Playing with your food (private)

Accustomed to her usual "conversations" with Sorin, Morrigan's mood wasn't the least bit dampened after their exchange. She etched the sound of his sharp breath at the mention of Emma in her mind and stored it for use at a later time. For now, she would enjoy the evening's pursuit - dinner.

If her vampiric presence wasn't intimidating enough, the gentle rippling of her muscles certainly appeared beautiful and menacing as she strolled gracefully through the club. Surveying the crowd, her eyes fell on a suitable morsel ordering a glass of champagne at the bar. A quick scan of her prey confirmed it: tall, toned, and classically handsome. She approved of his tailored Calvin Klein ensemble which was refined and still not too stuffy. Morrigan nearly licked her lips at the dashing grin the man gave the bartender. Yes, he would do nicely.

Making her approach, Morrigan positioned herself within inches of the man and spoke in a deep and hushed voice barely audible over the noise of the club.

Champagne is always best in good company.