Not so divine intervention (attn: Addison)

Jan looked at the address on the slip of paper again before parking his truck in front of the town house. According to the Tacharan files this was Addison's public residence. He walked to the front of the building wondering again exactly why he was here and why he should care about the new little redheaded human.

Likely it came down to the simple fact that Addison was now something of an orphan and he understood all too well how that felt. It was only a matter of time before someone remembered that the accountant was now an unclaimed and unsponsored human that knew of Tacharan and had access to their living space and working quarters. Carol was likely okay but he wondered what the other members of the clan would say about even such an long standing familiar as her now being without someone to answer to. Would the clan demand that Simon make her a familiar in order to assure her loyalty? He doubted that Simon intended to do any such thing, perhaps he would turn her though and that would solve the problem neatly.

Addison was a different matter and he doubted that his father had time to consider what to do with the redhead. It was something that he could deal with for Simon and Ellis.

Ellis... There was a odd thought. He couldn't help but think that he was somehow protecting her interests by harboring Addison, assuming the human took him up on his intended offer. Jan had to remind himself that the vixen of Tacharan was gone. It was a hard concept to believe, he had seen her come out of blazing buildings, walk through fire fights and laugh in face of physical threats. How could such strong person really be gone? It seemed somehow wrong. It was not a death befitting Ellis, though having a building toppled on you at dawn was certainly a unique way to go.

Reaching up to ring the door bell, Jan wondered just how much the woman lived on in Simon's mind. No doubt Ellis haunted his father's every waking moment. Putting the thoughts of Ellis aside with difficulty, he slouched against the entrance way and waited to see if Addison was home.

Jan 18 years ago
Jan pretended to ponder that for a moment and then grinned.

"Oh your sense of fashion, of course."

Not anything like this Evenhet that Addison had been seeing or the comments on how good Brad Pitt looked... those were vague clues at best. He snorted to himself internally.

The flush of colour to Addison's cheeks was so much more appealing this close and he bit the inside of his cheek to keep from leaning down to that inviting neck where the pale skin was now an tempting shade of red warmed by the blood that was so close to the surface.

Breathing in a shuddering sigh, Jan steadied himself and concentrated on the answer to his question because right now it was something he very much wanted to know.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise at the school girl outfit but the other affinity did not shock him. Addison seemed to enjoy being bitten, and who wouldn't, but there was something else about being a familiar that many enjoyed and that was being a kept man, protected, nurtured and, yes, controlled to an extent so that Addison preferred to be almost solely a bottom was not a surprise. Some people just enjoyed being taken. He wondered if that was how it was with the redhead or did he have little choice in becoming Ellis's familiar. Of course, he had little choice but even after so short a time, Addison seemed to have grown very attached to his mistress.

Smiling slightly and forgetting his earlier good judgment, Jan pressed his mouth against the warm neck in front of him. Tilting his head to the side just enough to speak, he asked.

"So enjoyed that, I suppose. Ellis has quite the presence. No doubt she took you right there in the club with everyone watching."

Staking her claim on him in a place were no human would think anything of what seemed like two people with a vampire fetish.

He pressed his lips harder against the skin, enough that his fangs could be felt against it. Sighing at his willingness to torture himself, he pulled Addison tighter against him. Damn but they needed for find Simon soon before he did something incredibly stupid.
Addison 18 years ago
Addison made a little, amused sound in the back of his throat and looked down at what he was wearing right now. Of course Jan was kidding, but maybe there was some truth to it. Although, nothing he was wearing now would be considered such an indicator. Granted, that kimono might have...

The read head gasped out loud and tipped his head up, allowing Jan clearer access. He tried sending a mental message...willing Jan to go ahead and bite, but it seemed he lacked that particular skill. He shruddered just the same, the feel of breath ghosting over skin was most pleasurable.

"So enjoyed that, I suppose. Ellis has quite the presence. No doubt she took you right there in the club with everyone watching."

"Mmmhmmm..." Cheeks took on a slightly darker tinge as he remembered. "It was....something else..." Addison breathed out softly and then wimpered loudly as unmistakeable pressure pressed against his neck. One leg was immediately thrust across the other reclined male as Addison tried to get them as close as humanly possible. Now, if he could get his breathing under control, all would be good. Jan would think him nothing but a wanton hussy if he kept this up...

"Please do..." Oops...not terriby composed...he'd work on that not-hussy action later...
Jan 18 years ago
Jan opened his mouth in a silent gasp as Addison pressed himself against him, his fangs now lightly denting the warm skin beneath them. Blind instinct nearly took over at the feel of the writhing willing human who continued rub against him.

Closing his eyes and swallowing hard, he willed himself to find some sort of control with which to beat down the very tempting voice that was trying to convince him that there would be no harm in a little taste. Simon wouldn't want Addison anyway, the man had never expressed any desire to have familiars. But the little voice of temptation had called up the image of Simon and that stopped Jan cold. He stiffened and resisted the urge to push away as if Addison were now too hot to hold on to. That was an accurate sentiment and it had been the thought of Simon's displeasure that brought him back to his senses. Jan could stand many things and had born a lot of hardship but he go through hell and back not to disappoint his maker.

Laying his cheek against Addison's neck, he sighed.

“Damn! I nearly lost myself. I shouldn't have. Let me call Simon and see if he's somewhere we can meet him, hmm? Before I drive us both crazy.”

Holding on to Addison with one arm wrapped around his waist so he didn't jostle the redhead off his lap, Jan lifted his hips enough to reach a hand into his pocket and retrieve the little silver cell phone. Using his thumb to flip it open, he paused before dialing.

“If you have something planned I can go alone and explain things to him though it would be better if you were there.”

He reached up and brushed at the red strands laying against Addison's cheek with his free hand while he dialed the phone. Addison was likely very annoyed with him at the moment, Jan was very annoyed with the rules, not being one to respect most of them. Clan rules were different though and he only pushed at those from time to time when it was something minor. Messing around with someone's else's familiar wasn't one of those things.

Addison's words finally registered with him and he frowned in puzzlement.

“Please do what?”

Hitting send, he pressed the phone to his ear.


((OOC: So has anyone else noticed that almost everyone besides Nova has a silver flip phone? What is that? Vampire standard issue? ))
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Simon played with Carol's hair as she sat on his lap at her desk. He had stopped by to ask for the recent Merc activity reports when he got preoccupied with her hair. She was working on her computer, pulling up the files he asked for when he happened across the zipper on the back of her dress. He had just dug the tiny little zipper handle from underneath the material covering it when his cell phone rang.

'Damnit.' With his free hand he reached into his inside breast pocket and saw that it was Jan. With a grumpy sigh, he answered.

'Jan...little busy right now.' Carol giggled in his lap, distracting him further. He lifted a leg and jostled her. 'What's up?'
Jan 18 years ago
Jan smiled wondering just what Simon was busy with but corrected himself. Just because that statement from him was likely to mean that someone else was involved didn't mean it was that way for everyone. This was Simon he was talking to, the man was likely at his desk with a lap full of paperwork.

“Ah, yeah sorry about that. I'll make this quick. I was wondering if I could meet you somewhere to talk about Addison and what is to be done about him.”

He squeezed Addison's leg lightly in reassurance. He found it always sucked knowing someone was talking about you when you could only hear half the conversation.
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Simon had gently tugged on the zipper and gotten it halfway down when Jan mentioned Addison's name. He closed his eyes and stopped.

'Addison, yes.' Simon let go of the zipper and laid his hand flat on Carol's warm back. She arched it slightly which made him smile, but he was still quite annoyed with the human. 'This is the second time I've been asked about that human and to be honest, I am not happy about it, Jan. What do you know about his association with this Nic from Evenhet?'

Simon bypassed Jan's query to meet with his own. He was annoyed and this human was getting on his nerves. First an Elder of another clan, now his own kin. Addison was proving to be more work than his patience could deal with.
Jan 18 years ago
Swallowing hard and feeling about 17 years old again, Jan answered Simon's question.

“Not much to tell you the truth. I saw him at the Creation Ball. He came up to the table and said hello. Seeing Ellis made him go all green around the gills and he ran away real fast. I told Ellis that I would look into it for her. You want me to see if I can find him?”

He was, he was aware, talking about a friend of Addison's but the cold hard facts were that Tacharan wasn't going to take the event lightly and Nic was going to pay for it somehow. Better coming from Jan than Ellis.
Addison 18 years ago
'oooh...right there...' came the mental direction. Addison pressed up slightly, but the hard little points pressing against the skin of his neck didn't go any deeper and soon they were removed completely, pulling a dissapointed little sigh from the red headed accountant.

"If you have something planned I can go alone and explain things to him though it would be better if you were there."Â?

He pursed his lips a little. What was with him and people not wanting to finish? First Nic and now Jan. Both males had some sort of Communication - Nic with his voodoo mind shit and Jan with his Cell Phone. At least Addison understood this one. Maybe it was the curse of the three letter names...

"I don't have anything planned..." Addison whispered up against Jan's free ear, before boldly licking said body part. "And it wasn't all that important..."
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Simon considered Jan's story. Nic must've approached them when he was off in the garden looking for Carol. He did not comment on that though. Quietly Simon replied in a tight, quiet voice.

'Yes, Jan. I do want you to find him. Bring the human,' Simon felt no desire to address Addison by name, 'to the ball. I want you and Nova there. We'll speak then.'

Simon flipped the phone closed and returned it to his breast pocket. Pinching his lips softly, Carol turned and looked at him, giving him a wink. Giving her a little grin, he returned to the business at hand and slowly pulled her zipper down.

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Jan 18 years ago
Jan closed his eyes as Addison licked his ear, losing his concentration completely for a second in enjoyment. What was that? Shit, now was not a good time not to pay attention.

Bring Addison to the ball, find it.

"I'll take care of it."Â?

He hung up the phone and set it down on the table. Well damn, Simon sounded more than a little annoyed. He looked at Addison, suddenly worried for his safety. If Simon considered the situation with Nic to be the human's fault instead of the vampire's then he was likely to want to see Addison dead for being an untrustworthy nuisance.

"This Nic guy, Can I ask why you let him bite you? Simon seems a bit pissed. I think I might be able to convince him that I'll take responsibility for you and everything will be okay but I need to know exactly what happened."Â?

((OOC: Simon's mood divined with my l33t observational skillz and with permission))
Addison 18 years ago
Addison nipped down on the ear lightly, smirking in self satisfaction at Jan's reaction. The young looking fella smelled damn good and Addison snuggled closer and breathed in deep, getting as much as he could.

"This Nic guy, Can I ask why you let him bite you? Simon seems a bit pissed. I think I might be able to convince him that I'll take responsibility for you and everything will be okay but I need to know exactly what happened."Â?

"Nic?" Addison pulled back, a confused expression on his face. What was it to Jan? He'd gone through this with Ellis already. Granted, he was going to be Jan's familiar soon, so he supposed it was his business. "Well...that was a while ago...and I went over it with Ellis after. I didn't let him bite me, per say. Actually...I didn't even know he'd bitten me until Ellis confirmed it with me later. I had gotten pretty ill...And I had thought him human, like myself...until his reaction at the ball and Ellis telling me differently."

Addison's eyebrows lowered as he briefly wondered why Simon was telling Jan that he'd been concious of the action. "It was some sort of ...suggestion? Why she didn't tell Simon, I don't know...but I met Nic at the museum after work one night....had dinner and...erm..." Addison colored fiercly at this point. "...I thought he was human...and he called during the day. It wasn't until Ellis asked me about it later that I knew differently."

"I don't see why Simon is upset. It was a while ago that happened and Ellis and I worked it out. I saw Nic a little while ago because I was upset and wanted to talk to someone...but he didn't bite me then...just the one time and he apologised to me..." Granted, that woudn't have kept the wrath of ellis off of him...but it made Addison feel a little better.
Jan 18 years ago
Jan held Addison tighter at the small bite on his ear, his fingers denting the flesh beneath them.


Listening to the accoutant's explanation he frowned.

"He used suggestion on you then? Well I suppose that explains how you went along easily enough. Its not you're fault then. You couldn't know to tell him no when you didn't know what he was or what was going on."Â?

With a shrug about the Ellis situation, Jan replied.

"Likely Ellis hadn't yet told Simon what happened. She told him plenty and he told her just about everything but from the sounds of it he doesn't know. We'll explain it to him when we meet him. As far as why that would upset him... You're Tacharan and an Evenhet using you like that is wrong.

We're a family and we don't let other people mess with one of our own. If it had been me that had bitten an Evenhet familiar then you can rest assured their leaders would want my head and Simon would probably beat me within an inch of my immortal life for doing something so stupid. Ellis might even have just killed me to save the trouble of having to make amends to the other clan."Â?

Jan regarded the redhead evenly.

"Please just stay away from him. I'd rather not see you killed over this, if its all the same to you and trust me, they -would- kill you if they thought you were seeing him. Our secrets are trusted to very few humans and you're one of those. Normally you might have been okay being his friend but now it would be wise to just stay away. This will take some time to blow over and for people to forget about it."Â?

Vampires had long memories though when it came to grudges; he knew that from personal experience.
Addison 18 years ago
"It wasn't some sort of conspiracy against Tach...I just thought I'd met this cute guy who I seemed to click with." Addison scooted around a bit next to Jan, getting comfortable again. He lowered the leg he had across his companion to lightly toe Jan's foot with his own.

He understood Jan's point, but if Ellis had thought Simon should know...she would have told him. He missed her...Addison sighed and then caught Jan's line of sight as the other male seemed to get more serious.

"I won't be seeing him anymore. We said what needed to and parted ways..." Although, not in the way Addison would have preferred. But now he was a familiar again so even if they hadn't parted as such, he wouldn't be calling on Nic...He now belonged to someone else.

"You have my word, though."
Jan 18 years ago
Jan blinked at Addison; that SO wasn't the point. This kid must of grown up well off not to understand how turf worked. He was cute though and he'd learn soon enough.

"It -was- an accident. Everyone knows. If they thought it had been a deliberate Evenhet plot you're friend would be dead already. In the clans, you pay for even the 'accidents' involving other clans. Its all about status, respect and placement. We're young, as far as the clans go, we have the most to gain or lose by social maneuvering. Anantya and Evenhet could afford to let something like this slide... be magnanimous in the name of 'friendship' but not Tacharan. We would appear weak, unable to protect our own or at the very least unknowledgeable of what went on. Can't afford that either, then they think they can slide stuff past us so we would have to up our guard."Â?

"Hmm"Â? He frowned a little when Addison removed his leg, tempted to pull the redhead back into his lap. He knew that the temptation to do other things while Addison was there would be far too great and so he watched as the accountant got comfortable again.

Jan nodded and considered the matter settled between them. Addison was not at fault for what happened so to him the familiar's loyalty was not in question. Calling Nic up and seeing him a second time was not the wisest choice of actions but then Addison was new to the ways of vampire clans. His views on the matter made that painfully obvious. Nic, on the other hand, was a vampire and so willfully seeing the familiar a second time was unforgivable in Jan's eyes. It was a good thing he was asked to hunt the man down for the clan because he would have done so anyway.

The more serious discussion over with and a plan of action in place to follow, Jan smiled and ran a thumb lightly over Addison's bottom lip.

"So tell me do you have anything other than a furisode to wear to formal events? We've been invited... or shall I say, ordered, to attend the Mayor's Charity Banquet."Â?

At least with taking Addison as a date he wouldn't have to worry about matching accents to a dress. One wouldn't want to wear matching tuxedos as a couple, otherwise you'd look like a part of the catering staff. It would only be an issue if they both decided on clashing brightly coloured suits but he personally wasn't about to look like he stole his outfit from a Vegas drive-thru wedding chapel. He did not believe Addison's own choices would be so bad either, just so long as he did not allow the same friend to dress him.

They were, he realized, quite evenly matched. They were the same height and build, within perhaps five or so pounds of each other if he had to guess by the weight of Addison in his arms earlier. That was nice actually and he preferred the smaller people in general; they looked more graceful which was beautiful in his opinion. There were exceptions to these rules in the form of tall demi-gods of physique but those were rare. He'd have to admit that the Evenhet guy, Nic, matched that description so he could understand Addison's attraction. It still wasn't going to stop him from kicking the guy's ass when he caught him though.

"If you haven't had a chance to pick something like that up then I'm sure I have several things we could both choose from."Â?
Addison 18 years ago
"But if everyone knew, then Simon wouldn't be telling you otherwise." That was really burning him. Simon spreading that crap around. Who else had he told Addison was willingly letting other vamps suck on him? The thought made him frown and stare at Jan's T-shirt as he thougth about it.

Still playing a little with Jan's foot, he looked up, surprised as a warm digit slid slowly across his bottom lip. The color that had finally left his cheeks came back slightly as they warmed at the touch. With a little smirk, Addison opened his mouth and caught the thumb between his teeth quickly, before Jan could move it away, and deftly tongued the finger.

'Hmmm....a ball?' Addison gave Jan's thumb one last lick and let it go, thinking over what he had in his closet that might be appropriate.
"I do have a couple of different tux's in the closet." They were radically different in style, but he liked the one with the tails even had it's own top hat, but he never wore it unless at home in a playful mood. "So no furisodes for this one...I still have yet to hear back from my friend...I wrote her a rather scolding letter for her costume choice for me..." She wouldn't be mad, but would wait until she thought he wasn't mad anymore to contact him.

"She's got an odd sense of humor, that one....which reminds me..." Addison turned and grabbed his cell phone from the table above him and started a new contact for Jan with a little heart graphic after his name. Got to get in the new master to the contact list, that was for sure. "What would you like your ring tone to be?" Blue eyes looked back up at Jan's face. "A silly thing, but I like to chose the ring tone based on the person who is calling me."
Jan 18 years ago
Jan laughed and shook his head.

"I mean after hearing the explanation it is understood that it was not an attack not that Simon already knew. In fact, I'm wondering how he does know. I didn't tell him. Could have been some other Tach at the party... though he seemed pretty pissed so it could be the Evenhet had talked to him."Â?

He raised his eyebrows at having his thumb caught and toyed with. Grinning, he said.

"Like sucking on things also? ... Good to know."Â?

Jan shrugged one shouldered about Addison's friend's choice of costume.

"It was not that bad. Probably didn't make you comfortable your first clan event but I've obviously worn worse. Tights wouldn't have been my choice but it was unfortunately the standard dress when I was turned. I should have gone as a street urchin but even I'm not fond of wearing dirt."Â?

Jan looked down at Addison's cell and the little heart graphic beside his name; it made the corner of his mouth twitch up in a lopsided smile. He thought about it for a moment, but Addison said he liked all kinds of music.

"Well I doubt you were be able to download my own music onto your phone so... Long hard road out of hell by Manson should cover it."Â?

Picking back up his own phone, he held it out questioningly.

Addison 18 years ago
"...the evenhet?" Addison wondered at the title. Was that the person's name or maybe just their leader. If that was the case, was Ellis The Tacharian at some point? Unless Jan meant Nic, by the evenhet reference, but it seemed unlikely that Nic went to Simon to tell him about it. It seemed...suicidal on his part.

"Like sucking on things also? ... Good to know."Â?

"Mmmm....I'm versitile..." He tossed in a wink and settled down, resting almost on top of the younger looking man while he dialed in the preference to tunage. Interesting...

"Hmmm.....Unchained Melody is my favorite song, but..the theme to Serenity is good." He snickered a couple of times and reached around to Jan's other side and slid his hand along the belt line.
Jan 18 years ago
Jan clarified with a shrug.

"Yeah, whomever they would send. One of their elders, a messenger, someone expendable... who knows. I'm guessing they know the situation the way Nic lit out of the ball that night. He looked positively green."Â?

He flashed a fanged grin in response to Addison's statement of his versatility.

"One should try new things.. its good for you."Â?

New places, new positions... very good for you. His own thoughts and Addison's proximity were making his jeans decidedly more uncomfortable than they had been but he wasn't about to remove the warm temptation that was leaning against him. Reaching down, Jan picked up his phone and with his arms around Addison's waist, he set up the contact name and number with "Ballad of Serenity"Â? as the ring tone. That was going to get a few looks from the band but less than the other would.

"I loved that show. Its a shame they canceled it."Â?

Leaning his chin on Addison's shoulder, he smiled.

"I can hope that the future will look like that. I could pull out my clothes from late 1800's and ...well probably not the six shooters. That's a shame, those are great weapons. Nice feel."Â?

He laid his head against the shoulder instead, finally paying attention to the laptop on the table.

"So what did I interrupt?"Â?
Addison 18 years ago
"Yea, but I thought it might have been something I or Ellis said. And I introduced her to him as my boss...I thought maybe he thought she was some corporate big shot financier and he was afraid of it...well, until I talked to Ellis later, of course..." He sighed and ran his hand up from the waistband of Jan's jeans to trace out the patterns and lettering on the front of the rock T-shirt lightly with a couple of fingers. "Odd...that she's gone." It saddened him to be honest. He really liked his old mistress. She was just...that cool. And frankly, he only knew her for a short period. Carol must be going through much more. "How is that possible, anyway? I thought she and ...well, vampires were all dead already..." It might be a silly assumption, but well..from what he'd read and seen people died and became vampires. How could a dead person die?

"Mmm...that'd be nice. The lingo is oddly attractive as well...'I aim to misbehave...'" Addison intoned, thinking of the captiain and the crew. "I always thought that the wife there...was far more attractive than the consort woman."

"So what did I interrupt?"Â?

"Oh, just some research...some usual..." He smiled and brushed his lips across Jan's forehead. "But don't tell the boss about the porn...the ibook belongs to the company..." He snickered and did his best to shift a little but not make it look like he was trying to hump his couch-mate. That was just plain rude...even if it was what you wanted to do.
Jan 18 years ago
Jan understood how Addison could misinterpret Nic's sudden departure since the familiar believed that the other man was a human.

Nipping Addison lightly on the ear, he replied.

"Its in the past. I'm sure your friend has his own problems to deal with but you've got so many yourself with everything that is going on now."Â?

He pulled closer at the talk of Ellis,lending whatever physical comfort being held might give Addison. There was no way of knowing how strong the bond was between them but over the years he had seen familiars die of heartbreak shortly after their vampire died. These thoughts caused him to hold the redhead a little tighter.

"We change really, not so much actually die. Legends though have called us the undead for so long and some vampires actually believe it but yes, we can die. Fire..sunlight.. head taken off..."Â?

He made a little one handed cut throat motion across his neck before placing his arm back around Addison.

"Hmm I suppose we could bleed to death but we regenerate very quickly so it would have to be some excessive wounds. I would guess that's what happened. I was out of the building by that time. Making my way through the sewers with Nova and two scientists."Â?

Jan laughed about the quotes and replied.

"I don't know I think at the moment, with you here so tempting, the phrase "I'll be in my bunk"Â? comes to mind. Yeah, Zoe was a sexy woman, she was tall, sultry, wore leather and carried big guns...what was there not to like about that?"Â?

Stealing a glance over at the laptop, he looked back at Addison.

"Uh huh... find anything good?"Â?