Special Delivery (attn: Val)

Tai sat in the living room of the town house he and Val owned together. They had started out in an apartment but it had quickly become clear that they each wanted more space than even a large penthouse could afford them.

They made plenty of money between the two of them so they'd purchased this swanky town home in an upscale part of Nachton. It had three stories, the bottom one below ground. That belonged solely to Val. The ground floor was the living area, dining area, kitchen, a spare room that currently served as a small library, and the exit to a concrete 'backyard.' The top floor belonged to Tai. This way, they both had their own private area separated by an entire story, as well as the area they shared.

It wasn't that they never entered the other's rooms. On the contrary; they had seen each other's personal space many times, from various vantages depending on their current positions.

Their rather open relationship was pleasant to both of them. Tai knew Val hooked up with other men, just as he had slept with other women. They were friends, however, insofar as Tai had any friends. As far as roommates went, he suspected he was probably a pretty tolerable one. He stayed pretty quiet and didn't bring guests home.

He was currently stretched out on the recliner in front of the TV. Val was out again tonight, probably with her new toy. Tai didn't know who he was but he could smell him on Val now and then. It didn't matter much to him, but if Val was enjoying it then good for her.

He looked up when she walked in, about an hour before dawn. He raised his eyebrows in greeting and glanced over at the table in the dining area. As they didn't eat dinner or entertain, it was more of a gathering place for various messages and such. On top of the table was a USPS parcel.

Tai didn't bother saying anything about it. He figured it pretty much spoke for itself. Clearly it had arrived for Val earlier in the evening. If if had been for Tai it wouldn't be sitting unopened on the table.

Valentine 11 years ago
Val stretched and yawned as she walked inside their townhouse. It really was a very comfortable arrangement. They both respected each other's privacy but it was better than living completely alone. It was a bit odd how well they got on, they were in many ways total opposites, but they both accepted the other for who they were. Val was very fond of Tai and considered him a friend, and one hell of a good time in bed, so this was really ideal. She neatly hung her coat in the closet and made her way to the living area where Tai was apparently absorbed in something, whether it be the program or just thought she never could tell.

"Evening lover, get up to anything spectacular?"

As peculiar as it might be 'lover' was a term that she reserved just for Tai. They were that, but it certainly wasn't a traditional relationship. It was, however, something more complicated than the friends with benefits thing she had going on with Julian.

She glanced over at the box on the table and nodded. She'd get to that in a second, but for now she settled on the sofa and took off her boots, the ones Julian had admired when they first met, and her long dangley earrings. Wiggling her toes, she set the earrings on the end table and sighed rather satisfied. They might be sexy as hell, and she did love them, but some days it felt damned good to take off the heels and the earrings.

As soon as she went down stairs the boots and earrings would be collected, at least they would be nine times out of ten. While fairly tidy, and she did make an effort to be respectful of the common space sometimes Val did forget and would leave something small lying about.

Feeling rather relaxed and still wanting company, and obviously Tai was feeling fairly social or he'd be upstairs, she made herself at home on the sofa looking at what was on. She was quite content with quiet companionship. There wasn't really any business to talk about either, there were one or two insurance scams that should be acted on in the next month or so but it wasn't pressing enough to chatter about now.
Ichiro Taiji 11 years ago
"Not as much as you, I don't think," Tai answered Val with a crooked smile. He had fed, of course, being still too young to go for long without doing so, but his had been quick and without meaning, a willing young woman at the HoP.

Val arranged herself on the sofa next to him and he handed her the remote control, his unspoken approval for a channel change if she wanted it. He was watching House Hunters, a show that fascinated him. He loved architecture and was always interested in these home-type shows that focused on different parts of the country or the world. HGTV was his friend.

"So who is it?"

A few minutes had passed, long enough for it to be completely unclear as to what Tai was referring to, but he didn't really register the lapse. Val had a way of understanding him, which might possibly make the habit worse. Tai had been like that since he'd been turned though... not all here, not all there, slightly out-of-touch with how normal people interacted.

"You smell like sex and whiskey," he added, his golden cat's eyes flickering to Val and a soft sly smile on his face. He liked it when she smelled liked that. It didn't matter that she hadn't been having sex with him - and perhaps if she weren't totally worn out, she'd join him when the sun came up. Sleeping with Val was soothing sometimes. Having someone there was good.
Valentine 11 years ago
Both of Val's eyebrows rose at Tai's comment. She really had no doubt that he knew she was making the most of her evenings out and was reasonably certain he'd worked out it was the same guy. But she just smiled her most charming smile, completely unapologetic about and making no effort to hide her large canines.

Taking the remote she just shrugged and set it aside. Some nights she would surf around for an old black and white movie, something very film noir but tonight she didn't really care one way or another and left the house show on. At first she had been rather surprised that Tai found them interesting, but once she thought about it, it made sense. It was also rather entertaining how wrapped up you could be in these things, and have an opinion about the outcomes.

The delay in Tai's follow up question wasn't typically an issue for Val. While she wasn't a mind reader or even able to say with certainty she could follow Tai's train of thought she usually could keep up enough to know what he was talking about.

"Curiosity killed the cat.”

She quipped and might have left it there waiting to see if Tai would make any further effort but the comment about whiskey and sex made her laugh.

"It is that or hotel room soap.” Although Julian had picked a nice place this time and it probably would have been decent. "Just a guy... Julian he plays with the symphony and likes my pub.”

No it wasn't her pub, but Tai would know what she meant. She also didn't call Julian a kid. Tai was just a baby (vampirically speaking) himself. He and Julian probably weren't that far apart in age.

"Did you want to meet him?”

Val teased knowing the answer would very probably be no. The offer was, however, sincere she had nothing to hide. Hell, if Tai wanted to join them Val wouldn't care (Julian might) but it was just more fun for her.
Ichiro Taiji 11 years ago
"The symphony?" Tai raised his eyebrow again. "Interesting. What instrument?"

It was an odd question to ask; it didn't matter if Val was drinking a cello player or an oboe player. Tai just wanted to know though.

He shook his head when she asked if he wanted to meet this Julian, then immediately followed that with,
"Maybe." His facial expression did not change at all to reflect any sort of thought process whatsoever; it was just how Tai did things. He would meet Julian if Val thought it would be interesting. If nothing else, it would make sure Tai didn't inadvertently drink from Val's current toy.

He watched House Hunters for a few more minutes before getting up from the recliner and moving in his graceful catlike way to the couch near Val. He didn't sit right next to her but he didn't sit all the way on the other side either. It was his way of both inviting and asking at the same time. If she didn't want his company she didn't have to come closer.

Tai had spent more time with Val now than anyone in Nachton, even his own Creator. He appreciated that she belonged to Tacharan, as he supposedly did although he had very little interaction with anyone besides Val really. He knew he liked her company, and he knew he liked her. She was friend, family, lover, whatever she wanted to be.

After a minute he asked her,
"Going to make him a familiar?"
Valentine 11 years ago
"He likes to fiddle around."

Val couldn't help but grin at her own pathetic pun and double entendre. It really was quite bad.

"Maybe I should have looked from something in the woodwinds..."

She mused playfully still rather amused by the word game. It wouldn't last long, but for now it was fun.

Again her eyebrows rose. She really hadn't expected anything other than no from Tai. She wasn't going to deny him though. She wouldn't have offered if she hadn't meant it.

"Let me know, it can be arranged."

It might not even be a meeting per say she might just have Tai around to the pub sometime when Julian turned up. Val was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but there was no harm in letting Tai get a look at him. She'd wait a while yet to see if it would be interesting for Tai though, right now it was just chatting, sex and the occasional snack.

The conversation lapsed for a bit, something that she had grown accustom to with Tai. Absently she watched the show for a bit until Tai decided to come join her. He moved so beautiful, she always enjoyed watching him, or moving with him. She understood the invitation, and as she'd had half a mind to drop herself in Tai's lap when she first came home it was accepted. She moved closer curling up nest to him. She wasn't worn out.

Frowning thoughtfully she considered the question. It was something she'd thought about before, but she wanted to be sure of the answer.

"No. Too much work and I don't see a real advantage in it."

She absently slid her hand up Tai's leg. Familiars didn't have to live with their vampires, but some did and Val knew she didn't want any one else around the place, she didn't even want Julian knowing where the town house was. Not to mention she didn't want the responsibility for telling him about vampires, Tacharan or anything else. Too many complication. Nope, Tai was enough.

"Besides, if I ever wanted some one to feed me peeled grapes..."

She teased, deliberately trailing off rather than saying he would do admirably for such a task.
Ichiro Taiji 11 years ago
Tai gave no indication of having heard Val's puns, but he never did. Humor wasn't really his thing. At best, he was a good straight man. He did nod when Val said to let her know; he would let her know if he decided to meet her human. He thought it would be a good idea to at least see the guy. If Val liked him then Tai would keep an eye out for him if necessary. Not that he cared for the man, but if Val did then Tai was aware that he should at least give half a fuck.

Nodding agreeably when Val claimed a familiar was too much work, Tai lifted his arm and slung it around her shoulders. He blinked down at her when she suggested he might be willing or even interested in feeding her peeled grapes. That small expression pretty much said it all; Tai was so incredibly -not- going to do something like that, it wasn't funny. He did comment on it though.

"A pointless endeavor," he murmured dismissively. "If you were to express an interest in having someone peeled like a grape, however, I might manage."

Tai's skills were what they were. Chef he was not. Assassin, he could do. He was skilled in an extraordinary number of ways to make someone not alive. Flaying wasn't a process he was unfamiliar with.
Valentine 11 years ago
"Peel someone... yes. Yes that does sound more like you. More practical as well."

She'd never understood peeling grapes. There wasn't much skin to begin with, there wasn't much fruit really, but people did odd things. Stupid expression really. Removing some one from their skin was undoubtedly an art form, one she'd never bothered with but it didn't seem at all surprising or worrisome that Tai would be. Val believed he either could do it, or had done it, and still had no issues getting cozy with him.

The more she thought about it, the more impressed she was with the idea though. Shaving her legs could be tricky, nicking the area round the ankle and such.

"You're going to have to tell me more about this some time."

Val was a shoot/snip and occasional a bomb kind of girl. She was good at what she did, but this idea was oddly intriguing. How the hell did you learn to do it. As she was considering this, however, her hand slid a little higher up Tai's leg.

Her eyes flicked back to the table and the package. Val didn't get a lot of mail here, most of the big stuff went to the dealership. Sure they both got some junk, in various names, but short of ordering something very little in the way of packages. She didn't remember ordering. But she was torn between getting naked with Tai and opening a present. Although, getting naked was a bit like unwrapping a present...
Ichiro Taiji 11 years ago
Tai nodded to Val when she expressed an interest in removing the skin from your kill. It was no great secret but it did take some practice. It was really all about separating the tissue from the muscle, like skinning an animal. Human skin was remarkably elastic. As long as you knew what you were doing you could get it off fairly quickly.

Val's hand on his leg told him she was definitely interested in more than just a cuddle, in spite of having been with her violinist earlier. Some nights, she was insatiable. And that was just fine with Tai. They had certainly had their share of wild nights and wild days. He was more than willing to play with her. He tilted his head down, brushed his lips across hers, and then gently slid the pointed tip of one fang along the line of her neck.

He caught her glance as he moved back though, and his mouth quirked up on one side.

"Open the box," he said, knowing it had her curious. "Get it over with."

The sooner Val found out who had sent her what, the sooner they could go to bed. His bed, her bed, it didn't matter. They both had equally comfortable furniture in their separate areas. What mattered was they would enjoy each other thoroughly.
Valentine 11 years ago
The feel of his fang along her neck gave Val the shivers in a very good way. Julian might not know what she was doing when she bit him, but Val knew what Tai would do when he bit. For that matter she knew what he could do without bitting. There was something about playing with another vampire, you each knew how sturdy the other was and you went a bit further than you would with a human. It was enough to make her totally forget the box.

But she couldn't totally forget it. It didn't matter how old you were, presents were fun and exciting, at least Val thought so. Doing something -very- unsubtle and quite suggest with her hands so that Tai wouldn't forget where they were or loose interest, Val slid off the couch and over to the box.

It wasn't from a big company, there was no return address. Something wasn't right. Carefully Val turned it over in her hands examining it. The box was plain brown and had been used before, or had been put through the ringer on its trip here. Frowning Val wondered momentarily if she should even open it, at least if she should open it here.

She found a small little knife and cautiously slit the packing tape on both ends and then down the center. Aware she was probably being too cautious Val laughed at herself a little and opened the box. There was another box inside, ornate, painted, with some mother of pearl insets, some gilded accents, and hinged and it was oddly familiar and looked quite old and well worn. There was a letter on top, eyeing the box a bit suspiciously Val left it and opened the letter.

'Valentine, il mio bambina,'

It began in a strong, bold, even hand that she instantly recognized was enough to shock Val and make her head spin. It took her a second to look up to Tai and finally speak, her accent was very strong.

"Holy Mary. It's from Giovanni."

Right then she wasn't sure if she'd ever told Tai about her creator at all. She hadn't heard from the man in decades. Val wasn't sure if he was alive or dead, still working or retired on some desert island some where. Well the letter was evidence he was alive, or had been when the package was mailed.
Ichiro Taiji 11 years ago
Val gave him a parting gift and Tai laughed softly at her. She was a physical person, really, and Tai enjoyed that aspect of her personality to its fullest. It didn't bother him one bit that she was returning from a tryst with a different partner. Tai's childhood had been so full of unusual liaisons that it would never have occurred to him to expect faithfulness, nor did he desire it.

He watched his partner's face while she slit open the box and raised his eyebrows at her exclamation.

"Your Creator?"

Tai recalled that Giovanni was Val's Creator and that she hadn't heard from him in a very long time, but that was all. He didn't know many other details aside from that and, given his own heritage, he didn't find it unusual. He hadn't seen or spoken to Ellis in over a year and he thought that might be for the best.

Of course, if she so much as crooked her finger at him he'd be there. Not out of loyalty or any sense of honor but because she was Ellis. She was still in his head night and day and he was used to her being there. Like the sun or the moon, she just existed and he lived with her constant presence always.

Tai had turned his head to watch Val but he made no further move toward her. Instead he waited to see what she would do or say, figuring it went without questioning that he wanted to know what was in the box also.
Valentine 11 years ago
"That would be him."

Val said, her accent a bit more under control now that the initial shock had passed.

"I haven't heard from him in... " She tried to do the math quickly in her head. "sixty... seventy years or so. I wondered if he was even still alive."

He wasn't much on letter writing. Giovanni had turned her, taught her and figuring his job was done left her. It had been mutual and neither one of them had ever really expected to be together for the rest of their lives. Even if they had been mortal Val was certain he hadn't been a 'till death do us part' sort of guy. She had been at the time. She was over that.

Sitting down she forgot about the letter and pulled the box out of the other box.

"Lord, I remember this. He had it even back then, it was part of his family or something..."

She probably should have paid more attention on the few occasions Giovanni had talked about his past. Val wasn't even sure exactly how old he was, just that he was fucking old.

She tried to open it and the lid was stuck. In an unusual show of restraint Val tried to use her nails to pry it open, and broke one for her trouble. She swore and reached for the little knife. Nothing.

"If I didn't know how much this damned thing meant to him," She gestured to the box, "I'd hit the damned thing with a hammer."

Disgusted she gave up for the moment and set it down and returned her attention to the letter. Fortunately other than the greeting it was not in Italian, she wasn't fluent. Thoughtfully, as she read, Val traced her tongue around the sharp edges of her fang.

"Well... that's interesting. Apparently, I'm still a friend and one of his other creations is on to something."

Val did still have a few connections to the mob, especially in Chicago. But they were distant, faint and rarely used or even acknowledged by either side. But according to this one of her 'siblings' was on to something and Giovanni was asking her to keep the information safe.

"We might get some company if he's right."
Ichiro Taiji 11 years ago
Tai watched Val with interest as she tried to open the box. She was unsuccessful, and she put it aside for the moment. As she read the letter Tai eased up from the couch, padded on silent feet across the room, and picked the box up.

He turned it this way and that. Tai knew how to pick locks, and he also had a reasonably sound grasp of construction. He enjoyed working with his hands and had been doing so far more frequently of late, now that he actually had free time in which to contemplate something other than his next mark.

While Val read and commented Tai made a few motions with his hands, feeling around the box. Then he went into the kitchen, pulled a few small tools from the utility drawer, and fiddled with the box for a moment more.

Even though he hadn't acknowledged a thing she said he was paying attention. He finally glanced at her, straightening and holding the now unlocked box out to her in both hands.

Valentine 11 years ago
Val nodded. This could get to be a regular family reunion. Which would be interesting as she'd never really spent much time with any of Giovanni's other creations. She wasn't even sure she'd met them all. It was quite possible she wasn't even the youngest any more. While Giovanni wasn't careless about who he turned, with the possible exception of her, he seemed to spend time with each of them helping them find their feet. At least that was how it sounded to Val, but who knew really.

"It isn't so much as 'something' as a 'someone' and apparently one of Giovanni's other off spring is determined to find them which undoubtedly means it is someone 'fun'."

Tai had been, or was she wasn't clear, yakuza he'd understand. There were enough similarities to the mob that she wouldn't have to explain getting wind of someone could be a very big deal. Giovanni had not said who apparently just in case the package had been intercepted.

"He goes no to say that said off spring knows this has all been sent off and will be tracking it down."

Val frowned a bit. That was concerning. That one of Giovanni's own creations would be this determined and tracking him like this. There was now, in her mind, a question of whether Giovanni was even alive at this point, things sounded pretty cut throat.

"The name sounds familiar but I can't remember if Giovanni just mentioned him or if we actually met. If I met Asa it was when Giovanni was still running with Capone."

Because she'd never met any of her other 'siblings' at least not knowingly. Val was a little leery of the box. She had no idea what her maker would sent her that would help to identify this person. With her luck it was some kind of code, some da Vinci code crap. She sucked at that sort of thing.

With a a very odd expression, at was at least partially a grin at Tai's success she nodded at the box, gesturing that he should give it to her.

"Better see what the old man sent me."
Ichiro Taiji 11 years ago
Val gave Tai a somewhat broken explanation of the letter's contents. He didn't normally require clarification but in this case, he was a little mystified. He tilted his head curiously at Val and waited to see if she would be more forthcoming, but she wasn't.

He frowned, disliking the fact that he felt compelled to ask for information, but he finally said,
"What has been sent off? And are you implying that this 'someone' is in this box?"

He had passed it over to Val but now he arched an eyebrow at her. She was being pretty vague, and he was looking for specifics. He assumed whatever it was, they would handle it together, otherwise she probably wouldn't have told him anything at all about the letter or her Creator. So, it behooved him to learn as much as possible. Especially if, as it sounded, whatever information Val's Creator had just given her was also being sought out by someone or several someones.
Valentine 11 years ago
Val had been fairly careful in not assuming that Tai would jump into this mess. They worked together, they helped each other out, they were friends and lovers but they weren't what you'd call a traditional couple. This wasn't a 'for better of for worse' arrangement they had here, so the idea of just dumping Tai into what was apparently an old school mob war wasn't something Val was just going to do without his input.

The question was a little encouraging, he was at least somewhat interested even if he hadn't clearly stated he'd help. If he was interested, she'd give him more information. Of course, that meant she actually had to look in the box.

It wasn't a large box, so there wasn't much in it, at least she had to assume that..

"I'm saying we'll know," She had changed from a singular possessive to a plural possessive without much thought, "who it is based on what's in the box."

That or there were ashes in the box they could identify. Wouldn't that be fun?

Opening the box she frowned, yeah this was Giovanni and his cloak and dagger games. She pulled out a small old leather bound ledger, a key, a battered gray fedora and a flash drive. The hat she put on without even thinking about it, it was too big. The flash drive she set aside and the ledger she opened.

It was typical accountant hand writing, neat, precise and slightly angular. Nothing that she could identify. But the credits and debits, as she read them, were a pattern she rather recognized. Closing the book she looked at the front cover and then at the first page.

"David Brosco." She read allowed. He'd written his name on the cover page. "There is a bank address in Cicero... and this." She held up the key. "is probably a safety deposit box key."

Which left only the flash drive unexamined, and the hat probably meant something too. But she didn't know what. It reminded her of a hat Giovanni had always worn, but 95% of the male population had worn similar hats she Val didn't set much store in that.

"I'm guessing we're trying to keep Brosco out of trouble and keep the contents of the box. Let's take a look at the drive before I hope a flight home though shall well?"

For all she knew Brosco was on the way here or had been told to stay in hiding and she just had to protect his location. That would be the easiest thing, if they were lucky all they'd have to do would be to alter some of these files.
Ichiro Taiji 11 years ago
Tai blinked at Val when she said the name David Brosco.

So, he summarized to himself, apparently Val's Creator needed some help protecting this Brosco person but some of her siblings were not so keen on protecting him.

"You trust your Creator?"

The question was blunt but simple. Tai wasn't usually the bodyguard. He was the hired assassin. If Val needed him to, though, he would keep an eye out for her sibling or siblings, and terminate them if he needed to.

"I need more information," he murmured, not necessarily to her although she was welcome to answer him.

He peered at the ledger and then looked at the key.

Tai had only been in America for a few years. He had no idea where Cicero was. He hadn't planned on making any trips.

"Track them," he suggested, his words ambiguous once again. Val had just been given a number of items belonging to this person; if necessary, they could easily discover his location with the help of someone who could track. Tai's experience with vampires' various powers was rather limited due to his age but he had made an effort to discover what their kind could do. It was standard research for him. He now had more enemies than simply humans. He needed to know ow to fight against his own kind if necessary.

These items could yield potentially important information for them if they used them correctly.
Valentine 11 years ago

Val asked slightly taken aback. It was an odd question to ask, she'd actually never really thought about it. Giovanni was just Giovanni. He'd never done anything to indicate he wasn't trustworthy, at least not when it came to his dealing with her. After a second or two of thought she nodded.

"I do. He could have let me die, he could have left me high and dry when he was done with me but he took care of me."

He didn't write every day or even call but he had taken care of her. He'd never crossed anyone in the family either, always doing the job he'd been given. Val wasn't given to loads of sentimentality but given her experience with the man, he was trustworthy.

"Well then let's get some more."

Val tossed the flash drive at Tai and wandered off to find her laptop. She wasn't a computer whiz, so if this drive had anything fancy on it she'd have to hand it over to a contact of hers but she might as well take a peek as not.

Laughing a bit as it booted up she remembered that Tai hadn't traveled in the states much, at least that was how she understood it.

"Town outside of Chicago. Capone ran it for a while, more or less, trying to stay away from the Chicago cops."

At least that is how she remembered it. Val hadn't exactly been essential to the Outfit. She'd been involved with one of the higher ups and knew more than a lot of the girls. She'd been brought into things a little bit more after she'd been turned, but she'd never been a player.

It occurred to her that Hawthorn race track was there, or had been she wasn't sure if they were still in business and that her Da had some horses there. That, of course, was just a random aside though, a coincidence. At least she told herself that.

The computer finally booted and she clicked the drive into place raising an eyebrow silently asking Tai if he wanted a look.

"I'd love to track them but it isn't one of my gifts. You? Besides, wouldn't you like to visit the Windy City? Some of the tallest buildings in the world."

She tempted him just a bit with that idea.
Ichiro Taiji 11 years ago
Tai caught the flash drive that was tossed to him and shook his head as Val got her laptop. She had led an interesting life, that was sure. Sometimes he forgot how old she actually was. It was nothing compared to Ellis, but still far longer than Tai. He wondered if he would actually live to be a hundred. Sometimes he doubted it, although his longevity wasn't a topic he dwelled on excessively.

He took a seat next to Val, handed the flash drive back to her, and watched as she loaded it. He gazed at her without expression as she asked him if he wanted to go to the Windy City. Why would he want to go there?

Ah, the architecture. He would admit it was appealing, and he did so by tilting his head ever so slightly to the side and lifting one shoulder.

"I don't track but that doesn't matter."

Surely Val wasn't suggesting it was outside the realm of possibility if one of them couldn't do it? Anything was possible with enough resources. They did have Clanmates and they also had more money than they knew what to do with most days. They could find a tracker.

"What do you want to do?"

Did Val want to find this Brosco? Guard him physically? Or did she simply want to stash these items in a safe place and never give them up?
Valentine 11 years ago
The files came up and were, surprise, surprise, encrypted. It wasn't a simple password either. Val would have had an idea or three what Giovanni would have used for a password. She made a little noise of disgust.

At least, she would have an idea what the password was if he had meant for her to open these. That was key. If she was meant to open these, she'd know how. If she'd been brought in as a friend of the outfit, of the family, it was a given that she shouldn't dig too deep.

If she shouldn't dig, then bringing in someone else was an even worse idea. She'd do it if it became necessary but it wasn't going to be her first choice. She poked at the computer silently for a few moments double checking the files to see if she'd missed anything, if there was something she could open. There wasn't.

"Sit on it."

She said decisively. The answer felt right. She hated it though, Val could be patent, she understood the value of it, but she preferred action.

"At least for now. We'll give it seventy two hours to either hear more or see if someone comes poking around. I don't want to attract attention going out looking, but I don't want to wait too long and fuck this up."
Ichiro Taiji 11 years ago
Apparently Val couldn't crack the encryption on the flash drive files. Tai nodded, expecting her next answer. Clearly this information had been sent to keep it safe, if Val couldn't access it and read it. He didn't like the fact that her Creator would simply send it, with very little information otherwise.

"Hai," he said with a short nod, acknowledging her preference to wait. It was her decision, not his. Tai would support her but he wouldn't try to change her mind unless she solicited his advice.

When she mentioned once again the fact that they might have some company he pulled his tawny eyes away from the laptop screen and looked at her, ignoring the files.

"Then who is likely to come poking around?"

Val had information he needed. Who were her siblings? Who was likely to be after this information? What did they look like, what abilities did they have (both supernatural and mundane), anything. He couldn't help her protect this if he knew absolutely nothing.