sweet god yes!

I have finished with my 3 week training and am now a red cross certified nurse assistant. The last week at the nursing home was a great experience and a very hectic week! Thank you all for being patient and not booting me from the board!

Last night was my guys 21st bday and we went out and got hammered. I didn't take my meds and the side effect is violent nightmares ( its just one side effect) but while it started out violent and i got to get shot and then relive getting shot again when i experienced the dream a second time, i did have one wicked cool vampire dream!

its messed up and complicated to explain but it was leet and shows that i'm equally addicted to this place as my meds!

But i am back and will be posting more frequently again!

Mai 19 years ago
Welcome back Chryseis! We've missed you.
Morrigan Kinsey 19 years ago

Meegan 19 years ago
Congratulations! Welcome back!