Not so divine intervention (attn: Addison)

Jan looked at the address on the slip of paper again before parking his truck in front of the town house. According to the Tacharan files this was Addison's public residence. He walked to the front of the building wondering again exactly why he was here and why he should care about the new little redheaded human.

Likely it came down to the simple fact that Addison was now something of an orphan and he understood all too well how that felt. It was only a matter of time before someone remembered that the accountant was now an unclaimed and unsponsored human that knew of Tacharan and had access to their living space and working quarters. Carol was likely okay but he wondered what the other members of the clan would say about even such an long standing familiar as her now being without someone to answer to. Would the clan demand that Simon make her a familiar in order to assure her loyalty? He doubted that Simon intended to do any such thing, perhaps he would turn her though and that would solve the problem neatly.

Addison was a different matter and he doubted that his father had time to consider what to do with the redhead. It was something that he could deal with for Simon and Ellis.

Ellis... There was a odd thought. He couldn't help but think that he was somehow protecting her interests by harboring Addison, assuming the human took him up on his intended offer. Jan had to remind himself that the vixen of Tacharan was gone. It was a hard concept to believe, he had seen her come out of blazing buildings, walk through fire fights and laugh in face of physical threats. How could such strong person really be gone? It seemed somehow wrong. It was not a death befitting Ellis, though having a building toppled on you at dawn was certainly a unique way to go.

Reaching up to ring the door bell, Jan wondered just how much the woman lived on in Simon's mind. No doubt Ellis haunted his father's every waking moment. Putting the thoughts of Ellis aside with difficulty, he slouched against the entrance way and waited to see if Addison was home.

Addison 18 years ago
Addison nodded. He was still slightly upset at Nic's sudden departure before at the hotel, but still wished they could have...oh, he didn't know for certain, but something was lacking there. He'd ignore it for now to focus on what he needed to: work and getting his place sorted out in Tach again.

The lack of heart beat was odd under Addison's ear as he rest his head on Jan's chest. he supposed that was normal...or maybe he wasn't just hearing it and it was there... The thought of how Ellis had left this world made him shrudder. It hadn't been pretty, then. The red head frowned and shivvered once - that knowledge made it worse.

"Mmhmmm...Zoe was very Ellis-like..." Addison stretched a little next to Jan and looked back over at his little powerbook. It had his little rubix cube screen saver bouncing around the screen at the moment. "Not really...unfortunately. Nothing more interesting than off of the computer, that's for sure..." He eyed Jan with interest.
Jan 18 years ago
Jan nodded and pulled the computer closer.

"Hmm mmm, denial means there is some juicy stuff hidden in this baby."Â?

He grinned at Addison's form of distraction though, compliments would go a long way in helping keep his computer eye candy private. Not completely though and they had nothing more intimate to do at the moment. Hopefully speaking to Simon would change that.

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Addison 18 years ago
Addison made and indigdant sound and tried to swat Jan's hand away from the power book. "Pfft...nothing all that juicy..."

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