...In With the New (private)

I want you to know I'm thinking of you. I wanted this. I wanted to be with you. Wait for me, I'm coming. I'm going to be with you always. I want to be with you always. Live with you. Marry you. I love you, Eiryk, wait for me. I'm coming, Eiryk.

Alex repeated the words again and again. Like a prayer. Something had happened. He felt an echo in his body. Like the ghost of pain. Wasn't painful anymore. He sucked in a breath. It tasted... new. There were things in the air he could taste on his tongue, different and familiar all at once.

A soft sound came out of his throat. Halfway between a moan and a sigh. He was lying the same way he'd been. Beneath a thick, warm comforter with Alfarinn's strong arms wrapped around him. Only now he actually was warm. Warm and alive. And a vampire.

And he was very, very thirsty.

Moving his head some he turned to look at Alfarinn. He parted his lips, felt the poke of fangs. With a soft groan he turned over and pressed himself up along Alfarinn's cool body. He still curled up in that strong embrace, but he felt like he was looking for something. He wanted blood. God, he wanted blood. Badly. The jolt of it, the way it rippled into his veins like silver and gold, he wanted it.

He swallowed, his throat dry.
"Hi," he said softly, looking up into Alfarinn's pale grey eyes. "Is it over?"

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Alfarinn 10 years ago
His back was a bit cramped. He was thinking that maybe this room needed a padded headboard. It had been hours and he waited through them as Alex cried out and was quiet in turns, shaking, trembling, cramped or still as the time went on.

One ability was very obvious and it manifested toward the end of Alex's turning. It was clear that his new child was totally unaware of what he was doing but it was very sweet.

"Hi.” Alfarinn smiled back. "Yes, it would seem so.” He grinned and sat up a little straighter, letting the comforter slid down. "I would like you to know that you can live with me if you like but I am actually spoken for so I have to decline the offer of marriage.” Alfarinn hugged Alex and then tapped a finger to his head. "It has become very obvious that you are a sender. I imagine that was not meant for me but it was a lovely first message anyway.”

Reaching down he opened the cooler. "Here, I am sure you are hungry. This does not taste nearly as good as what you are used to.” He gave Alex a long look before handing him a bag of blood. "But it will slake the hunger some and then we can find someone warm and willing.”
They could get to that after Alex has had a drink or two of the bagged variety and decided what he wanted to do next.

"I know you probably don't think so but you handled that well.” Alfarinn smiled. Alex hadn't cried out nearly as much as some and he was also glad that Alex had been honest enough to say that he had been scared. He had a good feeling about Alex before and that seemed to only get better the longer he knew him. Evenhet's new vampire seemed well balanced and mature beyond his years. It took some people centuries to learn such things and some would argue that he had yet to learn maturity at all.
Rowan Murphy 10 years ago
Rowan felt boneless. Relaxed for the first time in days. He was so goddamned comfortable, it was amazing he hadn't slept but Cris had helped keep him awake. If he fell asleep now, he would miss seeing Alex because he didn't think even Cris could wake him up for the first part of his sleep once he got there.

He was wrapped around Cris now, sated, satisfied, his husband's hand gently caressing a red rope burn on Rowan's wrist that was almost healed. Rowan wished it would stay. The last several hours had been delicious as they immersed themselves in each other, giving and taking comfort, waiting for Alex and Alfarinn to re-emerge.

"Love you," he whispered softly, sleepily, into Cris's ear. Then he nipped it gently and tugged at it with lazy playfulness.

[I'm coming, Eiryk,] was the response.

Rowan blinked. Drew his head back, peered sharply at Cris.
"You what now?"

He was incredibly tired. He very badly needed to sleep and apparently so did Cris if his husband was suddenly mimicking Alex in his sending. Then, his slow-as-shit brain caught up and he giggled.

"Oh. Our new baby is a sender, isn't he. Did he leave you a love note too?"

[Don't come too hard, dear, it might fall off,] Rowan sent back to Alex. He didn't want to confuse the poor guy but damn it, that was too tempting.
Christian Bern 10 years ago
The last few hours had been wonderful therapy for both of them. Cris was able to focus all of his restless energy into helping Rowan unwind and that helped him do the same. Knowing that Alex was going to be one of them and was in good hands allowed him to focus his attention on his husband and meeting Rowan's needs, which had included some bondage, flogging, teasing and fucking, pretty much in that order.

They were laying in bed, contemplating a shower in a sedate satisfied fashion that meant they would get to it eventually. He sighed softly and rubbed his cheek against Rowan's arm that was under his head. He was watching the red marks fade from his partner's skin, gently running his fingers over them in fascination.

"I love you too.” Cris smiled softly and turned enough to give Rowan's arm a light kiss before laying his head back down.

Then Rowan asked him something that didn't make any sense at all.
"I didn't say any...” But then his thought was interrupted with [I want you to know...] Cris smiled, chuckling softly.

He sent to Alex. [Ah, Mein Freund, you are a sender.] Remembering what that was like initially his mental voice was understanding. [I can teach you how to control it. It is mostly practice. It is good to hear your voice, Alex. So good. Welcome back.]

Cris laughed to Rowan and nodded.
"Yes, he told me he wanted me to know...something. It was very clear, the part I heard, for a new sender.” He turned around and grinned. "Did he tell you what he wanted us to know?”
Aishe 10 years ago
Aishe was sitting in the little galley of Eiryk's boat, drinking a cup of hot chocolate while Eiryk and Kiamhaat had coffee. Everyone was tired, but at least Eiryk looked a little better prepared to meet his fiance.

She shifted on her seat to lean back against Kiamhaat and he unconsciously slid an arm around her waist. Then suddenly he stiffened, and gave a soft hum. Aishe turned to look at him.
"Something wrong?"

Amusement bubbled along the bond they shared. "Mmm," he said, sipping his coffee. Kiamhaat looked at Eiryk. "Message for you, I think."

[Alex is sending to me,] Kem sent to Aishe in turn. [It must be almost time. He said he's thinking of me... well, Eiryk, I assume. I'm flattered, but somehow I think he's got blond Norsemen on the brain.]

Aishe giggled softly and then tilted her head as she, too, got a little taste of their new vampire. [...wanted to be with you.]

She probably shouldn't send back to him; he was probably confused and achy and very thirsty. But she couldn't resist. [Oh Alex, honey, I'm so happy you are. With me - with us. Welcome home.]

To Kiamhaat she sent, [So, did you send to him too?]

His lips quirked up, guilty as charged. [I told him there was a much hotter blond sitting here who would love to hear it.]

Aishe and Kiamhaat turned to Eiryk, as one. Surely this message, meant for Eiryk, would reach him. Aishe palmed her car keys into her hand. They would be traveling back to Liefde very soon.
Eiryk 10 years ago
Thora was curled up on their bed and Eiryk was trying like mad not to fall asleep. He felt a little better though it was amazing what a cold swim amd a hot shower could do. In clean clothes he sat with Kem and Aishe more staring at his coffee than drinking it.

As predicted he was not great company, not feeling terribly chatty, but he was doing better less mopey and more anxious to see Alex.

He was nodding slightly when a new but very familiar voice popped into his head.

[Wait for me. I'm coming.]

Eiryk snapped full awake and answered insantly without hesitation.

[Fuck this waiting and you are in no condition to go any where. I'm on my way.]

He was so excited to hear from Alex Eiryk didn't even think about the fact that Alex was a sender. He was just giddy. It was the first contact he'd had from Alex in days! It was proof Alex was well and alive. That was all that mattered.

He lept out of his seat, knocking over his coffee threatening to knock over the table and falling flat on his face all at once.

"He's back! He's back! We've got to go! Let's go! Where are my keys?!"

He'd forgotten Aishe had driven. Eiryk lurched to his feet, his head narrowly missing the table as Thora came out and yipped at them and a rather muddled and hurried Eiryk filled her in on what was going on.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Alex looked at Alfarinn in confusion for a long moment. Live with him? Spoken for? And then he remembered his words, heard the rest of Alfarinn's, and felt any blood in his body come rushing into his face. There was a funny tingling sensation and his front teeth - fangs - poked into his lip as he blushed.

He reached up to feel them... and then heard five very distinct, very different voices in his head. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead on Alfarinn's shoulder. Rowan's distinctive accent made him laugh softly, followed by Cris's cool but affectionate tone. Then Kem made a crack about blonds, Aishe sent her love, and Eiryk... oh Eiryk! With typical Eiryk-ness, he was ready to come charging upstairs.

Alex focused on Eiryk, his brain too scrambled to try and figure out the rest of it. [I'm... I'm here Eiryk. Love you. So much. Don't rush, please. I need a little time. Just give me a little more time. I'm not going anywhere.]

Alfarinn let the comforter drop away and Alex grabbed it, pulling it back up over his shoulder, cuddling into it. When Alfarinn offered him the bag of blood he let go of the blue blanket to accept it. It felt... squishy.

The contents, though, they called to him. That crimson color, the way he knew it would feel going down. He was so damn thirsty. He bit into the bag, drew on it... and gagged at the taste.

"No," he said, staring at the bag of blood, horrified. He felt a little spike of panic. His friends had told him blood tasted good when you turned. This was... it was terrible. Like sucking on a dead rodent.

He choked on a little sob of fear.
"Is this... always what it tastes like?"

What had he done? He held the bag up so it wouldn't leak out. What if he was broken? What if something had gone wrong and he hated the taste of blood now? Alex wouldn't put it beyond himself to fuck up even dying. He reached for the bag again but this time he gagged even before he could touch his mouth to it.

"Oh god. No." He shook his head at Alfarinn. "Mmm-mm," he said softly, pursing his lips together in a tight line.

There was no way he could drink that. Alex clutched the comforter again and closed his eyes. So now what? Would he starve because he was the only vampire on the planet who couldn't stand the taste of blood?
Alfarinn 10 years ago
Alfarinn smiled when it was obvious that Alex understood what he was saying. The blush and the fangs were incredibly adorable. His newly made child then rested his head on his shoulder and closed his eyes, laughing softly at something, perhaps what they had been speaking of or perhaps something else, he wasn't entirely sure.

Alex's first reaction to the bagged blood was as expected. Some were thirsty enough to drink it anyway, despite the taste but Alex had been created by an Ancient and had been fed fairly well. It was his turn to chuckle at the adamant rejection.
"No, it does not always taste like that.” Alfarinn watched as Alex tried to drink it again and still shook his head. Sighing softly, he took the blood from Alex and drank it himself, grimacing at the taste.

"It helps if you drink it fast.” He said, rubbing his tongue against the roof of his mouth to get the after taste of cold dead blood off of it and making a face. "Normally it isn't cold and it doesn't taste like plastic. Every person tastes different and you will come to have preferences, most of us do.”

He pulled Alex closer. "Tonight, I will feed you and we will try feeding from someone who knows about us tomorrow. You've earned some slack; you've been nearly dead all day.” Alfarinn smiled and stretched his neck sideways. "Some day the bag of blood might save your life...but not tonight.” His blood was warm, like any human's, a benefit to it being on the inside he supposed, and he had never been told that he tasted like plastic. "Try to be careful, place your mouth against my neck and slowly sink your teeth in. You won't hurt me terribly but it is good practice for later. You don't want to leave gouge marks in someone's skin those are hard to explain later and a bit rude.” He slid one hand up behind Alex's neck and drew him closer to his own.

Idly he wondered what other abilities Alex would manifest. He was going to have to ask Cris to help him with the sending. He sent to his friend through the bond and got an amused response back. It would seem Cris had already offered because Alex had sent to him...and Rowan as well. He wondered how many centuries it would be before Alex's friends stopped telling that story.
Rowan Murphy 10 years ago
Rowan hugged Cris close and smiled. "He said he was coming, Eiryk. I told him to be careful or else it might fall off."

Then he frowned.
"Wow. I'm an asshole."

Rowan sighed and rubbed his eyes, then looked at the almost-gone red marks. He was almost over the self-inflicted guilt trip. Cris could be very persuasive with some rope and a flogger. Among other things.

"Shower time, I think, love. Yeah? If Alex is aware enough to send to us, he's probably going to be up for company some time soon I would think."

He closed his eyes and squeezed Cris briefly.
"Maybe I should stay here. Give him some space. He's going to want to see Eiryk mostly. Not, you know."

Not the doctor who fucked it up. Okay, maybe there was some guilt there. Rowan was actually hesitant to face Alex. He didn't want to see his anger, his recrimination. He shouldn't have teased him but it had been his natural, first response. Good job Rue.

He knew Cris wasn't going to let him get away with that sort of thinking so he gathered his husband close, slung his leg over him, trapped him efficiently below him, and kissed him deep.
"I know I know," he said pre-emptively when they were coming up for air. "Not my fault. I think I just want you to have to convince me again."

His green-grey eyes lit with humor, because it was easier to conceal the guilt that way. He would get over it.
Christian Bern 10 years ago
Cris listened to what fragment of a message Rowan got and then chuckled. The laughter continued when Rowan explained what he sent in return. He shook his head when his husband proclaimed himself an asshole for his response. "No, you were welcoming him to the family with humor. He should be used to all of us by now and it lets him know that you are not upset with him for his choice.” Cris squeezed Rowan's arm because he was turned the wrong way for anything more.

He nodded and agreed with the shower plan.
"Yes, too bad that involves getting up.” Cris snuggled up against Rowan a little tighter which was the opposite of getting up. His partner then started being unreasonable again. Cris looked over his shoulder at Rowan and frowned. "Nonsense.”

Before he could further expound upon his protest, Rowan wrapped him up and kissed him. Cris smiled when his partner then explained that his uncertain behavior was just so he could get special treatment. "I will be happy to convince you of many things, Love, but feel free to misbehave in other ways if you like.” Cris smiled and gave Rowan another kiss. [He will want to see you. The only person angry with you is you. I promise. You will see.] He smiled at Rowan. [If I am wrong I will bring you breakfast in bed for a week.] Sometimes he might even bake something.

"Now come get in the shower with me so I can prove that you have no reason to be angry with you either.” Cris got out of the bed and tugged Rowan up with him.
Aishe 10 years ago
Aishe wasn't about to tell Eiryk no. Not with such words coming from Alex, a newly turned Alex. She and Kem smiled at each other and, doing their best to keep Eiryk from damaging himself further, headed off the boat down the dock to Aishe's VW Rabbit.

It took them a little while to reach Liefde again, traffic being what it was in the city that truly never sleeps. They did get there though, and they rushed up to Alfarinn's penthouse, arriving at the same time as Rowan and Cris.

Aishe was happy to see that wile Rowan clearly hadn't slept, he was looking just as pale and peaked as he had been earlier, but there was an air of relaxation about him. She looked at his colors, and saw them all over the boards. Peace and contentment and happiness were fading quickly, not disappearing, but taking a back seat to anxiety and nerves. Then those would fade, leaving the happy colors, perhaps when Cris touched him or reassured him or sent to him, and then the anxiety would spike.

Rowan was making her dizzy. She stopped looking at him.

She reached her hand up to Alfarinn's door and knocked. There was a sound from inside, and then the Elder stood there, framed in the doorway. Aishe bounced once, right into Alfarinn's arms, throwing her own arms around his neck and kissing him on his cool cheek.

"Are you my uncle now or something?" She glanced back at Cris and grinned. "How do we define this relationship? Is Alex my new cousin? Someone get out a genealogy chart!"

She was elated that Alfarinn had turned Alex. Not only did Alex have a good man (among many) guiding him along, but Alfarinn's age and strength would give Alex a good head start in this life.

She peered in and didn't see Alex anywhere.
"Is he doing all right? Not up for visitors just yet?"

It was all right. She figured as long as they could stay close it would be good.
Eiryk 10 years ago
[I love you too. We're at the marina so it will be a bit but I am coming now. You take what time you need but we'll be closer from here out.]

Aishe was going to find one of the seat belts in her back seat in a very complicated knot as Eiryk had nothing else to do as they drove.

Although exhaustion was going to catch up with him quite soon, for now Eiryk felt he had enough energy to run up the stairs. He didn't though, he took the elevator like everyone else. He grinned at Rowan and Cris happy to see them both, his previous threat to Cris completely forgotten, and stifled the urge to give them both a bone crushing hug. Yes he was still nervous and anxious but he was also feeling much better. Just talking to Alex, just a few words of sending, had erased so many of his doubts and worries.

Nervously he entered the penthouse, so focused on Alex he didn't even really note the decore. It must have been at least acceptable as it didn't scream at him.

If Aishe hadn't thrown herself at Alfarinn Eiryk would have. Something about seeing the elder and knowing he'd turned Alex rough Eiryk the closest to tears he'd been. Although Aishe was quite up beat and happy Eiryk's feelings were a bit more solemn and serious.

"Tack. Du har gett honom ett nytt liv och gett mig tillbaka mitt."

The words were a pale reflection of his gratitude. Without Alex Eiryk had no desire to live. Rue knew it too, he'd said as much quite some time ago. Alfarinn had a right to know that he'd not only made a new vampire but saved one as well.

He should have brought coffee, or mead, or both as it seemed like they would have to wait some yet. This waiting would be slightly easier though, they knew, more or less, what to expect. This was not a death watch and there was no watching things going from bad to worse, it was just a matter of time until Alex felt he was ready. Eiryk wished that the reunion might be a bit more private, but they would have years, centuries, for privacy so he could wait. And Rue had every right to see Alex soon, to know that all was well, not as planed but well.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Alex felt a vast sensation of relief when Alfarinn clearly wasn't going to make him gag down the bag of blood. He winced when Alfarinn did so, nodding weakly and trying to picture the day when he could do that so easily.

He was drawn closer to Alfarinn and offered a deliciously tempting line of his Creator's neck. Alex tilted his head close, letting his breath warm the skin there as he listened to what Alfarinn said.
"I can do it," he murmured, trying to reassure them both really.

He had certainly been bitten enough times to know the process. Now Alex found himself on the giving end of the bite, and he was a little nervous about it but Alfarinn made him feel all right. He had always thought this part might squick him out but no.... not really. He wanted blood as badly as he'd ever wanted a burger and fries. It just felt good.

He slid his arms around Alfarinn's shoulders and clung, nuzzling his nose into Alfarinn's neck. Alfarinn's hand steadied the back of his head and Alex gently ran his tongue over the skin there. Don't just bite. Make it pleasant. Every one of his friends had always made it pleasant.

Sucking gently he made a soft hungry noise against Alfarinn's skin. Without thinking about it he pressed his new fangs against the pale skin and then in. No need to bite hard; his teeth were sharp. Like needles. They slid in easily and he was rewarded with a burst of ambrosia that flowed hot over his tongue and down his throat. Alex moaned and drew gently on those punctures he'd made, his arms tightening around Alfarinn, pressing against him.

[So good. More.]

He knew he'd done it right this time, sending only to Alfarinn, because Alfarinn was right there and he was all Alex was thinking about at that moment. he drew several more times on the wound, uttering a soft, blissful sigh with each pulse.

It was hard, very hard, to stop. But he didn't want to hurt anyone so he eventually tore himself away. He ran his tongue over the bite, not just to heal it quickly but because he didn't want a single drop of blood to go to waste.

He rested his cheek on Alfarinn's shoulder and gave a soft 'mmm' of delight. So that was what it felt like. It was almost as good as sex. Closing his eyes he relaxed against that cool body, safe beneath the comforter. He felt good. Really, really good. He just needed a little time to assimilate everything. From the time he'd entered Liefde's elevator days ago until just a short while ago, he'd had no idea what was happening. Suddenly he was a vampire, and not likely to die of cancer of complications from surgery any time soon. Incredible.

He didn't know if he dozed or if time just flew by but he was roused by a knock at the door. He felt himself tense, not because he didn't want to see his friends, but because he wanted this sanctuary of quiet to last for a little while longer. He wanted to see Eiryk desperately but he just needed a little time yet, to stay with Alfarinn. To be quiet. To just be.

"Do I have to socialize yet," he whispered softly, the words barely lilting up at the end to form a question.
Alfarinn 10 years ago
Alfarinn smiled when Alex assured him that he could bite him. He expected nothing less. It was careful and tender. He hummed softly at Alex's first draw, his hands flexing, holding Alex tighter until he made himself loosen his grip.

The mental words made him smile again. He answered, keeping his eyes closed and enjoying the rare feeling of someone biting him. It was nice to give blood for a change. He missed sharing. [I am glad you approve. Take more.] He would stop Alex if necessary. It turned out not to be and that retsraint spoke highly of Alex also.

He was content to sit there with his arms wrapped protectively around his new son. It was warm and comfortable now that he had a chance to move his back a bit. Alex was no longer fighting for breath and was no longer shivering. The worst was definitely over.

The knock on the door wasn't entirely a surprise; Cris had announced that they were in the elevator just a minute or two ago. Alex's question caused him to raise his eyebrows.
"No, they can wait outside. I will go let them in and distract them with drink.” He hugged Alex tightly and then looked down at him. The change in eye colour was interesting; he wondered what Alex would think of it. "Do you want a shower first? Or do you want me to come back in here for a bit?” Alfarinn looked at Alex who had been sick, sweating and chilled in turns and hooked up to machines for several days. A shower might make him feel like a new vampire...all over again.

Sliding out from behind Alex, he bent over and kissed him on the cheek.
"I will be right back.” He got up with a last squeeze to a blue blanketed arm.

Upon answering the door he was immediately assaulted by Aishe. Alfarinn laughed and held her tight.

"I was always your uncle, Troublemaker, but occasionally he swears I am your father.” Alfarinn smiled at Aishe. "but usually that is when we've done some mischief together.” It was almost always his fault but Aishe was willing to go along with a lot of amusing plans. Cris would probably say she was encouraging him. "I would imagine that would make him your cousin.” They were so close to the same age that it would likely be more like brother and sister in the centuries to come.

He turned to Eiryk and smiled, placing a hand on his shoulder.
"Det var hans val.” He couldn't take credit for much because there would have been plenty of people who would have willingly took his place.

Letting Aishe back down, he gave her a final hug.
"Alex is doing quite well. I believe you all have heard he's a sender. He is getting the hang of that quite quickly.” He grinned and shrugged. "He's fed and adjusting just fine. I think he just needs a few more minutes to wrap his head around it now that the change is over.”

Alfarinn walked over to the bar and pulled out an old bottle from underneath. "Evenhet is better for Alex being a part of it and we are happy to still have you as well, Eiryk.” The Viking's meaning hadn't escaped him. He could understand; if Thaddeus had been human then someone giving him more years to live would have given himself life as well. "At least I have a soon to be son in law who knows how to sail and speak a proper language.” He smiled and pulled out some glasses. "And how to appreciate some good mead.” He uncorked the bottle with some minor effort. It had been waiting a long time and he didn't want to crush the cork while getting it out. "I made this...” He looked down at the bottle and tried to read the faded label. "A long time ago. This seems like a proper occasion. It is a Metheglin. It has orange, clove, nutmeg and vanilla in it. Odin only knows what we were trying to cure when we made it.” Alfarinn poured it into glasses and handed one to everyone who wanted one.

"Enjoy, there are other things to drink as well. Save Alex and me a glass. I am going to head back in and check on him.”
Rowan Murphy 10 years ago
Rowan knew he was being unusually quiet as they all entered Alfarinn's penthouse. He hadn't slept in about three days now; maybe they could write it off as being overly tired. Which he was. Truth, He was starting to worry himself to death again. Now that they were actually going to go see Alex, Alex the new vampire, Rowan was allowing his doubts and guilt to effect him again.

He sighed at himself in irritation. He had no patience with himself for this. And yet, he didn't really want to enter the penthouse. He wanted to pretend nothing had happened. Unconsciously, Rowan waited until Cris had seated himself and then he sank to the floor at his husband's feet. Such submission wasn't outside of the realm of normalcy for Rowan, who enjoyed playing that role in certain situations and had actually needed it earlier, but for it to last beyond the point of release, the end of a scene, the night at a club, was almost unheard of.

He didn't care what everyone else observed or thought right now. Rowan was too tired. He curled up on the floor, leaned against Cris's legs, and wrapped his arm around one of them. And stayed quiet. He didn't want to bring the celebratory mood down, but for once in his life he couldn't dig up a wisecrack or a laugh. He wasn't depressed... he was just... quiet.

Rowan closed his eyes and then snapped them back open, glancing sheepishly up at Cris. He couldn't do that; they both knew it. The second he relaxed all the way he'd be asleep and there'd be no waking him up for some time. Soon, there would be the oblivion of sleep, but not until they were back home in their bad and he was nestled tight against his husband.
Christian Bern 10 years ago
Cris watched Alfarinn and Aishe with an amused expression. He was happy they got along as well as they did...even when they were causing trouble together. It was usually nothing major and most of the time he only groused because that was his role as security chief and vampire parent.

Alfarinn pulled out some older brew and began opening the bottle.
"Would it not be more thematically appropriate to open something made by our older Greco-Roman in honor of our new vampire?" Cris teased mildly, perfectly happy to have a drink of something Alfarinn made.

His friend narrowed his eyes at him and then shrugged. "You might have a point." Alfarinn reached under the bar and pulled out a wine bottle. "A vintage a la Artemis and not the kick you in the teeth variety either." Alfarinn explained for those who might not have met the researcher. "We have been competitively or occasionally cooperatively brewing for ages. Artemis also likes to bring his vast powers of intellect and chemistry to the beverage making and some of his alcohol will knock even a vampire on its ass. This, however, was made more for taste than brain cell torture." It appeared, from where he stood to be a lovely red of some kind. Cris picked up two glasses of mead and walked over to the sofa.

Rowan settled down at his feet instead of beside him. Cris looked at his husband and sighed softly, a sound of concern and sympathetic pain. He set the two glasses on the table and leaned forward to kiss Rowan gently on the head.

He watched Rowan's eyelids lower and then snap back up and he smiled softly, knowing his husband was struggling mightily with staying awake. Cris reached down and ran his fingers slowly through his husband's hair and then closed his hand around the vibrant strands and tugged. [You may not sleep yet, Love.] He knew that Rowan knew that already but he formed the statement into a command anyway and the small sensation of pain might help keep Rowan awake.

Any other time he would have let Rowan fall asleep if he wanted. He could carry his partner downstairs and tuck him into bed and Rowan badly needed sleep. But he knew that Alex did not blame Rowan for not finding a cure for him because that just wasn't Alex and Rowan had done everything he knew possible. Cris needed Rowan to see that for himself and he needed Rowan awake for that to happen.
Aishe 10 years ago
"Oh, I like having a cousin," Aishe said, "And not being the Evenhet baby anymore."

New vampires weren't turned every day, after all. Aishe wasn't sure if there'd been any recent ones in other parts of the world but there certainly hadn't been in Nachton and that made her the youngest in the entire Clan as far as she knew. Well now Alex got to be the littlest vampire.

She headed into the penthouse and found herself seated with Kiamhaat of course. Naturally she snuggled up to him, smiling when he slipped his arm around her. She watched Rowan carefully as Eiryk and Alfarinn spoke a language she couldn't decipher, and she felt concern.

[That worries me,] she sent to her husband. She looked at Cris, trying to catch his eye, and very subtly raised her eyebrows and nodded at Rowan.

[He'll be okay,] Kiamhaat sent back to her. [He's been through more than we have, I think. It has to be hard on you when you're both friend and doctor. I know plenty of people who won't work on those they're close with. Give him time. A good day's sleep. Blood.]

Aishe hummed softly under her breath but she figured Kiamhaat was right. Rowan was hardly young; no doubt he'd been through plenty in his own lifetime. If the events of the past few nights shook him a little and he wanted to be a bit on the quiet side, who could complain?

There was no wine for her, because everyone in the room knew she didn't drink. In honor of the occasion though she did take a sip of Kiamhaat's. She blinked at Alfarinn's words and said,
"There's alcohol that can knock a vampire on their ass? Really?"

That was a new concept to her. She had seen her friends drink and they sure could put it away.
Eiryk 10 years ago
It might have been Alex' choice but, regardless of who had turned his partner, it had saved both their lives. Alfarinn could play that down as much as he wanted, but Eiryk would know the truth.

It was near torture to be this close to Alex and to be held off. He'd promised to give Alex whatever time he needed but that was harder than Eiryk though. He was trying and he would keep trying. He even managed to chuckle at Alfarinn's comment. He really wouldn't mind adding Alfrarinn to their little family, friends and family were something you couldn't have too much off.

"It will be nice to have a father-in-law who can use an ax and doesn't insist on a sword.”

For the first time in his life Eiryk didn't particularly want a drink, All he wanted was Alex. Cris suggested an alternate vintage but the mead was open and Eiryk accepted absently but started to pace almost immediately. He noticed a few things as he paced, he had no shoes on, Rowan was being oddly quiet and sitting on the floor, and Aishe was keeping things moving. Later he would properly process Rowan's posture but for now he was just vaguely worried about his friend and Alex' doctor. There was only so much worrying a person could do at one time though and as ashamed as he was to admit it, Eiryk could only really worry about Alex right now. Rue deserved better than that, granted Rue had Cris and probably didn't need him but he should have some concern to spare.

It was good the drink was for taste, it wouldn't take much to knock Eiryk on his ass right now. He was probably going to sleep through the first twenty four, or more, hours of Alex' new life.

He stopped pacing long enough to nod at Aishe.

"It can be done. Sometimes its nice to get a buzz with less volume.”

Eiryk's mead tended to be a bit stronger than it had been when he was a human, but he didn't usually actively seek to pump it way up. He preferred to experiment with flavors, if he wanted to get himself rather unconscious there were other ways to do it than his own handy work and other people did it considerably better. He might want to compare notes with Alfrarinn at some point though and, if the opened the red, possibly with Artemis as well.

"It never takes Alex this long to get ready....”

He muttered to himself. If only Alex would send to him again he might be able to be more patient. For now though he went back to his pacing and looking for something to tie in knots.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Alex pushed himself up, expecting to feel weak after all he'd been through but no. Any weakness was from a slight case of nerves. He actually felt... fantastic, physically. Like he could run several marathons.

"Oh. A shower sounds really good," Alex said. "I don't suppose... I mean, these clothes have been through a lot. Are any of mine here?"

That was probably too much to hope.
"Yes. Yes I want you to come back and we can stay here for a little while." Alex sighed and run a hand through his disheveled hair. "I have to go out and see them though. I want to."

He really did want to see his friends. They'd all done so much for him. He just wondered if it would be awkward. What would Eiryk think? Alex had lied to him! Well, maybe he hadn't lied. He just hadn't exactly gotten around to telling him about his change of heart.

Alfarinn didn't have any of Alex's clothes but he did have some running pants and a tee Alex could wear, which smelled blessedly clean. He took the clothes, went into the bathroom, and stripped off his old ones, looking down at himself. He was pleased, very pleased, to find that while there was nothing to be done about his weight loss he didn't look sickeningly gaunt. A little slimmer than he'd been a few weeks ago, but a healthy, lean sort of slim that he thought was actually kind of attractive. He was still nicely toned, too. He had never been as muscular as Rowan, whose height he matched, and apparently wasn't ever going to be. He was still slim, firm, toned, and strong. He had unwrapped the bandages from his knee to find no trace of surgery, not even a scar. Grinning to himself he bent over, gave a sigh of pleasure at the stretch, and placed his palms flat on the floor of the bathroom. Then he lifted himself into a perfect handstand without a single sign of shakiness. Balancing carefully he breathed in through his mouth, out through his nose, and lifted one hand. Perfect.

After about five minutes of indulgent yoga Alex determined that he was still every bit as flexible as he had been before his life went completely crazy. He felt a happy laugh bubble out of him and stood back up. He peered into the mirror to look at his pointy canines, and froze.

[My eyes. What happened to my eyes?] he reached out for Alfarinn. [Why are they... oh my god. They're weird.]

He bent close to the mirror and pulled his eyelid down. His plain old chocolate brown eyes were gone. There was still a little bit of brown left, a little ring close to the pupil. Just outside of that, mingling with the brown, was a deep blue-purple color. Like an indigo. That quickly faded to dark grey, medium grey, and then, just at the outer edge of his pupil, a very pale icy grey like Alfarinn's. His heart gave a slow thump and he jumped a little, realizing that was normal now.

His eyes were all... odd. Pretty, maybe? Would Eiryk like them? Were they going to stay like this or was this a newly-turned thing? Would Eiryk like them? Was he going to have to start wearing contacts... and would Eiryk like them?

Alex took a deep breath and made himself calm down. He was surprised, that was all. He turned the shower on, hopped in, and happily let the hot water wash away any residual grimy feeling left over from his ordeal. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, and more hot water and he emerged feeling like a new vampire. What a coincidence.

When he was done, dried, and dressed he felt much better able to go out and try to act sort of normal. He quietly opened the door and made his way barefoot out to the soft murmur of voices. Peering into the living room his eyes immediately went to Eiryk, who was pacing back and forth with a glass in his hand. He heard Eiryk's words about taking so long to get ready and he blushed, feeling very self-conscious. Then to his mortification his fangs popped out. He covered his mouth with his hand and then moved it away.

"Yeah well, I had to get out the formal sweats and t-shirt," he said softly from where he stood. He walked out and stood for a second, looking down, glancing up and down and . He knew all his friends were there. Alfarinn, of course, Cris with Rowan sitting at his feet looking startled and pale, Aishe and Kem nestled together, but mostly Eiryk.
Eiryk 10 years ago
The mead was old, and from the very little bit he'd had, extremely good so Eiryk managed to set it down, or shove it into someone's hands, or something all he knew was that he hadn't dropped it to the floor when he'd heard Alex' voice. His actual voice, not in his head, but there, in the room with them. It was his Alex, healthy and whole, not hooked up to machines, not favoring his leg, not knocking on death's door but right there looking like himself. Eiryk would take a moment to really look at Alex and look for any changes in a minute right then he wasn't too concerned.


He half chocked out before scooping Alex in to his arms and kissing him deeply, not at all caring that they had an audience. Let them watch, they'd be lucky if all he did was kiss Alex quite frankly. As his kiss deepened Eiryk felt Alex' fangs for the first time and shuddered a bit, that was rather hot. It was also proof that he'd not lose Alex to cancer or some other disease any time soon.

His arms, back and shoulders all felt right, lean, strong, long ropey muscle. His hair still felt soft and thick. His lips were still soft and wonderfully kissable. Right at this very moment there wasn't much that had changed about Alex and that thrilled Eiryk who very -very- reluctantly finally let some sense of decorum settle him down and release his fiancée. Well, not entirely, he broke off their kiss but he held tightly to Alex's waist as he really looked at Alex for a moment to see if and how his partner had changed.

It was hard to tell with the formal sweats but Eiryk thought he might be a bit thinner. Alex' eyes startled him. That was different. They were quite arresting, beautiful and distinctive. It might take a while for Eiryk to get used to them, he'd loved the soft expressive brown eyes, but this color was good too. Eiryk looked deep into them as he brushed back Alex' hair and found they made him a little dizzy. Not in a bad way though, in a ridiculously romantic 'lost in his eyes' sort of way.

"I think that you're part Norse now hjärtat. I like it."

Eiryk knew he was going to have to relinquish Alex to a round of hugs and congratulations and welcome but he really didn't want to. He wanted to steal Alex away and just be with him, to make sure he was OK with all of this, to know when Alex had changed his mind and to be sure his lover hadn't felt pressured and then to sleep. To pass out in Alex' arms.
Alfarinn 10 years ago
"Yes, an axe is a very practical thing. Always good to have one around." He had kept a small hooked hand axe with him, tucked in his belt, for many years and many battles. Even when he used a broadsword he had kept the axe with him because it served so many other functions and because he could always use it if he lost hold of his primary weapon.

He looked over and Rowan and Cris, noticing without noting their exchange. The Doctor's emotions were a complex mix and it was not surprising, to those with empathy, why he was quiet.

"You are the baby no longer." Alfarinn smiled at Aishe. "You are almost old enough to drink." He grinned and brought her out a glass and retrieved some cranberry juice from the refrigerator. He did have non-alcoholic drinks in the apartment; they just happened to be used for mixing with the alcoholic beverages.

Alex sent to him and he suppressed a smile. [They were a bit of a surprise. Hopefully you will get used to them.] He paused the space of a heartbeat and then sent again before the connection disappeared. [How do you feel about your illness and Dr.Murphy?] Alfarinn would ask Alex to let Rowan know that he wasn't angry but perhaps Alex was. He doubted it but he felt compelled to ask before he meddled more. Perhaps the centuries had taught him a little wisdom after all.

"Hmm, to be even partially Norse he would have to swear a solemn oath." Alfarinn said with a somber expression.

When Alex entered he watched the happy reunion and then looked at the other faces in the crowd. Eventually catching Alex's attention, he raised a glass of mead in one hand and the bottle of wine in the other indicating Alex could choose when he was ready.