Sushi said...(Attn:Julian)

Dyson on Lost Girl was a Vyusher R'asa! Tavi stared at her tiny tablet in incredulous disbelief, stuffing another piece of sushi absently into her mouth. She paused the video, played it back and looked again.

Yes, that was definitely the symbol for vicious dog in hobo sign as a tattoo on his arm. Well, she wasn't sure whether the actor was actually a R'asa but someone on the show definitely was. A writer somewhere. How cool was that?

Tavi loved him. Dyson was the most amazing, most awesome version of a werewolf in popular media that she had seen yet. He totally blew Remus Lupin and his mopey regretful werewolf angst out of the water. Even better Dyson became an actual wolf like an actual werewolf and he was hawt. That last part was pretty damn important as well. And he was a detective. He was perfect, not real perhaps, but still utterly wonderfully perfect.

She was seated cross legged in one of the booths with her tablet tilted up toward her watching an episode of Lost Girl while she ate sushi at her favorite place. Tavi was wearing hot pink skull candy earphones to keep from annoying other people an, even with them in, the volume was still very low. It didn't need to be loud, just high enough to be heard over the annoying brat a few tables away who kept demanding his parents "Watch this! Watch this!” every time he so much as farted in whatever game he was playing on his nintendo ds.

Reaching for another piece of sushi, her fingers touched plate. Tavi poked at it a few times without looking before finally taking her eyes off the screen. There wasn't any more sushi left.

"Well damn.” With a sigh, she paused her show and then stood up to go order some more. She left her tablet and purse there at the table, hopefully keeping her booth for herself. She wasn't very worried about thieves...they would do what? Run? She could only hope so. If they managed to get to their vehicle before she caught them then it might actually be something of a challenge.

"Please,Sir, can I have some more?” Tavi batted dark eyelashes at the chef. He grunted a chuckle, shaking his head and filling her plate again.

((OOC: In Lost Girl, Dyson really does have a tattoo from hobo sign that means Viscious Dog. I swear sometimes these writers read our board. ))

Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian had been trying new things for quite some time now, but he had yet to venture into the wide world of sushi. They just didn't have a lot of it in Catskill, and he hadn't really had the opportunity to try it at college. He had eaten at this place, the Sushi Deli, before, though. Their teriyaki was great. Not much of a cook beyond bachelor-type foods, Julian frequently ate out. His rehearsal and concert schedule made it convenient to do so while he was coming and going from his studio since he had to walk through Nachton to get anywhere.

He had just finished a rehearsal so he had his violin with him. It was cold out so he was dressed warmly. Over jeans and a pair of red burgundy Vans he had on a grey pea coat. Beneath it was a burgundy hooded sweater with the hood hanging out over the pea coat. He pulled his leather gloves off as he entered the restaurant, tucking them into his pocket as he shrugged his violin in its case more comfortably onto his shoulder. He could feel his cheeks and nose were red from the cold wind but he didn't mind; growing up in New York, he was used to such weather. It wasn't below freezing, so there was no need to wear a scarf and hat. He didn't particularly enjoy the cold anymore, not after what had happened to him and his sister, but he was used to it. That was something, he supposed.

There weren't many people there right now which was a shame. Julian enjoyed meeting new people. He looked around; the most obvious person there was a teenaged girl watching something on a tablet while eating a plate of sushi. His eyes were drawn to her immediately; her hair was awesome. he briefly wondered what would happen if he were to dye his ash-blonde hair some kind of bright shade right before a concert. The results would probably suck for him.

He looked away, not wanting to be caught staring at her. She was way too young for him to be leering, it was just that her appearance was so striking. Probably some rebellious delinquent teen. Weren't they all, though.

He took a seat at the bar pretty close to her table, though, since the place was mostly empty and he wasn't in the mood to sit alone. Ordering a hot sake he pored over the sushi menu, trying to figure out what was what. There were a number of rolls, hand rolls, assorted sushi and sashimi plates; Julian didn't know the difference between any of those things but there were pictures next to some of them and descriptions of what went into each one. Now if only he'd ever tasted any of these things, he might know where to begin.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Tavi bounced lightly on her toes while she waited for her sushi order to be ready. It didn't take long; it was sushi. Jimmy handed it to her over the glass partition and rang her up for the next round.

"Where do you put it all? Its like you no eat for rest of day." He laughed and took her card.

"I didn't. I saved it all up for coming here." There was no way to explain that she had been out all day and anything cooked would make her puke. She needed to invent the drive-thru butcher and start a chain of them across the country.

Another guy had come in while she had been watching her show. Tavi had only noticed him out of her peripheral vision. Now she took a better look. He was young looking with the curly hair that always looked good no matter how you tried to mess it up, which just made a perverse part of her want to go up and tossle it. The violin case was intriguing; she wondered if he played only the elevator styled orchestra music or if he really used that thing to its fullest potential. Of course as a R'asa she could be biased on what its fullest potential actually was.

He seemed lost while looking at the menu. Taking her plate, she stopped next to him.
"Its all good. I promise." The cook smiled and then pretended that the spotless counter needed more cleaning. "I come here often and have tried just about all of it." Unless it was cooked but that wasn't real sushi in her opinion.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
The girl with the colorful hair came to the bar to get more sushi and Julian smiled at her when she addressed him. He glanced at the menu, grinned at her, and shrugged his shoulders.

"I've never tried it before," he said. "I figure there's a first time for everything. Any recommendations? I'm not a really picky eater."

He looked at the sushi chef, who he was sure could also answer the question, but the man looked at the girl as well, presumably since she had started the discussion. Julian was more than happy to let her answer it. At second glance, maybe she wasn't illegally young. She had a lithe, almost boyish figure. He certainly wouldn't even place her in her late 20's but maybe she was old enough that talking to her wouldn't give off a creepy vibe. She seemed friendly enough.

"I thought I would try some salmon since I know I like it, and some shrimp. But I want to try things I've never eaten before either. What's hamachi? And uni?"

The variety of fish behind the counter was colorful and looked good to him. Eating raw food didn't bother him. Millions of people did it every day. Obviously it was fine, and if this place had been open and successful for as long as the online reviews said it had been, then they knew their stuff. And right here he had a repeat customer willing to vouch for them. Julian didn't take that for granted.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Tavi looked at him thoughtfully and then nodded. "Start with the salmon then. Some people find it is the texture of sushi that they don't like." If he was fine with a raw meat that he already knew he liked then he could try something else. "Here." Tavi handed over a piece of sushi from her plate. "Its salmon nigiri. See if you like it."

She was all for welcoming new people into the sushi fold. It meant more people to share dinner with and more people coming to her favorite restaurants so that they stay popular and open.

"You might want a little wasabi with it." Tavi handed turned the plate around toward the condiments.

How to explain uni... She looked over at Jimmy; he smiled and shook his head back at her. Obviously deciding that she was on her own.
"Uni is sea urchin...gonads, to be specific." She probably could have just left it at sea urchin but really the man should know the whole truth.

"So, going to try it?" She'd eaten it and just about everything else that hadn't seen a flame. Growing up as wolf part of the time and eating with your face inside the thing you just chased down left a person very unsquimish about which part of the animal was which. Tavi was however always amused by what humans considered a delicacy. The things reputed to have magic stimulating prowess of various kinds tended to be the things a large portion of the popular found disgusting just considering. Clams and bulls balls came immediately to mind. Giving the newcomer her most winning smile she said. "I will try it if you will."
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian raised his eyebrows in surprise when the girl offered him a piece of food from her own plate. Sharing didn't bother him, however, and if she was in the mood to be sociable he was happy with it. The chef handed him a small side plate and he held it out with a word of thanks for her to put the sushi on, picking up his chopsticks. Those, he could use thanks to plenty of late-night Chinese binges and various other Asian foods.

"No, not for the first bite I don't think," he said with a smile when she offered him some wasabi. He'd had that before and he would rather taste the fish plain first. "I want to get the flavor of it before I go adding to it."

"Do I eat the whole thing at once?" He glanced back and forth between the girl and the chef; the man behind the bar nodded and gestured with his hand, encouraging.

Julian popped the piece of food into his mouth and chewed, surprised at the texture. It wasn't slimy or off-putting at all but it had none of the flakiness of cooked salmon. It had plenty of flavor, though not as strong as if it had been cooked. He chewed it and swallowed, making a soft surprised noise.

"That's good," he said with a smile. "It's different from when it's cooked."

When his surprise helper informed him about uni Julian gave the menu a second glance. He wasn't turned off by the prospect of what the food was, but apparently he should have paid more attention in high school biology.

"I had no idea sea urchins had gonads," he said. "Guess I should have paid better attention in school, huh."

Since an answer was expected of him he lifted a shoulder and nodded at the chef.
"Yeah I'll try it, if you think it's good. And..." He glanced at the girl's plate. "I guess whatever else she has there, too."

Turning back to the girl with the colorful hair he smiled at her again.
"Thanks for the advice. And the sample. I'm Julian, by the way." He looked back at her table, where her things were. "Do you want to join me?"

It was hard to say that without feeling like he was kind of hitting on a minor... but he wasn't. She had been friendly to him and he was being polite, that was all.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
The new guy ate the first piece with encouragement. She liked his attitude about trying it first unadorned and nodded. Some sushi tasted better with different things; she thought wasabi went well with the salmon. He hadn't started retching immediately so that was a good sign; she had seen the 'oh god I am going to hurl face' more than once but usually at the fancy sushi restaurants when someone new tried it on a dare or drunk. Sushi Deli was a place that attracted the hard core sushi fans and once they had eaten their they recommend it to their friends.

Tavi couldn't make any comments about the taste of the fish when it was cooked other than to say that it definitely tasted different, inedible was different. She nodded and smiled.

His comment about uni made her laugh. Tavi shrugged
. "Yeah that was a surprise to me too.” She held up both hands cupping imaginary sea urchins and twisting this way and that to indicate how they might actually fit together for the act of coupling. "Its seems all rather...complicated.”

Jimmy started making a plate for the guy and picked up a piece of uni for her, settling it down next to the piece that was already on her plate. "On house.” He smiled and went back to picking up the recommended pieces. She ate a lot of different things here but she usually started her visit by asking what was the best today and then adding long time favorites.

"I'm Tavi.” She answered Julian. "And you're welcome. More people eating here means more business for my favorite place.” The cook smiled at that and nodded.

"Let's sit at mine.” She liked her comfortable booth; Jimmy would bring them more if they wanted it. Everyone else came back to the counter but he would make an exception for her; Tavi was sure of it.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
"Okay Tavi," Julian said, repeating her name so he memorized it. He carefully picked up his plate and slid off his stool, setting it down at her table. Then he returned to the bar for his violin and his coat, which he settled on the inside of the booth.

Thank goodness they hadn't remained on the topic of sea urchin mating habits. He couldn't imagine a more awkward start to a conversation. Instead Julian sat down, took a sip of his sake, and let his chopsticks hover over the selections on his plate.

"So you come here a lot, then?" he asked her. Obviously she was a regular. "Do you go to school nearby?"

It was a logical assumption, given her age. Of course, maybe she was older than she looked. Julian usually got the reverse; Most people assumed he was too young to be in the Symphony. Maybe it was his hair. He didn't know. He got the 'you get regular manicures and enjoy Project Runway so you must be gay' thing all the time too, and that didn't make it true. At least he'd learned not to judge based on looks.

He picked up a piece of something white laid prettily on top of some rice. Turning it to the side he noted the little suckers on the side.
"Octopus?" he said. Dabbing it gingerly in the soy sauce he popped it into his mouth. It was a lot more mild than he'd have guessed. It had very little taste and a firm almost apple-like snap to it, complimented by the rich salty soy sauce.

"That's good. I think I could be a new convert," he said. Pointing to the pile of pink stuff next to his wasabi he looked at Tavi. "What is this? I always see it on sushi plates but," he shrugged, "I have no idea what it is."
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
"Oh, at least once a week." Tavi answered the question about how often she came to the deli. She ignored Jimmy's coughing fit behind her which told her that he heard her answer and thought that it was an understatement.

Julien asked her whether or not she went to school around the area and she shook her head.
"I had contemplated going back, possibly to the art school for fashion design." Tavi considered her sushi for a second, choosing another piece before she explained what she did. "I am a detective. I was a police officer briefly before deciding to go into business for myself." She smiled sweetly at him and produced her wallet, flipping it open to display the badge and license, which conveniently listed her age as something over 'jail bait'.

"Yep, octopus, fresh this morning." She turned to look at the Mitsuo and he nodded. Yes, it was today's. He believed in fresh everything.

Her new companion asked about the pink stuff on his plate. Tavi only wrinkled her nose slightly.
"It is pickled ginger. It is like parsley on a plate, in my opinion." In other words something pretty she wasn't going to eat. "But most people view it as a palate cleanser between different sushi." There she explained the proper use of the stuff.

"Also, not that you ever need it here." Again she glanced at the chef and gave him a smile. " ginger has antiseptic properties so if you had bad sushi..." She personally thought that scarfing ginger after eating bad sushi would be like wearing a condom -after- sex but what did she know? At least the ginger really would help, some.

"So what do you do?" Aside from playing the violin, that was obvious what with the case and all, but likely a hobby or a side thing in a band or something. Many people played instruments but weren't musicians by trade, far more than had actually made it in the music business. But every band had dreams of making it to the big time one day.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian smiled at the cough when Tavi claimed to come eat once a week. Clearly, she really liked sushi. Nothing wrong with that. There were far worse things to like. Cocaine, pot, et cetera.

When she said she'd considered going back to school he perked up a little. Had she dropped out, or was she actually older than she looked? Because, well, she was pretty cute. Then she confessed she was a detective and flashed him a badge. He caught a glimpse of her age and did the math quickly - 20-something. Surprising... but a happy coincidence. Not that he was only interested in a hook-up or something, but he felt a little more comfortable sitting there talking to her, knowing he wasn't going to say something wrong, be overheard by the old lady two booths over, and wind up in jail.

"So... fashion design... police work... I can totally see how they relate." He held his hands up, indicating an uneven scale that was leveling out, quirking an eyebrow up at her. "Did you make your jewelry?"

She was wearing some interesting pieces and they could easily have been homemade. They were pretty cool and Julian, as he'd pondered before, had never really been the most absolutely masculine of manly men. He found her accessories interesting and he wasn't afraid to express it.

Tavi answered his question about ginger and he picked up a piece, sniffed it, shrugged, and popped it into his mouth. As he chewed he knew a variety of expressions must have crossed his face. He didn't have a very good poker face.
"It's interesting," he said. "It's not bad, but I can see how it's kind of an acquired taste."

He preferred the sushi, really, to the pickled ginger. So he picked up another piece of salmon and ate it happily, nodding his head to his violin when he was asked what he did in return. Swallowing and delicately dabbing at his mouth with his napkin he replaced it before saying, "I play. I'm a member of the Symphony. I have a contract with them for
the next few years, and on the side I play for a band. I do some fiddling at a bar in town, as well, when I have the time."

He watched for her reaction. People either loved the violin thing or were instantly bored by it. Either one didn't bother Julian but he was always curious which would come out. Hopefully she wouldn't be bored to death by the idea of it. He was enjoying her company and if she hated music he'd probably become a tedious companion to her very quickly.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
"Oh totally. While a man in uniform can be totally scrumptious sometimes you need to change it up a little.” Tavi smiled. "You know add some summer colours to it, maybe a few different fabrics...”

Leaning across the table like she was letting him in on a big secret, she went on in a hushed voice. "And have you seen what prisoners wear?” Tavi made a face. "Very unflattering, the colour, the cut, the length...the whole thing.” Rolling her eyes, she said. "Its a punishment just having to wear those jumpsuits.”

She looked down at her necklace and nodded. "Yeah they were just some pieces I found.” Tavi held it out so he could get a better look at it. The whole thing was on a long dark brown leather cord. It started with a couple of large gears. In the center of the gears was an antique looking coat button she had found with a nice intricate design. Dangling from the gears was a short length of thick chain (taken from an old key chain) that had a small ring at the end from which dangled a small locker key, an orange rock wrapped in wire and a tiny metal spring.

"These started with hospital bands.” Tavi held out her arms that were covered with an assortment of bracelets. "There was a surplus of them that I ended up with so I used them as a base and covered them with ribbon, beads, clay...whatever...” Which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on whether or not he liked the mix of crafty items. "The snap closure on the plastic makes them quick and easy to get on an off.” And they were small enough not to fall right off her hands.

Waiting to see what he thought of the ginger, she watched his expression and tried not to giggle. A small laugh might have trickled out but only the one.
"Yes, it is.”

Apparently Julian really was a musician, like a real one who got paid and everything. Tavi nodded when he mentioned the symphony. "I have been to see a couple of shows but not recently. The last tickets I had were given to me by a trumpet player who was -sure- that someone had stolen his prized instrument.” You do one prized cat caper and suddenly you are the missing objects whisperer. "Turns out he had asked his mother to take it to have it professionally cleaned before a big show and he forgot.” She looked at him to see if he could guess which horn player that might be. "Anyway, it was easy to track it down but he was sure that one of the other musicians was trying to sabotage him.”

Popping a piece of sushi into her mouth, she savored it a moment before concluding. "Anyway, I was given tickets for my great assistance...and possibly to bribe me to keep my mouth shut about his memory loss.” Which apparently hadn't completely worked. Perhaps the man should have paid more.

"I also play the violin...not nearly as well, I'd imagine, but I enjoy it.” She smiled and shrugged. "Mostly fiddle, Roma music, folk pieces and the like.” The faster the better, like most things.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian laughed at her response to his fashion-crime comparison. He did nod, though, when she mentioned the prison uniforms. "I agree," he said. "I'd rather hang myself than have to wear one of those things. Fortunately I've manged to keep my activities on the level my whole life. Just the threat of a baggy prison uniform is enough for me, thanks."

He gave a shudder. While his entire outfit was very casual in appearance, it had been carefully chosen to be that way. He'd have been lying if he claimed he spent no time making sure his hood hung right over his pea coat or his curls weren't just the right amount of disheveled. Too much was just messy, and too little looked contrived.

When Tavi held out her pendant for him to see he gently held it to examine it, giving a little 'ah' as she explained its origins. He let it go as she held out her arms, and looked with interest at her bracelets.
"That's awesome," he said, his interest unfeigned. Julian wasn't creative in that manner. His muse let itself out in the form of music. He enjoyed fiddling a great deal, and could improv with the best of them. He'd never been good at arts and crafts.

"I really like the steampunk angle," he said. The gears and button on the pendant were really cool. He could see himself wearing something like that. He didn't normally wear a lot of jewelry but when he did he preferred it to look unique.

When Tavi told him how she came by her Symphony tickets Julian had to laugh again.
"I can guess who that was," he said. "If I'm right, I've heard him teased frequently... um... he's a little bit of a momma's boy."

The trumpet player in question was almost forty, single, and lived at home with his widowed mother. His story was that he had to take care of her, but they all suspected that secretly (or not even that secretly), he just enjoyed being spoiled. His mother did everything for him, and they lived nicely together. It wasn't unheard of for her to drop in in the middle of rehearsal with a bag lunch for her beloved son, and it made Daniel the brunt of much joking. Julian had never joined in, but that was mostly because he didn't know Daniel well enough that he'd feel comfortable making fun of him. Privately, he found the situation pretty funny.

He perked up when Tavi said she played the violin.
"Yeah? Roma music is beautiful. I know a bit of it. I really enjoy folk music. My grandmother got me involved in playing when I was really young, and that's always been what I wanted to do. Folk music was the first sort of music I ever really loved."

Julian's repertoire was pretty large now, because of that but also because he'd been playing from a very young age. When most kids were obligated to learn some kind of instrument in third grade he had been scraping around on grandma's violin since he'd been big enough to hold it. Grandma had played tons of folk music. Oh, she'd been trained in classical as well but she had liked warmer, friendlier music of the sort that you played around a fire in a cabin at night with your family and a few friends.

"So what got you into the detective thing? Did you always want to do it or are you just naturally nosy?"

He teased Tavi gently, his smile implying that he didn't consider detectives the nosy sort.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Julian liked her jewelry -and- knew what steampunk was which upped his cool factor immediately as far as she was concerned. "Thank you."

He also knew who the mystery trumpet player was without her having to divulge a name or describe the man any further. Tavi seriously doubted she would have had to give any more details. How many trumpet players did the symphony have? Out of those how many were likely to think someone was sabotaging them when they really asked their mother to have their instrument cleaned? She suspected the list probably only had one name on it. "Ah good, I can keep my word. You heard nothing from me.” She ran a warning hand like a zipper across her mouth. Not that she was a priest or a doctor or anything but he had been a client.

That he played folk music and really liked it almost made Julian family. She smiled and nodded.
"It was the first music I remember and still some of my favorite. Its very free. Improvising dance and music is...the best really.” Tavi looked at him to see if he understood what she meant. "When a group is right on together no matter where the beat goes...that's magic.”

He asked about how she ended up as a detective. Tavi shrugged. "My mother assumed I would be a juvenile delinquent and I've made it my mission in life to prove her wrong whenever I can.” Not so much these days. She was an adult and living her own life; her family wasn't perfect but who's family was?

"But yeah, I've always been really nosy.” To prove that point, she took a sip of her drink and then regarded him thoughtfully. "So, boxers or briefs?” With a cheeky smile, Tavi added. "Or commando? You know... for information purposes.” If she was going to be nosy then it should serve a purpose. She was using her powers for good...really.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian's mouth twisted up in a wry smile when Tavi zipped her lips. He shook his head and shrugged. "Believe me, it wasn't a stretch." Pretty much anyone in the Symphony would have guessed who she was talking about with probably half of that information. Daniel was a little - well, he stood out.

Julian found himself smiling and nodding as Tavi spoke about her feelings for improvised folk tunes.
"You should come to the Long Bar some time," he said, his voice full of enthusiasm. "It's great. They do a sort of free-for-all a lot of nights."

He hadn't wanted to go back there after his run-in with Val's friend, but Julian didn't like being afraid to do things. It was bad enough that he had a hard time with cars. He didn't need to add any more phobias to that, so he'd made himself go. And he was glad he had. He hadn't run into Val there, but he suspected she was avoiding him and he was almost grateful for that. Julian was a good guy - he tried to be anyway. He didn't need any Irish mafia connections.

He sipped at his sake, not commenting on Tafi's mom except to raise his eyebrow. Nice mom, he thought. He might go home and give his a call. Comments like that reminded him he was lucky to have his family.

Refilling his sake cup from the warm bottle he sipped at it again when Tavi demonstrated her nosy side. He laughed softly and leaned in toward her conspiratorially, as if he were going to give her an answer. Then he said softly,
"You're the detective. Figure it out."

Grinning at her, he leaned back and took another sip.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
"A free for all sounds interesting.” Tavi made a mental note to check it out. She wasn't interested in standing up and playing for an audience during some amateur hour, not out a shyness but lack of appeal. She wasn't a performer at heart, her parents might be shocked to know that. But the idea of a group of people getting together and playing some music for fun was right up her alley. If there were people watching and enjoying it then that was fine. It was mostly the same when she played and danced for the gatherings; sure she loved catching some guy's attention when she was doing a few sexy moves but mostly she was lost in the music and the moment. "I might see you there.”

Her nosy question was rebuffed with a challenge. Tavi raised her eyebrows at Julian and grinned. She looked him over before answering. "You realize crawling across the table and physically checking is a viable solution in my opinion...” Well maybe he didn't; Julian had only just met her after all. Boldness was not limited to her hair but he might not have had time to notice the rest.

"Not very sporting... though tempting.” She mused thoughtfully. Grinning slyly, Tavi added. "I hope you understand that I might need to question known associates.” She took out her phone and tapped the memo app. "I'll just start with your co-workers...perhaps someone there might know the answer?” Tavi left the question hanging in the air, not really intending to interrogate Julian's coworkers about his underwear preference.

"Seems better than a stake out of your home with a pair of high powered binoculars....that tends to get a little creepy." She had done stake outs a plenty but mostly for people who thought their spouse was cheating or up to some other nefarious business. It was done because she was getting paid to do it, not because sitting in a car for hours was her kind of entertainment. Of course she could simply break in and look but that also seemed to be going a little far for such a small friendly challenge.

The most obvious course of action would be to charm the pants off him. Direct, not very subtle but potentially effective.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
"It's a lot of fun," Julian said. He found the prospect of a new companion to go to the Long Bar with very appealing. Nothing against Val, but their association had pretty much ended a few weeks ago when one of her 'buddies' had beaten the shit out of him in his own home. Julian still didn't know how that had happened; the door was locked. He knew it had been locked. Since then he'd had the locks changed, of course, but he was a little jumpy yet.

When Tavi threatened to cross the table and simply ascertain his choice of underwear for herself Julian laughed.
"I guess whatever gets you the end result," he said, "but personally, I was hoping for something a little more 'super sleuth' like I use chopsticks with my right hand and put just the right amount of ginger on my sushi to be a boxers guy. Or the way I part my hair makes me a briefs guy."

Well, he'd only just learned how to eat sushi and his hair didn't actually have a part, mop of curls that it was. But he was sure she got the point. At her next suggestion he rolled his eyes upward thoughtfully.
"Huh. You could try but unless they're super sleuths too they'd better not know what I have on under my tux. I make it a point not to sleep with co-workers. Way too 'band camp drama' for me."

Her next statement made him laugh, too.
"Now a stake-out sounds good, aside from the creepiness, and honestly you'd probably be pretty bored."

Not to mention she wouldn't get any answers. He lived in a studio apartment. There was a window in his main room and a tiny one in the bathroom. Both stayed closed with the blinds down pretty much all the time, because while he was a social person Julian did enjoy his privacy at home.

Raising his eyebrows at Tavi he said,
"Is this a two-way challenge? Or should I try to figure out something completely different about you?" A few suggestions came to mind but he thought better of them; they sounded wrong in his head. Bad enough he'd pretty much challenged her to get into his pants already. Julian hadn't meant it that way but if that was how she went about it he wouldn't complain. Tavi seemed like a lot of fun, cute, smart, sociable, the kind of person Julian liked to hang out with.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Tavi blinked a few times at him when Julian suggested that she come up with something 'super sleuthy' and gave a few examples. "Placing chopsticks in your right hands suggests you are...right handed. The amount of ginger on your sushi suggests that you didn't hate it enough to not eat it a second time but that you are still cautious about the stuff.” She smiled and muttered "which I agree with completely.”

Narrowing her eyes when he shot down her first plan of action, Tavi countered. "I am not suggesting that you sleep with your fellow musicians but do you always come to work dressed in your tux? Or do you occasionally dress for a show there at the theater?” After all tuxes wrinkled easily so commuting in them seemed less practical than changing when he arrived. "Or perhaps you change occasionally before leaving when you go out and not home first. If that's the case then perhaps someone saw enough to answer my question.” Guys say they don't look and for the most part that seems at least half true. Some of them didn't but others did and pretended they didn't.

She laughed when he said that she would be bored with a stake out of his place.
"Not much going on at home, eh?” Tavi grinned wickedly at him. "That's just a shame. Young, healthy, good looking guy like yourself...such a waste.” She swirled a piece of sushi into her soy sauce, a faint smile still lingering on her face.

He asked if this was a two way challenge or perhaps there was something else he should try to find out about her. Tavi considered the question for a moment, chewing her sushi thoughtfully.
"You can try to find out what my real hair colour is.” It should be about equal a challenge. Some people might know but he'd have to find the right people. There were direct ways of finding out but that would require a close inspection...
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
When Tavi stated the obvious Julian made a show of putting his hand up to his chest in mock surprise. "Oh my God. That's amazing. It's like you read my mind!"

His eyes sparkled with amusement; she didn't seem like the type to get offended from some gentle teasing. Certainly not if their conversation had yet to do so. Going along with the line of questioning he wrinkled his nose at her and shook his head.
"We have dressing rooms. Private dressing rooms."

Julian wasn't a big exhibitionist. With the scars on his body he wasn't about to strip down to his underwear and give everyone a free show. The ones on his face were enough of an attention-getter, the ones on his hand usually drew questions; the scars down his leg weren't worth putting on display.

"Not so much waste," he said to Tavi. "Home is for sleeping in and washing in. I don't always like to be alone, so I'm out as often as I can be."

He popped a piece of fish into his mouth, enjoying it too much now to really care what kind it was.
"Thanks for the compliment though." That she found him good-looking made him happy. Julian did try, after all. Probably harder than most guys. Maybe too hard, honestly, but he felt like he was fighting an uphill battle sometimes.

He laughed out loud when Tavi suggested he try to discover the exact same thing that he'd kept his mouth shut about prior. From him, it would have sounded lecherous and skeezy. From her, it was more acceptable. He grinned at her.

"I'm not a detective though. My methods might really include throwing myself over the table in desperation."
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
"I have mad skills.” She agreed with mock smugness. "I know.”

Julian explained that they had dressing rooms that were private. Very posh. She would have expected with a group as large as a symphony that some people to have to share a dressing room but maybe some people did and her boy here just rated his own room. Interesting, she'd have to look into that.

It was now becoming obvious that she was planning a trip to the symphony. She could possibly super sleuth out the answer to her question on her own from there and she could learn a few more useful facts about Julian by watching him at work. Tavi kept the field trip plans a secret though; it was hard to be stealthy if you tell them your plans ahead of time.

She raised her eyebrows at him when he explained that the reason home was boring was because he was rarely there for anything other than a wardrobe change and to sleep off whatever trouble he had gotten himself into while he was.
"I see how it is. My. Symphony is a party boy.” Tavi smiled wondering if his parents had thought they were safely raising a geeky little son who would never be any trouble. Students who were in the orchestra tended to be honor roll material but many of them lacked social skills. Julian seemed to have acquired the later somewhere, if he hadn't had them all along.

He seemed to accept the challenge question. Perhaps he thought it would be easy enough to answer. That would be a surprise then. The woman who dyed her wolf fur also dyed other things; she preferred a complete look. Besides, as a werewolf, she spent a lot of time naked in front of other people.

Tavi smiled at Julian and leaned back in her seat.
"Bring it on if that's what you need to do.” She didn't think she would mace him or anything for crawling over the table toward her if he chose. He seemed like a good guy and it would an odd situation that brought on the strange behavior. "So got any other plans for getting your information? Not that I am knocking the straight forward method. It tends to get results.”
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian nodded agreeably at Tavi's 'mad skills.' He was willing to believe she just might, for reasons other than their current discussion. She was certainly making sushi a lot of fun.

Accused of being a party boy, Julian laughed again and shook his head, waving his hand dismissively.
"Only a little," he said. "Mostly Mr. Symphony is an insomniac. I just don't see the point in sleeping when there's so much else to be done."

He was being utterly truthful; Julian rarely felt the need to lie about his preferences. He wasn't exactly plagued by nightmares; they came and went, really, but nights could be uncomfortable. He knew the family therapist would tell him that avoiding sleep and drinking too much were bad coping methods but so far they were working for him.

Tavi leaned back, obviously not worried about Julian launching himself across a table. When she asked about his other methods he snorted softly and shook his head.
"Not saying," he said cheerfully. "Otherwise you'll see me coming. But while straightforward might be good, this sake is too excellent to spill and the sushi is fantastic. I think I'd prefer to eat it instead of wear it."

He would have to explore other means of figuring out her hair color. She was thorough, that was sure. Her eyebrows weren't some kind of weird shade like blond or anything that would give it away.

"Maybe knowing your real hair color would kill the mystique," he said thoughtfully. "Do you dye it often to keep it this way? It's really pretty."

He raised his eyebrows at her, honestly interested. In the back of his mind he wondered if his willingness to converse about hair color would flip her 'gaydar' to 'on' as it had with women so often in the past. He hoped not; he thought it was probably perfectly clear by now that he liked female company... or at least, would entertain the company of either sex. He'd take that.

Julian realized he had begun to think of her as someone he was a little interested in. Considering he'd initially thought she was twelve or something (okay, maybe not that young but young) that was kind of a leap. But she was fun to talk to and she clearly wasn't as young as she looked. She didn't seem opposed to a little light flirtation so he didn't worry. Most of all, though, she didn't seem too put out by his personality, which was definitely not your average 'macho man' type. He was actually just having fun talking to her, not trying to take her home, not pushing at all... it was a nice feeling, being himself.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
"Ah” Tavi replied when Julien explained that he was an insomniac. She wondered what the cause was, bad dreams, incredibly high metabolism, aches and pains. It had not escaped her notice that he had some scars; they were hard to miss in close quarters. So she might guess the first or the last or both.

She smiled when he said that he would not divulge his other methods lest she be warned ahead of time.
"Fair enough.” Tavi nodded in agreement about not spilling the sake or wearing the sushi. "It would be a waste.” She supposed she'd have to be ready for him when the sake was finished and the plate was clean.

Tavi grinned a little wider when he suggested that knowing the answer to his challenge might kill the mystique of her hair. Julien said that he liked it, which made her happier than she would have expected. She didn't want people to hate it and it was nice to get compliments but his was a little more special than the average stranger. Probably because she was enjoying his company and he seemed like a cool person to know.
"Usually at least once a season. For this past winter it was black and white. For summer it was shades of blue. This particular choice was just because I felt like it.” Tavi smiled and shrugged. "I suppose I should do something pastel for spring...hmm...I'd rather not look like an Easter egg. Maybe something a shade or two brighter...” She looked at him and cupped her chin between her hands. "Any suggestions?” She was perfectly open to creative input from outside sources.

"I am guessing the symphony probably wouldn't let you rock a shocking purple fauxhawk, hmm?” It'd be pretty funny to see though. She'd definitely give him points for bravery. Everyone else in their tuxes with their normal hair and the audience filled with stuffy rich people. It'd be awesome. Of course the repercussions might be less awesome.