throws snow at him*

Go on, laugh it up. It's all fun and games until someone's privates freeze.
Pakpao 18 years ago
What the hell! How did my name get on that list?!
Kem`Raaisu 18 years ago
Pak expressly told me she wanted to be portrayed wearing nothing but waterwings with octopi on them. I, being the chaste individual that I am, immediately turned away in embarrassment.

I can't look at waterwings ever since then. I was totally scandalized. For shame!
Pakpao 18 years ago
You'd be AMAZED how fast that new program can be turned into a virus...
Kem`Raaisu 18 years ago
Right, and then YOU can come fix it!!
Pakpao 18 years ago
LOL! you mistake me for some one with conscience...
Kem`Raaisu 18 years ago


All you.
Pakpao 18 years ago
Listen snow ball boy... I've got a screw driver and I'm not afraid to use it.
Artemis Bellezone 18 years ago
Kem had better NOT be looking at Pak's waterwings. Otherwise he will die all over again. I may not be able to take out an Elder of Anantya but there is bound to be leniency for peeping Kems.
Kem`Raaisu 18 years ago
Gah, she's all yours, seriously. Great lady, but I like mine a bit less uh... naked.

Did I say naked? I meant less..

wait a minute, did she just call me snow ball boy? I'm really sensitive about that you know. And.. hey look! it's Elvis!

*takes off running*
Pakpao 18 years ago
yeah and then there was that whole underwear over my cloths thing...

*snickers and goes off to buy water wings*
Artemis Bellezone 18 years ago
Wasn't Aishe's name on that list? Offered up but Aishe no less.

Great job on these Shay!
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
I suppose it wouldn't be very gentlemanly of me to hide behind Alfarinn, would it?
Shay 18 years ago
Ta da!

Alfarinn 18 years ago
LOL Cool!

Thaddeus,love, you can hide behind me any time you want.

*raises an eyebrow at the water wing discussion* Kem, she can run all over the Towers... you won't go up the elevator... that leaves you little places to hide and she's patient as only a vampiric woman with a grudge can be. So be afraid! be very afraid!
Pakpao 18 years ago
excellent use of prop on October. I hope you're having fun with this cause they are great.

*Just grins at Kem*
Alexandra 18 years ago
Hey Alex isn't on the girls list

I wanna be on it too, I'm new and not that active yet, but I will be