A Comedy Tonight

Alex had given up on working his own shift at the store. Marie, finished with her classes for the semester, had come on full time for a little while to help out while he interviewed a new hire. The process was exhausting.

Personally, he was sick of being sick. Normally incredibly healthy, Alex was having a very hard time adjusting to life as a near-invalid. He was trying to stay focused, stay healthy, stay motivated, but more often than not he retreated onto the couch with a blanket and a cup of water.

He was still managing to give lessons, something that gave him a measure of comfort. He couldn't demonstrate everything but bless her heart, Aishe had become a sort of personal assistant in those cases. He had thanked her (and Cris, for giving her the time) multiple times and she seemed happy to help. She came and got him in the evenings and they drove to his studio, where he talked his classes through their lessons with Aishe flowing through the vinyasa like Alexander normally would have. She was getting good at tai chi as well. That one, and some of the beginner yoga, Alex didn't have any problems doing but he was just hammered with exhaustion after.

Fortunately Aishe drove him back to the Towers again and saw him home safely before heading to work herself on the days she did work. His classes at the Towers continued, too, and it was plenty to keep him busy and employed. His store was doing well enough now that he could afford a second hire. All in all, he supposed it could be worse. He was trying very hard, too, not to get his feathers ruffled about being dependent on everyone for everything. He was grateful for all the help he got from his friends and he definitely remembered a time when he had no one who'd have helped.

Tonight was a night off from all of that. He hadn't gone to the store, he had no classes. He was snuggled up on the couch; the medications Rowan had adjusted for him were working and he wasn't nauseous all the time, which was a blessing. It did hit him now and then and for a day he'd be miserable. Today wasn't one of those days. Yes, he was beat, but he had his Kindle, his blanket, a little bowl of soup with some oyster crackers, and a glass of ginger ale, which was growing on him. Thora was curled up on the blanket at his feet, nose tucked under her tail.

Eiryk would be up soon. His fiance was wonderful; he understood how Alex felt and he'd been attentive and sweet and helpful. Alex knew it bothered him that he couldn't be up all the time and with Alex all the time. Eiryk had driven him to meet Aishe at he studio several times, when he was up for it, but on days like these Alex knew he could look forward to having his partner's full attention and why shouldn't he? He could be spoiled... a little.

Eiryk 11 years ago
For Eiryk waking up was a very slow and difficult process. Even once he'd woken up getting himself to functioning was a challenge. It didn't used to be that way, at least he didn't think so. It seemed to him that he had been a light sleeper and quick to wake back before Angus got a hold of him.

He stretched a bit and debated rolling over. He decided against it. After another second or two he reached out, grabbed Alex's pillow and pulled it to him. Alex wasn't in bed, he knew that. Even with Alex being sick his partner didn't hang about in bed any more than he had to. Eiryk rather wanted to keep Alex in bed with a doctor and nurse on duty 24/7, but he'd not even suggested that. He was trying very hard not to go overboard. It was one thing for them to have a bit of a spat over a case of the flu and quite another for Alex to kick him out now.

Still it made Eiryk sick not to do more. The other thing that was haunting Eiryk and turning his dreams uncomfortable was wanting to talk to Alex about being turned. Alex had been so clear about not wanting that and Eiryk wouldn't force him, he didn't even dare bring it up. Still there was no reason to jump right to something that drastic, there was every chance that Alex would come through this just fine.

He managed to roll over, sprawled across the bed. The coffee maker must have kicked in just then because he could smell that heavenly life giving aroma. Still that didn't pull Eiryk out of bed right away. It did, however, get him to open his eyes. A minute later he half blindly stumbled toward the kitchen, totally ignoring Alex and Thora. His favorite mug was on the counter already and Eiryk poured a cup, not being able to manage cream and sugar this early in the evening, Eiryk had developed the habit of taking his coffee black. Clutching the mug like a life line he stumbled back to the sofa and found a place to lay that didn't disturb either of the two currant occupants.

He also couldn't quite get the language center of his brain working.

"Book? Read... what... morning..."

At least one of those words had been Swedish and he wasn't quite sure which one. But the fact that he was recognizing different languages was a step in the right direction. He was waking up.
Alex Aristos 11 years ago
Alex ignored the zombie that shambled out of the bedroom. He was looking for coffee, not brains. In a minute or two Eiryk shuffled back into the living room with his mug in his hands. Thora looked up when he arranged himself on the couch but tucked her nose right back and closed her eyes again.

Alex raised his eyebrows at Eiryk's interesting arrangement of words.
"Evening, babe," he said, looking up from his Kindle.

He flipped it outwards to show Eiryk he hadn't been reading this time, but playing Plants Vs. Zombies.
"Just trying to stop the hostile backyard invasion through conscientious horticulture."

God, Eiryk looked so cute with his disheveled morning hair and the little bit of blond shadow around his jaw. Alex had met Eiryk when his hair was short, immaculately styled, and he'd been perfectly clean-shaven on every single date. Eiryk never left the apartment looking any less than perfectly turned-out, but Alex loved him like this. And he loved that Eiryk let Alex see him like this.

And he was pretty sure he'd already threatened divorce if Eiryk cut his hair. His fiance had told him it was much longer when he'd been turned, and he'd grown it out a little for some reason. It wasn't long enough to pull back into a pony tail or anything but it was definitely past his ears, brushing the back of his neck, and Alex could easily run his fingers through it. And grab it, too, when they were...

He cleared his throat as an indecent thought entered his head, stifling a groan. How long had it been since he'd actually wanted to be intimate? He'd felt so sick and tired lately that just hadn't been in the cards. And Eiryk had been so understanding. Maybe later...

"Got anything planned this evening?"

He knew full well Eiryk didn't, but asking the question sometimes helped his partner organize his thoughts better. Once Eiryk's brain woke up he'd be his normal cheerful self. Alex prayed there was never a fire in the Towers. He'd have to lug Eiryk to the fire escape, shove him down it, and pray.
Eiryk 11 years ago
Eiryk looked at the game, but didn't really see it and certainly didn't process it. He did understand it wasn't reading though and he had seen the game before. He frowned into his coffee trying to think of an appropriate response. His mind batted around a scythe, fire and salting the earth but no one those seemed right. Yawning he muttered,

"Just hire a gardener."

He loved this point of the day when it was just the three of them and he was too out of it to be distracted by anything else. For the first few minutes he could even forget that Alex was sick and they had some serious worries. Right now, nothing had changed. Not much really he could feel that Alex had lost some weight but that was it. If giving up coffee would keep him in this charming state of denial Eiryk would do it.

Alex said something else and he again furrowed his brow in thought as he sipped at the coffee. He was feeling a little more articulate, just slow.

"No... not tonight. Am I going to need to change those plans?"

Tonight was his night off, and to be honest he was taking extra time off to be with Alex and help when he could. Not that Alex couldn't manage on his own even with the chemo but he didn't -want- to leave Alex alone. Alex shouldn't -have- to manage.

Truthfully Eiryk should go out and find something to eat. Since Alex had found out he was a vampire Eiryk had eaten out as little as possible. He'd kept those habits since Alex' diagnosis. Not that Eiryk was starving to death or even really pushing his luck, he was just hungry now and then and he steadfastly refused to mention it to Alex.

Another sip of coffee and he woke up a little bit more, enough that he felt comfortable trying out his sense of humor a bit.

"We could go dancing if you want."
Alex Aristos 11 years ago
Alex smiled at Eiryk's sleepy responses, but they really were growing more and more coherent.

"A gardener, why didn't I think of that?" He mused to himself, chuckling softly.

When Eiryk asked if he should change his nonexistent plans Alex shook his head regretfully. He wished he could make plans but such a thing was impossible at this stage. in a few weeks he'd get a break from the chemo and he was looking forward to feeling better, although that was capped with trepidation at the fact that right after chemo he had to undergo surgery to remove the mass on his knee. Another round of chemo after that, the doctors said, and hopefully they would have gotten it all. And how fervently he prayed they would get it all.

When Eiryk suggested dancing Alex laughed again, a little regretfully. He knew his partner was joking, especially since on his best days Alex didn't dance. Shifting a little he turned on the couch, upsetting Thora who quickly readjusted by moving to Alex's vacant warm spot. Careful not to topple Eiryk's coffee Alex arranged himself between Eiryk's legs, lying up against his partner with a sigh of contentment.

He rested his hand upon Eiryk's leg, smoothing it up and down absently.
"I'm pretty sure dancing is right out," he said. "Maybe a movie? I might be able to manage that. Although, pay per view sounds pretty appealing too."

There was a lot of merit to staying in and watching a movie on their own. All they had done lately was stay in, though, due to his feeling sick, and he felt a little bad about that. Eiryk loved to go out. A movie probably didn't count for much but all Alex had to do was sit and watch. The theater even had nice comfy wide seats with arm rests you could raise so you could get snuggly if you wanted. Alex didn't think Eiryk would hesitate to buy four or five seats so Alex could even stretch out if he wanted to. He could even bring his blanket...

... and it would be exactly like home, but in public. Alex sighed and nuzzled his cheek against Eiryk's chest.
"I'm sorry," he said. "I'm trying to get better fast."
Eiryk 11 years ago
"Too much apartment living."

Eiryk said thought a large yawn. Of course, since that stint in Minnesota he hadn't been much for digging the the dirt and growing and planting things. They could start a little indoor garden though. That might be nice. It would give Alex something to do during the day when he didn't want to go out but wouldn't be too physically demanding. It seemed like a good idea, Eiryk hoped he'd remember it.

That kind of attention from Alex was quite a double edged sword. He wanted Alex close and he wanted the physical contact but Eiryk had been trying very hard not to press Alex for anything while he was sick. He'd done some reading about side effects and what not, and taken a cold shower here and there.

Not wanting Alex to feel bad about not going out he wrapped an arm around his lover and rested his head on Alex's.

"It is just a pain in the ass that you have to get sick to get well. We can stay in and do pay per view if you'd like."

Eiryk had never been so caught up on his current, or near currant, movies. It was kind of interesting. But there had to be something they could do that wouldn't put too much of a strain on Alex and that would be different.

"What about something different though... a puzzle or a game or I could read to you if you'd like."

That was a slightly old fashioned entertainment but it had always worked back in the day, you know before they had nine million entertainment options. He really wasn't trying to push, but Eiryk figured that Alex was tired of being on the couch too. Alex was always so active and busy, this was undoubtedly quite a shock to him as well.

"We could do some planning too... we've not talked much about that."

The fact that Eiryk hadn't immediately planned every detail of their wedding was proof that he was worried about Alex and his recovery. But they had to be hopeful.
Alex Aristos 11 years ago
"I'm okay with staying in if you are," Alex said. "I feel okay today but I'm sort of out of energy."

That was mostly the issue since starting chemo. Now the nausea was mostly under control he was just dealing with a complete lack of get up and go. He'd tried to get to the store when he could but a couple hours of work left him so exhausted he could barely keep his feet.

He arched his back, leaning up a little bit, reaching his arms up and twining them around Eiryk's neck. He looked at his partner and gave him a soft smile.
"Maybe a puzzle. Do we have a puzzle?"

That sounded like something he could focus on, and if not he could just fall asleep on Eiryk's lap. Then Eiryk mentioned their wedding and Alex beamed, pulling his hand away to look at his ring.

"What did you have in mind?" he asked. "Something small, maybe. You know my guest list is pretty short."

He inched up, pressing his lips softly to Eiryk's jaw, one hand dropping to his waist.
"I've got he most important person there already. I don't care what else happens."

It was so easy to melt against Eiryk. Alex tried to give him every indication that tonight was a good night for games, if he was interested. Alex wasn't entirely certain. Making out with a sick boyfriend might actually turn Eiryk off. He hoped not; he might not be a ball of fire tonight but Alex felt good enough that he really wanted some of Eiryk's attention in that way. He couldn't handle being bitten, and he doubted his blood tasted very good, but Eiryk didn't need to bite him to make him feel incredible.

His train of thought wandered and he suddenly pushed himself up a little, looking down, now, into Eiryk's blue eyes.
"Have you had anything to drink recently, babe?"

Alex was stubbornly protective of his right to feed Eiryk... but he just couldn't do it right now, and he didn't remember Eiryk doing so any time recently. He usually knew when he did.
He poked a finger gently into Eiryk's chest. "Don't lie to me, either. If you need blood we need to get you some."

Frankly, he didn't want to be too tempting for Eiryk to resist. Alex didn't think he could handle it if he grossed his partner out, nor could he take the extra stress of losing any blood.
Eiryk 11 years ago
"No point in taking you out just to have you wind up exhausted.” Eiryk reassured Alex, and he did mean it, wasn't just a platitude. "Have to save your strength.”

That Eiryk added with a bit of innuendo. Hey they might not be doing anything about it but that didn't mean he couldn't flirt and tease. Alex was still desirable after all even if they didn't act on it right now.

"Hmmmm... maybe. I might have one stashed or we can call and have on delivered.”

Pak quite enjoyed jigsaw puzzles and he was certain she'd given him one or two over the years. Eiryk had even done at least one of them even though puzzles weren't exactly his thing.

He grinned as Alex admired his ring. That rather tickled Eiryk. Such a day dreamy thing to do, something he'd seen dozens of new brides to be do, but from Alexander it was stupidly sweet. He was so glad he'd proposed, it seemed to be giving Alex a little something else to think about and a solid reminder that things weren't going to change just because he was temporarily laid up.

"So you don't want to rent out the cathedral and have a few dozen limos? No horse drawn carriages? Oh what about a sword arch?”

Some of that was teasing and some of it was quite serious. Eiryk was actually not opposed to the idea of a small wedding as long as it was on the lavish side. That was rather the compromise in his mind, and if you got married it should be an event, an occasion. How often did you find the man you were going to marry after all? How often did you fall in Love, the capital letter was important.

"What about a destination ceremony? Oh we could have people up to Vermont. We could reserve a block of rooms for people and then we already have a honeymoon hideaway. Should we wait until ski season?”

He'd noted Alex's little encouraging touches, the little hints he wanted something, if not quality time rolling around or even making out just a little physical attention and he was happy to oblige. He leaned down to nuzzle Alex's neck and place a couple of little teasing nipping kisses, no fangs though, on the soft skin there and laced his fingers with his partner's... oh fiancée's. That sounded sexier, why did French always sound sexier?

Alex's intent look made Eiryk flush a little, not embarrassed, more like guilt. It was very hard to lie to Alex.

"I might be a few days behind schedule these days. I just haven't been really hungry, trying to lose a few pounds so I'll look good in my tux.”

Truthfully no one was as good as Alex either, he just wasn't in the mood. Which was rather odd Eiryk had been a tremendously opportunistic hunter before Alex. Feeding even when he didn't have to; never over feeding, never endangering his donor but also never denying himself the chance for a little light lunch.
Alex Aristos 11 years ago
Alex closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of Eiryk's arms around him and the sound of his slow heartbeat. He smiled at the flirting; he had missed it. Then he opened his eyes and looked up at Eiryk. "We are not ordering a puzzle to be delivered. That's just ridiculous."

He forgot, sometimes, that Eiryk's grasp of how normal people lived was a little out there. And that was probably because Alex was actually growing accustomed to living in opulence himself. Eiryk surrounded himself with the finest things, and if Alex was to live with Eiryk he had to be surrounded by finery as well - not that he was complaining, really. It was nice to be a little spoiled.

He shook his head at all of Eiryk's suggestions, vetoing them all.
"No, no, and no," he said, chuckling. Then Eiryk hit on the idea of getting married up in Vermont and that actually had a great deal of appeal. If you were going to spend tons of money, why not fly your whole wedding party to a beautiful, rustic mountain lodge?

"Oh! I love that idea," Alex said, his eyes half-closing as Eiryk repaid his attentions with a few nips and kisses of his own. "I really love it. It's appropriate, don't you think?"

Their little chateau had so much meaning for him now. The first place they'd confessed their love for each other, and the place they owned now, their idyllic mountain retreat. Getting married there would be perfect. It was tempting to just move there, really, but Alex didn't want it to become a daily thing. He never wanted to take it for granted. It was best that it remain a special place for them, and being married there would make that even better.

He slid his hands up beneath Eiryk's shirt and pressed against his lover, demanding a deeper kiss. When Eiryk confessed afterwards to not having fed himself, Alex frowned.

"Eiryk. You have to," he said. "Even if just because it's not safe to go without. For either of us."

Alex simply couldn't provide for Eiryk right now, not that he'd been Eiryk's only supply before. He cupped Eiryk's face between his hands and kissed him again, straddling his lap with a leg on either side of him. He rocked his hips against Eiryk's.

"I want you," he murmured softly. "And then I am going to want a nap. And while I nap, you will go get yourself some blood. And on your way home you will pick up a puzzle. And you will order us some chinese food. I kind of want wonton soup and some fried rice."

There... that should be forward enough for Eiryk. And it would let him know how Alex felt. Good enough to make out, although it would wear him out. Good enough that he wanted to eat something packed full of calories.

"How does that sound for the evening? We can browse pay per view after you get back with the puzzle and the food."
Eiryk 11 years ago
Eiryk considered asking why it was ridiculous to have a puzzle delivered. He'd pay for it, he'd tip the delivery person. It seemed reasonable to him, but he thought better of following up, sometimes he and Alex had very different view points on these things.

Besides, he was much more tickled that Alex liked the idea. It had been a spur of the moment off the top of his head thing. The fact that Alex seemed so happy about it made it perfect though. This place was going to turn into a vampire hide away if they weren't careful. Granted it was a tiny bit reluctant to share their hide away with people, but on the other hand they were going to share this part of their life and their love, so he got over that reticence quite quickly.

"A winter wedding it is then. Cozy fires, lift tickets and snowball fights for all."

It sounded like a great deal of fun. He had no doubt Rowan and Cris and even Aishe would enjoy that kind of play. Kem was a little harder for Eiryk to read but he had confidence if they could get Pak to play Kem would play. He wondered if he could drag Angus out of the monastery for this. Oh hell. He had to tell Angus. Whoops. Note to self for tomorrow. Oh and it would have to be snail mail, the man didn't have an email.

Alex, however, seemed less than concern with telling his maker about the wedding. Eiryk shivered a bit at the slightly aggressive vaguely suggestive hand and one hell of a kiss. He did his best to think of something cold and unattractive and turn himself off. It had been a while and he really didn't want to push Alex, he wanted Alex to get his rest.

Oh there was no misreading that at all Eiryk gripped the back of the sofa rather hard looking for some kind of control. Thora had apparently picked up on the vibe and had done her disappearing act, it was quite possible for the vixen to hide in the apartment when she wanted to.

Tonight Alex giving orders and being blunt was terribly hot. He was going to have to work hard to remember not to bite.

"Yes sir. Anything you want. Any thing at all."

It was a little painful but Eiryk forced himself to hold still and wait. Right now Alex was in charge and he was going to enjoy playing that game.

"Chicken fried rice? Pork? Romantic comedy or action thriller?"

Don't move, don't move, don't move. He changed looking up at Alex loving the smoke in those gorgeous eyes and the feel of Alex straddling him. He should have gotten up earlier.
Alex Aristos 11 years ago
Eiryk was trying to be too good. Alex didn't want good. He wanted Eiryk, while he could enjoy having Eiryk. Fortunately Eiryk didn't seem to hard to convince. Alex didn't see the need to prolong things. He was feeling spoiled tonight, or in need of spoiling at any rate. Without even leaving the couch, at that. He leaned down and kissed Eiryk again just in case there was any lnigering doubt about what direction he was headed in. Answers to his fiance's questions could wait...

... fortunately, or unfortunately, it didn't take as long as Alex thought it might. Not being intimate in the past few weeks had been rough on them both, and fifteen minutes later found them both laughing, Alex blushing fiercely, as they lay together sated at last. Alex pushed himself up with a groan and kissed Eiryk's neck.

"You. Go. Drink blood, buy me food."

He could practically feel the bags under his eyes. He cleaned himself off quickly in the bathroom and was in bed before Eiryk had even finished. He felt Eiryk's soft kiss on his lips and smiled sleepily, turning over to hug his pillow to him and asleep before he even knew it.

He didn't wake until Eiryk returned, and he didn't know how long his fiance had been out. He rolled out of bed, leaving it rumpled, which wasn't his usual but he figured they'd be crawling back into it sooner or later. Slipping a tee shirt on, he headed out to the living room, inhaling the scent of Chinese food, grateful that it didn't make him feel sick - just hungry.

"Welcome home," he said, drifting up to Eiryk and kissing him softly. "Did you get yourself taken care of?'
Eiryk 11 years ago
Wow, he'd needed that. Being with Alex was a wonderful boost for him, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The physical went without saying and it was wonderfully... well Alex did a lot for him but the fact that Alex had been the one interested and had felt good enough to have his way with him. That was wonderful. Alex couldn't be that sick, couldn't be dying if he'd wanted to screw around.

Satisfied that Alex was taken care of and tucked in Eiryk had cleaned up, double checked on Alex and then headed out. He didn't exactly dress for it but he headed to the House of Pain, it was just the fastest and easiest way to find a bite. Not wanting to take all night Eiryk wasn't as subtle as he might have been and with some guilt made liberal use of his suggestion to move things along. Most of the human were here looking for something, so it wasn't hard to nudge them into allowing him to nibble, it was just a way to cut the preliminaries. Apparently he'd been quite hungry as he might sampled from a few people, but not enough to cause trouble for any one.

He also thought he saw Pak, which was something of a surprise, but they'd only exchanged a quick wave. She seemed quite into what...er who... she was doing? Not that they were going at it but she was apparently focused.

No longer starving, not even feeling little hunger pangs he made his way to their favorite Chinese joint and tried not to order the whole menu. If Alex was hungry Eiryk wanted him to have choices but he tried -very- hard not to overwhelm his fiancée. Soup, fried rice, some chow mien, crab puffs, pot stickers, and one or two other things; but he order the smallest size of everything, except the fried rice and the soup as Alex had requested those, so it wasn't as bad as it seemed. It was a lot of little boxes but only enough food for two and a half people. Left overs were good?

Stumbling out of the elevator and working through some creative gymnastics to keep from spilling things all over Eiryk managed to get into their place without making a huge mess. He was rather pleased with that. Smiling he kissed Alex back.

"At least one of us is no longer hungry. Let's see what we can do about you. It's all still hot."

He didn't even bother with the dinning room. Eiryk lined everything up on the kitchen counter and pulled down plates for both of them and some napkins.

"Another ginger ale? Did you find us a good movie?"

He'd have mead. Yes it was odd with Chinese food, no he didn't care, but alcohol and chemo were a bad mix from what he understood, so he didn't offer. Alex seemed to understand though and he just couldn't give up the mead, not if he didn't have to.
Alex Aristos 11 years ago
"Yeah, ginger ale would be nice," he said. If the Chinese food upset his stomach the soda might help settle it down. He didn't anticipate any trouble though; he still felt good. "Thanks for being the errand boy tonight."

He was glad Eiryk was planning to eat with him; it always made him feel better when they ate together. Alex just couldn't help feeding people, whether he was encouraging Eiryk to drink blood or have food... it was in his nature.

He chuckled a little, seeing that Eiryk had gotten more than just soup and rice, but at least he hadn't bought more food than two people would ever eat in a day or two, and if he felt well tomorrow Alex would be happy for the leftovers. Cooking a full meal just seemed like too much work, although Alex missed cooking. He got his fix by watching the food network as often as he could.

He helped himself to some soup, and then scooped some rice onto his plate and added just one of the crab puffs. Then he brought his plate and his glass of soda out to the living room and put it on the low table, opting to sit on the floor for the time being. If they were going to play with a puzzle they couldn't do it while they ate, since they'd probably need the whole table for that. So Alex picked up the TV remote and turned on the entertainment center, flipping to the pay per view channels.

There didn't really seem to be anything really good that either of them had been dying to see so he paged down to the premium channels.

"Hey, look," he said, passing those channels to what was just below. "I haven't seen this in a long time."

It was a showing of Airplane!, which Alex had seen a few times. It was stupid, silly, funny, and probably just right for tonight's entertainment. He turned to look at Eiryk with his eyebrows raised, as if asking if he wanted to watch it.
Eiryk 11 years ago
"Do I get a tip?"

Eiryk asked brightly, although he was pretty sure he had already gotten his tip. Some other night, before all this, he might have gotten another one, but he'd not be pushing his luck tonight. He really was just thrilled with this evening so far. It was almost normal and he loved it. It was wonderfully encouraging as well, humans were much more resilient than you might give them credit for.

He'd not been much of an eater before Alex, it just hadn't made sense. Sure he'd have something now and then but it had never seemed worth the effort. Now he had developed the habit simply to be social and to share something with Alex. He put a little of everything on his plate and fixed a small bowl of soup and followed Alex. He did, however, have the good sense to put his food down before he tried to sit. Alex might be able to do that gracefully, Eiryk somehow managed to fall backwards landing flat on his back.

Thora came out from where ever she'd been hiding and yipped at him, prancing around, even Eiryk couldn't tell if she was playing or begging. Pulling himself back up and settling next to Alex he scolded her, without meaning a word of it.

"No. Egg rolls are not for Thoras."

She sat up on her haunches and officially begged.

"No. You know I have no idea where she learned that."

Maybe Alex had taught her a few things since he'd been home more of late.

Eiryk frowned at the movie and shrugged.

"I've never seen it. Other than an airplane what is it about? We can watch it though."

He trusted Alex' taste and it would be nice to see something new. Reruns were getting a bit old.
Alex Aristos 11 years ago
Alex snorted a laugh when Eiryk asked about a tip. "I'm pretty sure more than just a tip was involved," he said before leaving the kitchen. He followed that up with a soft kiss and a brief caress in a very suggestive area to remind Eiryk of just what had been involved.

He winced as Eiryk fell flat on his ass while taking a seat but at least his fiance had had the foresight to put his plate down first. Alex felt a little bad about that. Normally, if he were on his game, he'd be able to see these things coming and help lessen the blow or avoid them altogether, but that mojo seemed to have deserted him lately and even if he'd had it, he doubted he had the reflexes or the strength to intervene. That bugged him, and he had to make a conscious effort not to get bogged down in his own depression.

"She didn't get it from me," Alex said, eying Thora suspiciously. "Unless she got it from watching us. You know..."

He'd been on his knees in front of Eiryk not too long ago. It was sort of the same position. And he wouldn't mind doing it again after the movie. Or during. Days and evenings where he felt well enough to act on these urges had become few and far between so if he was having a horny evening he was going to enjoy it, damn it.

For now he took a small bite of rice and raised his eyebrows at Eiryk.
"Surely you can't be serious," he said when his lover told him he'd never watched Airplane!. But the expected rejoinder was not forthcoming, and had Eiryk actually seen and enjoyed this movie, there was no way he'd have been able to resist then inevitable 'don't call me Shirley' comeback.

"Wow, you really haven't seen it. Where were you in the 80's? Tucked away in a monastery?"

He wasn't joking, actually... Eiryk was likely to have been tucked away in a monastery.
Eiryk 11 years ago
Oh... that was nice. He liked a forward Alex it was just delicious. So different from the cautious, restrained, 'let's go slow' Alex that he'd first met. Funny even now, even though they'd been together for a while (Eiryk wasn't the best with dates and couldn't tell you exactly how long it had been) that period of time where Alex had asked him to wait made this all the better.

Once straightened back up and nibbling Eiryk nearly choked on his won ton as Alex mused allowed about Thora's behavior. Slowly a wicked lecherous grin spread across his face.

"I didn't know we were raising a voyeur. Do you suppose when she's all grown up she'll wind up preferring the company of other vixens?”

She was quite grown up now and had no other fox playmates. That was a drawback of having a more exotic pet. Eiryk had considered finding another kit but he didn't want to remove one from the wild and no rescue organization would seriously consider an apartment dwelling couple as having a suitable home. Granted he could 'suggest' the idea to them but that would be cheating.

"No... quite serious.”

Eiryk answered earnestly as the joke went flying completely over his head.

After doing a little mental time line in his head Eiryk came to the conclusion that Alex was quite right, he had been in a monastery.

"Oh yeah... I was. Trappist monks in Belgium. The only way Angus talked me into that one was the brewing. Those guys know their beer. I should do a batch and see if I remember how.”

Unlike his maker Eiryk didn't spend all his waking days in monasteries. He spent time every few decades wherever Angus was at. He'd gone into this one either a bit earlier or a bit later than usual, just because it was a fabulous opportunity. They weren't exactly an open community and didn't let just anyone near their brewing operation, and this was before Americans had caught on to how good Trappist ale could be.
Alex Aristos 11 years ago
It was cute when Eiryk didn't get the joke. They'd be fixing that very soon; he thought Eiryk's with his frequently silly sense of humor would appreciate this movie, and it had been a while since he'd seen it too. He turned the volume up as it began.

"You'll love it," he said to Eiryk. "Just don't try any of this at home."

He nibbled cautiously for a few minutes at his food but everything seemed to be perfectly happy to remain where it was. That made him happy. Eiryk concluded that had indeed been in a monastery at the time, and his motivation made Alex grin.

"Yes, you should," he said. "I'd like to try it."

Because one of these days he wasn't going to be pumped full of chemicals and he would love to celebrate with a beer and some mead. He shook his head though, as a thought occurred to him.

"You and Rue must really be good friends."

He'd asked them both how they kept in touch over the centuries, since both of them agreed that many decades, sometimes a couple hundred years, went by between visits and even some of those were only chance. Rowan had told him they'd seen each other much more frequently when travel was more difficult, because they'd both lived in the same part of the world. To keep in touch at all the two men would have had to write each other. Frequently. It was the only way. Even then it would have been dicey, since they traveled.

He shrugged and smiled at Eiryk, letting him know his deviation from the topic of the movie had just been an incidental thing, and quieted down so they could pay attention to the move, and he could fill his stomach up with desperately needed calories.
Eiryk 11 years ago
The movie was called Airplane! So Eiryk raised an eyebrow when Alex told him not to try any of this at home? What piloting? That wasn't something he was in a hurry to take up. Flying was something to be experienced in first class or on a private jet not in a cock pit. He might change his mind at some point, he did love new experiences, this one just hadn't made his radar yet.

"You think?"

Eiryk asked about the beer.

"It can be more complicated than the mead, take up more space and I'm out of practice. It might not come out well..."

He'd have to dig out his notes. Eiryk was fairly certain he had some notes in his journals. At least he hoped they were there. If not, the notes were in storage and he'd have to fish them out. It wouldn't be too hard, he was fairly organized after all, but it would be annoying.

Between trying to remember where things were and watching Alex nibble at his food, trying to determine if things were going to stay down, they were having such a good night so far he hoped it would continue that way he was rather startled by the change of subject and did a little double take.

"Yes. I rather think so. He's a good man and highly entertaining. I'm glad he's ended up here."

Lord only knew how long Rowan would stick around for, but Eiryk hoped it would be a while. It was nice to have his friend around. He considered himself rather fortunate to have met Rue early on in their lives. They had pulled each other out of questionable situations here and there, been moral support, and provided a bit of sanity. Other than Angus, Rowan was one of a very few people who'd popped in and out of his life and kept him rather grounded. You needed that. When people up and died on you after ten or twenty or thirty years having some one around from one century to the next was a big deal.


He encouraged Alex, who didn't really need any encouragement. He picked up a pot sticker and bit into it. He'd wanted a crab puff but had at the last second remembered his allergy and made another choice. He was getting a bit better about remembering, but would probably forget once Alex was 100% again.

"Why do you ask?"
Alex Aristos 11 years ago
Alex smiled at Eiryk and nodded about the beer. He was too busy eating, drinking and watching to make much more conversation but he did pause when Eiryk asked why he had brought he topic of Rowan up and Alex shrugged again.

"I was just thinking about how hard it must have been to keep in touch. It was brought on by the monastery thing... you know, mailing you letters in the monastery and such."

Eiryk had told him early on that he tended to visit every few decades and stay there for a year or so. Alex had objected to that and he supposed he still did... when your time was so short, losing a year of it because your partner on a whim decided to go hold up as a monk was sort of a big deal. He guessed it wasn't so bad when you had endless years ahead of you, but Alex did not have endless years ahead of him. Hell, he might not even have months.

He recalled his conversations with Alfarinn and Aishe and was about to mention it to Eiryk, to tell him that at least someone knew he'd changed his mind... but he didn't want Eiryk to know. Not yet. Not when something could go wrong. Being turned wasn't a foregone conclusion. Say something bad happened during his surgery? Why risk raising Eiryk's hopes when Alex's future was still uncertain?

He kept quiet on the topic, instead finishing up his food, declining seconds, and moving back to the couch once he'd finished eating, with his ginger ale and his blanket, waiting for Eiryk to join him. Normally he would have cleared away the dishes but he left it for Eiryk to do. He was saving his fleeting energy for other things, after the movie. He knew his partner wouldn't begrudge him the resting time. Eiryk had been desperate to be helpful recently, and although it had prickled Alex's pride at first he had soon learned the value in letting his love take care of him, and not the other way around.

He shifted on the couch when Eiryk had finished eating, patting the space behind him. Another night he might have stayed where he was, inviting Eiryk to snuggle up against him instead, but more recently he preferred it the other way around, relaxing back against his fiance's broad, strong chest. There was no better feeling in the world.

Smiling against Eiryk's shirt Alex listened for Eiryk's responses as the movie really got going and the gags began to fly.
Eiryk 11 years ago
Eiryk frowned slightly wondering if there was more to Alex's question. Certainly Alex couldn't be leaving or thinking that Eiryk would leave him, that didn't even make sense; especially under the circumstances. Maybe it was the monk thing, they hadn't discussed it implicitly but Eiryk had easily decided not to go hold up with Angus as long as he had Alex. He and Angus had known each other for centuries, Alex was human...

"You figure out ways to make it work.”

Was his only answer. Even these days with WiFi and 4G and all that other crap, you still had to figure out ways to make it work. Not everyone lived in a place they could check their email or bothered to get an email account. Eiryk knew one or two vampires, not well but knew them, who were quite stuck in the past. They couldn't quite get their minds around things like airplanes, let alone a cell phone.

When Alex seemed to be done Eiryk took the dishes to the kitchen and cleaned everything up and put it away. He was going to have the cleaning service in again, maybe step up their visits. Eiryk had used the service since coming to the Towers, he'd cut back when he and Alex moved in together since Alex tended to do some light cleaning. But with Alex worn out these days... maybe he could get them to sneak in on days when Alex was out or during the classes he taught, he didn't want to make Alex uncomfortable.

Obligingly Eiryk settled behind Alex and pulled his partner to him. It was something that actually reassured Eiryk, holding Alex. He could feel that Alex was still solid, still warm, and still alive. He couldn't protect Alex from this disease but holding the man he loved gave Eiryk the illusion of doing just that. If only he could share his strength and regenerative capabilities with Alex. Maybe he could, maybe if Alex drank from him... it was something to ponder. He'd have to look into it. Maybe ask Rue see if there was any possibility that would work or if there would be any side effects.

Gradually Eiryk let the movie take over his attention and stop him from worrying too much. It wasn't that hard to do, they both needed the mental break and this was as close to a vacation as they were apt to get for a while. Some of the gags brought a smile, some a groan, some a laugh that Alex could probably feel but not hear and others got him to laugh aloud.

"Maybe monasteries should have movie nights.”

He ventured as things got even sillier.
Alex Aristos 11 years ago
Alex noted Eiryk's frown and patted his fiance on the leg gently. "It was just a train of thought thing, babe. Nothing meaningful. Promise."

It still flattered him that Eiryk might actually worry about him. Eiryk, who had live over a thousand years. Who was so self-assured and confident. Alex smiled and shook his head. He didn't know what had made his partner frown, but he wanted to erase it as quickly as possible.

Eiryk did, indeed, clear the dishes and wash them. Alex paused the movie while he did, glad for instant playback, and did a round of Plants Vs. Zombies. Once they were settled on the couch he felt content, even happy. It was nice to forget about their troubles for a little while.

It was clear that even if Eiryk didn't think Airplane! was the comedy of the year he was enjoying it. The suggestion of monastery movie night made Alex laugh.

"Really? And break all those vows of silence? You're evil." He shifted in Eiryk's arms and pressed a kiss to Eiryk's jaw. "You're also hot when you're evil."

He turned back to resume watching the movie but he let his hand slide along Eiryk's muscular thigh, lazily drifting back and forth. Oh yes. He was definitely milking this evening for all it was worth. Alex was going to indulge while he could, and that meant wearing Eiryk out too, if he could. Tomorrow would be another day of drugs and exhaustion, and he had a yoga class to teach in the evening that Aishe would help him with again. Tonight was just for them.

Alex smiled at the antics in the control tower, and recited along with some of his favorite lines.
"Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue!"