The Anantya Family Tree

While there was little time for a proper tour of the Manor, Thaddeus was still quite eager to show Alfarinn his 'home away from home' as he liked to call it. There were many rooms in the Anantya home that held appeal for him, but nothing gave him quite the same feeling as entering the massive library. He stepped through the entry way, hand entwined with Alfarinn's, and paused, tilting back his head with a serene expression.

Before him were shelves and shelves of books, ancient and modern, meticulously organized. He liked that, that he could always find what he was looking for here, and was in fact responsible for much of the order in this room. While naturally the Manor staff maintained the library, Thaddeus had a certain sense of domain over this place, and with that came responsibility. He was at once reverent and delighted in this room, professional at times and nearly child like at others, the proverbial 'kid in a candy store.' He was known to let down his guard and lose himself in reading and research, walking away with ink smudges on his chin and tired eyes after long nights of exploration.

He took a deep breath, smelling the paper and parchment and the unique scent of both fresh and old books. So much knowledge in this room...he smiled up at Alfarinn, somewhat sheepishly.

[Forgive me...I come here quite often, but the room still holds its awe for me.]

He led Alfarinn to a table at the northwest end of the library, where printed records were stored. He pulled several leather bound volumes off a nearby shelf, knowing them by placement and feel, and set them on the table.

I imagine there are more modern ways to find what we are looking for, but I know these books well; I will not be long.

Alfarinn 18 years ago
Alfarinn walked into the library behind Thaddeus and immediately took a deep breath, a smile coming to his face at the mixed smell of books and wood polish. He was not at all surprised to see that everything was neatly labeled and dust free. There were the familiar glass cases towards the back with some of the more delicate old tomes and scrolls. It was a haven of knowledge and he was taken aback at feeling a certain sort of homesickness for the timelessness of it. This was a different library but it looked enough like the library he spent years in while a part of this clan, his hands had held some of these very same books.

Coming to his senses he turned to Thaddeus and shook his head.

[Trust me when I say that I understand completely.] He sighed and looked around again. [ I wasn't aware just how much I missed this place... or well... the one before it.]

He came to stand behind Thaddeus, one hand around the Anantya's waist as he looked over his shoulder.

"Perhaps there are but even I will admit that there is something gratifying about the weight of a book and turning the pages with your own hand. Modern convenience does have its draw backs."
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus smiled in understanding, knowing Alfarinn would likely feel the same unique appeal of holding a book in bare hands. If he concentrated he could sense more specific things with regard to the volume he currently held, but at the moment there was only the underlying feeling of great age, of respect and care and something indefinable and essentially Anantya.

He was, however, distracted from further thought at the sight of a familiar name.

There she is.

Looking up Emma's name in the records was one of his first acts in this library, and this particular page in the volume was one he had opened to many times, often enough to find it instantly. Though this time he had not deliberately sought her name out, he supposed his hands would find it either way, by force of habit or a need to remember.

He traced the careful script with his eyes, absently noting the indication of where her one and only descendant could be found. He had not bothered to bring out the volume where his own name was listed, as it was much too modern, but he knew where he would find his name as well, with a similar reference to Emma.

He broke away from his reverie, leaning against Alfarinn and turning his head to look up at him.

I believe you would be in...this one.

He pointed to another volume, and let the corner of his mouth turn up in a smirk.

No, all rumors aside, Anantya did not black out the names of those who went the way of Evenhet.
Alfarinn 18 years ago
Alfarinn smiled and teased back. "That's good to know, but you sound so certain, have you been checking up on me?" He put his hand to his chest and looked bashful. "Really Thaddeus, I'm flattered."

He was aware,of course, that it was more likely that Thaddeus had researched him before, at least prior to their meeting in the museum, his companion didn't strike him as the kind not to take in what facts he could about a situation if they were obtainable.

"I'm sure it says such lovely things in there too..crazed, unable to be trusted, unstable and prone to socializing with humans... but strikingly handsome." Alfarinn sighed dramatically. "Alright perhaps not the last part but definitely the rest... and trouble maker written in large bold letters."

He leaned forward and kissed Thaddeus on the cheek.

"So care to see if I'm right?"
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus had the grace to blush at Alfarinn's query.

It was not my intention to be invasive. I am simply hard pressed to resist taking an interest in the bloodlines. He grinned mischievously. Of course, had I known then that I could find far more interesting facts off the computer...

A flicker of a frown passed over Thaddeus's features, though he could not say for certain if it was merely the self depreciating humor or the mention of associating with humans that bothered him momentarily. Not wanting to argue the point, internally or otherwise, he instead reached up and ran his thumb over Alfarinn's cheek.

I do not need a book to tell me you are, indeed, strikingly handsome. I rather had that worked out on my own.

He stood up on tiptoe and returned the kiss, rising up to softly meet Alfarinn's lips.

However, I shall need written proof if I am to believe you are 'crazed and unstable.' That I do not believe for a moment.

With that, Thaddeus turned and opened the indicated book, paging through to Alfarinn's entry. He shook his head, keeping his expression solemn with great effort.

Oh dear. It seems you were correct. 'Troublemaker' in capital letters.

He could not keep his grin at bay for long, and turned to Alfarinn, pointing at the entry and smirking. Of course, the book said nothing of the kind, containing instead the usual information on dates and genealogies, but Thaddeus imagined he could find more on Alfarinn's history in this library.
Alfarinn 18 years ago
Alfarinn shrugged in dismissal. "I understand you would be curious. I find these things interesting as well. I knew your name before meeting you and that wasn't by accident. He smiled a little at that understatement. He'd known who Thaddeus was for a very long time now.

He watched Thaddeus bring a hand up to his face and closed his eyes for a moment at that gentle touch. Opening them, Alfarinn smiled at his companion's words.

"Well I'm glad you think so."

The kiss didn't last nearly long enough to suit him but Alfarinn turned towards the book again, laughing at Thaddeus's 'findings'.

"See, what did I tell you?" He smiled. "You know since my reputation is shot anyway..."

Alfarinn reached for Thaddeus again, pulling him firmly up against him for a lingering kiss, one hand pressed against the small of his companion's back and the other brushing gently through the now dry blonde hair.

Leaning up, he whispered in Thaddeus's ear.
"Though in truth I hear you are supposed to be quiet in libraries and I am simply doing my best to comply."
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus had time to wonder what effect he might have on Alfarinn's reputation before he was quite taken in his companion's kiss. He let his eyes slip closed, one hand on his companion's hip, the other making its way up Alfarinn's arm to that tempting blonde hair. He made a valiant effort to behave himself before giving up such notions and moving his fingers up Alfarinn's neck and placing them where they belonged.

He shivered when he heard that voice in his ear, which had the effect of making it difficult to process Alfarinn's statement. He chuckled and rested his head on the Evenhet's shoulder.

Yes, you are clearly on your best behavior.

He felt that they should likely be trying a -little- harder to stay on task and behave in the library of all places, but he could not honestly say he had not very much enjoyed that kiss. He wrapped his arm around Alfarinn, bringing them closer.

He could not help but smile at how similar they were; in his mind it only made sense to go into a situation knowing something of the backgrounds of the people involved, and he imagined it would be the same for Alfarinn, but there was an additional interest that he felt the Evenhet would understand as well. A desire to understand his Clan's story, their past and their legacy, through the names on the pages. To grasp some small part of who they were.

He feigned concern, though, and kept his tone light.

I cannot imagine what you might have heard. He pretended to consider the matter, if one could call planting careful kisses along Alfarinn's jaw line between phrases 'consideration'. Well, perhaps I can...stubborn, antisocial, and apt to lose himself for days in a good book...but dresses well. He pulled back and shook his head. I cannot deny it, I'm afraid.
Alfarinn 18 years ago
Alfarinn began to long for the privacy of the apartment as soon as Thaddeus's hand made its way around his neck. It seemed like ages since they left home earlier that evening. He supposed it was just the added stress of the latest news wearing him out and wondered if Thaddeus was feeling it as much as he was.

"I am, though I suppose I should have more concern for your sterling reputation, which you are probably sullying by associating with me."

He closed his eyes and sighed in pleasure at the gentle attention

"Hmm.." Alfarinn smiled as he feigned remembrance. "I do recall reading about such fashion prowess, now that you mention it. Let's see, stubborn, yes that was there... quite probably the mention about the love of books, though I hardly recall anything about antisocial, in fact, I could have sworn I read that you made frequent trips to nightclubs. Imagine my surprise. Here I thought I was getting a shy and upstanding companion of more quiet tastes."

Alfarinn looked down at Thaddeus and pretended to be shocked before the expression dissolved into a chuckle and another kiss.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
Her heels clicking throughout the halls of the manor so swiftly and loudly that only a deaf person would not have noticed her approach, Morrigan walked with determination to the library. Others in the halls gave her nods and greetings of courtesy and respect, but the look on her face read clearly that she was not to be interrupted in her pursuit.

A librarian looked up with a near scowl when she entered the great hall although he quickly changed his expression upon realizing who had disturbed the silence of his primary dwelling. Morrigan gave him a warm smile and a short nod in apology while continuing her momentum to the section of her destination.

Rounding a corner, Morrigan stopped stunned to find young Thaddeus locked in an embrace with a former clansman she had not seen in quite some time. She had trusted this man long ago and told herself his presence within the manor must have a great purpose for he would not violate their home maliciously. Clearing her throat with more volume than necessary, Morrigan spoke.

Good evening, Mr. Björn.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus had the presence of mind to break the kiss, lowering himself down off the tips of his toes to stand flat, but otherwise froze in place at the sound of someone rather obviously clearing their throat. He half hoped the noise was a figment of his imagination, that he could go back to kissing Alfarinn for just a moment longer, but Morrigan's greeting quite shattered that short lived optimism.

You might want to move, Thaddeus.

He gave himself a mental shake and untangled his hand from Alfarinn's hair, releasing him from his arms but staying close by. His eyes were fixed at some point beyond the Evenhet's shoulder, and it took him a moment to work up the nerve to look in the Elder of the Rose's direction.

His mind flickered through any number of explanations for their scandalous behavior, but for some reason he had the rather insane urge to claim that they were merely trying to be quiet in the library, and that would not do at all. Instead, he met Morrigan's pale blue eyes, as it seemed the only reasonable action. He was somewhat taken aback by her appearance, with her waves of dark red hair flowing over her shoulders rather than constrained to a bun, but he didn't think she looked...furious. Which was...well something, anyway.

He tilted up his chin.

Good evening, Morrigan.

Then the blush came to his features, as though it were simply waiting for Thaddeus to speak. He kept steady, though, and resolutely did not look at the floor.

[Well. I suppose this is one way to break the news.]
Alfarinn 18 years ago
Alfarinn sighed inwardly at the sound and then realized who the voice belonged to. Well, if they were going to get caught then at least they had worthy audience. With a faint smile, he turned to bow slightly in Morrigan's direction.

"Quite and a pleasant evening to you as well, Ms Kinsey."

Alfarinn glanced over at his companion and had the urge to pull him close again. Thaddeus had the look of a school boy caught behind the bleachers, Alfarinn found the younger Anantya's resolve to look his elder in the eyes despite his rather charming blush to be very endearing.

He put a hand on his companion's shoulder and spoke again.

"We did have some news... but it would seem you were given the short version. I suppose we should explain."

Alfarinn gestured to a chair, though it was not in his place, he still felt it was polite to offer.

"Unless, you had something more pressing?"

Alfarinn gave Thaddeus's shoulder a light squeeze in reassurance, before answering his thoughts.

[I'd say so.] He chuckled inwardly and pointed out philosophically [ They -do- say a picture is worth a thousand words. I'm sure though that everything will be alright. Just how much did you want to discuss of why we're here at this point?]
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
Morrigan grinned slightly at Alfarinn's words and Thaddeus' blushing. She had caught them at a very personal moment and they seemed to be reacting quite well. It was only courteous to give them audience although she may have hesitated to do so had she happened upon a different pair of vampires. Taking the offered chair, Morrigan relaxed a bit and raised an eyebrow.

Don't I always have something pressing? She smiled. But, no, it can be delayed a little longer. Do tell me of the news.

She was sure they would be a bit unsettled at her uncharacteristically pleasant mood what with being known as the ice queen and all. Although she was not too suspicious of these two trying to mislead her on something, she did know they would be more likely to be honest if they didn't know what to expect from her. Besides, Alfarinn had something Morrigan needed.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus placed his hand over Alfarinn's and considered his question carefully as he watched Morrigan take the offered chair. He found himself rather relieved that the Elder hardly appeared fazed; in fact, she appeared quite amiable. Alfarinn had seemed to share his own high regard of Morrigan and apparently the respect was returned, which was not surprising to Thaddeus at all.

[I am beginning to suspect that the only one shocked at the fact that I brought an Evenhet Elder to the Anantya Manor and announced I was involved with me.]

He rubbed one finger along the edge of the ring on his thumb, and considered how best to explain.

[In any case, I think we should keep the details of our mission to a minimum, but in light of recent events...I do believe it would be acceptable to tell her we are involved in a difficult situation. We might also ask her if she has any knowledge of Lykaios, though that may reveal more than is wise; what do you think?

I see no reason not to be candid about our...attachment. In fact, it may be wise to inform her of our intentions. If, of course, that is alright with you.]

No longer blushing, he spoke softly, buying time to allow Alfarinn time to decide what he was comfortable with though the words were sincere.

It was not our intention to cause you discomfort, or to disrupt the Manor. We realize that interclan relationships can be...complicated, but I want you to know first and foremost that our intentions, both to each other and to our respective clans, are honorable.
Alfarinn 18 years ago
Alfarinn smiled at Thaddeus before indicating a chair to him as well and them taking one of his own. He even sat up straight, not lounging comfortably as had become quite the habit in his guise as the indolent teen.

[Well love, the clans parted ways amicably enough. It is just than many thought Evenhet would fail. I don't think there are many hard feelings amongst most of the elders we have known each other for ages but the younger clan members don't remember such things and there is a definite rift.

As far as not being surprised... well many elders practice that face... its mandatory before taking the job.] Alfarinn chuckled inwardly. [ You have to be able to take such strange news without so much as bating an eyelash or worse, in some cases, breaking into a fit of laughter. So its quite possible that Morrigan is shocked she's just giving you the patented Elder Poker Face.]

Alfarinn thought about what Thaddeus sent for a moment.

[I don't think at this point asking about Lykaios could hurt..its up to you though. There might be helpful information that we are missing. It would however stand to reason that she'd ask why we wanted to know.. which leads to needing an explanation.]

Looking down to hide his smile, Alfarinn sent.

[Absolutely not. I'd rent a plane and have it done in sky writing if I thought you wouldn't be absolutely scandalized by it.]

He listened to Thaddeus's explanation smiling at his choice of words and waited to see what Morrigan had to say before offering his own piece to this.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
Morrigan watched silently as the two men took their seats. Their brief silences caught her attention most of all - quick enough to be undetected by most, but still present. She quickly flipped through the facts in her mind. She faintly recalled Alfarinn being an empath and she knew Emma was as well - partially known due to their rivalry after the breaking of the clan - so it was only reasonable to assume Thaddeus had inherited the trait. But they obviously each knew how the other felt, so what were they doing? Sensing her? Morrigan had become skilled at clouding her true thoughts and emotions being around so many powerful vampires, but she was not impenetrable. Her insides stiffened up a bit in response.

No, Thaddeus, I don't believe that was your intent. I have experienced love in the past and know these things can never truly be planned. However, you are correct in that your relationship presents many complications.

She looked into Alfarinn's eyes before returning her attention to Thaddeus. Bringing an elder of another clan into our home is not likely to become a regular practice and one topic on which I am sure both Anantya and Evenhet would agree. Arranged council meetings are an entirely different situation from this more personal arrangement. Honorable as your intentions may be, I am sure you understand many others within both clans would see this as a security risk.

Leaning forward a little in her chair, Morrigan took on a less serious tone.I am curious what your ideas are on how we can manage this arrangement as well as how it came to be. It is an interesting story, I am sure.She smiled at both men to put them at ease.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
[Poker face or no, I cannot help but feel relieved.]

He privately thought the situation was slightly surreal; if someone had told him a month ago that he would be sitting calmly in the library with Morrigan and his Evenhet lover, discussing matters of love while outside these very walls a killer pursued him, they would have likely received a raised eyebrow and a limo ride to the nearest mental facility.

Yes, I do appreciate the potential concerns. We have no intentions of making a habit out of such unexpected visits; more...complicated circumstances have brought us here tonight. We plan to procure an outside residence together once said circumstances have been brought to a close.

Thaddeus had expected to feel heavier of heart with that admission, and was pleased to discover that a weight seemed to have been lifted rather than gained. While of course he would miss living in the Manor, it meant something to state his intentions in a more official capacity to a calmly listening Morrigan.

As for how we came to be here...

He looked down at the table for a moment, trying to organize his thoughts into a more linear telling, then lifted his head to look Morrigan in the eyes once more.

We met in the course of a personal investigation I was pursuing, and came to the conclusion that our interests in the matter were one. We decided to work together to accomplish our goal, and in the process discovered there was more between us.

Our situation grew increasingly...precarious as we progressed. In addition to our desire to share our good news, we came to the Manor tonight to alleviate some of the potential consequences resulting from the direction this matter may take.

We are, fortunately, close to a resolution. However, another reason we came to the Manor tonight was to hopefully discover another piece of our current puzzle.

It seemed rather ridiculous to claim they were 'researching' when Morrigan stepped in, though that had been their initial intent. Even so, he gestured at the stack of books on the table.

We are attempting to find the origins of a vampire by the name of Lykaios. He is also known as 'The Wolf.' I am not certain that it is, at this point, entirely relevant, but he has taken an interest in me and I thought to return the favor.

This last statement came out with more sharp severity than he intended, and he was honestly not sure if he had revealed too much in his telling. His careful plans and guarded conversations seemed to be peeling up at the corners, and he realized suddenly that the evening was getting to him. He was, at this point, keeping his explanations as brief as possible more for the sake of simplicity than caution, and while something told him this was not wise, he could do nothing but take this conversation as it came.

He frowned at his own resignation; secrecy was beginning to wear thin in more ways than one, and he questioned his own motivations in saying as much as he had. After all, he had wanted to bring this whole matter to the Elders at one point, and he thought perhaps that was coloring his words as much as weariness with the whole matter.

He squeezed Alfarinn's hand, mostly for his own reassurance.

[I have a feeling I spoke too much in some places and too little in others. I suppose we'll see where the cards land now.]

He lifted his head, realizing it had bowed down in thought.

You should know that I have mentioned none of this to Sorin. While I know it is not for me to dictate the choices of the Triad...I would ask for more time before revealing this information to him. Not because I do not trust him; I should hope you know that I do, greatly, but because I can take battles on no more fronts at the moment and believe Sorin would need time we do not have to be as understanding as you have been.

[Fair enough? I would rather not remind Morrigan of the more personal differences between you and Sorin, nor do I wish to alarm her with your...with -our- suspicions that require discretion within Anantya.]
Alfarinn 18 years ago
Alfarinn listened to Thaddeus's explanation and noted the weariness in his voice along with his senses. These matters were starting to take their toll, revealing their relationship with each other to their separate clans would have been stressful all on its own without it being merely a side note to a far more anxiety inducing situation.

[ We'll just have to wait and see. The things we plan for seem to turn out differently at any rate. I doubt this will be an exception.]

Gently stroking the hand in his with a thumb, Alfarinn sent

[We'll be able to go home soon. This night and its trials will be past us at any rate.] as an afterthought he added [Hopefully there I will be able to kiss you uninterrupted. ]

Alfarinn had wondered when Sorin's name would be brought up. The worst thing he could think of that the night had yet to offer was a chance meeting with the Roman. He hoped they could get through this entire thing without that happening.

[Yes, I believe that's for the best.]
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
Morrigan's stomach lurched a bit at the two names she did not enjoy the sound of within breaths of each other. Matters indeed were complicated more than Thaddeus would say.

You have no reason to fear an unwanted encounter with Sorin tonight. Last account had him leaving the manor in a flashy car and a suit to match. He will no doubt be gone for hours at least. And considering the information you seek, being prudent is wise.

She could not completely hold back the grimace with the name that followed. Lykaios is a name I have not heard in some time. What I can tell you of his origin is that he was borne of a lost ancient. His interest in you is dangerous to say the least considering what he does Would you have any idea why he would be tracking you?

Morrigan nearly shivered at the thought of what Lykaios might do to Thaddeus should they meet. She decided she would see to it he was protected whether he agreed to it or not and she was sure Mai would support her view given their close relationship. His leaving the manor would make protection more difficult, but she could not force him to stay.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus tilted his head, concerned that he had given the wrong impression, but decided to let the comment about Sorin go. It was not a matter of fear that kept him from telling the Elder of the Night of their situation, merely discretion.

[I would like that very much.]

He wondered, not for the first time, where on earth he would be without Alfarinn. He could hardly imagine going through this alone; his companion's reassuring touch and calm reason offered him such strength in these trying moments. He appreciated that Alfarinn was putting a great deal of faith in his judgment, and the Evenhet's willingness to be patient and supportive even though he knew he was likely stumbling through this was a comfort to him.

[Thank you.]

He raised his eyebrow at Morrigan's knowledge of The Wolf, though he supposed knowing something about him was a necessity due to the dangers he presented.

In all honesty, I cannot be totally certain of his motivations, though I suspect we both know what he does to the vampires he tracks. I imagine that he sees me as a threat, that I came too close to certain truths for his liking.

He shrugged, feeling oddly detached from worries about his own potential demise at The Wolf's hands. He was much more concerned with the possibility of failing after all they had gone through, of saying the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time and bringing all of their work crashing down. Of missing some detail, some vital clue in all of this.

He thought over what Morrigan had revealed regarding The Wolf's lineage. If The Wolf's Maker was indeed a lost ancient, it would stand to reason that he was not necessarily Anantya. After all, Anantya did not exactly make a habit of losing their clansmen. Perhaps he was Made by a clanless vampire.

I am told that The Wolf was Anantya. I have seen no record of him, but will admit I have not investigated the matter closely as of yet. He tried to look chagrinned as he remembered exactly why he had not progressed very far in his investigations, but it seemed they were passed that point in any case. Do you know if this is true?
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
Morrigan pursed her lips at Thaddeus' direct question and her mind began reeling with an inner turmoil. Deciding his safety was most important and would be of primary concern for her departed friend, she resolved to reveal enough to help him understand the danger he was facing.

Before I answer, I think it would be best we move our coversation to somewhere less public. If you would follow me upstairs to my office, we can continue there.

Not considering the matter up for discussion, Morrigan stood and nodded to her companions. Turning toward the door, she expected the men would follow behind.

((Morrigan out))
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
[I suppose we have no choice but to follow, though a visit to Morrigan's office will likely mean more is revealed on both sides. Still...she clearly knows something of significance.]

Thaddeus rose as Morrigan stood, smiling a little at the fact that the Elder of the Rose felt no need to wait for the gentlemen in the room to rise in respect before turning and moving for her office. He wondered if Emma had influenced her, or if it was the other way around; Emma's own lack of concern with such protocol was somewhat of a private joke between the two of them. She certainly kept him on his toes; he would have to pay close attention if he wished to help her with a chair or some other small nuance, and they both knew he would continue trying. She seemed amused by his efforts, though once in a while she would indulge him, and occasionally he would 'win' fair and square.

He spoke softly, and mostly to himself.

Have to be quick.

With that, he offered his hand to Alfarinn, and together they followed Morrigan out the door.