So I usually like to go all out for Halloween. It's probably my favorite holiday. This year I was thinking of going as a vampire. (yes, this board inspired me!)

Now, William and I were going through some of the costumes and seem to have a difference of opinion! I really like the outfit on this first page here.


But he doesn't like the skirt. What do you guys think? I personally like it!

Celeste 18 years ago
That's a nice corset! Together they look good, I like the skirt yet I don't like it if that makes sense I'd say if you're going for the feminine gothy she-vamp it works, but otherwise it's kind of.. mmm... odd? I think it's because the style seems off in that material.
Aron Swiftwood 18 years ago
I must agree, the whole pvc thing seems wrong for the whole gothic vampire thing (not the same as a goth wearing vampire mind you).
You may wish to try http://www.x-tra-x.de/, though I guess having it shipped to another continent might be...overdoing things.
Etain Donegan 18 years ago
Well, I live in Europe so that's ok. I will take a look at those and see what I can come up with. She had another outfit that I really liked at that site, but it really didn't look vampire-y either. Let me take a look at that site though!
Amberelle DeEspionne 18 years ago
oooohh! nice site!! I saw lots of things there that would work IMO. And a few things to be using as inspiration for clothing for my girls here
Nyra 18 years ago
I dont like how the skirt has the 'swoop' of material. It looks a bit better on the more traditional fabric but even then I am not a big fan of the style. I think the split skirts or the plain would look better but thats just my opinion.

I love the corset tho!! YOWSA!
Etain Donegan 18 years ago
I peeked through the other site and really haven't found much that I like. That all seemed alot less costumish. The only down side to ordering from Serpentine is that I need to custom order everything. I can fit into the smallest size, but I am 2 inches shorter than recommended.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
I like the original outfit, but I do have to agree it would look better in a different fabric. If you have to order it custom, could you request something other than PVC?
Etain Donegan 18 years ago
I'm not entirely sure! I will have to write her an email and ask.

A couple years ago I went as Trinity and had a PVC replica costume made for the bargain price of 650 Euro. The man was nice and gave me a discount! I was sick last year so I just put on some pajamas, my hair up in pigtails and used an auburn pencil liner to make some freckles on my face. I feel that I need to really redeem myself this year. =P