Sushi said...(Attn:Julian)

Dyson on Lost Girl was a Vyusher R'asa! Tavi stared at her tiny tablet in incredulous disbelief, stuffing another piece of sushi absently into her mouth. She paused the video, played it back and looked again.

Yes, that was definitely the symbol for vicious dog in hobo sign as a tattoo on his arm. Well, she wasn't sure whether the actor was actually a R'asa but someone on the show definitely was. A writer somewhere. How cool was that?

Tavi loved him. Dyson was the most amazing, most awesome version of a werewolf in popular media that she had seen yet. He totally blew Remus Lupin and his mopey regretful werewolf angst out of the water. Even better Dyson became an actual wolf like an actual werewolf and he was hawt. That last part was pretty damn important as well. And he was a detective. He was perfect, not real perhaps, but still utterly wonderfully perfect.

She was seated cross legged in one of the booths with her tablet tilted up toward her watching an episode of Lost Girl while she ate sushi at her favorite place. Tavi was wearing hot pink skull candy earphones to keep from annoying other people an, even with them in, the volume was still very low. It didn't need to be loud, just high enough to be heard over the annoying brat a few tables away who kept demanding his parents "Watch this! Watch this!” every time he so much as farted in whatever game he was playing on his nintendo ds.

Reaching for another piece of sushi, her fingers touched plate. Tavi poked at it a few times without looking before finally taking her eyes off the screen. There wasn't any more sushi left.

"Well damn.” With a sigh, she paused her show and then stood up to go order some more. She left her tablet and purse there at the table, hopefully keeping her booth for herself. She wasn't very worried about thieves...they would do what? Run? She could only hope so. If they managed to get to their vehicle before she caught them then it might actually be something of a challenge.

"Please,Sir, can I have some more?” Tavi batted dark eyelashes at the chef. He grunted a chuckle, shaking his head and filling her plate again.

((OOC: In Lost Girl, Dyson really does have a tattoo from hobo sign that means Viscious Dog. I swear sometimes these writers read our board. ))

Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian winced, agreeing with Tavi's not wanting to look like an Easter egg. "I can't imagine anything less appealing," he said. "Pastels are so out for Easter anyway. Martha Stewart says red is the new pastel."

He tilted his head and looked at her when she asked for suggestions.
"Maybe something in the spirit of spring without the pastels," he said. "You have a nice fade effect now. Maybe you could go with a nice spring green but a really vibrant one with some yellow. You don't want to look like a leprechaun either so maybe you could fade it into light blue."

Yellow, green, blue, in bold colors would be a nice spring palette. Tavi clearly didn't mind standing out for her hair colors. Julian would actually consider doing it too, or might if it wouldn't jeopardize his position in the Symphony. She obviously thought along those lines too, with her next suggestion.

He laughed and shook his head.
"No, as it is my current style is pushing it but I get away with it because technically I'm not a permanent member. I'm a 'special guest performer.'"

Julian used quotation fingers around the last bit, his lips twisting wryly.
"I do play electric violin in a band on the side, though, and I imagine the fauxhawk wouldn't be unwelcome there."

Jan would probably tease him about it, since Julian had yet to do anything truly outrageous with his own look during any performance. A purple fauxhawk would definitely be outside the box for him.
"Are you offering to be my stylist? Do they have wash-out stuff?"

He raised his eyebrows at Tavi. He had actually already found himself a good stylist here in town, a young woman named Carrie who he was pretty sure thought he was gay since she always asked him how his search for Mr. Right was going. Julian didn't bother correcting her; it wasn't worth it sometimes. But Tavi obviously knew her dyes. And clearly, she had done purple. So if she wanted to see him rock a purple hairdo some night and was willing to help him accomplish it, Julian was game.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Tavi listened to Julian's suggestion for hair colour. She nodded and agreed. "Yeah, I think brighter is better. I don't mind the whole Easter slash Spring reference so long as its not an egg.” Nodding again, she liked his color choice. "I like the spring green. Maybe instead of a gradient I could do it with ribbons of pink hair interspersed. What do you think? Would be pretty in an updo.” Tavi gathered her hair up and swirled it on top of her head. "With some little white flowers in it.” Not for every day maybe but it would still be pretty without them but very spring like and pretty with them.

She laughed when he explained that the purple hair wouldn't be taken well but that he was a 'special guest performer' technically. Tavi suspected that he got away with his style because it looked good on him and the orchestra would be stupid to not want talented people who looked good while performing.

He did say that he played with a band and that the fauxhawk might work for those gigs. Tavi smiled and was already considering what color would look best and how his curls would look styled up. He had a lot of thick hair so she thought it would be easy to style up and look awesome.

When he asked if she was willing to be his stylist, Tavi grinned.
"Absolutely another vic...volunteer is always welcome.” Taking a swallow of her drink, she added. "Yes, they have wash out stuff. Some good, some bad but I know which ones to use. No need to worry.” There was even hair chalk these days. That was softer but easy to wash out and it didn't look sticky or stiff either. "Just give me a few hours advance notice and we can hook you up.”
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
"Oh ribbons are nice," Julian said. "Very springtime. You don't think white flowers are a little too 'over the top springtime wedding' though?" He tilted his head at her, popped another piece of unknown fish into his mouth, and lifted one shoulder. She could probably pull off white flowers. She looked youthful enough that on her it would probably be cute.

It seemed agreeable to style his hair for one of Jan's concerts. Julian grinned at her labeling of him as an almost-victim, and laughed softly. He'd check with Jan and make sure it was all right but he didn't think his friend would have any issues with it.

"That's good. I'm going to have to trust your advice," Julian said. "My hair will be in your hands. If it ends up washing out with a purple tint to it I'd probably have to cut it and that would make me kind of sad."

He wasn't vain, necessarily, but he did work at his appearance and one didn't keep a mop of ash-blond curls without maintaining it. Julian hadn't had short hair since he was a baby. He'd gone mop-style his whole life.

Pulling his phone from his jeans pocket he poised his finger over it.
"If I'm going to give you advance notice I guess I'll need your number, huh?"

He raised his eyebrows at her and grinned, making it obvious that hair styling wasn't the only reason it would be nice to have her phone number in his list. He was pretty happy to have chosen this place to come eat tonight, and not because the food was delicious (which it was).
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Tavi considered his question and then shook her head. "I don't think I would rock the flowers every day or anything but it might be nice once or twice somewhere that requires being dressed up.” Like the symphony for instance. She smiled and shrugged. "I do occasionally go to stuffy formal events, if for no other reason than to see the looks on people's faces.”

She solemnly crossed her heart about being good to his hair. "I promise your curls will be safe with me. Dying is something I take very seriously.” And had no small amount of experience with. She wouldn't even be actually dying his hair but using a wash out product of one kind or another so that was even harder to screw up. His hair wasn't a very light blond which seemed to soak up everything you put onto it and never let it go, even the wash out stuff. Julian's was a nice shade for dying, not too dark and not too light. Perfect.

Julian pulled out his phone and said that he needed her phone number for advance notice of future hair styling. Tavi nodded and reached for his phone to put in the contact information in herself. She also pulled her's out and slid it across the table to him.
"For future hair consultations and sushimergencies.” Because sometimes those happened also.

The rest of the meal went by quickly. She never finished watching the episode of Lost Girl and Dyson was almost completely forgotten for the moment. Julian was better company; he wasn't half naked and a werewolf but he was intelligent, funny and fashion forward. Those things were actually more important.

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