Settling in for "

(OOC: Addison has to stay in the domicile during the event for the beast, so I figured he could have his own thread in case others were staying as well. Figured it could start before the event though. He is giving himself a "me" weekend of movies and the like.)

Addison fished his custom door plate out from his bag. He'd had this custom made for him, in dark cherry wood with black lettering spelling out his name. He liked the computerized aspects of his entry ok, but felt he could use something that made it feel more like...a place where he lived versus slept. The red head pulled his hair back into a ponytail before setting about the task of affixing the name plate to his door securely. No where in the rules did it say it wasn't allowed....

There....Addison stood back, in the middle of the hallway to admire his work. Perfectly straight and it looked good on his door. Addison pulled one foot out of his slipper to tug down the other pant leg. He was no carpenter, but simple tasks were a-ok.

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Ellis Duban 18 years ago
'Carol's going to have a massive bovine when she see's this, dearest.'

She had quietly made her way down the hallway to where Addison was admiring his handy work. One thing she never used and probably should was her blending. She always forgot she had that ability. She needed to use it more often.

Ellis looked at the handsome man and opened up her arms for an embrace.
'Come, give us a hug and kiss.'
Addison 18 years ago
'Carol's going to have a massive bovine when she see's this, dearest.'

Blue eyes snapped over and flashed a slightly guilty look at Ellis. He looked back at the flowing font that spelled out his name and studied it for a second longer. "It's lovely though and I rather like it. Do you really think she'll object to a name plate?" It was a possibility he supposed. But carol seemed to like the pretty things too.

'Come, give us a hug and kiss.'

Without thought, Addison immediately folded himself into Carol's arms. He considered himself damn lucky to be familiar to Ellis and pressed his lips to hers quickly before he could change his mind. He wasn't sure if that's what she'd meant or if she was just looking for a "sip," as he was deciding to call it.
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
She ran her fingers through his red hair and smiled into his kiss. Such a good boy. Ellis enjoyed the kiss and when it ended, she pulled back to murmur, 'I think it's a beautiful nameplate. I'm sure Carol will think so too.' She looked at the steel shavings and smirked. No, she was going to have a cow.

She touched her tongue to a fang and pinched Addison's cheek. 'I've been reprimanded for not sealing our bond.' Ellis gave him a reasonably believable sheepish grin. 'Going to invite me in?'
Addison 18 years ago
'Sealing the bond?' Addison was confused. He'd thought that by the first bite thing that was the seal...apparently he hadn't asked the right questions of Carol. He bit his lip, flushing as he thought of being bitten again...wondering if it felt the same the second time.

Surely she didn't need to be invited? Wasn't this all technically hers?
"Oh...pardon my manners. Please..." Addison opened the door for Ellis, picking up the power tool as he held the entrance way open. The power drill was left on the table just inside the door and Addison flicked on the lights to light the way in to the living room.

"Would something to drink?" His eyes widened as he saw his laptop left carelesly on the coffeetable and a blanket out of place. "Pardon the mess...I wasn't expecting anyone about."
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Ellis walked in, admiring the decor as she slipped off her jacket and laid it on the couch in the living room. She plopped down onto the furniture and threw her arms over the back. She was wearing a thin mesh blouse that left little for the imagination. It was, in fact, a body suit that was tucked into a pair of low slung leather pants. She passed on the buckled boots and wore a pair of stilettos.

Ellis watched as Addison attempted to straighten up. 'Don't bother dear. I don't mind.' She reached over and tapped the spot next to her on the couch. 'Have a seat and tell me how are things?'

She felt her fangs tingle slightly. It had been a little while since she had fed and she was due for a sip, so to speak. Addison would do nicely.
Addison 18 years ago
Ellis looked right at home and Addison was pleased that his choice in how to decorate his niche was pleasing. He slid upside the Tach leader and tucked his slipper clad feet up underneath his body. "Mainly just work, so I won't bother you with that. But I did meet a very nice young man before the ball...Nic, you met him...he acted rather squirrly at the party and I haven't heard from him sence. I'm starting to think I scare people off." Addison didn't know what to think. First the guy was very very friendly then he ran off. And it couldn't be the gender thing as if that was a problem, he wouldn't have...have. Addison blushed, thinking about it. "But no matter. I have been busy overhauling several departments and getting their finances back on track. No time for socializing."

He paused, before asking about Ellis. What did vampires do in their free time? He could ask now or wait and watch the scores of Vampire movies he'd rented from the store. The clerk must have thought him either 1) obsessed or 2) writing a term paper on Vampires.
"This new event keeping you busy?" Addison had read something about it...this beast thing. "And do you want me to find some way to get insurance on...that which you will re-aquire?"
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
'Riiight, your Nicholae friend,' Ellis took a manicured nail and tapped her fang in thought. 'I'd be very interested to know where you met him, he left in such a hurry...makes me wonder just who his...affiliations are.' She had a very secure feeling that Nic was a vampire. Why else would he fun off after meeting Ellis? She looked back at Addison, sweet, adorable and cute Addison.

'Did he...have his way with you?' She dismissed his question about the raid, the humans didn't need to know the details of it and she'd rather her new one didn't pry. She'd have to teach him not to be so nosy, so she took the direct route and ignored his inquisitiveness.
Addison 18 years ago
"Affiliations...?" Addison blinked, pulling back as he thought that over. "You think he might be a familiar as well?" Nic had never mentioned anything of the sort, but then again neither had he. But if Nic was a familiar, then Addison would be in trouble...and to think on it, so would Nic...but well, no harm, no foul maybe? Carol hadn't said he was forbidden to associate with other familiars of other clans unknowingly...

'Did he...have his way with you?'

Addison was sure even the tips of his toes turned red at the bold and personal question from Ellis. "We...are more intimately aquainted than just that manner. But I became slightly...ill so we didn't do anything...else." Yeah...definately getting to the same shade of his hair. Addison scooted around on the couch a bit, trying to will away the blush.
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Resting her arm on the back of the couch, she covered her smile with her fingers. 'No dear,' she said with a grin. Her eyes narrowed on him, how could someone be so naive? She shrugged inwardly and dimissed her immediate thought that this one would even think of knowingly betraying her. However Ellis decided that Addison had used his one chance with her - and that was more than she'd give most underlings.

'Nicolae is a vampire.'
Addison 18 years ago
"Vam....pire...." Voice fading into barely more than a whisper, Addison felt himself going cold suddenly. Oh shit! Shit shit shit fuck shit! He was in deep deep shit now. Carol HAD mentioned not to fool around with vampires...even of Tach...

And...he had felt...slow...cold.....sluggish afterwards, but he'd thought it just normal post coital with a slight cold. "Oh...fuck..." But he'd not seen any new marks and Nic hadn't spent much time in the neck area at all! Although the symptoms were causing some suspicion in his would that have happened? His neck was mark free sans two little slight faded marks from Ellis...but they were almost invisible to anyone not searching for them.

" a loss for words. But he called...during the day!"
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Ellis literally snorted.

Her eyebrows furrowed in slight confusion, he could not seriously think they live in coffins and fall into deep death like slumbers during the day.

'Well, during the day is when I usually get my nails's a little like free play time.' She grinned and leaned back into the couch. 'So I'm guessing by your reaction that he bit you, but you didn't realize it?'

It was possible, she had taken probably a little too much blood from the familiar on their first night together, not too soon after she's got Nicholae the horn dog climbing into his pants, taking even more. She sighed. It would cut into her plans for the week. Hunt, murder, mayhem, raid a compound, kill nicholae, settle down for a cup of tea. If she could squeeze in some play time with Sorin, that would be a fabulous slice of fried gold.
Addison 18 years ago
And...he must have said something stupid again. But it didnt' look like she was going to kill him for..his unknowing slip. Addison looked over towards the vampire movies stacked on his coffee table. "I was planning on using my free weekend for some research on popular ideas of...vampires and try an discern fact from fiction, I suppose." Did he sound like a newb?...probably.

'So I'm guessing by your reaction that he bit you, but you didn't realize it?'

"I don't know how he could have. I didnt' see any marks on my neck after...but I was pretty...erm...focused on one thing." The thought that he could have been bitten anywhere else didn't even enter into his mind.

"'s strange. It seemed very very important that I act upon thoughts then, but when I saw him at the party..." Addison trailed off. He'd not felt that red hot spike of desire and urge to find the nearest private space that he'd felt the first time they'd met. He still felt Nic extremely attractive, however...quite.. Following that train of thought, addison blushed momentarily again.
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Her grin fell. That asshole used suggestion on him and vampires with suggestion were...

Something in Ellis snapped and she grabbed Addison by the shoulder, applying pressure.
'Are you telling me that an Evenhet used suggestion on you to get you to do what he wanted?'

She squeezed Addison's shoulder, knowing full well it would leave a nasty looking bruise in the shape of her hand. This Nicholae must be a new little Evenhet minion.


Ellis' temper flared thinking of the blonde prissy elder of Evenhet. She sighed dramatically. This really was going to cut into her week.
Addison 18 years ago
AH! Blue eyes widened suddenly as Ellis grabbed ahold of his shoulder and squeezed just shy of painful. Maybe he WAS going to die after all...cause the smile was totally gone at this point. Addison quickly thought if he'd left his laptop on upstairs or not...

'Are you telling me that an Evenhet used suggestion on you to get you to do what he wanted?'

"I..." At this point, hand gripping his shoulder squeezed harder and he yelped loudly, trying unsuccessfully to jerk away from the tightening grip. "" He winced and forced himself still to keep from trying to pull back again. "I don't know what that is. He did suggest dinner and that I show him my town house..." Was that what she was looking for? Something told him it wasn't. He REALLY needed to sit down with Carol and get more information from her.
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
She felt the tingle in her fangs and knew if she fed off of Addison now, she'd kill him. Her anger was building up her blood lust and she'd have to take it out on someone fairly quickly. She could only imagine how she looked to him right now.

Ellis released her grip on Addison's shoulder and smiled at his delicate neck. The pulsing artery underneath his pale skin was thumping loudly in her ears. No, biting him now would be bad. She pulled her eyes away from his neck and looked into his eyes.

'If you would be so kind to give me any information on his whereabouts, Addison, I would greatly appreciate it.'
Addison 18 years ago
The accountant let out a short little sigh as his "boss lady" let go of his arm. The opposite hand came up and massaged the offended body part lightly, nervous at the look that was currently on her face. It was...worrying him and rather scary, if he were completely honest. Addison tried his very best not to make any noises as he gingerly worked the sore area that was sure to bruise very soon.

'If you would be so kind to give me any information on his whereabouts, Addison, I would greatly appreciate it.'

She wanted to find Nic? That did not bode well for the other man. And, while Addison didn't like the fact that he might have been manipulated, he didn't want serious harm to befall him. Granted, he might have felt differently if he wouldn't have been interested in Nic to begin with. "I am not 100% sure. I met Nic at the museum - he liked art. We went to the Hotel and he mentioned he had a room there temporarily...but if he's in...Evenhall...wouldn't he be there, then? If he's not human, he might not have need for his own space outside of the clan..."

Addison was feeling foolish now. He went on and on about the townhouses and real estate...and for what? Nic was a a clan. Why would he need housing? Answer: he didn't and addison was just now realizing his complete naivete.

"Am I..." In trouble? Going to get detention? The red head let that question drop, unsure of how to properly word it.
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Ellis narrowed her eyes and tilted her head at him.

'In trouble? No.' She reached out and ran her fingers through his hair. The tingling in her fangs had slowly started to throb. She'd have to leave now or he would be. 'No, darlin. He took advantage of you, but don't worry, I'll take care of him.' She twirled a lock of red hair with her finger. 'And no, I won't be killing him...not yet anyway.' Ellis reached out and pinched his cheek softly.

'I have to leave now,' she pulled her hand back and tapped her fang. 'Mommy's hungry.' She gave him and wink and stood up off the couch. 'Nic knew what he had done when you introduced him to us at the Ball. It's inevitable, dearest.' She refrained from giving him a kiss and created more distance between him and her throbbing hunger as she turned towards the door.

Ellis opened the door and then blew him a kiss as she exited.

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Addison 18 years ago
It was reliving to know that he wasn't to be punished for it, but still....he was irked at his own ignorance of the vampire abilities and that he was so easily swept up into anything. It was slightly infuriating and Addison was just getting stressed out about it. Well....nothing he could do now and Ellis was taking care of things.

He smiled and nodded. If he'd felt that bad after Nic supposedly....well, Addison still had his doubts about being bitten by the handsome fella who he'd picked up at the museum. But he would feel worse after Ellis fed off of him, even after some time has passed already. So, Addison blew his "boss lady" a kiss back and once she had left, grabbed the first movie and stuck it in: Interview with the Vampire.

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Jan 18 years ago
Jan passed Ellis in the hall and raised his eyebrows at her but kept walking. He got the impression that disturbing her at the moment was asking for trouble. Of course, he could just be a little jumpy but one learned that paranoid was better than dead on the streets.

Coming to an open door, he peeked his head in to see if she'd left some act of carnage in her wake or was on her way to create one. Jan's estimation was that it was either one of the other with Ellis, there was rarely an in between. Got to respect that, she goes all out.

Seeing Addison sitting in front of the television, he smiled and walked into the room.

"So Ellis in a good mood or a not so good mood, do you think?"

Jan came over and sat down on the couch, raising his eyebrow at the movie, he smirked and turned to the redhead.

"Interview with a vampire? Good movie, there's some hot guys in it. Not very many chicks but then Anne doesn't seem as interested in those. So are you watching this for information or the eye candy?"
Addison 18 years ago
"So Ellis in a good mood or a not so good mood, do you think?"

Addison looked up at the young...wait...young looking man standing next to the couch. Letting go of his shirt collar from where he was tugging it away to take a look at the abused skin on his shoulder. Well, he would have been looking at it if Louis weren't on the screen. Addison was almost certain he was close to drooling.

"Oh! Jan...right? Probably a little bit of both." He smiled and shrugged before offering the Tacharian a seat. "And as for the movie...a little bit of both again." Addison paused to look over and watch Louis say something to Lestat. Damn, but that actor guy was very easy on the eyes. "A fan of Rice? I am trying a little independent research, but the eye candy is indeed a plus."

"oh,but I forget my manners. Would you like anything to drink?"