Le sigh

Anybody have or have anyone in their family with a pituitary tumor? had any experiences with it?

Today i had to go into the doctors to get checked out because it seems im producing milk and im not pregnant nor have i been. So they took some cultures and blood and now i have to wait till next mon/tuesday to find out if my hormone levels are out of whack. if they are then i have a tumor. it would be benign and possibly treatable with meds.

if not then i have to go through more tests. they arent sure if its milk or not either but it looks like it to them.

Just wondering if anyone had any type of experience with it. Mean time i wait up to 4 days to find out if i have a tumor ( wtf talk about stress)

Morrigan Kinsey 19 years ago
I'm not familiar with it, but I do sympathize. I've been going through my own health scares lately and it sure is hell on the nerves.
Ellis Duban 19 years ago
Holy cow =x Well modern technology being what it is today, I'm sure the meds will do the trick. Personally I haven't gone thru anything like that, but i'm diabetic so I know the scares, just had one the other day =x /hug /comfort
Chryseis Angelique 19 years ago
/3cheers for health and all its scares!

makes ya think sometimes tho, and things that were important yesterday, arent today.

of course you gotta give it to the friends that come up with a cup of coffee and point it at you and say 'do you mind?'

it took me a minute but when i got it i busted out laughing and felt a bit better
Mai 19 years ago
Hopefully everything will turn out alright. Interesting friends you have.
Morrigan Kinsey 19 years ago
Laughter always helps
Chryseis Angelique 19 years ago
YAY! its not a tumor! (best arnold voice)

what it is we dont know yet, more tests to o! lol but hey no tumor in my head! Prolatin lvls are normal!
Simon Huntington 19 years ago
That's fantastic news!!! /hug!!!
Morrigan Kinsey 19 years ago
Alfarinn 19 years ago
Good to hear! at your Arnold voice.
Aron Swiftwood 19 years ago
Glad to hear it