An Evening's Entertainment (lock please)

Sorin sat at the bar in Club Eternity. Sure there were booths for privacy but he wasn't here for that, he was there to be seen. Wearing a black tailored suit, dark grey shirt and no tie, he felt that he looked elegant and yet not over done. It was always important to look comfortable in your surroundings, confident and at ease. This he always managed with practiced grace.

Holding the glass of Gevrey-Chambertin from Domaine Armand Rousseau, Sorin surveyed the the crowd from the mirror behind the bar. Perhaps there was a likely candidate for some evening entertainment and a possible after dinner meal.

He was in a good mood for a change, things seemed to be going his way. Soon Thaddeus would find the Wolf and hopefully him and Mai would take care of that little problem for him. The boy would come back satisfied that his revenge had been measured out to its fullest. Thaddeus could then take his proper place at Sorin's side as his apprentice, with the question of Emma's murderer out of the way, he could finally embrace the boy without fear of him finding something out.

Sorin took a sip of his wine and savored the ripe rich flavor, it was clean and complex with a gently oaky taste, perfect for his current state of mind.

Ellis Duban 19 years ago
Ellis walked into Club Eternity wearing a deep red dress that was cut low in the back and low enough in the front. It was velvet and every bit of it clung to her like second skin. As she moved, her hips swayed garnering enough attention to stop a train.

'Well well,' she said as she approached Sorin sitting at the bar. 'Why if it isn't Sorin, leader of the prestigious Order of the Night. Care for company, love?' The vampire tilted her head, letting her black hair fall over her right eye.
Sorin 19 years ago
Sorin took a brief moment to process the new arrival, deciding just what his mood wanted to do about Ellis Dubán. Course of action chosen, He smiled brightly and stood up, glass in hand.

"Such incomparable company as yourself is always welcome, my dear Ellis."

Sorin offered her his arm in order to lead them both to a more comfortable seating arrangement.

"What brings you out to Eternity tonight? I hope it isn't to prey on the old and feeble. I shall be very frightened." His eyes widened in mock horror and his grin widened with amusement. Ellis was ambitious, however, and there were most likely very interesting things going on in the life of this particular orphan.
Ellis Duban 19 years ago
Ellis took Sorin's arm and pulled him close, giving him a brilliant smile. She nearly giggled at the thought of preying on Sorin and using him for her Beast. What a grand idea that was.

'I had a horrible night, pookie,' she flirted as they walked to a more private booth. 'These hunts are so trying and such a horror on my skin.' She pouted. 'I'm out for a bit of a relaxer,' Ellis pressed her breast against Sorin's arm and squeezed. 'Care to be my date?'

Ellis adored Sorin. His constant flurry of hidden evil doings and betrayal made her giggle. She made a mental note to bring roses to his grave should anything horrid befall him. She also secretly hoped for a couple pints of his blood before his dismissal.
Sorin 19 years ago
He chuckled at Ellis and frowned in sympathy for her plight.

"That simply will -not- do." Sorin turned to her as they reached the booth. Smiling he placed a hand gently on her cheek and looked her over carefully. "I could never in good conscience be responsible for the deterioration of such a fine work of art. So..."

He placed his drink down on the table and bowed ever so slightly gesturing for her to enter the booth ahead of him.

" I would most humbly serve as your date for the evening. It would be an honor."

Sorin watched her through veiled grey eyes and indeed admired what he saw. More her ambition and drive than her physical beauty, though she had plenty of the latter. There was no deceit about what Ellis wanted and she was ruthless in her pursuit of it. Which did not mean she was without the ability to be subtle, on the contrary, Sorin felt a small amount of pity for anyone who underestimated the woman in that area.
Ellis Duban 19 years ago
'Sorin, you spoil me.' Ellis slid gracefully into the booth and crossed her legs. It was more out of convenience than seduction. She knew better than to use sex on Sorin, he wasn't misled that easily.

Ellis could count on her one hand how often she had seen Sorin lately. That was curious. Ellis paused and she titled her head. It was curious.
'So darling, where have you been? I so cherish our meetings.' She reached across the table flirtatiously. 'Its so rare I get to mingle with the Anantya ancients. Oh but I did run into Mai, the asian imp. She was curiously enough getting her kimino dirty.'
Sorin 19 years ago
Sorin slid into the booth beside Ellis and leaned back against the seat, regarding her with a placid smile.

"Yes, it is a shame. I've been so busy with my work..." He paused and then continued. " We should meet more often. It would never hurt to have such charming company such as yourself. Keeps me practiced in my manners."

He waived a hand in dismissal at the mention of Mai, though he was more than a little curious. " When is she -not- getting herself dirty? I do believe I saw her chasing a rabbit across the manor lawns just the other night."

Sorin took up his glass of wine and said in a faintly bored tone. "So what philosophical debate did you find yourself in with our dear leader of the Hunt?"
Ellis Duban 19 years ago
Ellis signaled a waiter who brought her brand of cigarettes over. She took her time in answering, to be dramatic and also because you dont rush that first inhale of nicotine. She perched the cigaretted in between her dark red lips and let the waiter light it for her.

She took that first drag off her cig and let the smoke roll out of her mouth as she spoke.
''Scotch, neat please,' she said to the waiter and then waved him off. Smiling she turned to face Sorin.

'The curious little thing was chasing a rat.' Another drag. 'Then of all things, she finds a ring. A ruby ring I think. How curious is that?' She turned to exhale the rest of inhaled smoke away from Sorin but kept her eyes on him.
Sorin 19 years ago
"Really? Well that is most interesting."

Sorin smiled relieved that this seemed to be all the encounter was about. That particular event was something he already knew. It was interesting that Ellis saw Mai with the ring but who would really make anything of such an event? " If I knew she could be swayed by pretty things I would have tried my luck ages ago. I guess it just goes to show that our fierce little hunter is still a woman after all."

He wondered if his companion made something of the situation. Surely Ellis realized Mai had these odd habits. The little wench was entirely unpredictable at best and dangerously surprising at worst.

"Did she say what she wanted it for?"
Ellis Duban 19 years ago
Ellis flicked her cigarette ashes into the centerpiece of their table. They gray flakes floated in the water, circling around the lit votives.

She merely shook her head and a smile tugged at her lips and it formed slowly. Shrugging she continued.
'Mai doesn't show emotions often, but I would be curious as to what she did with it. Would go wonderfully with my red dress here.' Ellis smiled. She was curious and she would ask.

'Actually, I think I might. It was simple yet elegant and jewelry cleaner does such a wonder, these days. Hopefully she still has it.' Ellis watched Sorin. She wondered if it was just a silly little trinket that was dropped and forgotten. Sorin didnt seem to think it was anything but that. Inwardly she shrugged but maybe it was more than that. Its been too quiet lately with the other clans. Ellis hoped it was something, she'd be bored after she killed Terrance Hillman and the betrayers.

And no one likes a bored vampire.
Sorin 19 years ago
Sorin shrugged slightly at the possibility, inwardly doubting Mai still had the ring. He knew the other Anantya would recognize it for what it was and who it had belonged to. She'd take it to Thaddeus sooner or later and he'd be willing to bet she already had if the boy's actions of late were any indication.

"If you like." He said good naturedly " I'll ask her the next time I see her. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't taken it out on the estate somewhere and buried it. Who knows what all we might find if we were to go looking. "

Sorin leaned closer to Ellis and smiled seductively, knowing full well that his charm would not overwhelm her by any means.

"But what have -you- been up to these days, My Dear? Still having trouble with those ungrateful Evenhet?"
Ellis Duban 19 years ago
Ellis reached out and played with Sorin's hair. She pulled caesar haircut, playfully tugging on the wavy strands. 'Evenhet is too professional to be troublesome. Megan is doing well, although she's busy with her artifacts and political aspirations.' She reminded herself to speak to Megan again about the beast. Can't keep a perfectly good death machine clean, now could she?

She ran a manicured finger down the center of his face, along the length of his nose. She shrugged inwardly again, knowing neither one of them could be swayed by their flirting, but it was fun nonetheless. She pinched his chin softly.

'Tacharan's surviving nicely at the moment. Althought last night's hunt proved unprofitable.' She gave a bland smirk and shook her head. 'Humans.' Ellis didnt bother hiding her hunts from Sorin, but he knew how to keep a secret. Although he had no idea about Megan's involvement which was just peachy keen to Ellis.

She looked and Sorin and sighed,
'Why haven't we gotten married yet? You and I could rule Nachton and throw the best parties.' She grinned, knowing better. Its one thing to walk with the devil, its another to share it's bed.
Sorin 19 years ago
"Darling, is that a proposal?" Sorin smiled and caught Ellis's wandering hand in one of his own. Kissing it lightly, he brought it to his chest

"You say the sweetest things." He grinned and continued. " It is amazing how you know the very heart of me. Where were you when I ruled Rome? Such a Queen you would have made."

Sorin knew that he'd have probably killed her sooner or later, depending on just how ambitious and demanding she became. He could continue the talk though, besides Ellis was intelligent enough that it might actually have worked. Such a beauty with drive and intelligence, if she were able to be loyal they could have gone far. In the present, it didn't hurt to have such fanciful talks one never knew when they might lead to something interesting.

"We would take Nachton by storm, be the charming immortal benefactors of this great city...who knows just where that might take us?" He winked at her before taking another sip of his wine.
Xerxes Asha 19 years ago
During his many years working against or outside the law, Xerxes knew that often the best ways to get answers was to go have some fun. Or at least pretend. More empires have fallen due to a tip of the wine galss then ever the threat of an enemy. Tonight, Xerxes was doing just that, pretending to have fun. In all honesty, his heart wasn't in it much, he woul dhave rather spent his time with the beautiful Evenhet of which he had recently become aquainted.

No matter, he thought, time and place for everything.

He took care to move through the crowd without drawing the particular attention of anyone. Had he not been focusing on his inborne talents, he had no doubt his age alone would have awed some of the lesser vampires. Oh how they loved power these days, he thought, sighing.

His attention was drawn to a beautiful woman in a red dress (How often in history has a red dress been someones demise?).

Ellis Dubán, he murmered under his breath and edged his way closer to investigate.
Ellis Duban 19 years ago
Ellis smiled coyly, 'Could you imagine the terror we'd cause? I think Morrigan would split at the seams.' She laughed, leaning close to Sorin. 'But you haven't even kissed me yet? How do we know we'd be sexually compatible?' She said winking at him.

She pushed her black hair behind her ear and brought her lips close to Sorin. She could feel the ancient power radiating from him. It was a tangible force within him and for a moment, she actually considered reigning in terror with this devil. Ellis pressed her lips against his, softly at first. She honestly didnt know what to expect from Sorin but the reaction was like electric fire. Her hand came up and cupped his cheek, her tongue grazing over his fangs. Suddenly he returned the kiss agressively, their tongues mingling, she sighed and to her embarassment, moaned softly.

Their kiss lasted at least 30 seconds but Ellis was lost within the power that Sorin commanded. He was so much older than her, an aged ancient where she was barely one. She bit him softly, trying to regain her senses. Ellis gave him a final lick on the lips and pulled away, running her finger over her bottom lip.

She looked at him appraisingly, he would be a most suitable mate.
'I have to admit, I'm wondering why we waited several hundred years to do that.' Ellis grinned, propping her elbow on the table and cupping her chin in her hand. She smirked at him, just a little infatuated.

'Lets not wait that long for the next one,' she purred.

((occ - permission to move sorin))
Xerxes Asha 19 years ago
Xerxes was hardly surprised that Ellis had kissed the man in front of her; Xerxes guessed that she didn't really truely understand love was, at least, not the conventional kind. However he felt, he most definatly saw her strong points. Unabashed ambition, strength, raw power.

But, he reminded himself, he was at the input stage of things, then comes the processing.

The man seated with Ellis was hard to see, but was obviously very powerful. It wasn't that vampires radiated power and they could detect each other, they didin't. But, Xerxes had come to recognize those with power, be it human or vampire. The air always seemed electrified around them, people couldn't help but look their direction.

He dodged past a couple, stumbling drunk and obnoxious, and made his way towards the bar. He only had the time to catch a glance. A glance was enough. Xerxes had spent his entire life remembering that face. His entire life preparing for what he would do when he met the man it belonged to.

But, now wasn't the time to meet him. Not yet. This man turned his sister and changed his life forever. This man stole his humanity. This man deserved to die at Xerxes' hands, and, Xerxes silently vowed, this man would see his death approaching. He would fear Xerxes before the end.

The Persian turned away from the booth and left, without a change in character at all, though inwardly plans were being made, it did not show.

(Asha Out)
Morrigan Kinsey 19 years ago
The black Bentley smoothly made its approach to the entrance of Club Eternity and stopped just a few feet from the door causing the crowd of humans waiting outside to back up against the wall to avoid harm. The back doors opened and two tall men dressed in smart Armani suits stepped out. While the one farthest from the club entrance rounded the back of the car and cleared the lingering onlookers from the area, the other remained at the car door and held out his hand.

Her pale and well-manicured foot first emerged from the shadows of the vehicle clad in a strappy designer heel. The other foot followed and then her legs, every part moving in a constant fluid motion. The hem of her black dress fell to cover her nearly iridescent gams and a long and elegant hand appeared from the darkness to take the hand of the waiting man. Those watching first caught sight of her pale eyes glinting in the moonlight before the rest of her face materialized. Smiling to her bodyguard, Morrigan made the rest of her exit from the car as the diamond encrusted deep V-neck of her halter gown sparkled in the lights of the street.

Ahhh, Eternity...

She smirked at herself thinking of the many meanings of the statement.

Come, Stefan, let us discover what Eternity has to offer us.

Nodding to her gentlemen, Morrigan strode through the club door held open for her and blinked at the sight before her. It always amused her to see humans reveling in the city, her city, side by side with her kindred. Their false sense of power and control kept them blind to the true heart of Nachton - just the way she liked it.

She slowly made her way towards the private VIP area of the club as the clubbers parted in front of her like a sea. Her two bodyguards followed just behind her to ensure no harm would come her way. Morrigan nearly laughed out loud at the thought, but this was a formality with her being an elder and all. She would dismiss them of their duties soon so that she would garner less attention in the club. Every vampire knew of the dangers of battling with an ancient, especially one as old and pure-blooded as Morrigan. The dagger cleverly hidden just below the neckline of her gown would slice through the neck of anyone looking for trouble before they could get in one hit.

The black gown gracefully followed Morrigan's curves as she neared the room, the music seeming to flow through her body and guide her hips and legs. Sensing the area around her, she caught sight of a red dress and a familiar face across from the wearer. Sorin.

Curious of the trouble her fellow elder was causing (as there was no doubt he was always causing trouble), Morrigan made a sharp turn from her destination and proceeded toward the dark booth. She nodded at her guards and they made way to wait for her in the private room until she returned.

As she approached, Morrigan witnessed the tail end of a kiss between Sorin and his companion. A flash of her face was all she needed for identification. So, Sorin was socializing with orphans these days? How quaint.

Morrigan rested one hand on the table, her diamond bracelet sparkling in the colored lights of the club. Her collection made Harry Winston look like a hobbyist.

What a pleasure it is to find everyone being so friendly. And how are we this fine evening?
Sorin 19 years ago
Sorin leaned forward into the kiss, a hand coming up to gently trace the graceful line of a jaw, brush its way down a delicate neck and then bury itself in raven tresses. Those blood red lips were soft and smooth against his own and he pushed forward to claim them more completely, increasing the entensity of their embrace, his tongue reaching out for a taste of them before he moved back. Easing slowly away from her, Sorin tugged her bottom lip in a playful bite as a parting gesture before he put distance between them again, leaning against the seat and watching her thoughtfully.

"Indeed, we've been rather foolish not to have seen the potential to be had in such -encounters-." He smiled and tasted his bottom lip, his tongue encountering the lingering taste of lipstick and scotch. Ellis would have made an excellent companion, her passion mingled with his own would keep things interesting for ages and with an ambition to match his own there was nothing they could not achieve...and enjoy the getting there almost as much as the destination.

He sighed and smiled faintly.
"Surely, we must not wait so long for a repeat performance."
Ellis Duban 19 years ago
Ellis had to admit, Morrigan was very beautiful, especially dripping in diamonds.

"What a pleasure it is to find everyone being so friendly. And how are we this fine evening?" The ancient elder cooed.

With her chin still propped up with her hand, Ellis murmured, 'Speaking of splitting at the seams...Morrigan.' She let her hand drop and gave the Anantya a smile that came no where close to touching her eyes. She reached out and put her hand on Sorin's thigh. 'We were just catching up.'

Ellis had no desire to play up to the woman, there was no need. She knew, without a doubt, that Morrigan would never see Ellis as an elder. Years of anonymosity saw to that. She looked at her openly, from her massive carat diamonds, her smooth vampiric skin and pale blue eyes. Morrigan had it in her to be evil, Ellis mused and figured she was just afraid of appearances.

Ellis, on the other hand, didnt take much stock in that.

'The great Anantya Elder out and about. Mingling with us little people, dearest?' Ellis asked the warrior queen with a wink.
Morrigan Kinsey 19 years ago
Morrigan didn't falter at the younger vampire's smart remark. She had dealt with much worse. Like the "man" seated across from her.

Nothing wrong with checking the cattle, eh? Besides, why spend so much time building a city if you don't enjoy it? But enough about me.

Her eyes flickered towared the hand on Sorin's leg.

I had no idea our Sorin was interested in keeping such young...companions. I do hope I'm not outing a secret affair.

Morrigan showed a bit of feigned concern. She knew neither of them would truly believe her to be so innocent or sympathetic to their exchange, but it was certainly entertainment for the moment.
Sorin 19 years ago
Sorin frowned slightly before turning bored eyes to Morrigan. "Well, I couldn't imagine a quicker way to have a mood killed. He murmured softly and then spoke up to address the new arrival.

"Here to watch, Dearest? I always figured you for the voyeur. I'm sure Ellis and I could put on a show right here if it would please our esteemed Elder of the Rose."

He put a hand over the one on his thigh and squeezed it lightly, sliding it a few inches higher up his leg.

"Oh, I don't know...they say the passion of youth makes up for the experience of bitter old age." Sorin smiled wickedly at his fellow Anantya before continuing. "But do come here and give us a kiss, Morrigan, Darling, so I can test that theory."