Weak and wandering

Panos had stopped her from another meal, and for reasons unknown to her she listened. She could feel his urgency and want inside of her. He had bonded her to him and she was bitter about that. So much so that she wasnt in the right frame of mind. How many years had she survived without something like this happened? Now someone walks up to her and says he's a realtive and she malfunctions?

He did look alot like her brother Alexander, and his name...That was her sons name. Maybe he spoke more truths than she was willing to believe? But who had turned him? Had it been Morrigan? Chryseis had assumed that Morrigan never went back too Greece for a great many years. Her hatred for the greeks was apparent, so why would she? Who else was there during that time?

The thirst was strong inside of her. Her mind was reeling at everything had happened. Slowly she moved down the alley waiting for the drunkards and druggies to approach her, and they did. One by one they dropped to the streets, drained of their blood and lives. Five, ten, fifteen bodies lined the street the darkness shrouding them all.

Collapsing from the blood insanity, Chryseis laid unconcious ontop of a filthy bums body.

Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
It had been quite some time that the woman had been here. There was no time alotted to what day it was or what year it was, she simply sat and spoke to none other than herself.

The others stay away from her for they feared their very own dissapearance. They had seen others who had tried to approach her. They never did stay around. It was said that before they spoke to her, she would utter the word 'Skorda' and spit three times upon herself.After that it wasnt long before you'd notice those same nice people had gone. Many worn souls who had lived in this alley a great many years up and left. Left is what they chose to think, really deep down inside they knew what had happened.

The woman had eaten them.

No longer did they wander close enough to the woman speeking a foreign language. No longer did they offer her shelter and the warmth of their bodies. It didn't take long for them to realize that she wasnt one of them. She was a different kind of drifter, she was the devil.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus jumped a little at a sudden movement from behind, and turned just as what appeared to be a leopard shifted into Cyrus. Yes, that would explain a great many things. He raised his eyebrow at Cyrus, uncertain of the source of his amusement, then took a look at the current company and got an idea. He decided he rather appreciated a sense of humor right about now; he had certainly lost his along the way. In all honesty he did not consider the Huntsman a burden at all; he was clearly working to be a contributing member of the Clan, and Thaddeus could appreciate that.

Yes, please join us.

With that, Thaddeus followed the hunters down the back roads of Nachton, keeping a wary eye out for trouble so that they could concentrate on the task at hand.

He focused what little attention he had to spare on watching the hunters work. This was their territory now, and he was impressed by how seamlessly they worked their way along an invisible trail. Where one would falter, the other seemed to pick up the scent, and together they made their way to...

...a parking space. Damn.

He crouched down low, looking for tire marks or anything that may help continue the trail, but there was precious little chance of that. If they ended up needing to pursue the car, he could only hope the hunters were able to do so; he would be of little help.

Mai, however, appeared undeterred, and Thaddeus saw the reason behind this way of thinking; there were no other options save continuing to search the area in hopes of another shred of evidence to keep them going.

Even so, as he followed the hunters he began to think of what he would say in his next phone call to Morrigan with something like dread. He would rather wander the streets until dawn than tell her they had reached a dead end.

The Hunters, he reminded himself, were very good at what they did, better with their abilities than he was with his. He told himself to have faith.
Mai 18 years ago
Mai sensed the large cat on the roof and hoped Cyrus wasn't going to 'play' right now. She was relieved when he changed form and joined Thaddeus behind them. Later it might be fun to go running through the woods, she often chased rabbits and other things larger than herself around the Manor. Perhaps she should chase Cyrus? Mai chittered pleasantly at the thought of that challenge before getting back to the task before her.

She started to notice the vague impression of someone on a nearby street and continued in that direction. As she got closer the sense became more familiar, and she picked up speed towards it, bounding a little ways, stopping and sensing and going again. Soon she was certain...Chryseis!

Mai picked up speed leaving those in human form somewhat behind her and then came to a halt in front of the woman. Changing form, she knelt beside her.

The woman looked near starved and her pale blue eyes had a glazed look about them.

"Chryseis-chan, we have come to take you home."

Mai thought it best not to reach for the woman until there was some recognition in her eyes.
Cyrus 18 years ago
As the stout raced off, Cyrus sobered slightly. This was no time to be laughing it up, they had a job to do.

Following the elder as closely as possible while bringing up the rear took his mind off the amusement. He hoped no one spotted the wolf. The last thing they needed was a dog catcher out here with them.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
When Mai increased her pace, Thaddeus did his best to keep up, going from a fast walk to a jog to a run as the huntress rounded a corner and went into an alleyway. When he turned the corner, however, he slammed to a stop at the sight in front of him. Mai had transformed again, and was kneeling in front of...

Good Lord.

He might have passed by Chryseis as she was now without even recognizing her. He blinked, almost disbelieving, but she was there, in the flesh, worse for wear but found and alive.

His knees were weak with relief. And he knew someone else would be similarly relieved.

He flipped open his phone and dialed the manor, never taking his eyes off Chryseis. He was even more terse this time.

Morrigan. Now.

He would need to call for transport, as Chryseis needed to get home, and likely needed blood as soon as possible. He would have to call the Museum. He had a million questions that needed answering, not to mention finding out who in the hell did this to her, and his mind raced with all of those things, but Chryseis was found and Morrigan should know. First things first.

He turned from side to side, aware in the wake of his relief of his surroundings once again, and hoped in this moment that it was not all a trap of some kind. With three hunters and himself, it would take quite a bit of force and daring to try anything, but that did not mean they could drop all caution.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
Chryseis sat huddled against a cold stone wall and a dumpster. An eye crudely painted onto her chest in muck and slime. Her arms wrapped tightly around her knees as she sang.

The isles of Greece, the isles of Greece! Where burning Sappho loved and sung, Where grew the arts of war and peace, Where Delos rose, and Phoebus sprung! Eternal summer gilds them yet, But all, except their sun, is set...

The mountains look on Marathon-- And Marathon looks on the sea; And musing there an hour alone, I dreamed that Greece might still be free; For standing on the Persians' grave, I could not deem myself a slave.

She watched with vacant hollow eyes as a small critter approached her. Quickly she spat upon herself three times. Before her lost eyes the small animal turned into a small child. She shifted slightly back up against the dumpster.

The child spoke to her but she did not understand. She looked away and sang once more.

....And where are they? And where art thou? My country? On thy voiceless shore The heroic lay is tuneless now-- The heroic bosom beats no more! And must thy lyre, so long divine, Degenerate into hands like mine?

Out of the corner of her eye she saw more people comming up behind the child.


(ooc: poem by Lord Byron, vrykolakas is greek term used for vampires/lycanthropes)
Mai 18 years ago
Mai watched the woman in front of her with calm and sympathetic eyes. Starving had a way of making one lose a grip on sanity, she'd seen it before and who knew what else Chryseis had been through these past few days.

Mai looked up at Thaddeus and saw that he had taken a few steps back and pulled out the phone to call Morrigan. Regarding her clanswoman once more, Mai bite her own wrist and held it out in front of her.

It was obvious that they were not going to get her to move anywhere with them voluntarily until she became more aware of who they were. Mai had known Chryseis all of her unlife and if she were not recognized, then few people would be, save perhaps Morrigan herself.

It was a danger offering her blood to someone so hungry but there were several people here to help her pull away if Chryseis refused to let her go. Mai figured it would take less of her blood than anyone else's and she had fed recently herself and was able to survive on less than most others.

"Drink Chryseis" Mai left off the honorific in hopes that her own name would cause some recognition in her clan mate.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
Morrigan sat still in her office until the telephone broke the silence once again. She blinked as if in a daze and realized she had not noticed the passage of time since she hung up from her last call. Lifting the receiver to her ear, she accepted the call with a feeling of disbelief. Why was he calling again so soon? What was wrong? Morrigan spoke with a distant voice.


She blinked and took in her surroundings. Her thoughts had taken her to many horrific places and it took her a moment to regain her bearings.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus watched with concern as he waited to be connected to Morrigan. Chryseis needed to be brought to safety, and quickly; she was clearly not herself, and that was dangerous. He wondered how long she had been here and felt a twist of guilt before his musings were interrupted.

He took another step closer, anxious though he knew Mai was doing the right and logical, not to mention noble, thing. Still, it was a risky proposition, offering blood to a nearly starving vampire. If that was even what was wrong; it could be shock, or trauma...he gritted his teeth. Nothing in this world could help the one who did this to Chryseis once he was caught. And there was no hope of any kind for him should she not recover.

He watched the proceedings cautiously as he heard Morrigan connect at last, ready to intervene should the thirst be too overwhelming to Chryseis.

We have found Chryseis, Morrigan. We will get her home as quickly as possible. She is...he searched for words...she has clearly been through a great deal and will need time and rest.
Cyrus 18 years ago
Standing at the entrance to the alleyway, Cyrus was sympathetic to the plight of their clanswoman. He listened to Thaddeus make another call, hopefully they could get someone here to take them back to the manor swiftly.

Guarding the alley against unwanted visitors, he took up an at rest but ready stance. As his face would not be familiar he stayed back. Also not knowing her powers he feared his would not be of great assistance either. He would guard those inside as they took care of Chryseis.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
The vrykolakas child infront of her held out a bleeding wrist.

You look clean, ......and tastey.

Her head tilted to her left in familar fashion as she eye'd the blood. With the speed of a panther pouncing on its prey, Chryseis's hand shot out and wrapped around the forearm of the child. She squeezed as hard as she could and watched the blood come streaming out. It slide down the soft white forearm and pooled onto her hand where she squeezed. With a wide grin she leaned forwarded and licked at the blood. This is when the other hobos and bums would begin to shriek.

This one, this tiny girl on the other hand, did not. Seeing no reaction in her, Chrysies decided to bite down. Her teeth sunk into the small limb and a wave of sweet flowers sweapt over her. 'MAI' a tiny voice in her head called out to her at the smell. The voice grew louder as she drank until finally it roared inside of her head. She released the forearm and slumped back against the dumpster. She blinked.


She looked around and saw the others standing in the alleyway. Thaddeus, the beastman Talon and another whom she didn't recognize. She looked down at her tattered and very worn clothes. She smeared her fingers through the muck eye on her chest and looked back up to Mai.

What are we doing here? Why am I so filthy?! Who is that?

She shot a look to the asian man who stood farther down the alley. The other hobos and streets rats of the alley all craned their necks to see what was going on with the devil woman. Some tried to inch closer and tried not to look obviously at them.
Mai 18 years ago
Mai watched Chryseis as she squeezed her wrist and eventually drank. The delirium seemed to have subsided with the addition of blood which was fortunate. Chryseis may have lost some of her memory in the trauma of starvation but they could hope that she would begin to remember who did this and why.

"We have come to take you home. You are here because this is where we found you. Do you remember why you came to such a place?"

Mai tilted her head sideways and regarded her clanswoman curiously for a moment and then leaned back on her heels to stand, reaching down a hand to the taller woman.

" Come. We should not keep Morrigan waiting." Mai looked over at Cyrus and smiled faintly. "He is a Huntsman that is new to the city. Cyrus-san helped us locate you but he is...not very fond of your dogs."
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
Releasing the breath she had not realized she was holding, Morrigan felt some of the tension she had held in her body go with it.

Thank you, Thaddeus. Your assistance speaks volumes. Where are you? Should I arrange for transport?

Knowing Chryseis was safe, Morrigan felt herself regain control although the situation had not changed her resolve. If someone had done something to her, they would pay dearly. This would all come in time, of course. If Chryseis was weak, she could not be expected to provide much information. No, her child would rest and gain her strength. Morrigan might be determined, but she was not cruel unless warranted.
Cyrus 18 years ago
Chuckling at Mai's understatement, Cyrus scanned the area. He was not happy with the audience they had of bums in the alley. Feeding on these 'invisible' people was not a good idea. The sheer amount of alcohol and drugs, not to mention the mental issues some undoubtably had. Frowning, he continued looking around, they needed to get out of there, preferably fast.

"Will a car be sent?"
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
It took a moment for Morrigan's question to register, occupied as Thaddeus was with the scene in front of him. He edged closer to the two women, wary especially when Chryseis bit down, though Mai's expression showed no pain. When at last Chryseis pulled away, looking at Mai with recognition, he twisted his head and looked around for a street sign.

Yes, if you could arrange for transport that would be most appreciated. We can meet a car at the corner of 61st and Pike Street.

He turned back to regard his clansmen, offering Cyrus a small smile to share his relief and nodding his head in the affirmative at the question posed.

I need to contact the museum as well; the guards were concerned and I assured them I would call. We will be home directly and can fill you in on what happened tonight when Chryseis is made more comfortable.

He wanted to say more, wanted to tell Morrigan just how pleased he was to be giving her good news, but something held him back; a sense that this was far from over.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
Morrigan nodded as she listened and made a mental note of the location.

I'll send a car immediately. Thank you, Thaddeus.

Disconnecting the call from the base with her finger, Morrigan released the button and called down to make arrangements for a driver. Her position, of course, had its benefits and explanation of the urgency of the situation was not needed - her instructions were followed with the utmost expediency and without hesitation.

Her business finished, Morrigan returned the telephone receiver to its cradle and began wrapping her hair up into its customary bun at the base of her neck. The warrior was preparing for battle.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus snapped the phone shut and opened it again immediately, dialing the number to the museum. He asked for Officer Novak and was promptly put on hold.

He looked to the recently expanded party.

A vehicle is on its way. We will be met at the corner.

He looked to Cyrus, then to Talon, wondering how they might feel about riding in a car. While he took no issue with it, many in Anantya were less than comfortable with the idea. Cyrus at least seemed willing enough; he had, after all, been the one to ask about the car. Finally, he looked to Mai, uncertain. While he knew that at any other time she would prefer to take the sewers home, he was not sure of just how much blood Chryseis had needed. Even so, if Mai were feeling off color a car ride might make her feel worse rather than better. Well, there would be no certainty unless he asked.

It was at that moment that Novak connected and greeted him, interrupting his train of thought.

Thank you, yes. I wanted to inform you that we ran into Ms. Angelique just a few moments ago...A pause. Yes, wonderful news. In any case...another pause, longer this time. Well that is certainly appreciated, yes. Thank you again. Thaddeus crinkled his brow. Well that is not for me to say. Another pause, then Thaddeus spoke quickly but firmly. Now is not the best time. Enjoy the remainder of your evening. He made to close the phone, but was cut off as Novak continued. Again, that is not for me to say. He smiled softly. It is quite alright. Good night.

Closing the phone and keeping it that way, he turned to Mai to ask the question on the back of his mind.

Would you prefer to walk home with me once we see the rest of our party to the car?
Mai 18 years ago
Mai looked over at Chryseis and then back to Thaddeus. They should not leave her to the limo and walk home, even if she had the two others in the car with her. Mai was aware that it was her duty to see them safely to the Manor and if the vehicle was the very worst thing she had to endure tonight then so be it.

Shaking her head and giving him a small smile of gratitude for his thoughtfulness, Mai declined Thaddeus's offter.

" We will see Chryseis-chan safely home. "

She also knew that he would wish to get back as soon as possible and walking through town would not be his choice if it were simply him alone that he had to think about. Her Ba-di was kind and generous but they had told Alfarinn that they would be home as quickly as they could.
Cyrus 18 years ago
Noticing one of the bums inch closer, Cyrus turned, his blade finding his right hand easily on its own. With a snarl and knife pointed in the poor creatures direction, he watched it scramble back into the shadows. Perhaps it was unaware that the shadows were his prefered location.

"Leave now." He knew that these bums were just doing what they normally did, but it just did not sit right with him at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow he would send a large donation to the local soup kitchen but right now he wanted them all out of the alley.

Realizing that a weapon may upset Chryseis, he swiftly replaced it into his jacket sheath, with an apologetic nod at Mai and Thaddeus.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus nodded to Mai, taking her acceptance in stride. This was, after all, her decision.

Very well.

In his mind he went over what little knowledge they had gained throughout the evening, trying to clear his thoughts and focus on what Morrigan needed to know in an orderly fashion. He was caught up enough in thinking that he did not notice a stranger approaching him until Cyrus issued his order to leave. He looked up sharply as the stranger, and several others, retreated, then turned to Cyrus with a raised eyebrow.

Thank you for that.

He wondered vaguely if Cyrus might have Command as well, but decided he probably looked threatening enough without it. Whatever the case may be, strangers did not need to witness this and it was good of the huntsman to clear the alley.

What few people had lingered just out of sight could be heard scrambling as headlights came into view. A long black limo pulled up to the corner and the driver stepped out, leaving the vehicle to idle. The driver looked around, squinting, but it was difficult to see past the streetlight overhead into the alley.

That would be our ride.

He offered an arm to Chryseis, both out of politeness and concern for her ability to make it the short distance to the limo.