Not so divine intervention (attn: Addison)

Jan looked at the address on the slip of paper again before parking his truck in front of the town house. According to the Tacharan files this was Addison's public residence. He walked to the front of the building wondering again exactly why he was here and why he should care about the new little redheaded human.

Likely it came down to the simple fact that Addison was now something of an orphan and he understood all too well how that felt. It was only a matter of time before someone remembered that the accountant was now an unclaimed and unsponsored human that knew of Tacharan and had access to their living space and working quarters. Carol was likely okay but he wondered what the other members of the clan would say about even such an long standing familiar as her now being without someone to answer to. Would the clan demand that Simon make her a familiar in order to assure her loyalty? He doubted that Simon intended to do any such thing, perhaps he would turn her though and that would solve the problem neatly.

Addison was a different matter and he doubted that his father had time to consider what to do with the redhead. It was something that he could deal with for Simon and Ellis.

Ellis... There was a odd thought. He couldn't help but think that he was somehow protecting her interests by harboring Addison, assuming the human took him up on his intended offer. Jan had to remind himself that the vixen of Tacharan was gone. It was a hard concept to believe, he had seen her come out of blazing buildings, walk through fire fights and laugh in face of physical threats. How could such strong person really be gone? It seemed somehow wrong. It was not a death befitting Ellis, though having a building toppled on you at dawn was certainly a unique way to go.

Reaching up to ring the door bell, Jan wondered just how much the woman lived on in Simon's mind. No doubt Ellis haunted his father's every waking moment. Putting the thoughts of Ellis aside with difficulty, he slouched against the entrance way and waited to see if Addison was home.

Addison 18 years ago
"I woulnd't say I've been Missing work, Bob..." Addison said out loud with the actor on the screen. "Office Space" was one of his favorites and he liked to have it on in the background when he was doing his monthly review of his retirement account. He snickered and wiggled his toes, playing with the slipper that was hanging off of one foot. It was a night in and he was dressed down in a tank type shirt, loose dark blue pj bottoms and of course, his yellow slippers. One should just not be at home and concious without wearing a pair of yellow slippers.

*ding dong*

"Who on earth could that be?" Addison set his powerbook off to the side and stood, pushing his spectacles up on the top of his head as he headed for the door. It was times like this he missed having a peep hole, but if someone had spent the time coming to see him, it must be important...or a salesman. If it was the latter, they were going to get a foot to the groin for interrupting Office Space.

And the only persons he could think that might stop by would be A) Simon for that chat or B) Nic. Opening the door, he was surprised to find it was neither, but Jan. Addison blinked in surprise at the cute tach vamp on his stoop before he remembered his manners.

"Jan...What a surprise...a welcome one, of course." Addison flashed the dark haired guy a bright smile. "Come on in...I was just thinking about making a sandwhich..." 'liar,' he said to himself. "...would you like something to eat?"
Jan 18 years ago
Jan pushed himself upright and grinned at that redhead. Did he want something to eat? Addison said the most amusing things.

With a smirk and a raised eyebrow, he said.

"You know, you've asked me something like that before. If you keep that up I might just take you up the offer."

He flashed a pair of pearly white fangs at the accountant before sliding past him and into the room. Jan pushed the door shut before saying anything else. Realizing that his statement might not have made the human comfortable under the circumstances and more over he wasn't sure Addison knew about the state of affairs in Tacharan. It was likely not the best thing to say. Certainly though Addison had heard by now, Carol, at least, would have told him.

Leaning his back against the door and shoving his hands him his pockets, Jan looked at Addison from underneath a lock of fallen hair.

"I suppose you've been given the news about Ellis. Never having been a familiar I can't imagine what that might mean for your personally though I know how much Simon means to me as my father so perhaps it is something similar. "

He looked down at the floor then absently contemplating his own black boots and faded jeans, going through a mental inventory of the various holes and how they occurred in some odd effort to organize his mind. The black iron maiden tee shirt was in better condition with the grinning skull of Eddie staring out at the world.

"Anyway I figure that you're going to need to talk to someone soon."
Addison 18 years ago
Addison's eyes widened a bit at the flash of fangs and he automatically took a little step back before he realized he was being teased again. He really needed to start watching what he said casually around...those who drank blood. "Sorry bout that. You think I'd have learned by now, right?" He gave a little smile, and tipped his head in the direction of the living room.

"Mr. Steyn told me last night. I haven't made it back down to the domicile yet...figuring I'd let Simon do what is surely to be a long change over process before I approached him. Steyn told me Simon would want to meet with me eventually..." He briefly wondered if he should have gone down to the domicille asap...if Jan was here because Simon was impatient to get that part over with. The father bit confused Addison just a tad. Were Jan and Simon really related?

While Jan was looking away, Addison plucked the glasses off of the top of his head and set them down on a nearby end table. He didn't need them right now anyway...and they'd probably looked foolish where they were.

"Anyway I figure that you're going to need to talk to someone soon."

"Talk to someone?" a shrink? About Ellis'...going perhaps. "Yes, I'd figured it would be best, but have been putting it off for a little bit. Did you have anyone to suggest to me?"
Jan 18 years ago
Jan moved towards the indicated room and took a seat on the couch. It was Marthinus that talked to Addison, he should have known; Marty was always on top of those kinds of things. He looked at the redhead a bit puzzled at his question. Could he suggest anyone?

"Well"Â? He coughed softly and glanced around the room before turning to Addison again. "I would guess that would depend on you and what you wanted. He remembered the new familiar's association with outside vampires and the tracking down of this Nic that was in progress.

"Someone within Tacharan obviously."Â?

It wouldn't go well for the accountant if he chose to break ties with the clan. Jan seriously doubted they'd let him but at best he'd be brought back into the fold and kept a close watch on by Tacharan and branded as a trouble maker. They were rarely so lenient though and he expected with the past trouble especially that an attempt to leave the clan would result in the redhead's early and unnatural demise.

He chewed thoughtfully on his thumbnail,pausing to say.

"Is there anyone in the clan you feel comfortable with?

Admittedly Jan hadn't gotten to know Addison extremely well nor did he think anyone else managed to get to know the accountant in the short time he'd been Ellis's familiar. There was a difficulty in getting to know the humans that belonged to someone else and that was appearing like you were trying to steal what was their's. Carol was so loyal to Ellis and had been around so long that people just accepted her and her ways without worry but even with the mouthy little blonde the vampires of Tacharan knew their place.

Maybe Addison had gotten closer to someone than he knew or maybe he had a liking for a person; Jan decided he really shouldn't assume.
Addison 18 years ago
"Someone within Tacharan obviously."Â?

"Tach has shrinks? Well, I suppose we have clan members with every sort of profession. " And that was good, because he coulnd't discuss why he was feeling low without details and you just shouldn't talk about that sort of thing with non clan....the details part.

"Is there anyone in the clan you feel comfortable with?

"I wouldn't mind talking to you or Absynthe...or Val, but everything is so...up in the air, right? Why bother adding to your problems by making you all listen to mine...and I didn't think any of you were professional psychologists...."

Addison sat next to Jan and studied the young-looking vampire. He was attractive and Addison liked to be around him. Maybe a possibility there...although he'd not talked to Carol about proper protocol about asking to be a familiar... Might as well test the waters....and Jan wouldn't be a bad choice...

"Actually...I suppose I should be thinking about finding another familiar position. Mr. Steyn said that I was currently assumed under Simon's protection, but I don't want to leave that sort of thing up in the air."

" ever had a familiar?"

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Jan 18 years ago
"Shrinks?"Â? Jan frowned in confusion and replayed the conversation back in his head. Questioning quietly, he said "You think you need a shrink?"Â?

He leaned back and considered this for a moment, letting Addison continue to speak while he thought about the matter. It would seem the accountant hadn't figured out what he was discussing and Jan figured he'd have to be more direct. That was hardly ever an issue for him but for once he was trying -not- to make someone uncomfortable with his pointed statements.

If Addison felt he needed to speak to a psychologist about what happened then perhaps he was not ready to become a familiar to someone else. That could cause some problems because the human needed to be under someone's protection. Simon did not seem to like taking familiars and there was no telling how he'd feel about someone who was so close to Ellis, even briefly. Addison might be an unwelcome reminder. If Simon did want to keep Addison for himself then Jan would certainly back off but he figured the man had enough to deal with right now. The redhead in front of him might not be ready for the closeness that comes with being a familiar so soon after what happened. Perhaps Simon could be persuaded to give him some time and offer him similar protection as that damned reporter. Of course, he doubted that would stop someone from seeing Addison as a snack and there were those that might not recognize Simon's authority without Ellis. Who really knew what was going to happen to the clan? At least all the clans and even most clanless understood the right of familiars to be left alone, whether he was ready for it or not, Addison would be safer under that specific protection.

While he was busy working all this out in his head, Addison had continued on with the conversation, echoing his thoughts.

"Have I what?"Â? Jan looked up startled out of his musing. "No, I figure I'm too difficult to live with long term."Â?

He shrugged and smiled at Addison.

"That is what I meant earlier. I figured that was a worry you might have. If you want to speak to a professional then I'm sure we can find one but if you don't mind talking to someone without a degree than I'm available. "

Leaning forward, he looked intently at the redhead next to him.

"Just because I haven't had a familiar doesn't mean that I would never want one. It isn't something that would normally occur to me. I can take care of myself and never saw the need for one but maybe I'm wrong or don't know what I'm missing. I do know that you need to belong to someone so if you're okay with me..."Â?

He let the statement drop and waited to see if he'd just managed to offend Addison without trying; it wouldn't be the first time he'd managed such a thing if he had.
Addison 18 years ago
Addison's eyes widened. Jan hadn't meant talk to someone as a shrink. "Oh no! I don't think I need to, but I thought that's what you meant with the 'talk to someone.' I thought it might be "recommended" and all for Ellis' familiars and that Simon would have suggested you to tell me." He flushed completely. Jan must think him a mental case. "I...I've never even been to a shrink either...which is why I thought it might be standard procedure to those who lose their...mistress."

He was nervous all of a sudden, playing with the hem of the bottom of his shirt and eager to take the subject away from the shrink misunderstanding. "I seriously doubt are...most intriguing, Jan."

"...I do know that you need to belong to someone so if you're okay with me..."Â?

Addison smiled and made eye contact again with Jan. He was willing to take a red-headed accountant who slipped up with his wording? "I'd definately be ok with you..." Sudden relief washed over him at the thought he'd not be a free agent with assumed protection anymore.

"That is, if you don't mind a familiar who occassionally finds himself in a skirt and saying the wrong things..."
Jan 18 years ago
Jan blinked at the quick rectification of the misunderstanding in conversation. At least Addison did not feel that he needed to speak to a shrink.

"I don't think the Tacharan medical plan covers psychologists but I could be wrong."Â?

He shrugged and ran a hand through his hair to push it back from his face.

"We're not the sensitive clan, in case you haven't noticed from the vampires you've met. I don't think anyone save Marthinus has been much concerned with the state of mind of Ellis's familiars. Still though, I can imagine there are things you want know."Â?

Smiling at the image of Addison in the furisode, Jan shook his head slightly.

"I don't think those things would bother me...besides you looked pretty good in a dress."Â?
Addison 18 years ago
He did have a few questions, like what was going to happen to Ellis' other familiars...would he be demoted in any way because he was goign to be Jan's familiar now...How did this affect his job at Dubine? Well...he had to meet with Simon anyway, might as well ask him those sorts of questions then. He didn't want to wear Jan's ear off with them now.

"I don't think those things would bother me...besides you looked pretty good in a dress."Â?

Addison gave a soft snort and looked away, only marginally embaressed. It wouldn't have been his first choice for a costume, but he saw some other, odder choices at the while he was the only guy in a dress, he felt at least he wasn't in tights.

" do we do this?" Addison met Jan's gaze again. "I we say something to Simon or do you go right ahead and...start the process?"

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Addison 18 years ago
He did have a few questions, like what was going to happen to Ellis' other familiars...would he be demoted in any way because he was goign to be Jan's familiar now...How did this affect his job at Dubine? Well...he had to meet with Simon anyway, might as well ask him those sorts of questions then. He didn't want to wear Jan's ear off with them now.

"I don't think those things would bother me...besides you looked pretty good in a dress."Â?

Addison gave a soft snort and looked away, only marginally embaressed. It wouldn't have been his first choice for a costume, but he saw some other, odder choices at the while he was the only guy in a dress, he felt at least he wasn't in tights.

" do we do this?" Addison met Jan's gaze again. "I we say something to Simon or do you go right ahead and...start the process?"

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Jan 18 years ago
Jan raised his eyebrows at the snort that he received for his comment and grinned at Addison. He could understand not wanting to be stereotyped into something so quickly and the redhead might have a hard time living down appearing in a kimono, a female one at that, on his first ever public event as a member of the clan. At least Addison wasn't a member of Anantya or Evenhet; Tacharan might give him a hard time about his clothing choice but they would consider it all in good fun and not the social faux pas of the century. He recalled a godzilla suit as being worn by one of their own and his own costume had not been something to win awards with anyone, including him.

He sighed softly and shook his head in regret.

"Much as I would like to take you up on that earlier offer, We need to clear things with Simon first. I doubt there'd be a problem but I'd hate to assume and be skinned alive or boiled in oil or something."Â?

Addison seemed willing enough to continue being a familiar and less resistant about the change to someone else than he expected. Was it being bitten that was something that he wanted bad enough that it mattered very little who did it? Or fear for his job and his life? Or did he just like Jan well enough to be alright with that.

"Is there anything about me you want to know? My life is an open book."Â?

Jan spread his hands out in illustration of good natured willingness to talk.

"It probably has adult content and language in it and might not be the best reading material but its longer than some."Â?

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Addison 18 years ago
"Is there anything about me you want to know? My life is an open book."Â?

"Anything, hmmm? That could be dangerous..." Addison smiled good-naturedly and thought over what he wanted to ask Jan. He seemed so young, but had to be way older than he looked...being a vampire and all.

" old are you really? And...married? Offspring anywhere? What is your favorite food...oh and did you keep all your receipts from online purchases in the last year - I can see if we can get you some deductions...."

That should get a few questions answered. He didn't seriously think that Jan had any children...if he was this young when...errr...vampirized, but maybe he'd made vampires himself.
Jan 18 years ago
Jan smirked at the thought of disclosure being dangerous. He could probably tell Addison everything he wanted to know and then some. He recalled the redhead blushed very nicely.

"How old do I look?"

He gave Addison a coy flutter of dark lashes before smiling again.

"I wasn't wearing that outfit at the ball because I thought it was a fashion statement. I am five hundred and seventeen. I was a member of the Vienna Boy's Choir, one of the first. I became too old though and they let me go."

He supposed Addison should hear the whole story if he was going to be his familiar so with a sigh, he leaned forward and explained from the beginning of it.

"The short version of my human life goes something like this: I was born to a prostitute in a brothel in Vienna. I learned quickly to keep out of the way and to myself. I lived on the streets more than anywhere else and soon learned how to steal and cheat with the best of them. The madam was looking at me for patrons with special interests as early as ten."

Jan glanced up to see how well Addison was taking this story before continuing. Some men weren't interested in knowing that those things were possible and got uncomfortable when their were mentioned. Talks of Brad Pitt did not give him the impression that the redhead would be squeamish about that kind of thing but you never knew.

"Anyway, it was one of those times that a client had taken a liking to my voice and spoke to the madam. My mother eagerly sold me to him and I was rounded up with others and presented to the court as part of the choir. After the choir, I went back to stealing, this time under the employ of a local tavern owner. He gave me a room and I entertained the guests and stole from them here and there when it wasn't likely to be noticed."

He glared down at the floor at the thought of the man, but after a brief pause continued.

"Let's just say, he did not believe in practice makes perfect and when I picked the wrong pocket and got caught, I knew what was coming. It had happened before. I packed my few things and hoped to be out before I got caught. That made things worse, I suppose. I would have died from the beating he gave me."

At this he looked up at Addison and watched him evenly.

"Except that the man, whose pocket I tried to pick, came and saved my life. He turned me that night and gave me a home, Tacharan. Simon is my father and has been the only parent I've ever known and the clan has been my only family."

He grinned at the other questions.

"So no... no kids and no marriage and no human offspring or vampiric either for that matter."

Jan grinned broadly showing sharp pearly fangs.

"Oh, I don't know my tastes vary, brunettes, blondes...redheads."

Leaning back, he laughed at the last question and scratched his head thoughtfully with one finger.

"Well one has to have a valid identity in order to pay taxes and it would probably also help to obtain one's money legally. I'm no expert but its just a guess. I sing with a band and get paid in cash. Uncle Sam doesn't get his share of mine. Sorry about that but there is still Duibne's books that still need to be done. I'm sure you're job is safe so long as you are someone's familiar."
Addison 18 years ago
"How old do I look?"

"Hmmm....maybe 17?" Addison bit lightly down on his own thumb, contemplating the answer. Jan looked terribly young, granted, he was darned attractive, but to look at him, all Addison could think of was "jail bait."

"Five...hundred..." Addison said, softly, rather with a bit of awe. That was...a lot...a lot of seeing times and people and the way life change. That was..older than a lot of countries.

Addison listened with rapt attention to the rest of Jan's story. 'So if Jan stole from those he...worked on...and he was attempting to steal from Simon and got caught...does that mean that Simon and Jan were....?' Simon was with Ellis...well, was...Addison supposed.

[quote]"Oh, I don't know my tastes vary, brunettes, blondes...redheads." [/quotes]

" red heads last place then?" He smiled and tuged on a lock hanging close to one eye, brushing it back behind his ear. "Shame...cause I am a whiz on personal taxes, you know."
Jan 18 years ago
Jan smiled crookedly at Addison's reaction to his age both apparent and honest. He understood that he looked like someone that would get you stuck in a lawsuit but then some people liked that kind of thing. A little perceived danger and naughtiness. He wondered if the accountant was one of those people. After all working with books and numbers was not what most people considered exciting so there had to be something to the redhead that was different than the every day, if for no other reason than Ellis wouldn't have hired your average accountant and made him a familiar without him being able to serve more than one purpose.

Addison was good to look at and no doubt Ellis had appreciated that but was it just looks and books or was he talented elsewhere? Jan shrugged mentally to himself, that was not really a big issue. If he was then that was then that was great and could be interesting and if not Jan would still protect him and keep him safe in order to not see Addison get hurt. He still didn't know Addison all that well but he'd talked with him enough not to want something bad to happen to the guy if he could prevent it. Besides it helped Addison and it helped Tacharan and Simon.

He grinned at the disappointment his stated preferences caused.

"Those were in no particular order. I'm not so picky on that kind of thing. I like interesting and my moods vary. I wouldn't ask you to change it or anything if that's what you're worried about. Its nice the way it is."

Jan reached up and took a strand of the fiery silken locks and twirled it gently through his fingers before tucking it back behind Addison's ear.

"I'll endeavor to find something to keep you busy."

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Addison 18 years ago
That was good because his shade of hair was a bitch to try and color. A failed experiement in some highlights in school had proved fruitless. Permanent dye had washed right out quickly after he'd thought it set. Ah well...what mattered was Jan's opinion now...he was a familiar again...or soon to be. Addison flashed a smile at his new...master? and scooted slightly closer on the couch.

"I'll endeavor to find something to keep you busy."

"Oh really? And do you have anything in mind already?" Hopefully not just his dry cleaning, but Addison was damned curious.

"And when are you going to talk to Simon? Did you want me present as well?" The red head shifted on the couch, crossing his legs and stretching a little. Looking at Jan made him think he wanted to order some pizza...although Jan himself said he wasn't hungry at all.
Jan 18 years ago
Jan raised his eyebrows at Addison's retort. Did he have anything in mind? Oh probably a few things but since he didn't know the redhead that well it was probably best not to drive him off with those just yet. Instead he turned himself more sideways on the couch and gestured for Addison to move close.

"Lots of things, I'm sure. Do you like music? Clubs?"Â?

Tilting his head sideways at the mention of Simon and the particulars of this arrangement, he pondered Addison's question.

"It would be best to talk to Simon as soon as possible. Tomorrow night if we can. The quicker your place is clear to the vampire community once more the better it would be. As far as if you should be there...I think so. He'll want to make sure you understand the situation and that this arrangement is what you want."Â?

Or more likely Simon would want to make sure Addison knew his place but Jan kept his mouth shut on that portion. No need to make something obvious but unpleasant worse by mentioning it out loud.

"That good for you? I don't imagine we'll take up too much of his time and if you like we can go to one of the clubs afterwards. Assuming you aren't the quiet accountant type who prefers to stay home and watch tv."Â?

He gave Addison a wink at that and waited to here whether it was true, though he had his doubts.
Addison 18 years ago
Well, he could take the opportunity here or be polite as a new familiar. Addison went with the former and scooted up along side Jan, until he was sitting out alongside the younger-looking man, getting himself comfortable. Hopefully he wasn't too warm for the vampire to sit next to...but then again, he'd never asked about that sort of thing.

"Lots of things, I'm sure. Do you like music? Clubs?"Â?

"Definately. I like clubs quite a bi...dancing is much fun and exercize, but I to feel comfortable, I need a drink least in public. I can dance alone and feel just fine. Is there anything you want to know about me, while were talking?" Addison had learned more about his new "master," but did Jan want to know anything about him? Well - he supposed as Simon's "son," he probably had access to the clan files and knew quite a bit already...

"That good for you? I don't imagine we'll take up too much of his time and if you like we can go to one of the clubs afterwards. Assuming you aren't the quiet accountant type who prefers to stay home and watch tv."Â?

"Oh...there are some occassions that are better in a private, quiet setting..." Addison colored, not thinking at all of watching tv. "...but my work keeps me sitting a majority of the day, so I'd prefer to get up and active on my free time. What club do you have in mind and would you like me to make a reservation of any sort?"
Jan 18 years ago
Jan wrapped his arms around the redhead, enjoying the closer proximity far more than was wise all things considering. He smiled at the thought of Addison needing a drink in order to dance but continued to listen with interest. He wondered how good the redhead was at it once properly lubricated with alcohol.

" I am sure we can find you a drink if you need one."

There was a certainty that he could find other methods of relaxation, however. Jan considered Addison's offer of personal information and grinned in response.

"Well I suppose the most pertinent information might be your preferences. It is a -wild- guess here but I'm going to assume you don't mind male companionship."

Jan liked interesting companions, that was his main concern even before gender. There was beauty and enjoyment to be had in both sexes in his opinion. Perhaps it was his rather odd beginnings that made him more open to whatever version of bed sport the night had to offer.

"So any particular preferences? Top, bottom, tied up, gagged, costumes?"

He chuckled to himself at the thought of potentially surprising the young accountant with his direct questions and wondered if Addison would favor him with one of those delicate blushes that made him look so terribly tempting.

Leaning down he brushed the tip of his nose lightly against the skin of Addison's neck tracing an upward line before tilting back slightly to speak softly, his lips leaving feather light touches on the outer rim of Addison's ear.

"I'm fairly open to suggestions if you have a particular desire."

Grinning at his imagined uses of private time, he leaned back and considered the choice of clubs.

"I go to quite of few of them because I work at several of them. I sing for Nox Aeternus in some of the clubs around town. Club Eternity, House of Pain and a few others, there is also the Abbatoir which is a more local hang out for Tacharan. Did Ellis ever get around to taking you there? So no reservations are needed I am something of a fixture."

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Addison 18 years ago
The content accountant allowed himself a little snuggle next to the tach vampire. He was feeling lucky that the other male didn't seem to mind physical contact. Addison shifted around until he was laying flush against Jan, getting comfortable for the moment.

"What was your first guess?" He asked playfully, and threw in a little wink. "Nope, I certainly don't mind male companionship...prefer it over female at times, actually."

"So any particular preferences? Top, bottom, tied up, gagged, costumes?"

And like a light switch flipping on, a crimson tide broke out across Addison's cheeks suddenly. It didn't help that he felt he'd just been caught thinking thoughts along the same lines. Granted, he'd not gotten any and the close call to sex had only made the situation more frustrating. He shifted a little on the couch, aware he was far too interested in the turn in the conversation.

"Bottom mostly...never been gagged or restrained, but I was asked to wear a schoolgirl outfit once...never did, but the idea of which wasn't all that terrible.."

Addison's eyes drifted shut and his breath hitched just a skosh as Jan did something very soft and welcome to his neck. "Ooh...." The red head shivered and let one hand slide along Jan's opposite shoulder. He'd be annoyed with his responsiveness to Jan's attentions later. For now, he'd just enjoy it.

"I may have one or two then..."

"I've never been to the Abbatoir, but Carol took me to the House of Pain. That's where I met Ellis and was...bit..." He opened his eyes and looked covertly at Jan's lips/mouth.