First Impressions (Attn:Julian)

Evgeni was more than a little nervous about this meeting with Julian's girlfriend. What if she didn't like them? What if she thought they had stolen him away from her? Hadn't they? Sort of, Julian wanted them all which was amusingly greedy of their human friend but he understood and couldn't complain so long as Julian continued to want him and Jan.

His clan mate walked beside him down the trail toward where Julian had said they were. Jan's hand was in his and Evgeni felt that hand squeeze a little tighter. Pale green eyes looked up at him framed by those dark beautiful curls. "It will be alright.” Jan's voice was a soft purr that soothed his soul without the need for the use of his glamour. "Sex with us is too good to quit. Once you've had a taste...” And just like that the supportive mood was gone.

Almost gone. He could feel what Jan felt now and there was no mistaking that the humor had been purposeful, said to make him smile, to help him worry less. The same fear haunted the edges of those green eyes but Jan was trying to be brave for them both.

It made him stand up a little straighter. Julian's thoughts didn't suggest anything so dire so he could worry about the future if and when that possibility became more of a reality. He was still more nervous about meeting this werewolf than he remembered being in a very long time. There had been foreign dignitaries that hadn't made him this nervous.

They were both dressed for the club, perhaps they should have changed. They looked like vampire delinquents. Jan was wearing a pair of black leather pants that fit him like a second skin. He had a light weight cotton shirt that was a delicate green so pale that it looked white from a distant. It made his eyes seem almost unnaturally vivid. The shirt was untucked and completely unbuttoned. The edges of it flowed around Jan's pale chest exposing it or covering it seemingly on a whim. He had a silver cross on a chain so long that it almost touched his navel and a few smaller, more delicate chains and trinkets that rode just beneath his collar bones.

Evgeni looked more conservative, slightly. He had black trousers with metal rings on the waist and at the pockets. The pants were a slim cut to show off his long legs and slender waist, a very long shiny silver zipper accentuated the crotch in a manner that suddenly made him somewhat embarrassed. What if she thought they were both sluts? They could certainly pass for male prostitutes at the moment. At least he had a shirt on...and it covered him...mostly. It was a snug fitting black Lycra with grey pin stripes. The fabric might have looked dressy if it hadn't been cut to accentuate his long torso. It wasn't tight to his skin but it wasn't loose either and it just barely came to the edge of his pants which meant occasionally his midriff showed with some oof his movements. He tugged at the shirt absently with his free hand.

"You look hot. Stop worrying.” Jan's hand squeezed his again. "Though if the shirt bothers you that much...” Green eyes slid sideways to glance at him and a sly smile played across soft lips. The rest of the statement didn't need to be said but Jan supplied the feel of warm hands pushing up along his chest anyway, just in case the not so subtle hint wasn't enough. Evgeni wasn't sure if it was a trick of glamour, telekinesis or their bond but he wasn't worried anymore. He was too distracted to be worried.

"Cut it out. She will smell us. You know this.”

"And she'll know that I want your body and you like that I want it.” Jan shrugged. "I can smell that too.”

Evgeni sighed.
"I am not thinking who I am wanting is so easy to discern, yes? We both smell of desire and we are meeting Julian...”

Again the shrug. "And we want him too. She knows that by now and you know it.”

"We are not having to rub it in.” Evgeni muttered softly.

"Fine, no rubbing.” Jan agreed but the way he said 'rubbing' suggested that was exactly what he wanted to do. Evgeni let out his breath in a long suffering sigh.

"We are here.”

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Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian and Tavi had had a fantastic dinner, even if it was slightly heavier on the vegetables than Julian was used to. That was probably for the best, given his current state of inactivity. Tavi could have all the raw meat she wanted. It was kind of odd watching her scarf it down - she hadn't been kidding about being hungry. 'Cooking' her a steak was looking better and better.

He could feel a myriad of emotions from Jan and Evgeni and it made him wonder. They were nervous? The two vampires? The immortal, powerful ones - were slightly insecure? Huh. That was different. He tried not to reflect any of that back on either of them, tried to feel confident. He knew they wanted him, he wanted them, Tavi seemed to want him and be sort of okay with them - well, the logic was working out somehow. He was excited, himself. He wanted to see them both, even as he sat in the park on a bench along the side of a trail with his good hand in Tavi's.

He couldn't help standing when he finally saw them, looking a lot hotter than they had any right to. He took a step toward them and then stopped with a glance back at Tavi, clearly torn on what the etiquette was in this situation. Did one greet one's multiple lovers with a hug? A kiss? Manly slap on the back? What was the protocol here?

He waited for a second, in limbo, green-blue eyes measuring Tavi for a response. It was kind of her call, Julian figured. She knew what went on between them. If she didn't want to see it Julian could save the casual greeting for later and go with something a little more formal.

"That's them," he murmured, as if it weren't already very apparent. He smiled. The three people he wanted were right here and all was right in the world... provided they didn't go for each other's throats.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
She could hear people coming down the path. Werewolves weren't the easiest people to sneak up on but she continued to sit there next to Julian until he stood and mentioned they were here. Now that she had agreed to this meeting she was beginning to think she was crazy. It was going to be...awkward. Not just a little awkward but a lot awkward.

Did she want Julian to not greet them as he would if she weren't around? Did she want to see them behaving normally so that she'd know? Was she angry? Jealous? More than a little confused? Yeah that, definitely out of sorts. It wasn't the kind of problem that came up every day.

Well, she was a werewolf and she'd deal with it like a dominant personality she was. The other choices just weren't her.

Tavi stood and slid an arm around Julian's waist. She rose up on her toes and kissed him quickly on the cheek. Then she brushed past him and walked toward the two vampires.

The taller one stepped forward in front of the other, Jan. The musician glanced up at his friend and then looked back at her but he didn't move up. Tavi raised her eyebrows at the protective stance of the taller one and looked up into his eyes. They were blood red....

Her mind slid away from her and she had a sense of those eyes before, scared eyes, sad. She felt responsible, guilty for some unknown past sin and protective.

Blinking rapidly, her vision cleared and her focus returned. This was Evgeni then and obviously he had met her family before. She couldn't shake the feeling that she needed to protect him, save him from something even though he seemed healthy and strong standing here in front of her with his chin set and his eyes wary.

She reached out and hugged him close. He froze in her arms, seemingly afraid to move and then slowly she felt his arms wrap around her. The greeting had been what she had intended to do from the first but the memory just made it easier. It also made it hard to be very angry with him, even over Julian. Of course she hadn't seen either of them kissing him yet, maybe that would change things.

"Hey” There was a tug on the side of her dress. "What about me?” Tavi turned to the dark haired vampire and laughed. The forlorn eyes that he had been favoring her with became more round with her amused reaction. His lip wibbled and she was reminded of the cartoon version of Puss in Boots from Shrek. How could anyone deny that look?

"Yes, he is always like this...” Evgeni said with a sigh. "before you ask.”

Tavi smiled and reached for the singer and wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug. He hugged her back, leaning in to smell her green hair with a happy sigh. "You smell nice.”

"So do you.” She laughed. He did. Whatever he was wearing was earthy and sultry at the same time. It smelled of woods and soil, leather and wine. It was soft; a human probably wouldn't have smelled it until they were touching him but to her it lingered just above his skin. It was the right amount of scent, noticeable, pleasant but not overly strong. His hair smelled of expensive shampoo, no styling products, the lack of the latter was also evident in the soft uncontrollable curls that framed his face in a random sort of fashion.

She turned to Julian and held out her hand.
"Honestly Julian. Don't be shy.” Tavi winked at him and gave him a smile. In for a penny, in for a pound. If she was going to give this a try then she should really try.
Evgeni 10 years ago
The she wolf had a look in her eyes that meant something but what exactly was hard to tell. He couldn't decide if she was going to slap them or try and eat them. Evgeni watched her coming toward them and stood taller, taking a step in front of Jan. If she was going to blame anyone for what had happened with Julian then it should be him. He had insisted they tell Julian the truth and it was his ability that bound them all together.

He watched her come toward him and didn't move back. She looked up into his eyes and then she sort of lost focus. It was like looking at someone daydreaming except for more blank and less far away, almost like a coma. It only lasted a few seconds and then she blinked and looked at him again.

Her expression was different, confused, amused, maybe a little sad. It was hard to tell.

Then she hugged him. It wasn't exactly the reaction he had been expecting. But he liked it a lot better than what he had been expecting so he wasn't complaining.

[She's cute] He sent to Julian, still hugging the green haired fairy girl close to his chest. There was a lot of attitude there; that much was obvious. He had met werewolves once before and there was something similar about her. Her eyes, they reminded him of the leader of a pack he had met not long ago. His eyes had been the same startling green in a face equally tan. Perhaps he would be able to ask her about them one day.

Jan wormed his way into a hug with all the charm and humor that he normally had. Evgeni looked at Julian and rolled his eyes. [I hope you spent plenty of time with her tonight. You might not be getting her back.]

Tavi turned and called Julian into their little group like he had been shy instead of cautious. He couldn't help but find that amusing and Jan seemed to as well. She seemed to fit right in so far. He was cautiously optimistic.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian felt immediate happiness when he saw Jan and Evgeni, but it was dulled somewhat by nerves as he tried to figure out how to proceed. He liked that Tavi had her arm around him although he wondered if it was a possessive thing - but didn't she deserve he right to feel that way? Tavi moved, though, after giving him a soft kiss, approaching the two vampires. Julian noticed Evgeni had moved in front of Jan. It was sweet. Evgeni was a protector; he'd certainly protected Julian when he had needed it.

After a moment of uncertainty, where Julian stood wondering what was going through Tavi's mind, she suddenly moved forward and hugged Evgeni. Not what Julian had expected. Not what Evgeni had expected either, from the feel of it, but not unwelcome either.

[I think so too,] he answered Evgeni's voice in his head. [You should see her as a wolf. Hot.]

'Nuff said there. Tavi was pretty incredible in any form, but so were Evgeni and Jan. In fact, Julian was quickly coming to realize he had very little to offer. Look at him, the sole human in this group of four people, the only one sporting stitches in the back of his head, a cast on one wrist, and a collection of bruises that were just fading from purple and blue to a delightful yellow-green. Nothing could have taken his ego down a few notches better than that thought right there.

There was a hug for Jan too, and Julian smiled softly at the generosity of Tavi's heart. That she could even try this impressed him with her strength of character. Even if she ultimately decided it couldn't work for them, the fact that she even attempted it said a lot about her, not to mention about Evgeni and Jan.

[I'd best be getting her back. Although if not, I will just drag you off somewhere secluded and we can comfort each other.] Did that qualify as flirting? Had he ever actually flirted with Evgeni before... or any other guy for that matter?

When Tavi called to him he wrinkled his nose at her, half a heartbeat away from sticking out his tongue too. He reached out and took her hand, squeezing it. Then he moved past her and went to Evgeni. With a long, low sigh he wrapped his free arm around the taller man's narrow waist and pressed close, resting his cheek against Evgeni's chest. Maybe the feeling was stronger because everything that had happened was so recent, but Julian suspected he would always feel like this around Evgeni - safe, secure, as if everything would be all right. There was no small amount of attraction mixed in, however, and he unconsciously tilted his chin up, his lips gently brushing Evgeni's jaw.

He turned to Jan next, reaching out for him, noting the feeling of comfort there too. He had known Jan the longest of the three of them, been friends with him the longest, and felt just as easy, just as warm, in his presence. With each of the three people here there were strong feelings. Julian rested his cheek next to Jan's as he hugged him too, nuzzling his neck with his nose before straightening.

He might be the weak little human here, but he was also the luckiest person present. For some reason these three people were willing to try to love him together and let him love them back. It might be a train wreck somewhere down the line but for now Julian was sure he'd never forget the way this felt right here and now. And he was absolutely positive that without them he wouldn't even be standing on his own. He'd be a puddle somewhere, useless, broken, and possibly not even alive.

He moved back toward Tavi, not having taken his hand out of hers. Pulling her close he felt a soft smile on his face that he hoped wouldn't go anywhere anytime soon.
"Walk?" he said, to none of them in particular. "Or, we can go find a quiet place to sit and get some drinks."

Walking was fine with him as long as they took it slow. He and Tavi had been out for a couple of hours now and his body was reminding him that it there was a reason the doctors had told him to take it easy (and even that, he hadn't really done much of so far). Not like they'd all be going running anyway - it made it pretty tough to talk, and he was sure they should all talk. Probably a lot.
Evgeni 10 years ago
Evgeni's response to Julian's threat or promise, whichever it was, was mental laughter through the bond and a twinge of desire. He couldn't help conjuring up images of being 'comforted' by Julian off somewhere in the woods. [I think you will have to work very hard to distract me from our loss and I will do the same for you.]

Julian came closer and took Tavi's hand and then wrapped an arm around his waist. Evgeni hugged him close, bending to place a light kiss on Julian's temple. He sighed softly an enveloped the man in his arms with all the love and protection he could muster.

Lifting his eyes from Julian, Evgeni looked at Tavi. She was watching him, them both actually, with open interested green eyes. What she was feeling or thinking was unreadable. Not because her expression was closed but because it appeared she hadn't decided herself. She seemed to simply be watching.

Julian moved on to Jan next and Evgeni stepped back. He watched Tavi and then watched the other two. After a second, he stepped closer to her and reached out an arm. She looked up at him, appearing to think about it for a moment and then wrapped her free arm around him. She leaned into his chest and breathed in deeply. It wasn't exactly abnormal but he had the distinct impression that she was taking in the scent of him and weighing it in her mind. He hoped that he passed the test. Her arm squeezed him tighter; he could sense her strength even in this light embrace, something equal to his own. Tavi looked fragile but she was proving to be quite strong in more ways than one.

When all the greetings were exchanged, Julian returned and reclaimed the rest of Tavi. Evgeni looked over them both at Jan. [So what do you think?]

[She's pretty hot for a furry.] Jan smiled at him and moved around the other two to come lean against him. [I think I like her but then maybe I just like women willing to push me down onto the floor and straddle me.]

Evgeni restrained a sigh, inward or otherwise. He could feel Jan's admiration and respect for Tavi despite his flippant words. There was a fear there and a hope. He understood both feelings because his own echoed them. They were both afraid that this might not work even with Tavi and Julian being willing to try and they both now saw a glimmer of hope that it just might work out for everyone after all.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
They were sweet together. She wasn't sure what she had been expecting to see. Maybe hot male on male action like a late night porno flick aimed at lonely women with insomnia. It hadn't been unappealing, seeing Evgeni wrap his arms around Julian and hug him close. It had been tender. She could smell the desire on both of them from this close but that wasn't the dominant emotion in their body language. Evgeni's eyes closed and his body relaxed as soon as Julian's arm went around his waist, like tension that he had been carrying in those broad shoulders suddenly drained away. The effect on Julian appeared to be much the same.

She watched them both taking in all the minute details with wide curious eyes. When Julian turned to Jan, she turned a little also and observed them as well. It was the same and it was different but it was loving.

Evgeni came around to stand next to her. Her gaze flickered to him and he held out an arm for her. She thought about it, did she want to so easily accept him? Wouldn't it be harder on everyone if she were difficult? She had begun the effort to try and it appeared that he was willing to do the same. She still had the urge to protect him and felt like she knew him. It was easier than she expected to lean against him and wrap her free hand around him. She leaned against his chest and inhaled deeply. He smelled of the same shampoo as Jan and some of the fragrance the Jan wore as well but it was light almost not there. Whatever he was wearing smelled of winter woods and incense, like a church nestled deep in the forest. Somehow the two very different odors seemed perfect for him.

Julian came back to her and she slid into his embrace easily, glancing at Evgeni who let her go. He smiled and then turned his attention to Jan. She returned her attention to Julian who had asked if they wanted to walk or get some drinks somewhere.

Looking from one to the other of them, she smiled.
"How about I go get us some drinks and then we can walk or sit somewhere here and talk.” They couldn't say everything they wanted to say in a bar somewhere but out here in the wilderness she could be more sure than no one human was close enough to hear them except the one that they wanted to include.

Jan tilted his head to the side and looked at her. "You driving?”

She shook her head, no and he grinned like a kid about to see fireworks for the first time. "You changing?”

Again she shook her head, no. The grin faded a little but he nodded in understanding.
"Turning up naked to purchase alcohol or anything really tends to be counter productive.”

"I bet and where would you carry your id?”

She raised her eyebrows at him and it was his turn to shake his head.

"No, no, forget I asked.”

"I'll be right back. You guys find us some place nice near here. I'll find you.” She gave Julian a tender little kiss and then pulled away.

Bending down, she tied the long dress up in twin knots so that a bulk of the material rested higher up on her thighs on either side. She'd slow down to a respectable human running speed when she needed to and then she could stop long enough to let the material back down again. Once her dress was no longer in danger of tripping her, she waved to the three men and then took off through the woods. She started at a sprint down the path. It was clear of obstructions and she would admit to wanting to make an impression so she might have been doing over a hundred miles an hour before she hit the tree line. Shifting would have been better for speed but she did need her clothes besides people expected wolves to be fast, somehow it was more impressive to see a human figure run at speeds faster than a vehicle.

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Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian flashed Evgeni a little grin. [I would work my ass off for your... comfort.] He was pretty sure he could say that with conviction... his ass was definitely there for anything Evgeni or Jan or, hell, Tavi, wanted it for. He was having a hard time finding any shame at all in that sentiment.

Watching the exchange between Tavi and Jan was fun. Jan could really turn on the cute when he wanted to. Julian only wished he could learn how to exude charm the way Jan could. He didn't think Tavi could possibly be immune to it.

He returned Tavi's soft kiss with a little sigh, wishing he could look forward to more than a coke. He was still on painkillers for his head and his wrist, and while they weren't the super heavy ones they were prescription, and not to be mixed with anything. Julian loved to drink, but even he could admit he had a tendency to take it too far. That was what had landed him in bed with Val and then coshed on the head. It was definitely time to take a step back from drinking, and the medication made sure he did that.

He watched her leave, eyes growing wide when she literally took off.
"Well... that was something," he said, turning to his friends. Boyfriends. Lovers.

Without Tavi there he felt freer to be who he wanted to be with them - it wasn't that he felt like she couldn't take it or that she was making the situation tense, just that they were all naturally being cautious and restrained. Now, alone with the two of them, Julian moved directly toward them and grabbed them both, pulling them close.

"Thanks for coming," he said. With an arm around each he turned first to Jan, kissing him soundly, and then tilted his head up to Evgeni for a more satisfying kiss as well. "I'm so glad you're here. And that you're being so cool about everything."

Technically he'd been with Tavi first, but that was splitting hairs when the physical interaction had been within a 24 hour time frame. He had no idea how they would manage what seemed like such a balancing act, but he very badly wanted to manage it. He really couldn't say exactly what he would choose if they all decided to make him. How could he do that? No, he needed this to work. Maybe last year he would have answered differently, but last year wasn't today.
Jan 10 years ago
"That was awesome." Jan turned away from where Tavi disappeared into the trees. He smiled at Julian and Evgeni. "We are fast but no where near that fast." Just in case Julian wanted to know.

Julian came and wrapped his arms around the both of them, leaning in for a kiss. Jan slid his hands up Julian's chest and thoroughly enjoyed the kiss that he was given, reluctant to let him go. He then enjoyed watching Julian kiss Evgeni, feeling their pleasure through the bond.

"We are the epitome of cool." Jan grinned and then led them further down the path. "We like you, Julian, and don't want to lose you or see you unhappy." He leaned in and kissed Julian again before there could be any protests about losing anyone. "We can share." Jan pointed between the two of them. "We have to feed and that means getting cozy with strangers. houses."

"Too much sunshine." Evgeni said, placing an arm around both of their waists. "Lets be finding place to sit. She will be back soon."

"I have a blanket in the truck. I can go grab it." Jan pulled free of both of them. "I don't run as fast but it won't take long. Find us a nice place?"

He turned and left but he wasn't completely out of ear shot when he heard Evgeni say "You are now all alone in woods with a vampire, Julian. Very dangerous." Jan slowed down to a jog. Evgeni's husky tone suggested a danger that Jan enjoyed being in very much.

((OOC: Evgeni is pulling Julian just off the trail and wrapping his arms around him, leaning in to talk about the danger Julian is in. ))
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian smiled at Jan when he went to get a blanket, and then his attention was immediately taken by Evgeni, who drew him off the trail they were on and pulled him into his arms, his voice low and full of this supposed danger.

It only shot a spike of desire through him, one he imagined Jan would have felt as far away as, oh, Mars. He smiled innocently up at Evgeni.
"Everyone knows vampires aren't real," he said with as much naivety as he could muster.

He slid his hands up the front of Evgeni's shirt, which was already on the short side and slid up just a little further. Julian gently gripped the grey pin-striped Lycra in his hands, careful not to damage it or be too rough. He pressed himself against Evgeni, not having missed the very obvious silver zipper on those disgustingly sexy pants.

Up on his tiptoes Julian slid his cheek alongside Evgeni's, letting his lips come to rest next to his friend's ear.
"What are you going to do, big, bad, dangerous vampire?"

He clamped his teeth down very gently on the soft lobe of Evgeni's ear, before releasing it and finishing the question.
"Bite me?"

Not a chance in hell that would ever be a bad thing. Julian practically purred at the notion of it. Since when had he developed this sensual side? God, he was pretty much throwing himself at Evgeni. Julian didn't usually try to do 'sexy.' What if he'd just failed miserably? Well he couldn't take it back now; if Evgeni burst into gales of laughter Julian would live - he could laugh at himself too, if nothing else.
Evgeni 10 years ago
Evgeni quickly came to the conclusion that he might be the one in danger. He sighed softly as Julian's hands slid up his chest, his own hands tightening on Julian's hips, not pulling him closer but kneading softly, trying unsuccessfully to release the rush of desire he felt now that his friend was pressed so nicely against him.

The feel of Julian's cheek against his own made him shut his eyes against the strong need to pull Julian down into the grass and make love to him right here. There was a lovely woman coming back who probably wouldn't be up to seeing that just yet, maybe never, but they certainly shouldn't push their luck this early.

He shuddered lightly, pleasure sending chills up his spine, when Julian nibbled on his ear. Pulling his head away carefully, Evgeni murmured softly.
"Very tempting. You know this.” Julian could sense his desire and knew just how hard he was to resist.

"If I bite you I wouldn't be able to let you go.” Evgeni pulled Julian tight against him and kissed him with all the passion and longing behind it that expressed without words exactly how much he wanted to bite Julian and other things. His tongue demanded entrance and he tasted his new lover as much as he dared. In parting, he dragged his fangs lightly along Julian's lower lip, letting him feel just the hint of them before he pulled away.

"Well you two didn't get very far.” Jan said from not far away. Evgeni looked over at his clan mate and could tell that Jan had run all the way to the truck and back. It wasn't parked very far from here and they were indeed fast. Jan's shirt was pushed nearly off his chest and his hair was blown back away from his face, a heavy quilt was in his hands.

"Come then let us all find a place.” He reached out an arm to Jan. They walked a little further into the woods. Night sounds and their own rustling filling the space around them. After a minute or so, Evgeni stopped and listened.

"Sounds like a stream.” Jan confirmed and marched toward the sound of water. Evgeni followed with Julian, not wanting to leave the vision impaired human who was already injured. Of course, his thoughts also lingered on the kiss they had shared and he knew that he didn't really want to stop touching Julian just yet.

"How was your evening, so far?” They had felt many things from Julian and could tell that the evening had not gone as badly as their friend had feared.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
The situation was suddenly, indeed, very dangerous. Evgeni's hands were tight on his hips, and the force of more than one man's desire was a difficult one to resist. How could he explain this to anyone else? Desire shared was desire multiplied. It didn't lessen with diffusion.

Evgeni's voice was soft and husky, and even though he warned that with a bite he wouldn't be able to let Julian go, he pulled him close anyway and treated him to a demanding kiss that had Julian uttering a soft moan of pleasure. It was over far too soon and he was gasping something that sounded suspiciously like,
"No, don't," as Evgeni pulled away and Jan returned.

Julian chuckled breathlessly at Jan.
"I don't move that fast."

Even if he'd really been looking for a spot, Jan had gone fast enough that they wouldn't have made it too far. Now that Jan was back the desire was even stronger; Julian didn't feel like there was a third person there. Instead he felt like they had just been completed. It was nice. And even through all of that he still wondered how long it might take Tavi.

He was uncomfortable walking through the woods, off the trails, which was something he rarely did even in full daylight, with a bum hip. While Jan forged ahead Evgeni remained with him and Julian was grateful for that; he leaned on his lover several times when the underbrush seemed like it was trying to grab him and hold on.

Evgeni distracted him from his mild dislike of the terrain with a question and he smiled up at the taller man.
"It's been enlightening," he said. "She hasn't written me off because of all this." He gestured to the three of them. "But it's still up for judgment."

He lifted his shoulders.
"To be fair, I might have made it sound like I wasn't planning to give you both up." He tightened his grip a little on Evgeni's arm as he stepped over a branch, but that was just an excuse. "Because I'm not."

He wasn't sure when he'd reached that decision; just that since Jan and Evgeni had left him, only a few hours ago really, Julian knew part of him was missing. He could still feel them there but it only felt just right when they were all together. Maybe he'd learn to deal with that eventually, to temper it somehow. Their bond was very new and Julian suspected after a while he would be more used to his friends' presence in his head.

"The wolf thing was a shock, but not a bad one. Just a surprise. She's really very pretty."

As they reached what looked like a good area to spread the blanket out and sit down Julian looked around and grinned.
"I'm alone in the forest in the middle of the night with two vampires and a werewolf," he said with a laugh, "and ironically I've never felt safer."

His head reeled for a second, reminding him why he was on leave from work and not supposed to be hiking through the forest. He could pretty much feel the blood drain from his face as everything spun, but it would settle down in short order. The doctors said that would happen less and less frequently as he healed, but that it could take anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months to stop happening entirely. He was lobbying for a couple weeks, himself.

He wasn't quite ready to say it had been worth it to wind up here with his partners, because the terror of his captivity hadn't yet faded, but he was a strong-willed person and he could recognize a silver lining when he saw one. Julian was more than willing to take what good he could out of his experience. He was also more than willing to sink unsteadily onto the blanket when it was spread out, bracing his good hand against the ground while the world began to level out again.
Evgeni 10 years ago
While they walked he kept the one arm around his friend. It was gentle when the ground was even and the going smooth and firm, solid and supportive as a rock when it was not. He didn't need to reach out a second hand to steady Julian at the pace they were going though it was tempting to do so. He knew it was simply an excuse to pull his companion close.

Evgeni listened to Julian talk about Tavi. He was glad to hear that it had gone well and not as glad to hear that their own new relationship had been nonnegotionable. Of course a large part of him was thrilled by the news, ecstatic and relieved, but another part was worried that it was too soon to be so sure of where they stood. Being a part of a new bond was exhilarating, sensational and overwhelming. He felt this way and he was accustomed to this type of connection but for Julian it was all new and might be more confusing than his friend was aware of.

"She is open minded then. That is good." He would keep his misgivings to himself for now. Hopefully they never needed to be mentioned. Julian was a smart man and the bond would become a part of him that he took for granted as simply normal quickly enough. His friend was adaptable and stable. It was part of what drew both himself and Jan to Julian; there was a strength of mind and will that was not usually seen in someone so creative, imaginative and romantic. The traits didn't mix often but when they did the person was extraordinary. Evgeni was not at all surprised that Julian had three lovers in his life and that they were all willing to share him so that they wouldn't lose him. "I look forward to getting to know her better."

Tavi had come to him and he could see in her eyes that decision to try. For a moment he wasn't sure whether she was going to punch him or shake his hand. Perhaps for a moment she hadn't known either. He certainly hadn't expected to be hugged. It was a glimpse into why Julian couldn't give her up either.

Jan had found the stream and was settling the blanket on the ground. Evgeni watched with appreciation and his clan mate's lithe form crawled over the top and smoothed down the edges.

Julian mentioned being out in the woods alone with two vampires and a werewolf and never feeling safer. Evgeni was about to comment on it when he felt a wave of dizziness sweep over him. He clutched Julian tighter, swaying a little where they stood.

Jan suddenly appeared right in front of them, his hands reaching out to grasp an arm of each of them and hold them steady. He must have been truly disoriented because he hadn't seen Jan move. They were fast but they were not so fast that another vampire lost sight of their actions very easily but he had.

The singer helped Julian sink down onto the blanket while sparing a glance or two up at him, most likely to make sure he wouldn't fall. Jan's own head had to be spinning as well but because he was getting the echo of Julian through Evgeni he seemed able to handle it better. Either that or he was used to the world tilting on its axis.

Settling down behind Julian, Evgeni cradled the other man's head against his chest and wrapped his arms around him. Jan gave them one last appraising look and then flopped backward to lie on the blanket.

"You know being dizzy in love isn't all that its cracked up to be. At least not when its literal." Jan turned his face away from the night sky and looked at the both of them with a grin.

Evgeni smiled at his clan mate and sent to Julian. [I am not believing he just said he was in love with us both. Out loud and everything.] It might have been said in a joking manner but Jan still said it and that was quite the surprise.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Tavi had gone to the store and had picked out several bottles of wine, a non alcoholic sparkling berry drink, a sports drink with electrolytes and vitamins in it, and a six pack of a local brewed summer ale. She didn't know if vampires could get drunk but she suspected that even if they could that it would take a lot to do it which meant that none of them were cheap dates. Getting them drunk wasn't her goal but a little buzzed might help the night go more smoothly. She added a couple of granola bars to the mix and hoped she picked a flavor Julian liked. They had eaten not too long ago but if they stayed out for a while then he might get hungry. Ironically being out in the woods meant that she had little snack sized things all around her but she doubted that Julian would share a squirrel or rabbit with her or even want to watch her eat it.

The clerk didn't believe her when she showed him ID. She sighed and brought out her P.I. license, several credit cards and a gun permit. It was probably the bored expression that convinced him more than anything else. When he was done wrapping the bottles in brown bags and placing them in another bag with handles he had asked if she got carded all the time for things. Yeah, she did. At least she was coming to an age where it looked possible that she was a young twenty one. Before that she had to get her alcohol in more complicated ways.

She got back to the path and the bench that she and Julian had sat on and then followed the scent and signs that led through the woods. It was an easy trail to follow, Tavi looked at the broken branches, tracks and crushed greenery and didn't even really need to use her sense of smell. Two of them had walked side by side and she knew that one of them was Julian. As she walked along following his tracks she could see where he leaned his weight more heavily on one leg. The slight limp was more pronounced out here. The other person had a stride that seemed to match Julian easily. She would bet on Evgeni. When she looked more carefully she could see a smaller stride occasionally down the middle. Jan's tracks were sometimes walked over by the other two and that let her know that he had gone first and the others had followed behind. Interestingly, his shoe size seemed as big as Julian's. He looked young; he hadn't been full grown when he was made a vampire. His feet suggested a taller man but his gait gave away his height.

The stream burbled in the distance and it was soon clear that they were headed toward it. Tavi loped along the path, checking the signs occasionally to make sure she was going in the right direction but headed for the stream.

As she drew closer, she slowed down, using the stream's noise to hide the occasional rustle of the bag in her hands. If she hadn't been carrying it then she would have been near silent. She was down wind and that was to her advantage.

She watched the three of them through the trees. Jan settled a blanket down on the ground, smoothing it out carefully and brushing leaves out the way. Her attention moved to Julian and Evgeni. She saw them both sway on their feet. Jan jumped up and moved in front of them in a rush of speed that would have rivaled one of her own kind. He held a hand out to both of them and looked concerned.

Tavi watched him carefully help Julian ease himself down onto the blanket. Evgeni settled himself against Julian and held him close. Jan laid back onto the blanket and stared up at the sky for a moment before remarking about being dizzy in love.

They looked it, caring for Julian wasn't just an act for her sake or for Julian's. She had seen Evgeni sway and she knew that the connection that Julian had told her about was true. It wasn't simply something that gained some advantage for the vampire or just drew power or allowed some control over Julian. It was a true link for both good and bad. That made her feel better about it. If it had been a more shallow tie then perhaps it could have been done lightly but she didn't think an immortal would connect himself so easily to a human if he didn't truly care for him in some way.

"So you feel safe out here with us?" She smiled and moved toward the group. The vampires turned to her with identical looks of surprise on their faces. It was satisfying to know that she could sneak up on them but she hid the thought away. "We must be a boring bunch of monsters then." Tavi grinned and settled down on the blanket next to Jan.

"Shall we get this party started?" She held up the bottles of wines for the dark haired vampire and he grinned. It was beautiful; his face was expressive and when he was happy it seemed to fill up all of him as if he didn't know how to do an emotion half way.

She pulled out the package of plastic cups and he laughed. "High Class." He said.

"Nothing but the finest when I am out on a date with three men." Tavi smiled. He glanced at her, as if seeing if she really meant what she said and then his grin grew even more brilliant, something she hadn't thought possible.

"I brought several choices for you." She held up the drinks to Julian. Holding out the sports drink, she said. "Maybe start with this one."

She met Evgeni's eyes behind Julian's head and found approval in them. It warmed her to see it and she smiled softly at him. She should be jealous about Julian wrapped in the blond's arms and there was a tiny tinge of it but far less than she expected. Mostly she wanted to curl up with them both. Perhaps it was easier because she and Julian had not been a couple for very long. Their relationship hadn't been cemented into something solid yet. She wanted him and didn't want to lose him but it was still at the stage where it grew and changed or died back into friendship very easily. This change might not be insurmountable.

"Your hands are full. Want me to make you a drink?"

Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian blinked and Jan was there with him, helping him down onto the spinning blanket. A moment later and he felt Evgeni sink down behind him, and his strong arms wrap around Julian. Julian rested his head against Evgeni's chest, his good hand coming up to curl his fingers around Evgeni's shoulder as he breathed a soft, "oh" of relief and closed his eyes.

His head roared and pounded at him for a moment and then Jan's voice cut through the noise. Julian went very still, as Evgeni's voice also infiltrated the fog of his just-healing concussion. [I... wow,] he responded, slightly at a loss. Thank god they could both feel what he felt, because he was a little overwhelmed. In a good way.

He cracked his eyes open and looked down at Jan, his smile growing at the sight of the older of his two vampire lovers laying there looking gorgeous.
"I'd have to agree," he mumbled.

The world was beginning to level out, but Julian stayed where he was tucked up against Evgeni. He felt so good there, closing his eyes and relaxing a little more when it appeared that the dizziness was, indeed, temporary.

He heard Tavi's voice and felt Evgeni move quickly, as if he'd just looked up fast or something. Julian let his eyes drift slowly open once more, smiling at Tavi this time.
"I do feel safe. But you're wrong everywhere else. Not boring. Not monsters."

He knew she was teasing but Julian's loyalty was unwavering. Even in jest, it wasn't right that any of them be referred to as monstrous. He watched quietly while Tavi moved over to Jan, enjoying the interaction between them. They could be friends. He so knew it. They were all such good people, easy to get along with, so giving.

He was offered a sports drink and he took it without complaint, his recent weakness making him far more compliant than any other time. Not that he'd have refused it, but he still gave a little sigh at the bottles of wine. Since Tavi had made herself comfortable next to Jan Julian didn't feel any pressure to remove himself from Evgeni's arms, especially since she didn't seem perturbed by it, offering Evgeni a drink.

Julian sipped slowly at his own beverage, curling his legs up under him and pretty much nestling into a ball.
"Thanks," he said to Tavi, for getting the drinks. It was thoughtful of her to find something he could have. He was lucky. Incredibly lucky, and he wasn't about to forget it any time soon.

In a few minutes he was feeling much better, the waves of dizziness gone almost entirely. He pushed away just a little from Evgeni, so he could reach up and brush his lips lightly over his cheek in thanks. After that he settled back down against Evgeni, still curled up comfortably, and glanced at Tavi. He raised hi eyebrows briefly, asking if it was all right with her. If she was uncomfortable with his being in Evgeni's arms Julian would stop. He didn't want to shove this down her throat all at once.
Evgeni 10 years ago
[Yes, 'I, wow' about covers it.] Evgeni leaned forward and smiled into Julian's hair. He sent more serious words of love to Jan who blushed a delicate shade of pink but smiled brightly at them both.

Tavi returned and had caught Julian's statement about vampires and werewolves. She was very quiet. He had missed her approach and had been listening for her earlier. He had become distracted by the dizzy spell, Jan's statement of being in love and Julian's body leaned up against him. Evgeni forgave himself for his lapse in alertness. He felt a little vindicated when his fellow vampire's head snapped up also and his surprise was echoed from Jan through the bond.

Evgeni smiled again and leaned down to kiss Julian's temple gently.
"I am glad you are not thinking we are boring. I am not so sure about the monsters. We are...different but not any more evil than a human.”

"We are just sunlight impaired...Blooditarians...Homo Noctus.” Jan supplied and winked at Tavi.

"Depilatory challenged...lunar sensitive...Homo Lupus.” Tavi and Jan both giggled at their various titles.

She settled down next to Jan and started handing out drinks. Evgeni lifted a hand from Julian's waist and pointed to the interesting looking ale. Tavi picked up one of the bottles and snapped the cap off with a thumb and finger and then handed it to him.

Julian must have had some silent expression for Tavi because she reached over and squeezed his leg gently before picking up her own solo cup. She 'clinked' it with Jan, both of them drinking wine out of the high brow containers. With a look around at the three of them, Tavi then settled back against Jan's chest and stretched out her legs next to Julian's.

Jan's eyebrows shot up toward his hairline but he slowly reached his free hand out and put it around her waist. He was as hesitant as a teenager on his first date, giving her plenty of time to push the arm away if she wanted which seemed to make Tavi smile. She snuggled up comfortably against Jan and Evgeni could feel the echo of her soft hair tickling against Jan's collarbone. He could feel the shivers run down his clan mate's spine. Tavi must have felt him shudder also because her smile became one of pleased satisfaction.

"So...I don't know much about vampires except some of our scary bed time stories and such.”

Jan tilted his chin up and made some weird hand sign at him, Evgeni frowned and looked confused. "Damn, I bet you don't the clan secret handshake either.” His clan mate sighed at him.

"Is no such thing.” He replied but with less certainty than he would like. Jan was Simon's son; if there was some secret handshake perhaps he had not been considered important enough to have been given the knowledge but he doubted it. Still it occurred to him that he was a very new member of their clan compared to Jan who had been a part of it all of his unnatural life.

"We are Tacharan.” Jan said softly. "Have you heard of us?”

"Not really.” She shook her head slightly as she said it and Jan shivered again and held her tighter. Tavi smiled that secret little smile and Evgeni thought it was beautiful.

[I love that smile.] He sent to Julian. [She is driving him crazy without even trying hard, I think.] Evgeni took a sip of his ale, savoring the crisp taste of it. This night had been good before but it was much better now.

"You're the young ones, right? Or newer or something?” Tavi turned and looked at Jan. He nodded an affirmative at her. "I've heard of Anantya. The old and scary ones who can control you with their eyes and the Evenhet who are supposedly very goodie goodie, wanting to live out in the open in human society. Is that true?”

"Is true.” Evgeni shrugged slightly. "They are patient about it. Not going to be starting a confession tomorrow or anything.”

"I don't know....with Trueblood and stories like that out and popular maybe they will decide to out us all some time soon.” Jan gave a very visible shudder this time and not one of pleasure. "I would rather not see the mobs with pitchforks and iphones, thanks.”

Tavi laughed softly and nodded. "No, no, you guys would become a media sensation. Sure, there would be the religious groups and the paranoid government types clamoring for your heads but more people would be treating you guys like celebrities. Paparazzi following you everywhere demanding you do neat vampire tricks...Run fast! Show us your fangs! Bite my neck! Fly!”

"We do not fly.”

"Yeah but you'll get asked to fly, turn into a bat, a wolf, a cloud of smoke...”

"Sounds fun for about a week, maybe less.” Jan murmured.

"Really, you don't want to be famous?” Tavi turned her head and looked more closely at him.

"For my music, sure. For being a vampire, no.”

"I can understand that.”

"What about you?” Evgeni said. "What pack are you in?” He knew that there were two but he had only met one of them. His knowledge was limited to those werewolves and the short time he had been in their care. They had treated him surprisingly well and had smuggled him out of Russia at a very dangerous time.

"The Vyusher R'asa.” She smiled and took a sip of her drink.

((OOC: We are stopping their chatter there so Julian can react and get in a word edgewise but we figured that he might get some questions answered while Tavi and the guys got to know each other. ))
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian realized he maybe should have been more eloquent regarding Jan's declaration but how much more apparent could he make it, when such statements still blew his mind? He'd loved Jan this whole time, as a friend, he'd known that for months. He had never really known exactly what Evgeni felt about him. And now that things had changed, the truth laid bare in his mind straight from theirs, he loved the change but it still made his head spin pleasantly. It might be months before he could adequately voice his own thoughts. He hoped not. He wanted to tell them he loved them too. So very very much.

When Evgeni said he wasn't sure about not being monsters Julian pushed himself upright again, just for a moment.
"I'm sure," he said, his voice much stronger than it had been while dizzy. He reached up with his free hand and cupped Evgeni's cheek. "You're not monsters. None of you are."

His eyes fell on Tavi and Jan, too, including them in that statement although he couldn't reach them from here.
"The sick fucker that let me bleed and starve while trying to force me to play a violin for him - that was a monster. Not you."

He curled back up against Evgeni, the fire not dying from his eyes one bit but his posture relaxed. He let the humor of the P.C. name calling sink in, laughing along with them. His arm, he wrapped around Evgeni's waist, sliding it beneath the slightly short shirt to feel his skin. He hadn't forgotten just how close he'd been, only a short while ago, to practically begging Evgeni to make love to him up against a tree on the side of the trail until Jan could get back and join in.

Then Tavi blew his mind again by not only giving Julian her tacit approval, but leaning against a shocked Jan with all evident comfort. Julian moaned very softly under his breath, so softly that he was pretty sure even Evgeni might not be able to hear it. His fantasy from the early in the morning came back full-force, and he wondered if he hadn't been completely off the wall to envision it, the four of them.

His mind wandered while they talked. Julian had feared maybe he was wanton, slutty, something. But with the thought of the three of his friends here with him, there was no desire for more. He didn't want just anyone. He wanted these three people, in whatever capacity he could have them.

Julian committed the names he heard to memory... Tacharan, Anantya, Evenhet. Jan and Evgeni belonged to Tacharan. That he knew. He liked the sound of it. Evgeni spoke to him privately and Julian smiled his own little secret smile.

[She is,] he answered. [And all of her smiles are beautiful. It's nice to know someone else can drive Jan crazy. It might take more then the two of us to give as good as we get.]

It was sent with teasing, loving humor. Jan was a troublemaker. So was Tavi. They could give each other hell and Evgeni and Julian could have a break from it. God, he was already planning. It just seemed natural. Tavi fit in with them already. It was so painfully clear, he wanted it to work so very badly, even before he ever voiced that suggestion to any of them. It had to be on their minds now, seeing Tavi and Jan like that.

[They look way too young for us,] Julian added to Evgeni, grousing good-naturedly. [In fact - damn. I'm going to look too old for any of you in a few years.]

He already appeared older than any of them, despite being the youngest person here. Tavi had him beat by several years but Julian's thirtieth birthday was rapidly approaching and, while he fortunately had a very youthful face, these three were going to make him feel old.

He found himself blushing as they pored over the media and pop culture response they would get if this Evenhet clan outed them all. He'd been pretty jazzed, after all, to discover what they were. He did think he'd handled it reasonably well, all things considered, and he recognized the wisdom in keeping it quiet. But it didn't change the fact that his reaction had been pretty much what they were talking about. He fiddled with the cap on the bottle of his drink.

"What do they mean?" he finally asked when Tavi mentioned the name of her Pack. "All the names? Vyusher... uh, R'asa. Tacharan. They must mean something, right?"

He looked at Tavi.
"And there are more... Packs? How many? Lots of little ones, like wolves wolves?"

If they were going to have a question and answer session he was damned well going to participate, even if his mind was running wild with a hundred different threads of thought. He could handle it.
Evgeni 10 years ago
Evgeni smiled down at Julian and kissed him on the cheek when his human friend insisted again that they were not monsters. [Alright. Thank you.] For believing that they were different.

"He made you play the violin for him?” Tavi looked from Julian to Evgeni and then back to Julian. Evgeni nodded from behind Julian's head. "That's just...why?” She waved a hand of dismissal; he assumed so Julian wouldn't have to explain or think about it anymore.

She got up and handed Jan her cup. He held onto it while she leaned over and hugged Julian close for a moment. Tavi kissed Julian on the cheek and then settled back down against Jan and reclaimed her cup.

They both watched her snuggle up next to Jan and Evgeni could feel that reaction from Julian. It wasn't jealousy; it was desire. [I would say penny for your thoughts...but I could guess.] He sighed softly at the feel of Julian's hand beneath his shirt, wanting more than that but at the same time content with how ever much closeness this night handed him. Julian said there would be other nights; they hadn't expected to see their friend at all so being here was wonderful and he could wait until another night to ravish Julian thoroughly.

[And you are hoping for three.] It wasn't really a question. It was a statement. He thought that Jan was now hoping for three also. For himself, he was cautious with his affection but he would definitely not push her out of bed. Not only that be he had a growing respect for her and was also finding her very likeable and more than a little attractive. Like Jan, she looked quite young but there was an age in her eyes that spoke of experience. Once you saw it then there was no thinking that she was a child again. [Hope springs eternal, as they say.] Evgeni hugged Julian a little tighter and hoped that his companion got his wish.

[Older men are sexy.] Evgeni sent in argument to Julian's complaint about looking too old for them. [All that wisdom and life there to see. I am sure that you will look quite distinguished with grey hair...someday.]

The conversation moved on to which clan they were in and which pack Tavi was a part of. The discussion of being outed to the world by Evenhet and the resulting media circus had caused Julian to feel embarrassed. [Your reaction to the knowledge was the best kind, Sunshine. Do not worry. We are happy to show you what we can do because you are a friend and not a stranger. What they are talking about would be different. Like actor being asked to perform favorite lines every time someone recognizes him on the street. You are family. You would play violin for us if we asked you, yes?] But probably not for everyone everywhere he went. Evgeni had a great love of playing the violin himself and he wouldn't want to be asked to perform every time he stepped out onto the street.

Jan looked over at the both of them and crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. Evgeni assumed that meant he suspected there was plenty of mental speaking going on that wasn't directed in his direction.

They were asked the meaning of the words for their different groups. Jan settled his drink on his knee and answered for the two of them. "Tacharan is gaelic. It means ghost or orphan. That's what we are sometimes called 'orphans'. Technically we aren't recognized by the other two officially. Ellis had been pushing for it really hard and then things became complicated with uh...” Jan coughed. "werewolves among other things.”

Tavi moved her head to the side and looked at Jan. "Not us. I think I would have heard of that.”

"Some group called The Pipers is what I've heard. I haven't really been involved. I try to stay out of politics.”

Evgeni chuckled at that and Tavi turned to look at him and then back at Jan. "This is funny because...”

"My dad is the leader of Tacharan.” Jan filled in and gave her a small smile. "Luckily he doesn't seem to expect me to be anything more than I am. Its not that I don't want to help or anything. I just...well, can you see anyone taking me seriously?”

Tavi leaned out again and looked at Jan for a long silent moment. "Your people know you are not young. I don't think they would mistake your appearance for inexperience so you can be whatever you want to be.”

"Some might but maybe not the ones who matter.” Jan mused softly and his eyes grew distant as if his thoughts were somewhere far away.

"There are two different packs and we look different so it isn't hard to tell us apart. The other pack is the Kadzait. Vyusher R'asa means the wolf people.” Tavi smiled at Julian. "There are many small packs, in family groups or groups of several families and they have leaders, at least that is how it works among the R'asa but they are all led by the Sarkis and the Savia.” She gestured with her cup in the air, explaining the titles. "The alpha male and alpha female of our entire pack.” She glanced at Jan and hid a shy grin against his neck and murmured quietly. "Those would be my parents.”

Evgeni chuckled and shook his head apparently Jan wasn't the only one with important parentage. He wondered if that was a good thing or a bad thing for them. werewolves and vampires didn't have the best of history.
"I am just small nearly clanless vampire. No important titles here.”

"Oh...right.” Jan barked a sarcastic laugh. Tavi raised her eyebrows and again looked from one to another. "Tell them your real name, Mr. Nobody.”

Two set of green eyes looked at him expectantly and no doubt Julian waited with curiosity as well.

He sighed softly.
"My human name was Mikhail Fyodorovich Romanov.”

"No way!” Tavi leaned forward and looked at him more closely as if getting nearer to him would somehow show her the truth. Perhaps it would. He did not know what other things she could go as a werewolf. "You aren't kidding.” She turned to Jan. "He isn't is he?” Jan shook his head solemnly.

"Wow, you were really the first Tsar of your family?”

"Yes...and no.” Evgeni smiled at her. "It was dangerous time. My cousin became 'me' for the public appearance. We look much alike. I pretended to be him and in this way they thought I would be better protected from those who did not agree with my becoming Tsar. The thought was that after a few years I would change places in public eye. I still ruled but he made the speeches. Unfortunately, someone did try to poison me. My cousin did not want any of the food that night. It had been four years since I had been crowned so we did not think there was much threat. I ate the food and would have died if Vitali had not been there to make me...this.” He gestured with his hand. "I then needed my cousin more than ever to make public appearances but I ruled for a long while with my father and cousin until there was children and stability and then I found a way to fade further into the background and let them continue without me.”

"And you aren't secretly Mozart or anything?” She turned to look at Jan.

"Not hardly. I was just a street rat.” Jan smiled placidly and took another sip of his wine.

"You clean up nice.” Tavi smiled at Jan and Evgeni could feel his clan mate's thrill of pleasure at her statement and see the slight blush rise to his face. Interesting.

Tavi's gaze turned toward Julian and she grinned. "So who are your parents? English royalty?”
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
"Yeah," Julian said, his voice tight. That was far from his favorite memory. "I don't know why. He was a real nut about violins. I couldn't play. I thought he might kill me if I didn't so I tried... it was... awful." He couldn't say anything else about it; anxiety spiked hard and made his vision waver and he locked his arm around Evgeni's waist again. Then Tavi was in front of him and touching him and Julian smiled at her and hugged her back. When she kissed his cheek he turned his head and brushed his lips to hers.

There was no sense in arguing with Evgeni about the three of them; Julian wouldn't have even if he couldn't read his feelings. [The fantasy had crossed my mind once or twice,] he sent back. [But all things in time. It was just a daydream. I'll be thrilled if things work out as they are now.]

That was the whole truth and nothing more. If it ever came down to the four of them Julian would be happier than a pig in a mudbath, but the fact that everyone was getting along so well made him ecstatic and he hoped they could keep it up.

He nearly choked on his drink when Evgeni commented on his greying hair. [Zhenya! You did not... that would be horrible. I'll look like your father.]

He tried to wipe the thought from his mind. He didn't want it to look like he was dating three of his kids. But he couldn't be too horrified because he had just realized he was imagining himself with them, all of them, when he was old enough to have grey hairs. That thought made him pleased. He wanted this to stay.

Evgeni's nickname for him made him smiled and flush a little. Sunshine, hmm? Evgeni had never used any sort of pet name with him. Julian wasn't going to complain. [Of course I would play for you.]

He relaxed against Evgeni while they discussed the various names of Packs and Clans. It was discovered that Julian was in a rather noteworthy group. He hadn't known any of those facts about any of them, regarding their status. Even Evgeni claimed to be no one, but was outed by Jan. Julian tilted his head back up at Evgeni and blinked at him when he gave his name. Anyone with a basic world education would know who the Romanovs were.

"Well that explains all the jokes," he murmured softly. He held onto Evgeni tightly while he explained his family background, which sounded tumultuous at best, and let the other three continue doing most of the talking while he listened. It was very educational, hearing them speak to each other, and he couldn't help but be interested in the conversation, until it turned to him.

He raised an eyebrow at Tavi,
"No," he said softly. "No royalty in my family. Farmers, I think, based on the family tree someone threw together. My folks are just plain old people whose daughter got killed and whose son keeps getting in trouble."

He smiled wryly; he hadn't told his parents about anything bad that had happened in Nachton since his arrival. No way would he risk that. They were overprotective enough already, and they'd seen enough pain at Julian's hands. He wasn't going to cause them any more. Besides, he had his friends. In spite of his words, he was relaxed and fairly happy at the moment. He was enjoying being here with them, even if he was apparently going to go grey, like, tomorrow, and had no one notable in his own family tree.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Tavi listened to Julian explain about the man who had kidnapped him and what he had wanted. "At least you tried.” She wouldn't have but then she was a stubborn bitch and would probably make the man kill her. It was a good thing that Julian was smarter than that. "I don't know how he could expect greatness under the circumstances.”

Evgeni's arms tightened around Julian and a look of concern and attentive love filled his expression. He murmured something soothing in Russian that she didn't understand much of. There was an endearment that she had heard used once or twice having to do with the sun and a phrase that basically meant it being okay. She wasn't paying too much attention to the words but instead was watching them both closely. Jan had leaned forward as well. She could see his profile with a side glance and she handed him her cup.

She offered Julian the only comfort she could and hoped that her presence and that of the vampires was enough to assure him that they would always be there for him. Tavi wished that she could be a guardian for him the way that some of her pack could watch over others but that was not her ability. She would just have to be willing to kick anyone's ass who hurt him...and that she would definitely do.

The moment of tension eased and moved on to talking about their different people. She learned that the two vampires were from the clan that she knew the least about. Jan was the leader's son. A part of her brain thought of the potential connections that knowing these two could bring to her pack. She held the thought close, pushing it aside for now but not forgetting it entirely.

Her position in the pack was similar to Jan's position among his clan. He didn't seem to want to lead but she wondered if he truly didn't want to or if he thought that he was unworthy. She had wondered that about herself from time to time growing up but she had come up with her own answers to that question in her teenage years. If she didn't believe in herself then she wasn't worthy and if she did believe in herself then no one could make her anything less, not even her mother. Approval and support were wonderful and a pack leader couldn't lead without having them but a pack leader who needed others to fuel self esteem wasn't really a leader. She had marched, stomped some would say, to her own beat for a very long time. Tavi thought that maybe Jan had enough of that self confidence as well but he just didn't recognize it as useful for anything other than what he directed it toward currently.

Evgeni turned out to be a Tsar of Russia. Really, oh my god, really. Tavi looked at him in a new light. There was no denying how old he had to be. The first Romanov was sitting here looking at her very calmly with all the assurance you would expect from someone who had ruled a country. She had just been thinking about being a leader and what it took and here was another person who knew the hardship, power and responsibility first hand. It explained the weight she occasionally saw in his eyes and perhaps his protectiveness of both Jan and Julian.

Julian said he was just an ordinary non royal guy from rural stock. He explained in a way that was harsh to himself whether it was reality or not whether he meant it that way or not. Tavi frowned at him.
"Sometimes trouble finds you. It isn't your fault when it happens. Sick bastards or snow, or whatever else.” She looked back at Jan and gave his arm a little tug. Jan released her and watched her, face curious while he tried to sort out what she wanted.

Tavi scooted over to one side of Julian and Evgeni. Jan echoed her motion and moved over to the other side. She moved in close enough to wrap her arms around both of them, one over Julian's chest and the other around Evgeni's back, Leaning in, she placed her head on Julian's shoulder. Jan's head was on Evgeni's and he watched her serenely, his eyes a paler shade of green than her own.
"I would say we would keep you out of trouble but I am pretty bad at staying out of it myself.”

Jan smiled at her and she suspected she wasn't alone. The thought about preachers children came to mind. They were often some of the most naughty, so the saying goes. Perhaps a leader's child had a tendency to find trouble and to rebel. It made her a little afraid of having her own. Hellions, would probably be a mild word for them.

Maybe if they were Julian's children also then there might be hope for them. Would they have those beautiful curls? His smile? She sighed softly and held Julian tight.

"We will keep you out of trouble.” Evgeni said softly. "Or at least do our best.” Tavi glanced up at him to see if he was talking to Julian but he wasn't looking at Julian. He was looking at her. She blinked at those red eyes and didn't know what to say.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian lifted a shoulder. "He was angrier at the guy who hit me so hard."

He didn't want to talk about it any more, even though years of therapy told him he should. But Evgeni hugged him close and said soft words to him and he sighed and nestled against his lover. It was comfortable, being with Evgeni. Safe. Secure. Loved. He didn't think he could ever associate the tall vampire with any other feelings, not since seeing him in the back seat of the car, pulling a blindfold from his eyes and hugging him hard.

Evgeni sent back to him, telling him his fantasy wasn't entirely off the plate. Julian smiled against Evgeni's chest. Really, all things in time. He was glad everyone was considering it. How he would explain any of it to his folks if it came to pass, he didn't know, but he felt pretty sure they'd be happy to inherit two more sons and a daughter.

Apparently Evgeni hadn't been kidding about older men being sexy, either. Julian felt it in his friend's emotions, the little spike of desire, of want. Even more, though, was the sense of anticipation. Julian realized Evgeni, too, wanted this to last, and that warmed him deep to his core.

As the conversation continued and they all revealed their own lineage, or lack of it in Julian's case, he found himself enveloped in a dual-sided hug. He tilted his head down and kissed whatever bit of Tavi he could reach.
"Well, we will be in trouble together then. I love company."

Evgeni was the one who promised to protect him. Or them. Julian didn't know, he had his eyes closed, but he could feel what Evgeni felt and it was all very good. Respect, caring, attraction. Julian smiled and wriggled against the three pairs of arms that held him.

"This is very nice," he murmured. "I don't suppose I can crazy glue you all right here for a while?"

Not even the cooler night air could penetrate this sort of warmth. It was perfect. Delicious. It was just what he wanted, what he hoped they would all eventually want as well. How had this become the thing he craved most of all? It was crazy. He used to be so... boring. So one-dimensional. Get a job, live in the big city, find a girl, marry and have kids.

Nope, now that plan was blasted out of the water. Julian had everything he wanted right here. Tavi was nestled up, he was snug in Evgeni's arms, and he could feel Jan's body close, and his emotions close as well. Utter perfection.

"Now if only I could have some wine. Or one of those beers. Just one?"

He was mostly joking, although he was missing being able to drink. The painkillers were still reasonably strong though and he had a feeling mixing alcohol with one of those puppies would knock him on his ass.

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