I finally found you all again!
/dances the salsa with everyone

I have family in town this weekend (someone shoot me please), but after they leave, I'mma get my bio up and running, and start playing!

I'm sorry I lost ya, RL kicked my ass. Hard.

Anyway! Yay!

/eyes Aron then decides to have fun with him
/steals Ry too and does naughty things in all the right places.

Morrigan Kinsey 19 years ago

I mean...yay~
Ellis Duban 19 years ago
Immy!!! Glad to see you back. Did you kick RL back in the ass? =D Can't wait to rp with ya! /hug
Alfarinn 19 years ago
Good to see you back
Aron Swiftwood 19 years ago
Why is Immy always picking on poor little me?

(Good to have you here lil' lady )
Meegan 19 years ago
It's good to have you about, Immy!
Amberelle DeEspionne 19 years ago
Yay more peoples to play with! Kick RL's ass back good and see you soon Immy! =)
Winter 19 years ago
RL Sucks ass..