Where did that come from

hehe I was just reading through Gothic-ah Fashions and realized my sales manager is not only gay but flaming...who the hell wears orange tube tops and purple hotpants to work?

Good grief...sorry about that. Mark should be an interesting fellow...

Alfarinn 19 years ago
A gay man with bad taste...
Meegan 19 years ago
It's so not my fault. I have no control over my imagination and I will not take responsiblity for the outcome.
Thaddeus Grey 19 years ago
*sniffs* indeed.

Now where on earth did that leather collar get to?
Redd 19 years ago
bwahaha.. Overactive imagination fueled by the flow of blood resuming to your brain after that lengthy session at your house maybe? I think it's just FABulous for such a self confident man to be in the fashion industry.. dressing the rest of us... oh my... *giggles*
Meegan 19 years ago
*eyes Thaddeus*

No see that's just it. He just sales the stuff...he doesn't acctually have say in the design process. That's Meegan's job.

Thadd, if you need a leather collar I have a few extra of Dill's you could have.
Rachyl 19 years ago
Thadd, if you need a leather collar I have a few extra of Dill's you could have.

Wouldn't they be too small?

Oh, wait, you don't mean for his neck, do you.
Meegan 19 years ago
Alfarinn 19 years ago
Move along you two...there will be no one putting a collar on Thaddeus.

No one else, anyway.
Sorin 19 years ago
He has been missing of late... perhaps we should put a radio collar on him...*ponders*
Ellis Duban 19 years ago
'Dear, Sorin...why worry about little ole Thaddeus when you could worry about little ole me?'

Ellis grins and plays with Sorin's hair.
Morrigan Kinsey 19 years ago
Sorin 19 years ago
Ellis, Darling, I had no idea you wanted a collar, by all means, I shall invest in two.